DESPERATELY SEEKING: @NYorksPolice Against #ChildAbuse instead of Criminal Cover-Ups @PeterHofschroer #CSA

Morning Len – the remarkable pilot victim of chemical poisoning turned starfighter par excellence:

Once again grateful thanks for keeping me in the loop regarding Peter Hofschroer case.

The more I read about the ‘mystery’ about the case and it going to court etc. the more I can see that it is possibly a copy cat of my whistle blowing on abuse towards vulnerable individuals via NYCC, NYP, York Foundation Trust Hospital + other senior officers who all sit in each other’s company.

I now strongly believe that the  people / organisations where these emails are coming from need to look at the archives of the judicial case of – it is within the same timescale as Peter H:

  • Roundstone Residential Care Home, 18-19 Brooklands, Filey, North Yorkshire YO14 9BA
  • Registered Providers: Mr Ray Koralewski, Mrs Margaret Koralewski

They need to look up the national media coverage on the case.

They also urgently need to submit a FOI to CARE QUALITY COMMISSION for a copy of all Inspection Reports on Roundstone BUT IN PARTICULAR THE REPORT DATED OCTOBER 2012 FROM INSPECTION CARRIED OUT ON 6TH SEPTEMBER, 2012.

On receipt of this report they need to pay particular attention to pages 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14.

They then need to ask the questions:

  • Why was Mr Ray Koralewski not questioned / interviewed by NYP, even though he is very clearly stated as being the joint registered provider of care for the home along with his wife?
  • Why has Ray Koralweski not been prosecuted on the grounds of falsifying residents’ care plans? These are legal documents in their own right and as such carry a criminal conviction – no mention of this made in any of the media reports.

Once again it looks very much as if North Yorkshire Police/ NYCC are hiding the REAL TRUTH.

I have no objection to you forwarding this email on to any relevant person’s who you think might find it interesting and rather coincidental.”


Mr. Barbara Hofschroer has now been dumped into a care home. This will facilitate her being put under the Court of Protection and her assets being disposed of without proper scrutiny. Peter Hofschroer was her legal power of attorney. Someone wanted him out of the way very badly so they arranged to imprison him.

Peter’s case is now ON AGAIN for York Crown Court July 27.

Left hand and right hand are making a mockery of British justice. Nobody seems to care.

PPS: This petition is targeted at the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary to Free Peter Hofschroer and to Stop the Abuse of Grandma B.

[Please remember the Deja Vu of the Royal Commission into New South Wales Police in 1997.]


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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4 Responses to DESPERATELY SEEKING: @NYorksPolice Against #ChildAbuse instead of Criminal Cover-Ups @PeterHofschroer #CSA

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  2. johnharker3 says:

    From John Harker a former police officer and a now set FREE Mason, through and by the REDEEMING LOVE of YESHUA MESSIAH the LORD! Selah The worst enemy the U.K. and many countries like it have, are the Satanic destroyers of INNOCENT peoples lives, are the FALSE fronted, wolves in sheeps clothing, the Masons, in whom, many don’t truly realise, who they are worshipping and serving, when they sing their closing hymn at the end of their secret meetings, full of FALSE promises and self may way protectionism of their so called “brotherhood”!!! HEED at this point the INSTRUCTION taken from page 183 of the Masonic Handbook:- – that INSTRUCTS Masons to LIE in a Court of LAW, yes commit PERJURY to protect their “brother” Mason and, if they do so they will be free of SIN???!!! What an ABOMNABIBLE LIE and DECEIT!!! Hence why there is so much CORRUPTION for there are many Judges – Barristers – Solicitors – Police Officers of all ranks – Prison Officers – Councillors – Civil servants – M.P.’s – Bankers – Media people – Accountants – yes Clergy et al, all members! And, a FEW who are exalted to a 33rd degree, whereby the likes of the LIAR and DECEIVER and INTERFAITH Company director Tony Blair and his confederate George Bush and Bill Clinton and Billy Graham et al, are members! Wherein, the god who they worship is revealed, Lucifer AKA Satan who transforms himself into an angel of “light” and his ministers into ministers of “righteousness”?! woe woe woe
    The hymn is sang:- “May we all be together in that grand Lodge above, so mote it be!” That Lodge is the Lodge of Satan, the god of this evil END TIMES corrupt world, that WILL enthrone soon via the help and financial support of the Satanic Masons masters, the Illuminati, in the 3rd Temple that is being built this very day! woe woe woe.
    In my and my ex partner’s, INNOCENT victims case, against the CORRUPT COVER UP methods and crime complaintrs against, the North Yorkshire Police and its present Satanic Mason Chief Constable Dave Jones and his CORRUPT associate, Julia Mulligan the Police and Crime Commissioner for the North Yorkshire Police with also the COVER UP protectionism of the Chair of the Police and Crime Panel in Northallerton County Hall a Satanic Mason Carl LESS, and a Director of the Audit Company that is responsible for the North Yorks County Council’s finances;, who is guilty of being complicit in making fraudulent expenses claims dur ing the time of another Satanic Mason Chief Constable Graham Maxwell;take HEED to an exposure by F.C.A. Tim Hicks:- http://www.real-whitby/ – then there is Dame Anne Owers and her Northern Commissioner Cindy Butts, of the so called “Independent” Police Complaints Commission, who have 90% of their senior investigators, employed being former senior police officers, from whom, there will be at least half Satanic Masons!!!
    We currecntly have an Appeal before the Royal Courts of Justice, and have demanded our LAWFUL HUMAN RIGHTS, that our material legal Statutory Declarations and Affidavits and the compelling, NEW expert witness evidence, none of which has ever been LAWFULLY and FULLY and FAIRLY, even examined, never mind investigated, and the recent Satanic Mason Judge at Leeds High Court Judge Behrens, who was also, in a conflict of Interest, did totally IGNORE and ABUSE his Judicial Principles and issued a “totally without merit” – Judicial Review Application, that we have included in our Appeal to the Royal Courts of Justice, to be heard we pray, before a NONE MASONIC JUDGE, and take HEED, there are MANY woman members of the Satanic Masons confederates, the Eastern Star and, the Muslims, have their Satanic Mason shriners; so, what chance has the INNOCENT – UNSUSPECTING man/woman in the street got, to achieve true JUSTICE?!
    WE fight on and on, just the same as the Hillsborough victims, where recently two of the main Satanic Mason ex Police Officers from South Yorkshire Police Duckenfield and Bettison, both at last publicly addmitting they are Masons and, what about the ex childrens officer for Rotherham and former Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire Police Shaun Wright, who is a Satanic Mason, then we have the Satanic Mason COVER UP of Leon Brittan, who was M.P. for Scarborough and Whitby during the Satanic Masons Saville and Jaconneli and Corrigan, child abuse activity, which was also taking place during both recent Cleveland Police Inquiries, when Satanic Mason Graham Maxwell was a Superintendent i/c Police Complaints, who issued a Trawl dossier against an INNOCENT Police Officer to FIT him up for sex crimes that he was most definitely NOT guilty of but, he ended up receiving 10 years! The defence and prosecution barristers were from the same Chambers, vital defence evidence was suppressed, a main police woman prosecution witness (on paper), did NOT even realise she had made a statement against the defendant Police Officer! The Clvelenad Police and the Prosecution used her CORRUPT statement to proecute the case and then withdrew the charges during the trial at York Crown Court and prosectuted on another Police Womans evidence, a lose promiscuous woman, with whom the Officer had consensual sex with, whose statement could have been discredited but was COVERED UP; who was promised her security in the Force! His Appeals and complaints to the so called Criminal Cases Review Commission, the Solicitors Complaints Bureau were, all CORRUPTLY COVERED UP, by no doubt once again the Satanic Masons and the Eastern Star women on their Boards and Committees!!!
    This evil CORRUPT secret socierty, does need to be exposed and outlawed, as a matter of URGENCY for how can the general PUBLIC be continually subjected to the LIES and DECEITS of this Satanic secret society “brotherhood” in them WILFULLY and CRIMINALLY instructing their Satanic “Brothers” to LIE yes commit PERJURY in a Court of LAW, any longer and destroy, MANY more INNOCENT peoples lives?!
    This is one very URGENT matter you could publish on your web site and draw up as many members of the Public as possible, with also as many INNOCENT victims who have the same type of Satanic Masons CORRUPT COVER UP experiences, whereby that will lend a vitally important example of LAWFUL and JUST support that will be difficult to ignore for this is how these evil CORRUPT protectionist people, do protect themselves, especially they in PUBLIC OFFICE, who commit the crim inal offence of “Misconduct in Public Office” time and time again; by merely IGNORING and DIVERSIFYING the TRUTH and the FACTS, in their evil COVER UP protectionism tactics, so that the DISADVANTAGED, INNOCENT victim, does give up, by finding themselves hitting the BRICK WALLS of COVER UP protectionism and a continual WHITEWASH of their COMPLAINTS and APPEALS!!!
    PEACE of YESHUA MESSIAH the LORD be with you all! Selah
    The name that is rejected in every Satanic Mason Lodge obviously, for YESHUA MESSIAH the MAN, the promise of YAHWEH to King David, was the FINAL Sacrificial LAMB of YAHWEH, who gave all FOREORDAINED – CALLED BY GRACE – BORN FROM ABOVE – NEW CREATIONS in YESHUA MESSIAH the LORD, the victory over the god of death and SIN, yes Satan; by the shedding of HIS, the MAN YESHUA MESSIAH the LORD’S, HOLY BLOOD, before HIS death, on the tree at Calvary and HIS risen from the grave by the FAITH of the Operation of YAHWEH Almighty, after the thrird day, which was AFTER SUNSET on the Saturday, the day of the FIRST FRUIT, on the 21st Nisan 33 A.D. The LORD YESHUA, was born of man and woman, in the September of 5 B.C. the Haverst time, 6 months AFTER HIS Nazerite cousin John, who was the son of Zacherias, a Priest of the order of Abia, a decsendent of Zadok, the children of the LIGHT, who finished his Priestly duties in the Temple, an Essene, who lived in the Hill Country of Judea, in the June of 6 B.C. when he was given the Prophecy! The town of Nazerath did NOT exist until at least 70 A.D. after the sacking of Jerusalem by the Romans! Josephus, who live only 4 miles away from Nazerath in a village called Jopa,,the first century historian and Governor of Galillee in 64 A.D. took a census of 220 towns ands villages in Gallile but did NOT mention Nazerath, that does NOT have a steep hill and the sheep are brought indoors during the winter months, whereby the Romans would NOT ever hold a tax gathering in the middle of winter! And, the Almighty YAHWEH would NOT ever ordain, that HIS MESSIAH would be born on the very same day as a Satanic Pagan SUN god the 25th December, the Mid Winter Solstic, that was the SUN god virgin son of Isis, the queen of heaven and the mother of god, Horus birthday and also another Pagan god Mithra, who the Pagan Romans were worshipping, in secret and had degrees, a Trinity god the same as Isis – Horus – Osiris and Zeus (Iseus) Estorath (Easter) Mithra! This present so called religion of Trinty of gods, Christianity was forced, in by Pagan Roman King Constantine, and corrupted various parts of Scripture, even relied on Isaiah 7 v 14 which was truly fulfilled in Chaper 8 Auth King James Bible; Constantine in his power mad Roman Kingship, did merely change the names, the name Jesus was NOT even used until the 16th A.D.and forced in a NEW Sabbath day to a SUN god SUN day! woe woe woe
    Therefore, we pray without ceasing that all they who FEAR for their own SALVATION WILL be convicted by this WORD of eternal TRUTH, as it is written in 2 Corinthians 6 Auth King James Bible and the take HEED to the eteral WORD of TRUTH, as it is written in 2 Timothy 3, by the Apostle Paul; Auth King James Bible, that reads as if it were today’s Newspaper with also, the Espistle of 2 Thessalosians Auth King James Bible for today’s END TIMES! Selah

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