EMERGENCY APPEAL to the good and smart internet community labelled ‘evil and/or foolish’ by High Court Judge #Pauffley #whistleblowerkids

Dear WordPress Engineers

I just saw to my great horror that www.hampsteadresearch.wordpress.com has been closed down. Please allow me to explain the background so that you REVIEW your decision asap. For there will be two hearings on July 15 and 23 to hand two children to their abusive father rather than back to their mother with whom they always lived or their grandparents in Russia.

I am reminded of the first ‘gagging order’ I got from Swansea Council when I first published information about children being taken by local Councils in the UK. That’s when WP closed www.victims-unite.net my most popular website since. I have had such gags from two other councils and I asked at the time whether WP would remain supportive and open, since you are based outside the UK.  [Just in case you don’t believe me, here is this 2 min video that I’ve seen since:]

Since then I have been campaigning against the secrecy in the family courts of the UK, culminating in taking it to the EU Parliament in Brussels with this petition on Change.org.

In November I began to support the Russian mother of two children who reported what their UK father has been doing to them and 18 other ‘special’ children – in 8 schools and a church – despite his threat of killing them, if they were ever to ‘talk’. Their most popular video is Papa kills babies.

After the mother and children reported the crimes to the Police they were taken from her on 11 September 2014 – typical for many cases we have observed, where the children are given to their abusive fathers.

I published a petition to Return her ‘whistleblower kids’ to their Family. Shortly before 16,000 signatures in 2 months, it got taken down by Change.org. Here I am telling the story on video. A subsequent petition was taken down with 300 signatures.

Hampstead Research has taken up the case of the whistleblower kids EXTREMELY WELL. I have set my site to private as my own case will have to be heard some time soon. For like the mother and her partner, I am in exile to flee the corrupt UK jurisdiction since 11 February 2015.

I can assure you that whoever alerted you to the legal proceedings is part of the network of abusers who are part of the internet cover-ups. They have closed my Facebook and Change.org accounts, got the videos deleted from my Google Drive and Wix.com closed a site that someone else built. The excellent exposure blog Aangirfan who coined the case as ‘Hampstead Scandal’ had to delete posts, too.

This current petition reminds the judge of the Residence Order that the mother has and the Non-Molestation Orders against the father.

Will you re-open the blog, please?
With many thanks in advance,

Whistleblower of the Hampstead Scandal
Regarding my own Case


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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22 Responses to EMERGENCY APPEAL to the good and smart internet community labelled ‘evil and/or foolish’ by High Court Judge #Pauffley #whistleblowerkids

  1. Wordpress Team says:

    Dear Sabine
    Terms and conditions (available to see in our guidance documents at wordpress.com) were broken.
    Our decision is final.
    Thank you.
    Wordpress Team

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  3. And Hoaxstead gets to stay…

  4. truth says:

    The MP’s closed Hampstead Research down – they are the ones who have everything to lose – but it’s too late as that mad wicked witch Pauffley said, “the cat is out of the bag!”

  5. anoni says:

    Swansea courts/council seem rather handy with gagging orders – have to cover up how awful their social services and courts are?
    linda lewis case is in point and attempted gagging order on father who complained about ss before death of aaron gilbert, same old story – just like haringey.

  6. Jake says:

    There are thousands of people worldwide who believe the children, people who will flock to and support another blog like HR. Sabine, you have the experience and the sheer grit to lead the fight against the prolific monsters abusing our children. Can you front a new HR?

  7. alas an alias says:

    why gagging orders are made in Swansea??

    FoI Request 2011 to Swansea Social Services – made after discovery Swansea Social Services were providing documents covertly to Swansea Family Court.
    This practice is not known to have stopped and with the rise in LiP’s is probably on the increase. It is simply not permitted as it breaches a right to a fair hearing and natural justice. As there are shared legal services it probably applies to Neath Port Talbot and other LA’s using Swansea Courts. You can bet Cafcass do as well.

    Where under the Family Proceedings Rules does it allow a local authority to file documents with the Court not served on the other parties?

    Where under an adversarial process is it allowed for documents to be filed with the Court and not served on other parties?

    As far as I am aware under decisions of the Courts any such applications to file evidence on the court yet not to serve on other parties is only allowed under specific conditions.

    Your request has been dealt with under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
    Firstly please accept my apologies for the time it has taken to respond to your request.
    Please find the information you requested enclosed.
    The Family Proceedings Rules do not prohibit disclosure of documents to the court. It is then for the court to decide if these documents need to be made available to the parties in the case.
    Very exceptionally, the court will proceed to adjudicate upon a matter without full disclosure to the parties, but this is a matter for the court to determine after considering the interests of all parties concerned. There is a considerable amount of case law dealing with this issue.

    Thanks to the person who exposed this!

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  9. Which just goes to prove how powerful the Establishment is. It protects paedophiles, but demonizes those who would expose the wrongdoers. Power corrupts all it touches and those who seek it.

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  12. What is happening to children is a war crime . Most of the babies and children who have been force adopted have symptoms of pernicious anaemia and B12 deficiency caused by the use of nitrous oxide gas over many generations which has neurologically damaged them and has lead to them having an inborn error of metabolism because their parents and grandparents also had their B12 synthesis switched off with nitrous oxide gas ( entonox) . Mothers who are b12 deficient are likely to have a premature baby and are more likely to be induced leading to a low birth weight of their baby . Low birth weight babies are likely to have a precocious puberty . The use of forceps during delivery damages the optic nerve causing optic neuropathy / atrophy and hypoplasia of the optic nerve which effects the hypothalamic function and pituitary ( master gland) which is responsible for sex hormones and behavior . An imbalance of sex hormones can cause precocious puberty to occur , so can x-raying of a babies head . Precocious puberty can occur in children as young as three . Lord Justice Fulford has suggested lowering the age of consent to 4 years of age .
    Nitrous oxide gas switches off B12 synthesis, sometimes permanently and causes neurological damage in the developing brains of children and effects sexual development . It causes neural connections to get cross wired . Nitrous oxide gas was first isolated in 1772 by Joseph Priestly at around the time of the 1st reich . The 3rd reich happened in the second world war and what seems to be happening now is an attempt at a 4th reich .
    The “Child Protection” regime is based on policies implemented by Adolf Hitler who had babies , children , Indo European people , Jewish people and disabled people taken into protective custody and we all know what doctors did to them !. The Nazi doctors justified experimenting on them and their slaughter by saying that they were “weak ” and “unhealthy” . They had pernicious anaemia , as did the children who were taken to the Magdalane laundries , as did Harold Shipmans victims , Ashya king , and so do the babies and childrenwho have been force adopted and fostered both historically and in the present .Dr Joseph Mengele , who himself had a precocious puberty , was trying to turn brown eyes blue . He knew that Scandinavian people , British people , Indo Europeans , Jewish people and the disabled had a gene mutation which stopped them from producing intrinsic factor needed for B12 absorption . He will have known that a low B12 level causes a relative iron deficiency and that long term iron deficiency can alter DNA structure and compromises myelin composition . He knew that blonde , blue eyed people were more likely to have this gene mutation which would put their babies at risk of low birth weight . The Nazi`s said that blonde blue eyed people were the superior race but not for the reasons we imagined . It was for the sole intention of child sexual abuse . The Nazi`s even started a breeding programme with blonde blue eyed women to produce babies to sexually abuse . Dr Mengele was interested in third generation babies and children because he will have known that they would have an inborn error of metabolism due to their parents and grandparents having had nitrous oxide gas to breathe during births .
    After the war , the NHS started in the UK . Nitrous oxide gas was used through a tube inserted into the mouth but fearing claims against them , the gas was then delivered through a mask on the outside of the face . A survey was conducted to see how many people had pernicious anaemia and only 7 were tested . All of the 7 had pernicious anaemia . The symptoms of pernicious anaemia were then divided into separate illnesses . Doctors prescribed B12 lowering pharma medicines such as proton pump inhibitors , anti biotics , anti depressants , pain killers , ant acids , metformin to name but a few . The population of many countries was kept B12 deficient which lead to many induced low birth weight babies who were more likely to have a precocious puberty .
    Most of the children who were taken into the Magdalane laundries , force adopted and fostered over the next 60 years via the NHS had blonde hair and / or blue eyes . Most of the babies and children who have been taken into care recently by “Child Protection” have blonde hair and blue eyes . It is very likely that some of them will have a precocious puberty and will be sexually abused . There are numerous reports of pre teenage children who have been taken into care with interim care orders who have found themselves in hotel rooms being beaten and raped by older men in most British cities . I have spoken to adults who were raped as children when they went into “care” . One I spoke to told me that she was one of a group of blonde blue eyed children . Many of the parents whose babies have been stolen have said that their baby was blonde , blue eyed .
    Closing this blog will serve only to hide the true extent of the involvement of the NHS , churches , Local Authorities and goverments in a catalogue of crime against mothers , babies and children which may go back hundreds of years .

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