INNOCENCE DESTROYED: #whistleblowerkids threatened to be killed – film maker killed

15 02 12 1600 SupportersThe Local Borough of Barnet is part of everybody who wants to make you believe that ‘white’ is ‘black’ and ‘black’ is ‘white’. First they claimed that it is in the ‘best interest’ of a 4-year-old to be separated from his mum for ever, from one day to the next. Then they put him up for adoption but find he’s not adoptable, so he stays with his foster parents instead of finding a new set of adults to adjust to.

Meanwhile the US mother had spent some 18 months in prison and got deported so can’t enter the UK any more… That was Melissa Laird who experienced bullying, intimidation and harassment not only from Barnet’s Legal and Social Services but also HMP Holloway.

Now we have the drama of Russian mother Ella Draper who had two children with a UK man and suffered his domestic violence with 5 police call-outs and 3 reports. But that was NOT taken into account by Judge Vera Mayer when she gave weekly contact to the father and fortnightly contact with the mother.

For some smart criminals had it all sussed out: the mother and her partner should be framed to be the criminal abusers, not the father.  We have seen that more than once before: when mothers report abusive fathers, they lose their children.

My personal latest experience were committal proceedings by a paedo father which were withdrawn, after I had published a blog post in which he recognised himself. I was shown a ‘consent order’ there and then, but never got it…

In the case of the Russian / British children, the challenges are:

  • their allegations are soo outrageous that they go beyond our normal and human imagination
  • their statements are so consistent that the general public clearly perceives them as credible: 1,600 signatures in 12 days
  • if I could publish the 90 minutes videos per child that the Police took and their critique of a former constable then you would be even more convinced, especially together with the Witness Statements by a former constable!

But these videos are part of the secret court proceedings.

These private ones could not identify the kids; they only mention first names. However, the father did on Facebook, unless he was a shill or troll…

And Tapnewswire publishes how this filmmaker was killed instead of finishing his documentary on exposing child abuse – in the US – as well as these items relating to the Satanic Ritual Abuse case:


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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30 Responses to INNOCENCE DESTROYED: #whistleblowerkids threatened to be killed – film maker killed

  1. T Birks says:

    Getting things put to rights is always a very long and slow process, and usually only happens when either the wrongdoers or the victims are long dead. It’s the way the system is made to work.
    There is no justice for the poor, only concessions.

  2. justician says:

    I agree with T. Birks. However, even concessions are very few. Rather than having ‘concessions’, we are mostly having a punch in our face. The simple truth is that many, many judges in Britain are corrupt and dishonest, and that no political party is ready to take on this all-pervasive judicial corruption. Battle against corruption is not on the agenda of any party. I feel very sorry for these and all others victims of judicial corruption, in family courts, in Employment Tribunals, in District Courts and Small Claims Courts, and in Criminal Courts. Our enemy, unfortunately, is always many steps ahead of us. It may take 40 years of battle to put right one injustice (if at all) ; during this time, with no effort at all on their side, our enemies – the corrupt judges – could have cheated in thousands of new cases.

    Anyone who wants to read about corruption in Employment Tribunal, try the following site :
    You can also leave there comments. My advice is that you ignore what the solicitors and a few supporters of the system say, and concentrate on the vast number of complaints against corruption from honest sufferers.

    I call for the establishment of a National, Centralized, Specialized, Independent Police Unit to investigate allegations of criminality, corruption and dishonesty among judges. I also call for a public enquiry into the corruption among our judges (to start, I suggest, with an enquiry into the corruption in Employment Tribunals).

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  4. susan banga says:

    sabine i am just watching the video you recommend in the update it is brilliant. recommend everyone watch it. This video is the best analysis of the hampstead childrens videos – everyone needs to listen to this intelligent, knowledgable and experienced woman for a completely new understanding of the childrens behaviour

  5. Tim Haines says:

    Satanic abuse no more exists than alien abductions or the Loch Ness Monster. There is a current mass hysteria about this case which I have been attempting to dispel, and have been meeting with a lot of opposition for doing so. I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in the subject to read Aldous Huxley’s “The Devils of Loudun”; a fictionalised account of real happenings in early seventeenth century France, where an innocent parish priest by the name of Urbain Grandier was burned at the stake for sorcery in the midst of a wave of mass hysteria about witchcraft and Satanic dealings, bearing a resemblance to current happenings. I am beyond appalled that someone has published a document listing the names and contact details of teachers at the Hampstead school and others alleged to be involved, as this would seem to put them at considerable personal risk.

    • Before you make such claims, it would be wiser to google ‘satanic ritual abuse’ and ‘sra’ or Lori Matthews, Tim.

      Furthermore, I recommend you watch the video on with an excellent commentary and analysis of the children’s videos.

      • Sabine you are saying You been told. Which means You have not spend time to investigate the story, having asked few questions that any intelligent adult should have done.
        Omitting the Satanic ritual which are another point, I watched these videow 5 times and I made notes.
        So can you please enlighten me By answering the following questions?
        1) The one young child (The girl0 repeats and shows on video how her “papa” (her father) was forcing her, holding her hand to cut the babies throats (their heads off).
        Now the adult who was questioned the child, in order to convince the public who he was intending to show this tasteless and child abusive video, he should have asked the child to describe the knife.
        What knife was the child holding? a SAMURAI SWORD? (because only such sword can cut clear the head from the body but only by an expert SAMURAI fighter).

        Or was a Butchers knife?
        Had the knife edges?
        Depending which knife was used then the blood flow was going to be splatter all over the “killers” body. (If the child killed a baby she will be branded as a killer in accordance to the law).
        And there are to many inaccurate accounts using a language and wording that a child cannot think of saying unless the child has been coached.

        Do I believe these Children siblings have been abused? Of course I do.
        appearing in Youtube video saying that they have been forced to murder young babies this is an abuse on itself.
        Youtube is not the place for victims of alleged abuse to expose these children.

        So although May, or may not these children have been horribly abused by others, (Only the police can find this).,their exploitation on Youtube is equally emotional and mental abuse.

        I can see that this case is about a mother who lost the custody and she is willing to sacrifice her kids, causing them horrible emotional harm, to get back at the father.
        As I saidabove I dont know if when and whom abused these children.
        But on the video they look two intelligent children that have been forced to humiliate themselves without knowing .

        Which good mother or good father will put Hers or His child in front of a camera at the age of 9 or 10 or 11 to say such horrific stuff such as killing babies?

        So Sabine You have caused damages more than once to hard hided parents and I will advice you to either delete your website, or stop pretending that you help parents.
        You seems to attack UK to much but you say NOTHING about your Nazi driven Birth Country Germany where similar child abuses are taking place.

        • I have viewed the Police videos and have studied the legal files sufficiently to be able to submit legal documents, Yannis.

          I shall NOT communicate further with you.

          Watch my interview on

          • Sabine this is NOT a video interview with the police.
            And I have not made any suggestion that the children have lied.

            I am stating here in Public that I don’t know who did what to whom.
            I am not a police officer or someone who has authority to investigate.
            I am just a Father. Whos opinion is that there is no way in this earth that any caring parent should allow their children been shown to millions discussing the most hideous crimes known to Man.

            Such as the little child describing that she was been forced to commit a MURDER by cutting the babys head off.

            If this is true I expect London Metropolitan police to commence a murder inquiry. And even this if happen i stil think such videos will have detrimental effect on both chilrens future.

            I care about the children and I defend these children that in no way they should been shown on Youtube. THIS IS A CRIME.

  6. Reblogged this on National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse and commented:

    What more has to happen? In Germany, compensation has begun to flow towards abuse survivors, I am told.

  7. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    Bloggers! Please unite to send this message round the world. Such blatant injustice must be stopped.

  8. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:




    I have previously mentioned on Vexatious Litigants, as with regards to the Decision given in the House of Lords-
    The Law Reports 1991
    Arnold V National Westminster Bank P LC 93-to 113.

    I hope and trust that other Litigants in Person should take the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 into consideration very carefully and request the Lord Chancellor SS Ministry of Justice to bring those sections into force as soon as possible.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  9. john malcolm says:

    I get the feeling money is changing hands here, but what I can’t see is any ultimate purpose in this “legal” sculduggery. Could it be connected to the people who want to increase immigration at all costs?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Abraham Christie is the man who filmed these poor children as I know he was my stepdad from hell who abused me and my brothers and sisters and made my brother LIE to social services back in the nineties saying that my dad was an abuser which was a lie he destroyed our lives took all of my mothers money and this disgusts me that he is doing this all over again but worse

    • I know he filmed them and I don’t like him either. But that doesn’t mean he abused them.

      I shall upload the Police videos as the ultimate evidence: the CONSISTENCY between the boy and the girl at different times over many days!

  11. Chantelle says:

    Abraham Christie is the man who filmed these poor children as I know he was my stepdad from hell who abused me and my brothers and sisters and made my brother LIE to social services back in the nineties saying that my dad was an abuser which was a lie he destroyed our lives took all of my mothers money and this disgusts me that he is doing this all over again but worse

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why have you deleted my comments seems not right to me

  13. Anonymous says:

    How do you know the children are safe with there mother after she lets her partner abraham Christie hit them in the heads with spoons isn’t that abuse in its self and make them be videoed for the whole world to see surely this will follow them forever do you really think that’s right and the children are safe ???

    • I’m sorry, I didn’t spend MONTHS with the mother and her legal documents without being convinced. I’m afraid I have other priorities than to convince you.

      I do not like your exaggeration.

      I am more thank concerned for the CHILDREN who have been separated from their mother and family since 11 September ON TOP of what they’ve gone through with their father, ok?

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  15. nathan says:

    ive gone through every piece of evidence i can sabine and ive swayed in my mind as to what really happened. now the main stream rag papers have made the official line been known and including the judges statements i truely believe the children are and always were telling the truth. i applaud you for your good work x rev101 uk


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