Chris Everard Reveals David Cameron’s Connection to Exorcism and ‘Satanic Orgies’

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David Cameron’s father-in-law, Lord Astor, owns the Cliveden estate. This aristocratic stately home has been the venue for alleged satanic orgies – the allegation was made by Christine Keeler, who has been referred to in the blogosphere as a ‘call girl’ and sometimes a high society ‘prostitute’ – however, she was only 19 years old when taken to sexy parties at Cliveden, and has been the subject of many over-turgid tabloid press reports in the years which have followed the infamous PROFUMO AFFAIR which saw here bedding a government minister and a Russian official in the same time frame...

In addition to the alleged ‘Black Magic’ orgies which blogs about Keeler’s biography claim, many odd and paranormal events have happened at Cliveden.


A top catholic exorcist called Dom Robert Petit-Pierre was called into Cliveden and asked to dispel a very horrid set of demonic entities which allegedly had taken up…

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2 Responses to Chris Everard Reveals David Cameron’s Connection to Exorcism and ‘Satanic Orgies’

  1. T Birks says:

    So when he says ‘we are all in it together’ .. maybe Cameron does know what he is talking about? innocent people have gone to the gallows on circumstantial evidence .. .. not ‘well-connected’ people of course.

  2. Renata Ostertag says:

    Marquis de Sade was NOT Bavarian. As well, the “Queen Mum” was NOT the child of the old count and his wife.Instead, she was the child of a scullery maid or field-hand, sired by an unknown person. The old count took a likening to the young “wench” with her child (the future Queen mum) because of her black hair and violet eyes. As a young child she looked pretty, not so as a woman as we all know.The count then talked his wife, the countess, into adopting the kid formlessly (as was the practise in 1900) and voila, she became the child of a count and 25 years later the disabled son of the King fell in love with her and, as they say, the rest is history. There is no blood connection between the family of the count and the person we later on all came to know as the “Queen Mum”. She also was not born in 1900, but rather in 1897 or 1898. Actually, it was promised that on her death the public will be completely informed about her background and her many affairs she had in- and outside of marriage. Margret came after her, the Queen more after her father.

    Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2015 09:39:11 +0000 To:

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