#HumanRights Issues become #HumanDuties: in the name of Defenceless Children and Intimidated Parents

Searching BBC News for ‘child abuse’ results in these articles. My selection are these to paint a ‘critical picture’, as I’m preparing follow-ups from my last trip to Brussels. There, a Polish mum addressed the Committee on behalf of ‘defenceless children’ and ‘intimidated parents’. Intimidation takes place via threat with prison. And already in 2006, Harriet Harman MP admitted that 200 parents a year are being imprisoned through the secrecy of family courts.

Last night I spoke with a ‘process server’ who had a ‘package’ for me. She claimed that by opening the envelope from a firm of solicitors in Milton Keynes and by reading a ‘Reporting Restriction Order’ about a case I never heard of, I was ‘served’ with this ‘package’ that I refused to accept… Gagging is one of the characteristics that make the UK unique among European countries. That’s why parents were punished for going to Brussels and that’s why other Parents fight British social services ‘gag’ to petition European Parliament.

Can you join the dots between

10 Nov 2014: Timeline: 1980s child abuse allegations – The key events that led to the launch of two reviews into the way allegations of child abuse were handled in Westminster and wider society.

10 Nov 2014: Why the historical child abuse inquiries are in the news – There have been claims for many years about paedophiles in powerful places and establishment attempts to cover-up their actions.

18 Nov 2014: Organised child sex abuse ‘widespread in England’, MPs say – MPs said Rotherham Council’s child protection policies were “divorced from reality” – Organised child sex abuse is widespread in England, a report by MPs on the Rotherham exploitation scandal says.

19 Nov 2014: Councils leaving children at sex-abuse risk, says Ofsted – The Ofsted report comes against a backdrop of allegations over organised child abuse and exploitation – Vulnerable children in England are at risk of sexual exploitation and abuse because of council failures, the children’s services watchdog has said.

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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7 Responses to #HumanRights Issues become #HumanDuties: in the name of Defenceless Children and Intimidated Parents

  1. T Birks says:

    We the people should not give-up on the current government sex scandel/ child abuse .. this is the best chance we will will ever have of bringing these people to justice, decades of cover-up, lies and protection of ‘establishment abusers’ must now be brought out into the open, regardless of the consequences. We the people need to join hands and keep the pressure on, don’t take the excuses and lies surrounding disappeared dossiers, don’t be frightened by the involvement of secret services Mi5 and Mi6 .. demand justice, in public.

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    • I am now on my second letter held for in contempt because UK Liverpool caffcass with held Police evidence from the court in Crew Cheshire family courts.

      Since then we and our children have had to go through hell for 3 years and still going through it because of this matter and the court and caffcass actions who are a law among them self’s behind closed courts doors Government abuse children in there care because they say its in the child best interest. sickos .WE NEED A END TO THIS CRAP IN THIS COUNTRY WHAT EVER THE COST IS FOR THOUGHS WHO TRY.

  3. peter oakes says:

    What does this term ” served ” mean, some fraudster claiming to be a ” Process Server ”
    gives you a letter and claims you are “served” ! Does this now mean you can break
    the law !

    Remember to conceal an offence is ” Obstructing the Course of Public Justice ”
    R-V-Sharpe. R-V-Stringer 1936. now called Perverting the Course of Justice
    these process servers are confidence trickers engaged in fraud

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