Fair Reporting? Open Letter to @HamandHigh #WhistleblowerKids #McKenzieFriends #HampsteadScandal

Dear Ham and High


This is now the second time that you publish slanderous remarks about me without having established my side and deliver fair reporting. But as my most popular website Victims Unite keeps demonstrating, there is one law for ‘them’ and one for ‘us’. And you know that I couldn’t spend money on libel proceedings. In any case, the judiciary would be set up to take the money and run rather than defend us and deliver ‘justice’.

As a local paper, you go further with your libel than what the Daily Mail and BBC Radio 4 did after they spoke to me: misrepresent despite promises NOT to do so – supposedly in the ‘public interest’!

However, the mainstream media play a big role in the seven deadly syndromes of child snatching and seven media cover-ups, as we published already long before the Hampstead Scandal.

Of course you follow the road of all mainstream media who are complicit with everything that dishonestly created money can buy. However, please note that money can never enthuse anybody into spirited actions. And I can assure you that neither Belinda McKenzie nor I are fuelled by money that would turn us into ‘professionals’. Both in grandparent age, we are fuelled by love and passion and have become ‘amateur’ legal advisors aka McKenzie Friends.

Collectively, as an Association of McKenzie Friends, our experience is based on dealing with hundreds and thousands of cases personally. Therefore I took this petition to the EU Parliament in Brussels and presented it in March 2014 for the first time.

When I arrived in Berlin as a ‘fugitive’, as you called me, I saw the poster: “Courage is proving crimes that are supposed never to have happened,” published by the Catholic organisation Misereor.

The truth is that I am the whistleblower of two child witnesses who were dying to be heard but have been seriously betrayed: first by their father, and then by the authorities who removed them from their home after they reported the crimes they have suffered themselves and have witnessed in 18 other children and an untold number of babies.

The first foster parents in Camden reported their nightmares, for the father had threatened to kill them, if they were ever to ‘talk’ to their mother. The girl was still afraid of him coming to kill them when the videos were produced that were viewed by some 4 million people according to Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgement.

When will you Listen to the Children, as Hampstead resident Beatrix Campbell reported for Channel IV in 1990? When will you join the dots with 15,000 kids and counting, as published by Channel IV recently including reporting on Brussels, and BBC’s Adoption: thousands of children forcibly taken into care?

With great regrets over the side that you are on in this spiritual battle between good and evil,

Yours sincerely from exile,

Sabine K McNeill


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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18 Responses to Fair Reporting? Open Letter to @HamandHigh #WhistleblowerKids #McKenzieFriends #HampsteadScandal

  1. farmerjacqui says:

    Don’t forget that lead reporter Emily Simpson Banks hobnobs with alleged cult members – the newspaper is infiltrated, of course. And Emily claims to be a “crime” reporter! LOL

  2. Jean Mcdonald says:

    What MP serves the Ham & High

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. peter oakes says:

    Please direct Ham & High to Chapter 5 Vol 4. Royal Commission Inquiry
    NSW police paedophiles SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse. and kindly remind
    them that co-operating with official criminals makes them ” Accomplices,s”
    to these horrific un-natural offences, to engage in ” Character Assassination”
    is active involvment to refer to you as a “fugitive” is directly implying Sabine
    is the criminal ,where as the truth is Ham& High are conspirators in
    perverting justice and assisting child sex abuse.

    Please inform Ham & High they are not the BBC, Jimmy Savile is innocent, along with
    “glittering ” Garry, Hum,dee, doo, ” can you see what it is yet ?” Rolf. ” Beautiful
    game the imperial Stuart Hall, p—- d on by Fred the weather and the long time
    accomplice of the media Max Clifford the Stupid arrogance of the rag media is
    unbelievable !

    Have a look at 60 minutes Australia. Spies-Lords – Predators perhaps it is a “rumour”

  4. Hellion says:

    In the first instance you will need to point out the factual errors made in the article and ask for a retraction to be printed. Could you list them here for all to see?

    • Many thanks, Hellion! It’s with great reluctance that I spend time in response to attacks. But the support of commentators is worth it, I feel!

      I start with the first article – all in preparation of a submission to the IPSO.


      First of all, my name is not ‘Sabina’ but ‘Sabine’. Secondly why put ‘supporter’ in quotes? As McKenzie Friend I am certainly a SUPPORTER!

      ‘Untrue allegations’?

      ‘The material published online’ refers to ‘names and addresses of dozens of individuals’.

      ‘Innocent individuals’ who found their names published online.

      ‘False allegations’. ‘Retracted allegations’ made by the children.

      ‘The two children tortured by their mother and her boyfriend’.

      ‘Videos and articles posted on the internet concerning pupils and parents at a North London School’.

      All of these quotes are implications starting from the bias of

      1. not listening to the children
      2. accusing the mother and her partner
      3. assassinating my character.

      This article targets also Belinda McKenzie who had been in Barnet Court and the High Court as ‘McKenzie Friend’ of the mother, after I had written all legal submissions:

      I’m labelled as ‘UK fugitive’, implying I’m a criminal.

      Belinda’s charity is described as ‘masquerading’.

      ‘Almost all donations’ are being sent to me!?…

      ‘discredited allegations’

      ‘acting secretary’

      ‘fears of being arrested on contempt of court charges relating to the case – an allegation she denies’

      ‘misleading potential donors’

      ‘not wholly charitable’

      So, all in all the ‘factual errors’ are based on innuendos, false assumptions and serious character assassination.

      The critical fact is

      1. Neither the mother nor I published the names and addresses of the alleged abusers which the Police tries to use against mother and me on their behalf.

      2. The ‘contempt of court’ charge does not relate to the publication of these names.

      3. The contempt of court charge relates to the SECRECY rules of the family courts, supposedly there to protect the identity of the children. However, the children have been PUNISHED by being traumatised through the separation from their mother, having been given WEEKLY contact with the father whom they accuse and who had threatened to KILL them, if they were to talk. The first foster parents recorded nightmares regarding these fears! The daughter says on one of the home produced videos.

      Furthermore, the secrecy of the family courts has been used to cover-up crimes and is against the EU Directive 2011/92 which the UK Government has violated. An Infringement Notice was issued in January 2014.

      See http://mckenzie-friends.co.uk/2015/03/07/using-the-secrecy-of-ukfamilycourts-to-cover-up-criminal-activities/

  5. peter oakes says:

    Do not not waste your time ! complaining to IPSO it is a “paint job” on the old PCA press complaints outfit it is managed by the intelligence service in my case many years ago
    the chair was editor of the Manchester Evening News who had all the evidence needed
    to confirm the Legal Mafia were using the Insolvency Process for theft_fraud and
    persecution of a mafia,a victim in this case it was Geoffrey Scriven a long time
    “Starfighter” as Sabine calls victims who fight corruption

    It is all about frustration ! and obfuscation they torment the living daylight from you
    in the hope you have a mental breakdown or do something stupid so that they
    can section you re: Mental Health act.

    Sabine and others should forward copies of documents from Hampstead Council
    and the SS to HH Lowell Goddard the judge investigating the Rotherham child
    sex abuse inquiry. Let her know what goes on in the UK, How the so-called authorities
    will conspire to pervert justice and to deceive her & justice

    And don,t forget Francis Gibb legal editor of The Times ! she knew Geoffrey well and
    she knows the truth concerning the judiciary and the RCJ. and she will know about Hampstead

    • truth says:

      Great advice Peter. The IPSO, IPCC, ASA etc are all tags designed to absorb a persons energy into submission. The whole system is a fraud – the whole western nations systems are built on the rape, pillage and murder of the poor of the East.
      Now we have this smug pig of a ‘New Zealand’ judge from this stolen country, stolen by the British Establishment, posing as foreigner – called by the Establishment to investigate the Establishment – WHAT A FARCE….these idiots and their perverse games – they don’t even know that the game has caught up with them and they are rolling their last dice – and its not coming up 666 ever again.

  6. Angie says:

    Bravo Sabine and sympathies to Belinda in the enemy territory so close to the cult ….praying and glad YOU stood up to them ….Every tongue that rises up against us WE will condemn and SHOW to be in the wrong….Isaiah 54

  7. peter oakes says:

    The Establishment mafia is going into “tail spin” nothing to do with cult
    SRA and kiddy fiddling their only responce is to villify and discredit us for
    exposing the truth.

    They have just created another Commissioner same thing as a police commissioner
    the fact is it is just another tier on the pile of obtruction to grind us down !

    This commissioner is to help small business,s suffering cash flow problems from
    “late payers” re: Premier Foods wants to pay invoices every six months leaving the
    struggling business with wages to pay, materials to buy etc, this drives the poor
    business owner into banks like RBS who deliberately distress the business to steal
    the assets property etc. this commissioner has no power of investigation and serves no
    purpose what-so ever

    All it needs is HMRC to set up a payment office any business can present it,s invoice
    after a 28 day period and obtain 90% of invoice value to keep the jobs on going.

    HMRC later collects all monies VAT etc.from the late payers and squares the account
    keeping the small business working with no cash flow problems

    This system was in operation re: ECG export credit guarantee this allowed Astra
    B-Marque to operate and this allowed Mark Thatcher, Jonathan Aitken and
    Neil Hamilton to fill their boots with fraud monies bribes etc from arms deals
    easy peasy Westminster thefts, thats the way to do it ! all legal like??

  8. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    It is vital we hear the truth.

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  11. peter oakes says:

    Hi Maureen Look up the Scot Report Gerald James Astra B-Marque Yamani
    arms deals

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