BATTLE NEWS from Brussels re #ForcedAdoptions: Imposed by Judges against Parents’ Wills – the European Dimension

Arun Dohle is in an India-born German national who was adopted when he was two months old. I had spoken with him on Skype before, but on Monday night we met for a face-to-face conversation. He gave me Romania – for Export Only – by Roelie Post. The back of the book says:

a ferocious lobby that wants to maintain intercountry adoptions stepped out – where global politics and private interests compete with the rights of the child.

Arun is the Executive Director of Action against Child Trafficking. He talked to me about Pound Pup Legacy – the website exposing the dark side of adoption I had been painfully aware of. Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn refers to it in her study that was on the agenda for yesterday’s meeting of the Petitions Committee.

Arun also suggested I write to President Juncker, as I haven’t heard from Vice-President Timmermans, since I handed him a folder of documents on 05.05.15.

Tuesday morning I met Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn and Ottavio Marzocchi from the Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs who had commissioned the study. I was glad to find Claire open for input ‘from the ground’ and Ottavio with a lot of experience in the EU Parliament and related Committees. In fact, he had seen my various presentations and offered me a place in the committee room in the afternoon. He had also invited a lady from the PETI Secretariat so that I could understand the process better that surrounded the Adoption without Consent study being presented to the Committee.

Ironically one of the three parents who were victimised for having dared to practise their right to petition the EU Parliament had sent me a link to this article on the day:

Previous articles published by Newsweek on the subject were:

Obviously everybody is always very polite and acknowledged the confirmation that, in principle, everything is ok. Never mind the gap between the law and its implementation or the lack of it and the reality of real lives and real victims of a system that is too evil to imagine and to comprehend…

15 07 15 Book CoverHowever, Committee members who are the only ones who have the right to speak commented:

  • how an Estonian child was wrongly taken in hospital (just as in the Slovak Boor case)
  • how discrimination against foreigners is of course completely unacceptable
  • how ‘freedom of movement‘ has become a ‘risk of losing your child‘…

Vice-President Mairead McGuinness MEP and Peter Jahr MEP had attended the Round Table at the Slovak Embassy and reported positively. It seems that the previous ‘discourse of denial’ has been replaced by an admission ‘we have a problem’.

That, together with the recommendations made in the study, pave a promising future:

  1. the fact finding mission has been scheduled to take place in September;
  2. we will be able to provide input;
  3. a working group specialising on child rights will be formed.

Watch this space! Here is the radio interview Tony Gosling did with me on a bad skype connection in Brussels:

Sabine McNeill from discusses the latest in the alleged Hampstead paedophile and satanic abuse ring which has forced her to flee Britain and live on the continent, Germany and Brussels. She’s working in the European Parliament to end forced adoptions because here many children, she claims, have been sexually abused.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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14 Responses to BATTLE NEWS from Brussels re #ForcedAdoptions: Imposed by Judges against Parents’ Wills – the European Dimension

  1. farmerjacqui says:

    Reblogged this on Research Hampstead and commented:
    Thanks to Sabine for her update from Brussels..

  2. peter oakes says:

    Romanians for adoption to USA. is there any connection to particular groups or
    is it random ? by that i mean is there a jewish or catholic religeous group adopting
    children, I fear this is connected to money child trafficking, body part transplants
    etc. The catholic nuns in Ireland have been exposed as major baby traffickers is
    adoption a “cover” for this activity ? staunch catholic countries seem to organise
    this trade by their anti abortion stance on un-wanted unplanned pregnancies, it
    would seem strong organised groups accept this practise as normal behaviour

    Is there any follow up on adpted children or can they just disappear out of sight
    out of mind

  3. lindybb says:

    Thank you for the update Sabine..Very interesting x

  4. 😢 myself n my children of english/scottish decent have bean ripped apart, alienated n tortured by the very system that was once put in place to help rather than hinder! Alas the title of local authority, given by government, to dr’s, schools and councils alike, and then placing tasty rewards infront of them if they reach targets set have ment many families unnecessarily torn apart!
    I myself have mental health challenges, my character tarnished n defamated in court by malevolent, so called professionals that didn’t like me cause I complained of either their conducts or lack of help! Professionals colluding together to strip our doting family apart! It came to light after the final hearings in 2013 that I have a painful condition called fibromyalgia, took me decades of repeating request after request for further investigation butt they only wanted to keep me on opiates n with the side effects n addiction being high I self medicated on cannabis (which some strains helped me greatly whilst others frustratingly did not), 1/4 to 1/2 an ounce per week butt no more n i would go without if my kids needed anything as my kids came first n foremost! Bullying went on in n out of schools n it was a challenge to encourage my kids to go, didn’t help the fact that most staff in education didn’t believe it as they didn’t see or hear it n only witness my kids acting out in pure frustration or defense! I did my utmost to try n resolve these matters with the schools, playing mediator was exhausting butt I endeavoured for the happiness n optimistic stability of my kids future!
    In 2010 It came to light that schools were marking my older boys as unauthorized absence when they were merely late after register closed n i was upset by this as I was paying alot each week in taxi fares to make sure they were on time butt they kept getting stuck in traffic n so the education department of the local council offered to amend attendance records n provide transport if I signed a parental contract, to which I did! Within a week they were issuing me with summons to court for school attendance being so low! We never had transport, nor did the inaccuracies in the attendance records change! Solicitors stated I could not argue with attendance records being grossly inaccurate n if I had my boys off school on days of illnesses then I was to plead guilty n bee slapped on the wrists or bee largely fined n risk loosing my kids n my home due to imprisonment! Needless to say I pleaded guilty of keeping my kids off of school when sick, outcome eventually was I got fined n children social care jumped on the bandwagon in perusing to take me to court!
    So many inaccuracies or false accusations in reports made me out to bee someone I was not n my two younger boys were taken from my care!
    Now my boys, once so close n loving now so angry n frustrated n still after nearly three years begging for me to take them home! I have tried in vain to get help, coming up to brick wall after brick wall of professionals (including butt not limited to MP’s) not wanting nor able to assist!
    I love my family n feel like I am a huge let down as I cannot seem to help them dispite completely changing my life, coming off cannabis n going back on prescription, moving home n out of our asbestos riddle, outdated house into a safer one! Constantly trying to engage with mental health team butt getting no real help due to cuts made by government, etc!
    I asked the social worker years ago why they were taking me to court instead of helping me n she stated “everything you have ever done n everything you ever do will never bee good enough!” N to this very day, thoughs words punch deep inside myself, constantly mentally n physically impacting on me, butt still I endeavour to stay strong for my loved ones! To find some help, some justice, just someway to end the torment n constant abuse from though with great power neglecting their responsibility n duties to assist thoughs in need!
    My love n squidgies goes out to all thoughs in the same boat as us n for thoughs about to join us! God help us all!
    Bless you Sabine for all you have done n still are doing! X

  5. imogen says:

    Sabine, have you seen that Jacqui Farmer and the entire crew at have thrown you to the wolves? What is your response?

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  7. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    Difficult to believe we are talking about human beings – children and their families – not cattle markets, nor even the appalling slave markets of bygone centuries – but the human markets where children are trafficked – often forcibly adopted against the will of their parents – here and now in 2015.

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