The 50 human rights cases that transformed Britain

This is distinctly a promising ‘base of authorities’ to refer to, especially as I just closed down the blog I built for the worst of all ‘child snatching’ cases. But blog life continues on

Will you find the cases that Family Courts DON’T respect on a regular basis?

UK Human Rights Blog


Today, Iam delighted to launch a major new RightsInsfoinfographic, the50 Human Rights Cases That Transformed Britain. For the full experience, make sure you access it on a desktop computer.

Since RightsInfo launched two months ago, we have had over 300,000 hits and now have over 10,000 followers acrosssocial media. It has alreadybeen an amazing journey and we feel that this is the beginning of something very special.

v-9#50cases has been contributed to by top legalacademics, writers and human rights experts throughcrowdsourcing on this blog. Along with our amazing infographic, each of the 50 landmark cases has also been translatedinto aplain-English,bitesize story. It is by the most comprehensive study so far as to what human rights have done for Britain.

v-12As the government seeks to reform human rights laws, it is crucial for people to understand what effect human rights have had on our society. This project…

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to The 50 human rights cases that transformed Britain

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have said it before many many times, A certain civil servant told me
    over 12 years ago There are NO Humans Rights in the UK ! You have
    been duped ! and treated like the bloody fools you all are.

    Human Rights Act 2000
    Article 1 European Convention of Human Rights is missing ! has been
    deleted ! removed by corrupt British judges, Article 1 Commits the
    Govnt. to enforce & to uphold ALL the other Articles,

    Article 13 The Right to a Remedy. has been removed, deleted, You
    have no Remedy for being oppressed, robbed, tortured, maliciously
    bankrupted, falsely imprisoned, had your children stolen by the State
    and being a victim of crime by the Govnt. or “the partners” in police

    It is extremely simple to confirm the above statements. Google:
    ECHR European Convention of Human Rights. and then
    Google Human Rights Act 2000 and even a “divvy” will see the

    The British judiciary have deliberately made a “laughing stock ” of the
    Human Rights Act. awarding serious foreign criminal Rights they are Not
    entitled to, this has been done deliberately to annoy the ” cackling” crowd
    we call Joe Public, well Joe Public is a European Citizen ! with a European
    Passport ( Nationality) Joe Public is a Second Class European with no
    Rights at all ! get Cameron and the Legal Mafia to explain Why they
    have cheated you of your Rights and betrayed the millions who died
    for your Rights & Freedom 1914-1918. 1939 – 1945, forget the haulocost
    the Russians lost 30 million of sons & daughters. And now you know the truth
    do not trust the British media, BBC, Mail, Telegraph, Mirror, Express, Sun
    they have ALL played a part in duping you, deceiving-misleading you.

  2. From whmsical and wonderful Super-Veteran Norman Scarth:

    The European CONVENTION on Human Rights was OK – or at least 99.9% of it was!
    It is the COURT which is corrupt.
    Britain being the main European victor in WW2, British lawyers under Sir David Maxwell-Fyffe QC (later Lord Chancellor Kilmuir) were given the job of drafting the Convention.
    It was virtually the same as the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights (& also much as British law was at the time).
    The 0.01% of the Convention which is NOT OK, is that small print was added which protected British judges, gave scope for crooked lawyers to mis-use the spirit of the Articles, gave apparatchiks the power to act as guard dogs to keep out the Litigant In Person, AND to ensure that the record of him & his complaint is destroyed after 12 months.
    In other words, that he & his complaint had never existed.
    This is much the same as the job which Winston Smith had at the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s book ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’.
    Norman Scarth.

  3. peter oakes says:

    Norman this does not explain why Article 1 was not approved and signed upto
    this must have been a deliberate malicious act to deny the British Citizen of
    their European Human Rights We are no longer British were are European !
    end of.

    The removal of Article 13 was to Deny a British European Citizen of a Remedy for
    being a Victim of corrupt courts, judges, police, officials etc. It again was a deliberate
    act and must be recognised for what it is ! or in the case of Article 13 What it isn,t

  4. We need to put something together about the “EU-ness” and the “UK-ness” of Human Rights! That’s the term used on the UK Human Rights blog!

  5. peter oakes says:

    Please Google: Bill of Rights Act 1689. You will all get the shock treatment !

    And it has not been repealed to my knowledge, All parking fines are illegal
    unless you have been convicted before a magistrate ? Queens agent.

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