CRIMINAL @NYorksPolice in action: #Lies, #Violence, #Greed and #RuleOfMoney

Truth doesn’t permit lies. But North Yorkshire Police even travels to Austria to commit crimes and produce lies: dropping pornographic images on the computer of innocent people is one preferred message as a way to get victims who stand up for themselves behind bars.

The Press reports: Indecent images case!

Here’s the excellent background: Judges and Police in Yorkshire set up Peter Hofschrör because he refused to keep quiet about Savile, child sex and corrupt Police and Judges



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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to CRIMINAL @NYorksPolice in action: #Lies, #Violence, #Greed and #RuleOfMoney

  1. peter oakes says:

    Who controls who ? Sky evening news 4thDec.2014. Rotherham “victims of sex abuse” refuse to accept ” Inquiry panel” Teresa May “lambast” the police and other agencies for not doing their ” DUTY ” ! Now that is criminal ! failing to perform a Duty is being an “accomplice” being an “accessory” to and “facilitating” disgusting abhorrent offences against children Rape etc.
    may-be these “aiders & abetters were also engaged in this filth !

    Now Teresa May has clearly stated the police failed in their DUTY ! She to is failing in Her Duty
    if she does not “Order” an investigation into N.Yorks. Police and these other agencies ???

    Come -on Royal Commission Inquiry NSW Police Paedophiles give it a Google
    North Yorkshire is Sydney with-out the Sun

  2. Tad Davison says:

    Nothing whatsoever surprises me anymore about the corrupt people who ‘run’ this country. Having seen the way the police, the political class, and some lawyers operate first-hand, we need a wholesale cleansing of the system. Unfortunately, there isn’t the number of politicians with sufficient integrity to make it happen at the present time.

    Yet thanks to the internet, and with all the information in the public domain, I’d be surprised if the media weren’t aware of who did what, and who knew about it. Little wonder so many of the sick and guilty people look so scared when the media lens is focussed upon them, including former home secretaries.

    We need to have the courage to take on this scum, and finally rid ourselves of this trash that has usurped power for themselves.

    Tad Davison

    Cambridge UK

  3. peter oakes says:

    Perhaps Tony is spending Christmas in Florida now Florida has allowed Satan and Satanic rituals to be displayed! in public alongside Christian displays sort of a balancing act to sick minds

    By the way did you know Daytona Beach Florida has more boys “uncles ” than anywhere else in the world ! These boys are bum fodder for PIE members ? Would be dead easy to check arrivals at Orlando airport to see if final destination is Daytona ? and I am not a policeman
    thank god.

  4. willow says:

    There must an inquiry into also york
    social workers use of warrants and also harrassment act .drconor davidson leedsyork partnership unlawfully entered my property for a mental healthassessment to cover up fraud section drug and silence.7 people and me ill and alone.i wasnt sectioned but the teamleader in sheltered housing sue kendall let them in!. Dr peter frost strensal york mobber i wasnt even registered at his practice!.he said you are going to die soon!.dr frost ex police surgeon.there reports requiring examining independantly.they should be polygraph tested silent talker.the main perpetraotor dr david geddes nhsengland hitler.dictator

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