The Hampstead Case – The Facts.

In just over a minute on video, these facts are stated:

  1. The father Ricky Dearman accused by his two children was never arrested or cautioned.
  2. No forensic enquiries of extensive searches were ever made.
  3. No examination of tattoos and distinguishing marks of the accused were made.
  4. The Police failed to arrest or question any of the alleged abusers.
  5. David Cameron PM has been linked to the Hampstead Case.
  6. The allegations made by the children were not referred to the Child Abuse Investigation Team.
  7. A Family High Court Judge cleared a man without a criminal investigation.

I say it for newcomers in ‘bullet language’: the ‘Hampstead Scandal’ is about

  • 2 ‘whistleblower kids’ who were taken into ‘care’ after they reported sexual ritual abuse to the Police in September 2014
  • 18 other children are victims
  • of 70+ abusers
  • in 8 schools and a church.

The secrecy of UK family courts is used to cover-up criminal activities and the abusers are doing their best to cover-up and stifle internet activities, too.

  • Two activists have been arrested, charged and tried.
  • The grandparents have been blackmailed into confirming the judgement that ‘dismissed Satanic cult claims’ – they travelled in vein from Russia, expecting to see their grandchildren for their grandson’s 9th birthday.
  • The mother, her partner and Sabine McNeill who had helped her as ‘lay legal advisor’ for 3 months, have fled the UK jurisdiction after threat of imprisonment for ‘contempt of court’ and for fear of arrest for ‘harassing’ the alleged abusers.

The High Court Judge claimed in her judgement that some 4 million people on the internet would have seen the videos in which the children give testimony of their experiences.

We now hope that these 4 million people come forward and

o   A Global Vigil on July 15 – the ‘care proceedings’ hearing

o   Healing Survivors of Sexual, Ritual and Satanic Abuse

o   Empowerment Mondays as street protests

o   Any event that contributes to raising awareness of abuse victims, whistleblowers and the general denial of these realities.

  • Generally spread the word and heal our world!!!

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to The Hampstead Case – The Facts.

  1. When I hear tales of hundreds of babies being slaughtered in front of children who drink their blood with no objections or real concerns I say forget it.There are too many real cases of individuals sexually abusing children to be distracted from those by arrant rubbish !

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