How do we overcome White Collar Criminals? Waking up to Terrible Realities and learning about Exposure, Exposure, Exposure…

As an honest and decent human being, we think that we can believe the ethics, morals and values of ‘authorities’ and people in ‘institutions’ who are paid for performing a ‘public service’ – with taxpayers’ money.

Then things happen: we are being bankrupted, our house gets repossessed and our children get taken for ‘risk future emotional harm’…

That’s how we either learn to fight or give in and give up.

When we become fighters and starfighters, we tend to meet other victims who help each other as McKenzie Friends: lay legal advisors – often in the public interest.

And the more we learn about victimisation, the more we learn about power structures that operate within institutions: everybody is paid to ‘just do their job’. No ethics. No morals. No spiritual values. No compliance with rules, guidance or practice notes. No respect for international treaties. No Rule of Law. It’s all just ‘maya’: the great illusion with ‘satanic Hollywood‘ as the ultimate illusion producing machinery.

The mechanisms for gaining fame and fortune are money and sex as sticks, carrots and perks. That it all starts with creating money from hot air and charging interest – against the principles of all religions – is as little understood as the ritual abuse cults that exist among the global elite. But thanks to the internet abuse survivors and whistleblowers speak. And when you hear these whistleblower kids speak, you realise that they are more believable than any adult.

When you ask yourself “what can I do?” The answer is become an online activist or evangelist: spread the word about the problems that you are discovering and the solutions that you can offer and you think are worth pursuing.

Here are some cases as eye openers:

  1. Patrick Cullinane – victim of the Inland Revenue
  2. Dr Sheida Oraki – victim of rogue lawyers and judges
  3. Maurice Kirk BVSc – victimised by South Wales Police and more institutions I’ve ever come across for decades
  4. Norman Scarth as the oldest veteran not only of WWII but also as McKenzie Friend AND in exile like myself
  5. Child snatching as the most heinous of all white collar crimes
  6. My own case of being persecuted as a whistleblower of Using the Secrecy of UK Family Courts to cover-up Criminal Activities.

As a minimum, please sign this petition, for its success will influence the fate of more than just the two child victims and witnesses:

Another petition worth signing is

The rest is googling…

With deep sighs and high hopes,

Sabine – in exile since 11 February 2015.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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13 Responses to How do we overcome White Collar Criminals? Waking up to Terrible Realities and learning about Exposure, Exposure, Exposure…

  1. Dear Sabine please let me have your personal Email address With best regards David

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. T Birks says:

    One Response to How do we fight White Collar Criminals?


    • truth says:

      There is three ways to stop the NWO Gray State: most people will refuse to do this:
      (1) STOP PAYING TAXES – you pay taxes by CONSENT – there is no law in the world that allows another man to take a cut of your wages – its yours alone to do with as you please – no government, or anyone else has a right to it, except by your conscent.
      (2) DUMP THE PAPER MONEY – use gold, silver, bronze and copper metal currency as the people did in the King James Bible – they elite took over 6,000 years to overcome this money system and since the first central private owned criminal bank (Bank of England) got established – they have found the holy grail through Alchemy – turning led into gold – printing money out of worthless paper and buying everything in sight. You can stop this by demanding a return to gold and silver by starting to trade in it yourself – you don’t need some satanists who call themselves ‘the government’ to tell you to do this nor wait for those devils to vote/debate on it nonsense.
      (3) KICK OUT THE WHORE OF BABYLON – THE SATANIC CATHOLIC CHURCH and its murderous Jesuits and Freemasons out of every country in the world and it’s game over for the NWO.


  3. jacquifarmer1984 says:

    Reblogged this on Hampstead Research.

  4. When I returned to UK in 1997 after almost ten years of ‘retirement’ in Cyprus, I was still coming to terms with the death of my husband through medical malpractice in 1989 and unprepared for the changes I discovered with the Blair government in power.

    Though I am assured by expats – things have much improved medically, it’s of little consolation in retrospect; in much the same way, the idle promises of ‘The Establishment’ to assure us that “…all is well with democracy in Britain…” does nothing to ease the minds of those of us who know it is not.

    Never have there been more violations against the freedom of the individual since before Magna Carta was conceived and signed in 1415. That we have been celebrating the five-hundred years of this world-famous document with much pomp and ceremony is not coincidental – but it is ironic and hypocritical that The Establishment, in the persons of the queen and prime-minister, attended ceremonies to mark the five hundredth anniversary of that remarkable ‘bill of rights’ this year.

    I am reading Owen Jones’s brilliantly researched book, ‘The Establishment’ and my worst fears have been realised. My life will never be the same – nor will my faith in those who claim to be part of that Establishment.

  5. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    This does nothing to ease the pain of knowing that great injustices are being perpetrated in the name of Britain by those who have pledged to uphold democracy.

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  9. As a victim of a a false application to take my home using a land registry application supported by

    A false death certificate

    Transfer document from an owner who had already sold the property and was mislead into signing it by the persons wanting my property

    Solicitor statutory declaration full of incorrect facts

    It is important and ethical to keep sharing the tricks used by fraudsters so that innocent victims have a better chance to stop injustice

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