#EP_Petitions in Brussels on #ForcedAdoption and #ChildSnatching in UK

Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy

Here is the recording of my presentation and the subsequent comments by MEPs who are members of the Petitions Committee, starting at 16.13:00 and lasting until 16.44:00.

And here is the article by the resident Telegraph reporter Bruno Waterfield: Parents fight British social services ‘gag’ to petition European Parliament: Britain’s social services “unique” in EU for “threatening and bullying” of parents who speak out against forced adoption of their children, say MEPs.

But do also watch the three individual petitioners who follow!

Chairperson Cecilia Wikstrom from Sweden

The Chairperson Cecilia WIKSTROM from Sweden closed by wanting to address the issue “With our brains cool, but our hearts warm.” However, she cut me short after 5 of my 12 slides.

But the Commission offered the meeting that I asked for as a solution, even though they don’t have the budget to pay for travelling.

The following MEPs made very relevant points to…

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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8 Responses to #EP_Petitions in Brussels on #ForcedAdoption and #ChildSnatching in UK

  1. forcedadoption says:

    Hi Sabine,

    I am sure you would want me to be frank,and though as usual you spoke very well and with great clarity the content was to me disappointing .

    If you get another chance I would not waste precious time discussing individual cases (none of the speakers following you did that) .

    Many delegates showed they were uncertain what forced adoption mean’t and one man even asked if you were referring to foster care or adoption!

    I shall therefore be rather presumptuous and respectfully suggest that you could make the following points if you get the chance:-

    1:- Forced adoption is the removal of a child from its parents without their consent and usually against their will.Systematic forced adoption pursued as a government priority is unique to the UK. EU countries manage without it therefore it is not as claimed a “last resort”

    2:-The result is that the parents lose all contact with the child usually for the rest of its life and never know if it is alive or dead.

    3:- This can happen to parents who have never been convicted of any crime because they are thought to pose a risk to a child in the future

    Mothers frequently have their babies removed at birth for “risk of emotional abuse” .A prediction difficult for anyone to disprove.

    4:- This also happens to citizens of the EU when visiting the UK so that their children are forcibly adopted by persons speaking a different language and living a completely different culture and a different religion even when these parents have committed no criminal offence.

    5:- This also happens to UK citizens visiting other EU countries where they give birth but are subsequently pursued by the British authorities who make care orders after the departure and persuade the foreign court to allow them to take the baby to the UK for forced adoption .

    6:- Forced adoption violates the human rights act article 8 to a private family life undisturbed by public authority and also threatens the basic EU principle of “freedom of movement “ If EU visitors to UK who have committed no crimes risk having their children forcibly adopted.

    7:- The solution to this problem would be for the EU authorities to ban on human rights grounds the adoption of children in EU States without the consent of parents( especially foreign visitors) who have not committed any crime that could compromise the interests of their children .



    • Well, I was cut short, I’m afraid, Ian. And I guess my main ‘success’ is the fact that I have met 12 PETI members from 7 countries and 5 political groups and have the support of 13 other MEPs, including 4 from the UK.

      SEVEN members of the Commission are waiting to talk to me!

  2. peter oakes says:

    Who is this Ian fellow, when I was 15 I was prosecuted for riding a bicycle with-out lights
    after sunset ! does this criminal conviction justify my children being kidnapped, stolen, or
    in their parlance taken into care ? no doubt traded into prostitution, even killed by MPs
    as explained in yesterdays Sunday Mirror ( Dolphin Square item ) home of MP,s and other
    deviants !

    What is an Individual Case Sunday Telegraph 16th Nov. 2014 Christopher Booker
    60,000 + plus children must be adopted in the next 28 weeks. Lord Justice Munby
    order. 68,000 is NOT Individual cases, it,s a bloody regiment, battalion mega
    kidnapping of children ! it is over 2000 a week being forced into weird households occupied by paedophiles, in fact brothels. run by catholic priests, scout masters, choir leaders, public skool
    teechers, on and on. and the police DON,T KNOW ! F— off they are upto their necks
    in this corruption ! living fat off crime , blackmailing paedo,s same as NSW Police Paedophile Inquiry as a Royal Commission discovered after many attempts by the Authorities crime of a sordid filthy nature !

    It is obvious the legal mafia that trafficks children amongst it,s other commodities drugs etc.
    justifies everything on the VICTIM having a ” Criminal Record ” ! Did the Brazilian electrician
    shot dead by the MET. on the underground have a criminal record ?. Did the Birmingham
    Six, Guildford four have criminal records ??? Steve Kisko, Stephen Downing have
    criminal Records ??

    Cut short ! it,s a bloody miracle you got it on the Record ! MPs are wonderfull people
    they are nearly all lawyers ! I hoped you checked their backgrounds Sabine ?

    What Human Rights is this Ian talking about ? UK kid,s dont have any, their rights as
    Euro. citizens are denied ! the UK did not sign Article 1 ECHR and Removed Article
    13 ECHR the Right to a Remedy Why is that Ian ?

  3. peter oakes says:

    Dear Sabine. re: Ian Josephs. Quote ” I am sure you would want me to be frank ” What else are You Sabine ? If not honest, decent, fuelled with integrity ? This man is a “phish” on the “otherside” a lawyer is nothing more than a professional liar ! 50, 000 cases is a bloody
    life-time 5,000 is an achievement I!

    In all those munificent, benevolent situations he has never observed criminal conduct ?

    He lives in Monaco, a place of convenient or non existent Tax laws , a bit like Jersey.
    Guernsey, Ted Heath & Jimmy Savil hang outs. Try Guile Sabine, it is very
    difficult for honest decent people to comprehend that is why fraudsters flourish.

    For a supposed academic from Oxford with a Law degree Mr. Joseph has not obtained
    one conviction of criminal civil servants, nor prevented any kidnaps and where-are
    those children he saved ?

    Sabine don,t let wasters like Josephs grind you down, You are doing very well on your own

    And of course as a Lawyer er er er I mean liar why has.nt he highlighted the
    lack of Human Rights in the UK.???? strange for a know all Oxford man !

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  5. Roger Pagett says:

    I have nothing but Praise for Sabine Kurjo McNeil. She puts most men to shame with her brave and outspoken stance on not only child abuse but many other causes too. She is a Heroine and should be honoured above all those that claim any justification for an honour. I think she is simply Wonderful and i always vote for whatever cause she may propose; because i admire her so much.
    If that sounds over praising then i simply think its not praise enough !
    You are wonderful Sabine; a True Child of God. You always speak the Truth and evil people hate the truth. Thats how you can identify them. All power and force to you and your causes.
    In the end we will win if we keep on trying !

    Kind Regards,
    Best Wishes,
    Roger P.

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