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Crime Report UK: Internal Tyranny


For the purpose of delivering the overall perspective, this Crime Report provides examples of various crimes along with supporting evidence in order to support our case against Internal Tyranny which has multiple impacts on British people and those of other nations.

The aim of this Report is to articulate and identify the nature of the crime, where it is coming from, who it is targeting, who is at risk, the dangers, implications, future prospects and then, to suggest effective remedies and solutions.

The examples of evidence provided herein are chosen because they represent a wealth of such evidence from many other sources and they are most trustworthy, accurate/honest in their assessments of the facts.

Internal Tyranny is not about just one crime, all the crimes are inter-related; Britain is suffering attack on every level from within and none of the crimes and their effects can be ignored because they leave in their wake, victims and areas of need. It is important that we fully understand the true nature of the problems we face today so we may be all the better equipped for successfully resolving them.

Therefore, although this Report presents multiple cases exposing multiple crimes, the reality is that all those cases reflect the SINGLE crime of Internal Tyranny which includes child abuse, acts of terrorism, financial fraud and theft, denial of Human Rights.

How else can we identify Internal Tyranny if not by evidence of its multiple crimes and victims?

In presenting this Report, it is important to note that the names, links and evidences etc., provided to support and/or identify crimes, victims, criminals and suspicions, are not necessarily, specifically or individually directly involved in presenting this case and neither do we assume that all parties mentioned in evidences provided, are or would be, supportive of our case and our allegations.




Identifying Crime & Victims

Defining Terrorism



Foundations of Crime; False Flags

Funding & Training ‘Islamic’ Terrorists

Tyranny of 9/11



Economic Terrorism


Banking Bailouts

Banking Collapse & 9/11

The Banking-Bail-In



Scrapping Human Rights

Eradicating the ‘Benefits Culture’

Media Propaganda Machine

Mark Duggan lawful killing verdict upheld


Part IV

Crimes Against Children

EU Child Protection Directives

Secret Family Courts

Child Care For Corporate Profit

G4S ‘Trusted’ Child Care Provider?

Forced Adoption: Child Safety

Damage Limitation


Part V

Environmental Crimes

Nuclear power



Part VI


Vote Rigging


Conclusion & Social Impact


Introduction: Identifying Crime & Victims

On behalf of the oppressed and awake people of Britain and the global citizenship of earth, and also, as a representative and supporter of Ubuntu Living, I Deborah Mahmoudieh a native British citizen, hereby present evidence and analysis of evidence to support our lawful suspicions as defined in this Crime Report against a corrupt system of power presently, heavily infiltrated into every sphere of British Authorities and including Courts, Police, Intelligence, Royalty and Government.

The aforementioned authorities combined powers of influence and control and especially, concerning Britain’s most vulnerable children, represent a serious, terrorist threat to the people and children of Britain and abroad.

In an effort to combat the continued power and influence of aforementioned suspects, we request that those among British and EU Authorities who continue to uphold the Law of our lands and who value the Human Rights our forebears so bravely fought for, will endeavour to acknowledge the legal validity of our evidence and undertake to investigate further with an intention toward making appropriate arrests.

Crimes have been committed and the suspects need to be investigated and to stand trial and give an account for their actions because certainly, we cannot permit suspected, conspiratorial terrorists to remain in authority over our nation.

We have evidence too, though not presented in any detail here, of an insidious organisation named ‘Common Purpose’ as exposed by Brian Gerrish who as a result of his subsequent deep concerns, has helped establish UK Column as a trusted, Alternative News Provider for British people.

British people are wise to follow UK Column News, to subscribe and also, to contribute in sharing information, insights, personal-stories and experiences related to Life in Britain. For one thing that is very clear in this Report; regular, mainstream news media cannot be trusted.

UK Column News

It is clear, that Common Purpose has been useful in recruiting empathisers, patsies and the criminally-complicit, toward secretive agendas which are mostly, about absorbing UK public and EU funding as well, as preventing the British public from setting up their own local community projects and/or accessing any funds or legal powers that might truly help them gain any degree of self-sufficiency and/or independence from local authorities.

Common Purpose Exposed

Though the crimes committed amount to High Treason in the sense that Soveriegn power of ownership of British lands, property and public services are being transferred into ownership and control of largely global, corporate powers, because that crime of Treason is specifically against the Throne of England, we refer instead, to the crimes listed below and in which we lawfully suspect members of every British Authority are complicit, both in Britain and abroad:

These crimes collectively constitute the single crime and dangers of Internal Tyranny.

While all suspected participants of said crimes are not knowingly complicit in tyranny on behalf of a specific group, nonetheless, they are free to conspire and commit their crimes with impunity, precisely because there is an all pervasive and politically powerful controlling force of equally, criminal interests who operate according to specific ideologies and agendas which are fundamentally lawless in their concept and application.

Crimes identified via Public Order Act

  1. Riot.
  2. Violent disorder.
  3. Affray.
  4. Fear or provocation of violence.

4A. Intentional harassment, alarm or distress.

  1. Harassment, alarm or distress.

Crimes identified via Terrorism Act 2006

Encouragement of terrorism

Dissemination of terrorist publications

Application of ss. 1 and 2 to internet activity etc.

Preparation of terrorist acts

Training for terrorism

Attendance at a place used for terrorist training

Making and possession of devices or materials

Misuse of devices or material and misuse and damage of facilities

Terrorist threats relating to devices, materials or facilities

Crimes identified via EU Child Protection Directives

  • Child sexual abuse
  • Making and selling of child pornography
  • Child trafficking
  • Child prostitution/slavery
  • Child murder
  • Detainment, abduction and imprisonment of children
  • Starvation of children
  • Infliction of injury and trauma on children
  • Using WMD’s and chemical weapons against children
  • Bombing and shooting children
  • Eating children
  • Drinking children’s blood
  • Buying and selling children’s body parts and organs
  • Failure to report above crimes
  • Failure to investigate reports of above crimes
  • Complicity to commit above crimes
  • Complicity to aid and abet perpetrators of above crimes
  • Complicity to bury evidence and protect suspects of above crimes
  • Conspiracy to place and/or leave children at risk

In addition to crimes listed above we include war-crimes, crimes against humanity, government and banking fraud & theft (and conspiracy to commit) on a previously, unimaginable scale and indeed, a scale so huge, many British people have yet to grasp the enormity of the crimes committed and the terrible ramifications which threaten to devour every British child’s future into debt-slavery.

We cannot, according to any fair sense of Law and Duty of Care  as humans passing the torch of life from one generation to the next, permit the present levels of risk and terrorist threat to continue far into the future and most especially, concerning the likelihood that all aforementioned suspects may and very probably do, have access to and control of Britain’s military and weapons: The level of terrorist threat extends far beyond Britain to the extent, the criminal conspirators are a global threat of major proportions and indeed, have already proven to be deadly.

Defining Terrorism

Section 1. –

(1) In this Act “terrorism” means the use or threat of action where-

(a) the action falls within subsection (2),

(b) the use or threat is designed to influence the government [or an international governmental organisation][3] or to intimidate the public or a section of the public, and

(c) the use or threat is made for the purpose of advancing a political, religious[, racial][4] or ideological cause.

(2) Action falls within this subsection if it-

(a) involves serious violence against a person,

(b) involves serious damage to property,

(c) endangers a person’s life, other than that of the person committing the action,

(d) creates a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or a section of the public, or

(e) is designed seriously to interfere with or seriously to disrupt an electronic system.

(3) The use or threat of action falling within subsection (2) which involves the use of firearms or explosives is terrorism whether or not subsection (1)(b) is satisfied.

All of the above applies directly to the crimes reported herein in relation to oppression against specific British and global social groups i.e. true Muslims, true Jews and Christians, the lawful, the sick and disabled, the unemployed, children, the low waged, the informed and aware and the “whistleblowers”.



Foundations of Crime; False Flags

For the purpose of maintaining focus and fluidity of this Crime Report it is necessary to focus on key issues in regard to identifying specific crimes and presentation of evidence; investigating authorities are hereby requested to bear in mind that the crimes and evidences highlighted in this report reflect merely, the ‘tip-of-an-iceberg’: The crimes are endemic.

The foundations of our criminal charges of Tyranny against key positions of power within every British Authority (and including their controlled and equally infiltrated and complicit media), are presently established initially, on the evidence of 9/11 and of 7/7.

We cannot here cover all the details of exactly why the Official Reports on both terrible events of 9/11 & 7/7, reflect at best a shoddy investigation and at worst, complicity to commit High Treason by engaging with alien/foreign powers to cover up their joint involvement in terrorist actions against citizens of America and Britain: Links for evidence supporting our suspicions and concerns from reliable and trustworthy witnesses and sources are presented where ever possible; none of our allegations are made without a weight of evidence enough to support lawful/non-malicious suspicion.

The ambition behind the aforementioned terrorist actions was clearly, to afford criminal parties justification for even greater freedoms to committing an even worse scale of terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, then Libya and now Syria, as well as continuing in their support for Israeli terrorist actions against the largely defenceless and powerless Palestinian people who are by hostile, social and military-stealth, being robbed of their rights, freedoms, choices, homelands, culture, roots and livelihoods.

The chain of events leading up to and in the aftermath of 9/11 & 7/7 are undeniable and witnessing the results of Iraq’s subsequent “liberation”, we can only look on in horror for they are a nation left in ruins and facing the merciless ISIS. Women and children in particular, are suffering the brunt of Islamic extremism which uses an antiquated interpretation of the Qu’uran to justify denying women and children’s legal and human rights.

Iraqi youth are being KILLED for playing pop-music and watching football

Worse than ISIS is the toxic legacy of depleted uranium now littering Iraq (and more recently, Libya) and most heavily concentrated in Fallujah; doctors have told the women there to “stop having babies” due to the high mortality rate, still births and deformities among newborns there.

Not only were the use of DU weapons unlawfully sanctioned for use in Iraq by USA & UK Governments, in case of British Parliament, MP’s were lied to by the MoD who claimed the weapons had been through the necessary Review (as required by the Geneva Convention) and were passed as ‘safe’ for use in populated areas and as a non-environmental threat:

Armed forces minister sorry for misleading MPs over depleted uranium

Toxic legacy of US assault on Fallujah ‘worse than Hiroshima’

800 tonnes of depleted uranium = toxic-legacy of 41,000 Nagasaki bombs.

Multiply the above number by 3 and that is how much depleted uranium has been dumped on Iraq. It has a half-life of 5 billion years. It has caused widespread environmental and biological contamination. As yet, neither British or USA authorities have officially recognised the issue or made any attempt to try and clean up the pollution and assist the many thousands of victims suffering the severe impact of DU fallout.

Funding & Training ‘Islamic’ Terrorists

We have ample reason based on trusted testimony and evidence provided by equally trustworthy sources, that British, Israeli, Saudi and USA co-conspirators (along with their joint corporate & banking interests whose ambitions are jointly, to maintain control over their respective domains and foster the propagandas that maintain their corrupted powers), rely completely, on the freedoms, profits and pleasures gained from every crime imaginable – these include perjury, bribery and blackmail.

ISIS and other extremist Islamic factions are known to be founded, funded and created by the aforementioned coalition and with members including genuine believers who are psychologically captivated and controlled by those whose interests are purely mercenary i.e. participating for payment and under order of a chain-of-command leading to USA, Israeli, UK & Saudi Intelligence and/or for the freedoms to rob, rape and kill.

For solid evidence to support above suspicions and allegations, we refer to *Gordon Duff’s Intelligence as disclosed during his Keynote speech at the 2014 Damascus Conference, where Mr Duff identified the existence of an ‘International Criminal Cabal’ whom he claims have taken control of America (and by default therefore also, Britain) and who are responsible for crimes against humanity on a scale “never before witnessed“. Mr Duff has “solid evidence” to support his Intelligence:

Gordon Duff’s keynote speech

*’Gordon Duff is the Managing Director and Senior Editor of Veterans Today, a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. He is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in numerous countries. Gordon Duff is a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. His business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology. He is the Managing Director of Adamus Defense Group of Switzerland.

We do not believe that Gordon Duff and his team travelled all the way to Damascus to deliver false evidence.

We feel that BBC and other media ignorance of the Damascus, Syria Conference is yet more evidence of conspiracy as they lose no time giving mass publicity to ‘Islamic’ terrorists and yet, nothing for Middle Eastern and Russian leaders who have met to discuss how best to combat the rise of Islamic extremism that is destabilizing all their nations.

According to the evidence presented here, Britain is heavily implicated; we have direct evidence of Britain’s involvement in arming and training Islamic Extremists for purposes of inflicting chaos and terror on every nation in the Middle East. It is very probable too that detention centres like Guantanamo Bay are themselves, training centres for brutalising USA & UK military personnel.

Former MI5 agent David Shayler

‘Stop funding ISIS’: Protesters accuse British govt of financing terror groups

CIA Insider Tells 9/11 Truth

9-11 Ripple Effect

7/7 Ripple Effect 2

To further support the validity of our suspicions and allegations we rely on the evidence presented by a long trusted and Senior British Police Intelligence Analyst, Mr Anthony Farrell, who while working at South Yorkshire Police, was asked to write and present a Terror Threat Assessment for Britain. Mr Farrell was asked to take the events of 9/11 and 7/7 into account while compiling his report.

In his Terror Threat Assessment Report of 2010, Farrell concluded that 7/7 and 9/11 were ‘inside jobs’ and, the biggest threat facing Britain today is via ‘Internal Tyranny’. Instead of investigating the severity of his professional conclusions, Mr Farrell was sacked on the grounds of incompatible beliefs.

Tony Farrell :

After examining the evidence, many British people are strongly in agreement with Mr Farrell’s conclusions. We feel the persecution he has suffered via the UK Establishment directly as a result of his professional analysis, is yet more evidence of a conspiracy between the criminals within UK Authorities and the powers they covertly employ toward silencing anyone who dares to expose their crimes and thereby, raise the alarm.

The BBC and other mainstream media have declined to give Mr Farrell any attention other than to pour scorn on his conclusions.

Tyranny of 9/11

The very fact that in spite of all the readily available evidence against the Official Report on 9/11, all UK authorities (and including the BBC and other mainstream medias), have conspired to deny and/or ignore all evidence that contradicts the Official USA version of events, is supportive to Mr Farrell and Mr Duff’s aforementioned professional testimonies (which are in turn supported by many thousands of other witnesses and professionals ranging from demolitions experts to airline pilots).

Since both aforementioned key witnesses are experienced in the field of criminal and international intelligence and have no apparent reason to lie for sake of personal gain (in Mr Farrell’s case, he sacrificed both career & pension), the British public have  every right to respect their professional evidence and analysis as informed, honest and trustworthy: Basically. Mr Farrell was sacked for doing his job.

BBC Reported Building 7 Collapse 20 Minutes Before It Fell

TV license evader refused to pay because the BBC covered up facts about 9/11:

‘They have made programmes making fools of and ridiculing those of us who believe in the laws of gravity. American reports have shown that the fall was nothing but a controlled demolition.

‘I am not looking at who demolished it – that is impossible – but the BBC actively tried to hide this from the public.

The people of Britain have every right and good reason to take all evidence of organised-crime very seriously and most especially, when it comes to protecting our children from a serious terrorist threat via an enemy within – an enemy against our Human Rights and Law.

British Establishments have stood with Israel, USA and Saudi leaders as a firm and faithful allie and regardless of whatever crimes those respective powers commit; Israel can do no wrong, Palestinians can do no right – even, they are expected to submit peacefully to crime.

Again, the BBC and our Prime Minister have shown undiluted support for Israel:

David Cameron has defended government policy on Gaza

No one has a ‘right’ to expect people to peacefully submit to crimes committed against them; to subject people to crime and to ignore their human and lawful rights, is to actively participate in radicalizing the victims and thereby, encouraging them to commit radical acts which ordinarily, would be considered ‘terrorist’.

Legally and ethically, all respondents who resort to acts of terror due to lack of any other means of making any significant impact by way of usual pleas and peaceful protests against denial of their rights, are considered victims of terrorism and any violence they commit as a result of criminal oppression, are legally classified as “RADICAL” rather than “terrorist” because they are fighting FOR the Law and not against it. Ultimately, their reactions are the responsibility of those who foster mass radicalization.

For a concise understanding of how and why this is the case, see the in depth EU Study on Youth Radicalization via the link below:

Britain’s Intelligence that supported invasion/”liberation” of Iraq is proven false and indeed, it was known to be false at the time of its presentation as ‘fact’ to Parliament. Dr David Kelly (Iraq Weapons Inspector) attempted to question the validity of the ‘Intelligence’ stating Iraq held WMD’s; weeks later he was found dead in very suspicious circumstances.

Dr David Kelly: 10 years on

We cannot forget either, the suspicious and sudden death of Robin Cook MP who was among the few to strongly speak out and vote against invading Iraq and who equally questioned the validity of Intelligence supporting war.

Lingering questions about Robin Cook’s death

In light of the evidence presented in this report, it is hardly surprising that David Cameron PM made the following statement before the UN in 2014 – again, this is more evidence of his complicity in crime and his commitment to protecting criminals from accountability to the Law; he strives instead to criminalise the righteous:

As evidence emerges about the backgrounds of those convicted of terrorist offences, it is clear that many of them were initially influenced by preachers who claim not to encourage violence, but whose world view can be used as a justification for it. We know this world view;

The peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot or that the 7/7 London attacks were staged. The idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy. The concept of an inevitable clash of civilisations. We must be clear: to defeat the ideology of extremism we need to deal with all forms of extremism – not just violent extremism.

The truth is; the only lies being “peddled” regarding 9/11 are those that constitute the “facts” within the 9/11 Official Report. It is disturbing therefore, to note the global political climate that permitted Mr Cameron to issue such a politically explosive statement considering the evidence against the Official story is more or less conclusive in terms of 9/11 being an “inside job”. We can only assume that almost every nation is in either grip or pay or both, of the Zionist banking cabals and their incestuous corporations.

Our concern is therefore, majorly for the children of every nation – namely, their future as adult humans on planet earth: If even our police and governments appear to have no powers against the banking-cabals, what chance do our children have?



Economic Terrorism

All crimes have a motive and intent and obviously, the motive and intent of the global, Criminal-Cabal as identified by Gordon Duff, are shown to be the advantages gained by an Oligarchy of business, political and religious interests whose collective desires for wealth and power supersede the divisions those same powers impose on the global publics. Vaguely, they are united under the ‘Zionist’ flag which appears to be a usurpation of Judaism and which includes ‘Christian’ and ‘Muslim’ Zionists too.

Loosely, Zionism fosters strict social division via a CASTE system whereby human beings are valued and segregated according to race, faith, age, wealth and gender; these divisions are suggested to be the “will of God”.

Zionists claim it is “God’s Will” that has made them the “natural” leaders of humanity and that same ‘God’ has given them rights to own humanity and our whole planet. They also claim that God gave them Palestine and the right to rule over all Jewish and Christian people too.

It is important to note however, that many ‘Zionists’ and Zionist-Agenda-Supporters, truly have little or no idea of the scale of the crimes they are participating in, or even, that they ARE ‘Zionist’ agendas. They genuinely believe they work for the good of humanity. Many more are purely, in-it-for-the-money.

Suffice to say, we sincerely hope all such people will accept the truth that Zionist agendas are ONLY for the benefit of Zionists. Jews themselves are also victims in the impact of Zionism and actually, the Zionist ambitions and agendas threaten extinction of humanity or at the very least, a total oppression of everything that make us human i.e. freedom of expression, self autonomy, law, compassion, diversity, culture – basically, our HUMAN RIGHTS: Crime can bring no long-term rewards to humanity; the future will always be forced to pay for the crimes of the present.

International Jewish network condemns Israel and Zionism

Jews Against Zionism And Rothschilds

The Zionist philosophy is written out very clearly in the Protocols of Zion first published around the end of the 19th century. It was long proposed to be a hoax and if so, it is a hoax which nonetheless, has come to pass:

Protocols of Zion

Without doubt, Zionist-Israeli and dual Israeli international citizens, both operate and control the World Bank. UK & USA national banks are equally controlled by Zionist forces of interest. David Cameron has himself publicly declared “I am a Zionist” and the Israel Lobby remains a powerful influence at the very heart of British politics with many MP’s receiving ‘gifts’ and funding from Israel.

Dispatches – inside Britain’s Israel Lobby

Cameron declares himself a Zionist

List of Banks owned by the Zionist Rothschild family

It can no longer be called a conspiracy theory, when you look at the cold hard facts.

The cold hard facts amount to grand scale, global fraud and theft and with politicians like David Cameron suspected to be directly involved in draining British Pension funds into offshore Tax Havens via fake investment companies given false triple-A ratings by high ranking financiers also involved in the fraud/robbery (the more trustworthy and most lucrative pension funds were forbidden from investing in any company with less than triple-A-rating).

Gordon Bowden an ex RAF Officer, has undertaken extensive investigative research into the case specifically against Cameron and others in relation to the above crimes and his accumulated wealth of evidence for some strange reason, has yet to be investigated by British authorities even though the crimes have been reported to Police:

The evidence that he is witnessed and recorded handing into the BBC to do their own full investigation, is set to reveal the biggest political corruption scandal in British history, that included the setup of a colossal 250,000 “shell virtual oil and gas companies” registered from a few house addresses in Finchley Rd London, and linked to the most prominent people at the core of the British establishment. These companies were deliberately set up to steal and rob BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of pounds from the public and asset strip the whole country!

Again, the very fact that the BBC and British police have shown little or no interest in reporting or investigating aforementioned crimes is yet further proof of conspiracy to silence questions and deny evidence against criminal authorities and professionals.

While we do not assume all parties within every UK authority are knowingly involved or else, willingly complicit, we are aware that many who know and who loathe what they see are essentially bound and gagged by fear and threat; we recognize that the corruption within one rotten apple can infect a whole batch and because of this we cannot presently trust any British Authority whose members are not prepared to address this issue of Internal Tyranny and all the crimes that constitute its reality as a force of social, political and economic oppression.


Austerity is the reality of economic-terrorism and it has changed the face of Britain from a compassionate caring society to one where disabled people suffer verbal abuse and attack; unemployment Benefit is suddenly a ‘wage’ for full time work while “training” for a business.

The economic & social impact of ‘Workfare’ is that it has reduced the number of real jobs on the market as employers rush to take advantage of DWP-slaves they are paid to employ.

The economic & social impact of assuming ALL Benefit claimants to be guilty of ‘fraud’ and forcing them through reassessment and/or punishing them with sanctions/loss of income in order to prove their eligibility again, is that an estimated 60,000 people are dead and with a large number, through suicide and despicably (considering British people have died through lack of public funding), at a huge expense to the public purse.

DWP urged to publish inquiries on benefit claimant suicides

The economic impact of forcing the sick and disabled onto the job market via degrading and unfair “reassessments”(most of whom are genuinely too sick/disabled to work), means less jobs for the able bodied in an economy where jobs are scarce.

The economic impact of cutting 30% from ALL British citizens Benefits via ‘sanctions’ etc. has left many British local economies 30% poorer as Benefits are almost entirely spent within local economies. This has led to bankruptcy for small businesses and added to unemployment.

The economic impact of cutting 50% of all Public service jobs has again, cut the amount of money circulating in local economies via loss of wages and this in turn, has led to even more local and national business closures and more unemployment.

The economic impact of privatising Britain’s Post Office & NHS etc., is to decrease wages, cut jobs, increase working hours and to provide less of a service.

A new return to Victorian values

In their drive to return to “Victorian Britain” this present Government, the worst among a succession of many, wishes to claim that two World Wars never happened and the Human rights and Welfare State we established as citizens of this nation and on the STRENGTH of our united efforts and sacrifice, were in fact, a “SOCIAL EXPERIMENT”

The inevitable social degeneration as millions are trapped in poverty, with no hope, no voice, no say and treated like 2nd and 3rd class citizens on deprived housing estates and educated in run-down schools, is all blamed on the Benefit System. It is NEVER blamed on LACK of living-wage jobs, lack of opportunity or lack of equality.

It is NEVER blamed on the fact that children in poverty are more likely to grow up damaged from abuse: Economically-imposed poverty = abuse.

The point is, if we want a silk-purse then provide SILK to make it instead of JUTE.

We can see that under Austerity nothing is ever going to get any better for most British people the majority of whom, live on less than £25,000 a year: Mr Cameron PM has explained that Austerity is to be forever.

David Cameron gave a speech about his commitment to the cause of permanent austerity:

Is Austerity-Forever a fair economic policy? Is it a lawful policy to impose on a nation? We feel that it is not a fair economic policy and that it is actually an unlawful economic policy and precisely because; the very need for austerity is itself, directly related to crimes committed by the very same individuals now hoping to profit even more on imposing the resulting austerity and indeed, it is only because of their crimes and conspiracy, they are collectively, in a position of power to impose it.

Banking Bailouts

It appears that the most insane reasoning makes perfect sense so long as it has the BBC and SKY News to support it. What Iceland immediately stood up and said a resounding “NO” to, Britain was persuaded into accepting by a complicit and therefore, criminal media who unquestioningly supported the proposals for a “bailout”. A bailout given WITHOUT the democratic consent of the British public.

The bailout entailed borrowing £1.27 trillion (that we know of) from the World Bank which was then loaned indefinitely and INTEREST-FREE to the failed private banks. The British public were not consulted about this decision and yet, it is now down to the British public of this generation and of every future generation, to pay off the INTEREST on the bailout loan that was given interest-free to the failed banks; national interest payments on the bailout-loans are costing British people £1 Billion a week and they are the reason that many British families working full time, are queuing up outside foodbanks and/or being evicted from their homes via the ‘bedroom-tax’.

Interest bill on UK’s £1.27 trillion debt to hit £1bn a week

One of Britain’s bailed-out banks has recently been sold at a huge loss to the public and for a fraction of its bailout fee on which the UK public is still paying interest.

RBS sell-off: George Osborne defends £1bn loss

Worse still, besides borrowing to bail out the banks, the British public are still expected to pay their own debts to the failed and actually criminal banks. Iceland meanwhile, has not only refused to bail out the banks, they are not suffering austerity, they are successfully prosecuting bankers for fraud & theft and all their debts are forgiven.

British people are informed that the bankers are “too big to prosecute“.

HSBC, too big to jail, is the new poster child for US two-tiered justice system.

We have evidence to prove that the banks are involved in money laundering from; drugs crimes, crimes against children, slavery, theft, illegal arms trade, human trafficking, sweat-shop-labour, mercenary ‘wars’ & conflicts, fake investment companies and private businesses, fraudulent property developers and criminal corporations.

Besides all of the above, they manipulate shares, stocks, bonds and investments and raise or lower prices of commodities like gold and silver according to their daily whims, as well as exchange inside-information.

‘Banking Is a Criminal Industry Because Its Crimes Go Unpunished’

The only difference between Britain and Iceland is that Icelanders were well informed and aware, the British people were not and that is directly because our media (like our Government) is largely controlled by the same powers connected to the banks.

‘Almost 78 per cent of our press is owned by a handful of mostly foreign-based billionaires.’

Banking Collapse & 9/11

We have every reason to suspect the banking collapse was orchestrated and known well in advance: In 1995, Gordon brown was approached by Goldman Sachs who expressed deep concern about a huge shortfall in gold to back the USA banks. Gordon Brown was persuaded to dump half Britain’s gold (400 tonnes) onto the global market and thereby bring gold prices plummeting and thus permitting, USA financiers a chance to quickly buy in stocks before prices rapidly rose again; by 2011, at the depths of the collapse, gold prices stood at $1800 per oz against the $400 an oz British gold was sold for.

Who has paid for the sudden rise in gold? It is the working people of every nation who have paid and many with their lives.

Revealed: why Gordon Brown sold Britain’s gold at a knock-down price

Much as Gordon Brown at the time thought he’d prevented an international banking collapse, the reality was, all parties in the ‘know’ were aware of the coming collapse and Britain’s gold was appropriated only for purpose of hedging their own bets and preparing for the collapse. All who had invested in Britain’s cheap gold, grew hugely rich overnight as gold prices soared.

The evidence suggests that 9/11 conspirators ‘killed two birds with one stone’ i.e. eliminating immediate evidence of financial crime, halting investigations into those crimes and simultaneously, creating a ‘monster’ as justification for invading and occupying/looting Middle Eastern nations under the guise of ‘liberation’.

We cannot deny the financial connection:

Twin Towers housed sensitive information about suspicious/corrupt transactions from Wall St.

All evidence destroyed.

Building 7 housed information and evidence gathered by CIA who were investigating banking crime in transactions between Wall St and the Trade Centres.

All evidence destroyed.

The Pentagon Accounts department that got struck on 9/11, were investigating the disappearance of $2+ Trillion that was announced “missing” the day before.

All evidence destroyed.

The above 3 FACTS alone, are enough to alert the suspicions of even the most simple detective. When we add those facts to Gordon Duff’s “solid evidence” as disclosed to Middle Eastern & Russian leaders, we are left with a very strong case – enough to warrant an investigation.

We therefore, can only conclude that Britain’s present alliance with America is established via the various political, intelligence and corporate networks among those who plotted, planned and implemented, the atrocity and horror 9/11.

The Banking-Bail-In

Lack of media interest in discussing all of the points raised above, leaves the public unaware and complacent, many have no idea about how quickly and how severely their rights are being eroded, many in Britain will have no idea until the bankers decide it’s time for their ‘bail-IN’ and steal the rest of what people have.

If the banking bail-outs cost £1.27 Trillion – how much will the bail-IN cost? Do the british people collectively own £1.27 TRILLION? How many homes will ‘need’ to be repossessed and sold for a song to foreign corporations to pay it?

The British Government has signed new legislation permitting banks and building societies to seize funds from the accounts of their customers, this could eventually lead to seizure of assets like land, shares and property too:

Bail-in will help to ensure that shareholders and creditors of the failed institution, rather than the taxpayer, meet the costs of the failure. Bail-in will also ensure that the failed institution can continue to operate and provide essential services to its customers, by recapitalising it so that restructuring measures can then be implemented that address the cause of the failure. This will help to limit disruption to the institution’s customers and maintains public confidence in the banking system.

They neglect to explain that British banking customers ARE the tax-payers expected to pay the never-ending interest on the Bail-OUTS.

There is no doubt that when Iceland said “NO” to the bankers they won both ways; no debt and previous debts forgiven. For saying NOTHING while our Government said “YES”, British people are paying DOUBLE – paying for the bail-out as a ‘national-debt’ that’s robbing people of jobs, services and depleting local economies and simultaneously, struggling to pay personal debts and mortgages, which actually, were covered by the bail-out! And now, the people must risk everything they have to finance a bail-IN?

The very fact that a British Government has agreed to leave every UK citizen at the mercy of ruthless bankers who are known criminals and who have supported every kind of crime and criminal, is further evidence that Britain is suffering the results of an Internal Tyranny which has corrupted other nations too – hence, Gordon Duff’s identification of an International, Criminal-Cabal.



Scrapping Human Rights

That the British Government and every UK authority continues to support the followers of the Zionists racist and inhuman philosophy is itself, evidence enough that British authorities do not have the people’s best interests at heart, for certainly, how could they, considering they are aligned with an ‘elite’ who do not agree that the majority of British people are actually entitled to Human Rights being as they do not recognize us as ‘Human’?

Iain Duncan Smith in his capacity as Minister for DWP, referred to British people as “stock” on national TV during a tribunal in which he was asked to account for his policies on Benefits that have left over an estimated 60,000 British people dead as a direct result. Again, the BBC has declined to comment on his outrageous remark.

In light of the above, we feel that David Cameron PM’s plan to “scrap” Human Rights for British people (which the BBC describe as a “pledge ), is again more evidence of his own personal involvement with the aforementioned Criminal Cabal.

Simply by stating his intent to “scrap” Human rights, David Cameron is issuing a threat against the people of Britain:

Article 17: Prohibition of abuse of rights

Nothing in this Convention may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein or at their limitation to a greater extent than is provided for in the Convention.

 as no nation once signed to supporting them, is permitted to change or alter the Human rights granted….

Furthermore, Cameron has recently stated to the British public:

““For too long, we [British Authorities] have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone‘…”

What kind of a statement is that from the Prime Minister of a supposedly ‘free’ and ‘lawful’ nation?

Britain’s proposal to scrap Human Rights represents a threat to other nation’s commitment to those rights because Britain is an influential power within world politics. If Britain is no longer to uphold the Human Rights they told our forebears we fought two World wars for, then what will Britain now stand for i.e. a Zionist Caste-System whereby money = rights and no money = no rights?

When we consider the implications of Cameron’s proposed ‘Bill of Rights’ there is little to provide any assurance that his alterations are to be in any way advantageous to the British general public.

Once our human rights our removed, there is equally little prospect of any future generations reclaiming them; all will be in servitude to debt-slavery and every aspect of their lives controlled by corporate interests.

Due to their collective present and past records, we do not trust these corporations as ‘sane’, they present a serious risk because they are inherently lawless and the debt they impose is the PROFIT from their lawlessness. Is that the new lesson for the child of humanity; the greater the crime the greater the rewards?

We cannot ignore the reality of what’s happened and is now happening i.e. the many valid reasons which highlight the need for prompt action in upholding the Law and investigating crime regardless of the social status of suspects.

The need for addressing the crimes of those now unlawfully judged “too big to prosecute” is paramount when we consider David Cameron’s proposals for new laws which identify otherwise law-abiding British citizens as “non violent terrorists” who are “dangerous as ISIS” simply because they share accurate information exposing corporate and government crimes.

The people of Britain are in an ‘us-or-them’ situation; either the innocent will pay for the crimes of the guilty for the sake of the guilty or else, the guilty will be arrested so as to spare the innocent and for the sake of child protection and justice.

The facts and evidence are clear for all to understand; according to the United Nations Patriot Act, it appears that Israel, USA, Saudi and British Governments are encouraging terrorism.

Reaffirming that Member States must ensure that any measures taken to counter terrorism comply with all their obligations under international law, in particular international human rights law, international refugee law, and international humanitarian law, underscoring that respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law are complementary and mutually reinforcing with effective counter-terrorism measures, and are an essential part of a successful counter-terrorism effort and notes the importance of respect for the rule of law so as to effectively prevent and combat terrorism, and noting that failure to comply with these and other international obligations, including under the Charter of the United Nations, is one of the factors contributing to increased radicalization and fosters a sense of impunity.”

The aforementioned EU Study on Youth radicalization is hereby, fully supported by the above conclusions of the UN in relation to the dangers associated with Government denial of Human Rights. There can be no doubt as to the intellectual and lawful validity of the understanding that if multiple individuals are repeatedly punched in the face, then at some point, a fair portion of them will retaliate, regardless of their losses.

The result of this type of State-Nurtured ‘terrorism’ is inevitably, social breakdown amid riots and chaos; since the EU Study and UN Patriot Act have publicly identified loss of Human Rights as a prime and in fact righteous, influence in mass protests and/or connected terrorist type/radical actions, we have no choice but to accept the possibility that bringing about social breakdown and instigating riots is actually part of the criminal cabal’s plan for Britain and obviously, to thereby impose a Police State and take control of every citizen.

This is NOT an idle threat and certainly, there is more evidence to support concerns about that threat than there is to support any threats issued by ‘Islamic’ Extremists; the enemy-within relies on the distractions of an external enemy and uses associated fears to justify denial of citizen’s rights.

Eradicating the ‘Benefits Culture’

Welfare provision, originally via Social Security funded through National Insurance contributions of the workforce, is an economic obligation toward fulfilling and supporting the Human Rights Act.

In a world where people are denied any hope or chance of self-sustainability as is their natural and universal right and are fundamentally, forced to survive on money as a means to satisfy their daily and basic human needs for food, fuel and shelter, denial of economic-provision in times of unemployment and/or disability or sickness, is in reality, to deny those people’s Human Rights.

The savage cuts against British citizens Benefits have drawn blood and killed people; law abiding and vulnerable people, many of whom have fully contributed to Britain’s economy during their working lives, were left with no income, facing eviction from their homes, invasive and degrading interrogations by Atos, DWP tribunals that leave them existing on minimal payments of £40 a week for 6-months+ and prior to that, weeks and even months, with no income whatsoever.

Most punitive of all are the cruel sanctions against job-seekers i.e. 5 minutes late for ‘signing-on’ earns a ‘sanction’ of no Benefit for 3 months or more. The evidence strongly suggests that Job Centre staff are compelled to issue a minimum number of sanctions per week as part of fulfilling their job-performance and regardless of whether or not claimants have done anything to deserve the sanction; reports from JSA claimants show that most of the sanctions are wrongly issued and/or on flimsy excuses.

Evidence of benefit sanction targets has been uncovered by the Public and Commercial Services Union

Britain’s Benefit system is no longer performing the function it was designed for i.e. to deliver public funding to those in need. Instead, the people in need are forced to attend the job centre in order to deliver public funding and unpaid labour to private, international corporations.

The same too applies to the low-waged, rather than insist on a higher minimum wage, British Government has for years, been subsidising private business profits via a more recently created ‘Benefit’ titled Working Tax Credit which uses public funds to top-up the excessively low wages of working British adults and thus, eradicating Human Rights to earn a LIVING wage that leaves them free to live independently from financial dependence on the State.

In order to minimise public empathy for the plight of Benefit claimants Government and media launched a hate-campaign: Newspaper headlines screamed “Scroungers” and “Fraudsters” against the State-Endorsed ‘enemy-within’ i.e. Benefit claimants became the distraction for negative public energy over austerity and the bankers joyously continued to give themselves huge bonuses amid the mass condemnation of the ‘Benefits-Culture’.

UK bloated on benefits: £91bn bill ‘encourages scroungers’

Private businesses and landlords reap in the bulk of the £91bn Benefit-Bill which includes payments toward WTC and also, pensions. Most of the above sum is spent on supporting working adults. This present government is now seeking to cut Working Tax Credit:

Budget 2015: George Osborne’s tax credit cuts will ‘affect more than seven million children’

It is difficult to see how the majority of British workers can avoid some form of financial dependency on the State since many are working for their JSA, many millions more forced to rely on WTC and more still, claiming Housing Benefit.

Who is really “scrounging” off who?

DWP and Atos investigations resulted in a discovery that 0.05% of benefit claims were fraudulent. When we examine the human and economic costs of investigating the aforementioned parties suspicions, we are left in no doubt that the suspicions were based on sheer paranoia and were in truth, MALICIOUS and with the specific intent of stealing income, jobs, rights and property from the very poorest people of our Nation, as well as harassing and terrorising people to the extent that thousands were persuaded to take their own lives.

The same time Austerity imposes cuts on Benefits and Public spending, the rich are given bonuses and tax-breaks:

Noticeably, Britain’s solicitors refused to represent Benefit Claimants on behalf of defending their Human Rights; collectively, UK Solicitors, law-firms and UK Court Judges claimed that denial of Benefits was NOT against our Human Rights. This again, we feel, is evidence of criminal-infiltration into senior positions with those legal firms.

In LAWFUL reality, a claimant denied his/her lawful entitlement to economic support in times of need, is suffering worse than a convicted criminal in prison who has ALL human rights satisfied in terms of shelter, safety, food, fuel and other necessary provisions for life.

Noticeably, British Solicitors waste no time when it comes to defending prisoners and illegal immigrants Human Rights – this is not to suggest we in any way wish to negate or question their respective rights, it is only, that we need to clarify the POINT that Benefits claimants needs/Human Rights are no different and are equally important and relevant when it comes to British authorities acting in ignorance of them.

For example, British heroin addicted prisoners were each awarded compensation when UK solicitors successfully argued that denial of Methadone (a heroin substitute) while in prison, was a denial of their Human Rights.

Drug addicts win human rights compensation for being forced to go cold turkey

Such is the present ruling tyranny, the British public are persuaded to quietly accept that law-abiding citizens in need, have less human rights than either prisoners or illegal immigrants. Certainly, we cannot refute the obvious analogy between a Heroin-addict prisoner’s need for Methadone and a Benefit claimant’s need for an income – denial of both leads to loss of dignity, humiliation, pain, suffering, stress, anxiety and leaves the individual at risk of injury and/or death.

The POINT of the Human Rights Act is to support a lawful and peaceful life for humanity and we understand that without Human Rights we have no peace or law.

Media Propaganda Machine

Identification of the “Benefit Culture” as the ‘enemy-within’ was primarily via the various news medias during their coverage of the London riots in 2011.

We have every reason to suspect these riots were instigated by ‘agent-provocatuers’ acting on behalf of corrupted elements within Government, Intelligence and Police.

We suspect that the original riot itself was instigated specifically, for purpose of publicly demonising the poor and vulnerable in preparation for the fast approaching cuts in Benefits which began soon after.

Subsequent investigations in the aftermath of the 2011 Tottenham riots, provide ample grounds for supporting the above suspicions and they reflect a pragmatic and sobering perspective in terms of what is really going on in Britain today.

It is when we examine events leading up to the riots, we find evidence of deliberate social harassment via the possible employment of Intelligence/psy-op agendas designed specifically to cause upset and social unrest within a targeted London community.

Firstly, the very suspicious death of Smiley Culture, a famous Black performer/singer, in his London home (not far from Tottenham), while being arrested by 4 police officers, sparked off public protests from local London communities:

‘Police ‘failed miserably’ dead reggae star Smiley Culture’

Hundreds of protesters have marched through London calling for a public inquiry into the death of reggae star Smiley Culture, as his nephew tells Channel 4 News the police “failed miserably”.

We also, have evidence to suggest that the Tottenham (largely Black British) community were targeted from heightened stop & search by police; we present here the evidence on a Tottenham community member and first hand witness of events:

My London neighbourhood, Tottenham, went up in flames after a police shooting in 2011. There was a protest outside the police station, which ended peacefully. Then someone set a car alight and all hell broke loose.

Most of the tension between Britain’s police forces and minority communities is caused by stop-and-search (exactly like stop-and-frisk), which is so pervasive and imprecise that the high-ranking black police officer now in charge of reforming the tactic, Inspector Nick Glynn, says he’s been searched 30 times while off-duty.

Youtube: Uploaded on Aug 9, 2011

Darcus Howe, a well respected journalist and civil rights speaker being “interviewed” by the BBC, unfortunately Howe refuses to follow the BBC’s line of leading questions and starts talking about Police racism and the Police murder of Mark Duggan which triggered the original Tottenham riot. The BBC interviewer (who doesn’t even get his name right) then accuses Howe of “condoning” the riots and actually being a “rioter” himself!!! Noticeably the BBC have not commented on the fact that the bullet the Police claimed was fired by Duggan came from a Police weapon.

The BBC are the mouthpiece of the Government who want desperately to ignore and deny the real roots of these riots and blame them on a “small group of yob teenagers”. The truth is, we are merely reaping what we have allowed successive UK Governments to sow.’


Despite the media and Government “Benefit Culture” rhetoric, the fact remains that had police not shot unarmed, SUSPECT Mark Duggan dead and then later, assaulted a teenage grieving relative demanding answers from local police, the riots would not have happened.

In their obvious efforts to distract from the CAUSE of the unrest in Tottenham and focus public attention on the rioters themselves and the ‘Benefit Culture’ (supposedly responsible for their vandalous behaviour), BBC coverage of ‘riots’ quickly became a national affair with ‘copy-cat’ riots springing up all over Britain and to the extent they published a ‘timeline’ of riots on their website:

England riots: Maps and timeline

The fact is, unlawful police-harassment and ignorance of a British suspect’s legal and Human Rights had sparked social unrest as indeed, both the EU Study and U.N. Patriot Act fully acknowledge, as a realisation of the inherent RISK in denying Human Rights and justice.

The fact is, the community driven to rioting were placed under immense, negative economic, social and police pressure; it is not difficult to empathise with the alarm that community must have felt on witnessing one of their members being shot dead in cold blood by police and especially, in light of aforementioned Smiley Culture’s death only a few months earlier.

Inviting & Promoting Negative Public Opinon & Confusion

Tottenham Riot 2011: BBC London News coverage

The riots debate – how can they be prevented?

BBC News at Ten – UK Riots 08-08-2011

Newsnight – Kelvin Mckenzie & Reveal – Heated Debate | “Shoot Them!” London Riots Aug 09 2011

Peter Hitchens – 2011 England Riots Sky News

Sky news airs an individual’s judgements against Britain’s ‘Benefit Culture’ and the “wicked” generation it has raised

London Riots 2011 Sky News – Teen Gang Members Explosive Interview

3 masked ‘rioters’ are given the power of mass publicity at the height of the tensions.

It is noticeable, that there has been a significant LACK of Sky News & BBC camera’s peering into the subsequently, looted food cupboards and closets and purses of those unlawfully denied their jobs, pensions, homes, rights and Benefits. No mournful TV images of funeral possessions behind the coffins of the dead. No expressions of shock and horror or invitations for the public to ‘have their say’: No ‘time-line’ of Benefit related-deaths on the BBC website.

It appears that a few teenagers stealing from local shops and setting cars alight in response to police brutality, is a far worse horror than the premeditated murder of thousands via the cold and calculating process of economic-terrorism on behalf of criminal bankers; there are no fires, no police except to evict impoverished occupants from their homes, but the looting is happening all around us; fire stations, NHS lands, buildings and medical property, post offices, police stations, schools, libraries, colleges, parks, our homes and even, vast swathes of British countryside and woodlands.

To WHOM are these being sold? Who can afford to buy OUR land from under our feet and simultaneously, leave British people in eternal debt?

The above observations are again, evidence of criminal-complicity by consent and more proof of a controlled and gagged media. This is exactly what a nation would expect when it is corrupted through Internal Tyranny.

A corrupted power will also, give itself ‘legal rights’ to instantly kill any citizens suspected of posing an immediate threat to the establishment and/or its social-orders:

Mark Duggan lawful killing verdict upheld

Again, British news medias have neglected to pick up on the fact that Britain now has a Legal Court Precedent that claims British police officers may “lawfullly” KILL any criminal-suspect who is also, suspected of carrying a gun. In a nation that has abolished the death sentence for even the worst of murderers, how can it be “lawful” for British police to shoot and kill a suspect?

A suspect has legal rights of arrest and trial, yet according to the Mark Duggan Judgement, if s/he’s also, suspected of carrying a gun s/he has to be “lawfully” shot dead by police and we have no choice except to assume s/he HAS to be shot because if shooting the gun-suspect is “lawful” then obviously, to not shoot that suspect dead would be to act unlawfully.

This Judgement is a very serious development and even more disturbing is the ease by which this new, legal Precedent has slipped into British society with barely an eyebrow raised concerning the new police powers.

The threat against British citizens the above Precedent represents, really needs no clarification; the public is at risk, they have lost their rights to lawful arrest and trial the moment they are suspected of owning or carrying a gun i.e. suspicion alone is considered proof of guilt for which the penalty is instant death; THAT we are told, is what “lawfully” happened to Mark Duggan.

We consider this judgement and the police action in the death of Mark Duggan to be unacceptable and we find the explanations around why police were following Mark in the first place and their reasons for shooting him dead, very suspicious to the extent we feel either, the shooting was planned specifically to create social unrest for a distraction into the BBC & Sky News propagandas against the “Benefit Culture” or else, Duggan was party to knowledge of crimes committed by authorities of police themselves.

Certainly, the initial police story proved to be a complete fabrication of events and since at no point did Duggan brandish or threaten anyone with a gun, we still have no adequate explanation as to why police had to instantly shoot him dead the moment he stepped out of a taxi.

Rights to being innocent until proven guilty, lawful arrest, rights to trial, all these are now removed if police believe a British suspect is carrying a gun; ‘lawfully’ they must shoot to kill?

When we examine the evidence and the legal facts now in play, it is clear that the final ‘scrapping’ of British citizens Human Rights will merely be a formality if the British public and the lawful professionals within ALL UK authorities, collectively FAIL to act and stand up for our Human Rights.


Part IV

Crimes Against Children

British people need professional investigations and transparent inquiries into all the aforementioned suspicions and evidences of crimes presented herein; none of these will happen unless we take immediate steps to address the very serious dangers of life within a nation locked in the grip of tyrants.

According to the evidence, it is clear that the corruption so prevalent today in every UK authority, has been festering within for a very long time – at least since the time of Edward Heath’s term at no10: We have strong evidence, according to reliable witness testimony from multiple sources, that Edward Heath repeatedly sexually abused children. It is also alleged that those some children after suffering abuse via Heath (often on board his Jersey off-shore yacht), were “shot” and thrown overboard. It is alleged that now deceased “Sir” Jimmy Savile helped to procure the children from the now notorious Jersey children’s home:

Michael Shrimpton Exposes Ted Heath (and others)

Jersey children’s home hell: Victims of Haut de la Garenne tell their story

A woman who spent her early teens at the Jersey children’s home yesterday told how she used to be drugged, beaten and sexually abused there.

She was among victims who have spoken out after a child’s skull was found under a concrete floor at the home – known locally as Colditz.

Police fear more bodies may be buried there and six search areas have been pinpointed by a dog trained to sniff out human remains.

Yesterday builder Robert Boutillier said: “We found some shackles lying around the grounds.

“They were for children’s ankles, you could see that. We also found a pile of about five large canes.”

Jimmy Savile: Jersey children’s home victim breaks silence over abuse

Journalists have been actively prevented from visiting Jersey to investigate i.e. an island controlled by purely economic interests as a ‘tax-haven’ for off-shore accounts.

Investigative International Journalist Leah McGrath Goodman was prevented from entering Jersey:

There is a direct connection between financial corruption and sexual abuse of children along with sale and use of illegal drugs; all three are directly related and they support and sustain and encourage continual abuse of children.

All the crimes against children as listed at the start of this Report, are presented in a separate Crime Report already handed into the National Child Abuse Inquiry and London, Scotland Yard;

The above report refers to present-day as well as historical crimes and all evidence is provided to support our suspicions and allegations of others therein. The report reveals conclusive grounds for lawful suspicion against every British Authority, thus demanding immediate investigation and immediate steps to protect the many children who remain at immediate and future risk.

To provide here, a fair reflection of exactly how dire are present UK Authorities approach in lawfully addressing child-witness reports of abuse, we provide below relevant extracts from copy of a letter recently sent to the UK Attorney General specifically, on behalf of children mentioned in the above Crime Report, who remain at serious risk.

The case mentioned (and because it involves every type of crime committed against children, including murder) is now an example case being presented before the EU Commission, showing British Authorities negligence in applying EU Child Protection Directives and thereby, failing to protect children and leaving abusers free to continue in their crimes.

Dear Attorney General,

Please spare a little of your valuable time to read: I am writing to you as an associate and legal-adviser to the McKenzie Friends who provide independent support in Family Courts on behalf of child welfare. My immediate issue at this time concerns two children; ‘P’ & ‘Q’. For full details of the case please read through the police crime report which has recently been handed into Scotland Yard and Barnet Police Station and also, the National Child Abuse Inquiry: – all links to evidence etc., are provided herein.

As far as we are aware, the above crime report is still being considered for investigation and/or investigations may already be underway…

…Abuse is alleged to have taken place at various locations around Hampstead including at Christchurch School and adjoining Church – abusers include local police, social workers, clergy, teachers, CAFCASS officers, local business people and parents of 20+ children whom aforementioned children allege were singled out for abuse at the aforementioned school.

All of the crimes reported by the children to Barnet Police in late August of 2014, were only a month or so earlier, highlighted and identified in the UN Child Protection Report which was widely published throughout the UK by order of the U.N. Child Protection Committee who express deep concern regarding the scale of crimes against children in Britain.

The UN identify London in particular, as an epicentre for national & international child and baby trafficking, they say “thousands” of trafficked children and babies arrive in London every year and with “hundreds” of those babies and children being murdered in ritual sacrifice. The UN Report notes with dismay the very low number of investigations and convictions related to all said crimes and they specifically identify paedophile professionals and business people as the main protagonists in all such crimes both in terms of abuse and as a business i.e.  they are “able to operate with impunity”.

UN Report:

It is noticeable that the UN Report fully upholds and supports EU Child Protection Directives which do take precedence over UK Law. I am aware of ‘optional protocols’ etc., though I hardly think Child Protection Law can be an ‘option’ to refuse from a sophisticated nation as Britain; why would Britain choose to ‘opt-out’ of Child Protection Law and especially, when EU CP Law is now  fully upheld by the UN Child Protection Committee? Does Britain have any valid argument or substantiated research of same velocity to support any reasons why they would choose NOT to uphold EU CP Law?

The reality is, when it comes to Child Protection, the EU has a DUTY to protect ALL children living within the EU and therefore, EU Law applies to all the children of Britain.

Sections 26, 28, 29 & 50 of EU CP Directives explain very clearly the following points:

*All child witness victims are to be appointed an independent legal-guardian.

*All allegations of child sexual abuse must be investigated even if those allegations are later retracted.

*The requirement of proof should be reversed i.e. suspects are presumed guilty until proven innocent i.e. child-witness-victims must be believed.

*All honest suspicions of child abuse must be reported to competent authorities and those competent authorities are not restricted to regular competent authorities i.e. an adult member of the public is a ‘competent authority’ to a child.

*CP Directives fully support Human Rights including freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

In the Dearman children’s case, *neither child received an independent legal guardian,*their allegations were not promptly and thoroughly investigated. *Only ONE suspect was questioned by police (father) about just ONE of the many allegations – *his home was not searched, his computers and phones were not seized for investigation. *Police closed the case as soon as children retracted their allegations while in control and care of alleged abusers who work within the Family Courts; legally, investigation should not have stopped until all the suspects were interviewed and investigated.

*We cannot forget either, that 18 other children were named as ongoing victims: Nothing was done by way of ensuring any of those alleged child-victims safety.

*The child-witness-victims were not believed and the police officer who interviewed Mr Dearman all but outright said as much.

Family Courts then increased contact with the children’s alleged abuser/s. When children later repeated the original allegations while in separate foster-care homes – still, the case remained closed. An appeal to the Family Courts in January 2015 for Judicial Review was refused and with a recommendation that “all the evidence be destroyed” i.e. what “evidence” if no crime had been committed?

With every other competent authority exhausted, the mother, Ella Draper had no choice except to make a public appeal for help and also, to alert the public to the risk of suspect authorities; the public being the last remaining ‘competent authority’.

Justice Pauffley who refused the Judicial Review, in a later High Court Judgement (instigated by an internet campaign after the case was made public), proclaimed the father “innocent” of all the allegations against him and she upheld the children’s retractions. She referred to the British public as “evil and foolish” for standing up for Child Protection Law and she described the details of the children’s allegations as a “Satanic Cult” which she dismissed as a “fantasy” inspired by ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’.

Perhaps instead, the children aged 8 and 9, had read the U.N. Child Protection Report?

The legal fact is, that a High Court Judge has no valid legal grounds for dismissing two children’s very serious allegations without the support of thorough and prompt police investigations – not even with the retractions (because original allegations were repeated to separate Foster Carers the original allegations are legally, even further strengthened). On what evidence did she find the father “innocent”? The evidence was secret.

It is extremely disturbing to myself as an educated and compassionate British subject and citizen, to witness such professional negligence and ignorance of CP Law in relation to so many serious crimes as are alleged to have occurred in Hampstead. It is most unsatisfactory to have the inevitable and terrible suspicions just hanging like a cloud and it is extremely frustrating to be forced to endure all such suspicions and deep concerns for children’s welfare, when Child Protection Directives are designed precisely, to thoroughly address all such suspicions by prompting immediate investigations, but instead, they are shown to be utterly ignored even, by a High Court Judge!

Justice Pauffley as a High Court Judge had a professional duty to admonish Barnet Police for their negligence in failing to abide by EU CP Directives. She blamed the Mother for an “internet hate campaign” against suspects after the case went public. The legal fact of the matter is; if police had followed EU CP Directives, this case would not have HAD to be made public as EU Law requires when all other competent authorities have failed.

Therefore, to blame a distraught and concerned mother for the more hostile responses from said public/competent-authority, is itself, a travesty of justice in light of police and Family Court negligence to uphold the law. Justice Pauffley is now a suspect in this case…

…Because the UN Report absolutely supports and substantiates said children’s allegations, UK Courts have a lawful duty to accept the UN Report as corroborating evidence in this case.

Until thorough police investigations prove the allegations false, the law continues to assume they are a legal fact in which case, there is absolutely no way a Royal Court of Justice can lawfully consider returning said children to a man who remains legal suspect and, even to grant such a suspect a hearing for purpose of his gaining custody of children he is reported to have repeatedly, physically, sexually and psychologically abused. CP Law, recognises the risk of impounding the damage and fear suffered by child-witness-victims in this case i.e. this present Court Hearing is an abuse of the children’s legal rights to Child Protection because it has granted a child-custody hearing to a man who is lawfully suspected of sexually abusing and murdering children…

…In light of all the evidence presented here, I humbly request that you do everything in your power to uphold the law and make a stay for sake of the course of justice for the children.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss Deborah Mahmoudieh

EU Child Protection Directives

Article 15

Investigation and prosecution

  1. Member States shall take the necessary measures to ensure that investigations into or the prosecution of the offences referred to in Articles 3 to 7 are not dependent on a report or accusation being made by the victim or by his or her representative, and that criminal proceedings may continue even if that person has withdrawn his or her statements.
  2. Member States shall take the necessary measures to enable the prosecution of any of the offences referred to in Article 3, Article 4(2), (3), (5), (6) and (7) and of any serious offences referred to in Article 5(6) when child pornography as referred to in Article 2(c)(i) and (ii) has been used, for a sufficient period of time after the victim has reached the age of majority and which is commensurate with the gravity of the offence concerned.
  3. Member States shall take the necessary measures to ensure that effective investigative tools, such as those which are used in organised crime or other serious crime cases are available to persons, units or services responsible for investigating or prosecuting offences referred to in Articles 3 to 7.
  4. Member States shall take the necessary measures to enable investigative units or services to attempt to identify the victims of the offences referred to in Articles 3 to 7, in particular by analysing child pornography material, such as photographs and audiovisual recordings transmitted or made available by means of information and communication technology.

The aforementioned letter identifies the many very serious failings of British Police and Courts concerning their commitment to EU Child Protection Directives, not only are they shown to be blatantly ignored, there is evidence that strongly suggests all such authorities are infected with members who are both historically and presently complicit in the abuse of children and who use their positions to procure, abuse and silence victims and whistleblowers.

The UN Child Protection Report referred to in above letter, carries a similar legal weight in British Courts as a legal Precedence: In accepting the Report from the UN CP Commission and agreeing to widely publish the Report so as to identify the crimes and to alert both public and authorities into broader vigilance and response, All British Authorities have officially/legally accepted that the crimes listed by the UN CP Committee are real and they are happening in Britain exactly as stated in the CP Report.

The High Court judgement on the Hampstead case – being as it is not supported by adequate police investigations – has effectively cast DOUBT on the UN CP Report and has thereby, negated it to mere ‘hearsay’ among the British public and only because it identifies groups of UK paedophile professionals involved in baby trafficking, child prostitution/slavery, child pornography and ritual murder of “hundreds” of babies and children and specifically, in London: According to the UK High Court, ritual murder of trafficked babies by a group of professional adults who also, sexually abuse children and profit from child prostitution and selling child pornography = “Satanic Cult” = “Fantasy”.

This judgement is a very serious development; within less than a year of the UN CP Report Publication, British Courts have already set a legal Precedent via Judgement (as defines UK Law) suggesting that the UN CP Report can be legally ignored as supportive evidence when children report those crimes, the judgement negates the legally-recognised-fact of the crimes and also, nullifies ongoing experiences of present-day and historical victims.

Again, we find the BBC actively involved in what we now strongly suspect is another Establishment cover-up, this time concerning the Hampstead case; they gave an empathic interview with Ricky Dearman/alleged abuser. Not only do they neglect to ask any questions about WHY the case had to go public i.e. why weren’t Child Protection Directives followed?, they instead, give mass publicity to the High Court Judgement that certain crimes against children are a “fantasy” and “crazy”.

BBC Ricky Dearman Interview Hampstead Case

The aforementioned interview was aired before the watershed which means children could have been watching and our concerns are that any children suffering the same or similar abuse or else, anyone who had historically suffered such abuse, would feel their real experiences have been nullified and thereby, be discouraged from reporting those crimes.

We have expressed the above concerns to OFCOM; such is the present climate of tolerance for child abuse in Britain, it is unlikely, they will bother to address them.

The failings shown in the case above are by now typical of British Authorities who are in fact criminally negligent because their collective ‘failings’ have left many thousands of children at risk, injured or dead.

Collectively, a ‘union’ among abusers within public and national authorities, amounts to an insidious and covert, terrorist-threat against every child in Britain and even, children abroad. This threat has been reported to MI5 who have as yet declined to respond, it appears they are only concerned about ‘Muslim Terrorists’.

The issue of child abuse is very important and the impact of it is seriously undermining human consciousness within our society. Lack of interest, belief, support and acceptance has over the decades, permitted the spread of an insidious and highly infectious psycho-sexual-disease and all the complicit are using their power over our social-consciousness to manipulate and control through fear and mystery i.e. child abuse is only real and serious when the UN Child Protection Committee meets to discuss it or, when it’s “historical”.

WHY are our Courts and Police not ignoring laws against Cannabis or smoking a cigarette in a pub?

Why don’t our Police ignore the law that allows them to help a gas-man break into someone’s home so they can check the gas-boiler is safe?

Why don’t our Police ignore the law that allows them to stop our car for going through a red-light?

ALL those laws exist – we are told, for sake of protecting people and yes, we do need protecting from people who drive through red-lights:


Corrupted British authorities have gotten away with ignoring the law for so long now and ONLY because the people are kept mystified about both the crime and CP Law. That is why the Family Courts are secret and that is why they facilitate child abuse and protect paedophiles. This not a “wild conspiracy theory” this is a lawfully valid FACT when we examine the weight of evidence that proves that fact: The (ongoing) Hampstead Case is a prime example of how UK Family Courts have literally, thrown Child Protection Law in the trash and why?

The story in the link below is about a regular “hunt” in which a pack of dogs were unleashed onto children assumed to be in the ‘Care’ of the TRUSTED Lambeth Authorities – most of whom suffered a savage death. One of those children who survived long enough into adulthood to tell her story to the renowned Police Detective Clive Driscoll, later, starved herself to death:

Everything she told me needed taking seriously, including the fact that the injured children were thrown into a lake… When I checked the police records, I discovered that body parts belonging to five people had been found there.”

Detective Clive Driscoll was prevented from continuing his investigations:

Considering the evidence, it is difficult to avoid the suspicion that the Family Courts were established specifically to bury crimes such as those exposed by Detective Clive Driscoll. We feel Detective Driscoll’s professional evidence and analysis is informed, honest and trustworthy: If he says professional adults with connections to Child Care Authorities are lawfully suspected of setting packs of hounds on children to hunt and savagely kill them, we believe him.

WHERE are those savage, murdering abusers now?

Are any of them working at WESTMINSTER?

Are they running our Councils or Police?

Secret Family Courts

It’s a mystery why judges and social workers think they have the legal authority to act in such an inhuman wayis the subtitle of renowned Journalist, Christopher Booker‘s article The mothers jailed after waiving to their children in the street.

Christopher Booker somewhat uniquely among British journalists, has consistently exposed the many serious issues of threats against child welfare, protection and safety as posed by Britain’s Secret Family Courts which, to all intents and purposes, appear to be outwardly engaged in a form of legitimised child trafficking for economic purpose of providing public funding to various privatised child-care authorities as-well-as, secretly, maintaining contact between child-victims and their abusers.

The scale of the crimes and suffering is today so immense precisely because of decades of secrecy surrounding the crimes, the victims and the abusers. A secrecy that feeds on and impounds shame and guilt experienced by the abused and which themselves, are symptoms of the abuse. A secrecy that keeps the abused socially isolated and mystified.

Family Courts claim their secrecy is to protect a child’s right to privacy, however, it is clear that ‘privacy’ and secrecy are two completely different things; suspected criminals have no right to “privacy” and children’s rights to privacy, should not mean they are prevented from publicly speaking out if they so wish and/or publicly discussing their experiences. Rights to privacy DO NOT deny the rights of free-speech and lawful freedom of expression: Britain’s family courts claim they DO.

Concerns and evidences against UK Family Courts are clearly defined and presented in the aforementioned Crime Report and the Judge named in said Report is just one of many suspect Judges currently employed in all Britain’s Courts.

When the powers of a nation’s “Family” Court extend to the point they can arrest, incarcerate and sedate a professional, pregnant EU citizen visiting Britain to attend an airline training course, demand her baby be cut out of her womb via caesarian-section without her knowledge or consent and be immediately given up to adoption to strangers without her knowledge or consent and all on the grounds that she suffered a non-violent “panic attack” after she forgot to take her medication for mild bi-polar; every woman in Britain has cause for well founded and SERIOUS alarm:

The Mother, Father and family, in the above case are STILL trying to get custody of their child:

‘Woman, reported to have come to Britain when pregnant in 2012, says she is ‘suffering like an animal”

Child Care For Corporate Profit

With all of the above in mind, we feel that threats against children imposed by Internal Tyranny are the very worst and mostly deadly, among all the threats and suspicions of crimes presented in this Report. Whichever way we look at our nation’s present political, legal, social and economic policies, we cannot fail to acknowledge that children are left at the greatest risk and because they are children, they are most vulnerable to risk.

It is therefore, with immense concern we note the inclusion of G4S as a provider of ‘child care’ to Britain’s children:

Our residential children’s homes seek to provide quality, professional and safe care for young people who are vulnerable and/or a risk to themselves or others.’

‘Concealment and trickery – that’s G4S children’s homes’

The world’s biggest security company hides its identity in applications to convert houses into children’s homes in England.

[See also: G4S guard fatally restrains 15 year old – gets promoted:]

A man called Simon Herbert put in a planning application to convert a house into a children’s home in Buckinghamshire. The house stands in Vale Road, Aylesbury, on a mixed estate of mostly owner-occupiers. Herbert gave the local planning authority his residential address, 27 miles away, in the village of Lidington near Milton Keynes.

But the children’s home provider wasn’t Simon Herbert, the man from a village up the road. It was G4S, the world’s largest security company — headquarters Crawley, close to Gatwick Airport. The G4S name did not appear on the planning application.

That wasn’t the only odd thing about it.

A Supporting Statement purporting to come from ‘Children’s Services’ was sent to Aylesbury Vale District Council.

It’s on the Council’s website for members of the public to read. The document bears a cheery logo — four smiley faces, and the slogan “Caring for Children”.

Amid eight positive pages, it claims: “Both Local and National Planning Policy support the proposed change of use.”

That sounds reassuring. Who wrote it? Perhaps the Local Authority Children Services department?

Well, no. The document from ‘Children’s Services’ is by G4S. Yet the company name appears nowhere upon it.

I searched Simon Herbert’s name for other applications to convert houses into children’s homes. He’s been busy. There’s an application to Milton Keynes Council to convert a property in Great Linford. And another one to South Northamptonshire Council to turn a house into a children’s home in the village of Middleton Cheney. No mention of G4S.

G4S is employing such underhand methods toward procuring properties for their corpoprate Children’s Homes all over Britain, many towns and cities are completely unaware and as yet, we have no idea how many ‘Mr Herbert’s’ are out there putting in applications for Child Care Homes on behalf of G4S.

How will G4S make a profit unless it has our children packed into its children’s homes all over Britain – where will the parents be i.e. in the G4S owned FACTORY PRISONS?

Are Britain’s Prisons Turning Into Slave Labour Factories?

Before we look further into G4S as a corporation and its threat as an alien force of influence working and profiting directly against British people’s interests, we first need to acknowledge the financial rewards gained by all now involved in providing “care and protection” to the thousand children a month presently being removed from British parents and forcibly adopted and/or placed into Foster Care.

On average, a Foster Carer or child care provider is paid around £400 – per child, State-Care costs rise up to £1,000 a week for G4S type Care Homes all paid for by the British Government from the public purse.

It is ironic therefore, to find that the majority of children removed are from low-wage and unemployed parents; “FUTURE EMOTIONAL RISK” is enough to warrant a forced adoption and with all contact between child and family prohibited and with a statutory prison sentence of anything between 3 months to 7 years depending on the ‘severity’ of ignorance of Family Court Rules; hence the jailed “waiving Mothers” referred to by Christopher Booker.

New born babies are literally snatched from their Mother’s breast within HOURS of birth on the grounds of “FUTURE EMOTIONAL RISK”; Post Natal Depression is regularly used as ‘justification’ to remove baby and any other children from single mothers targeted by Social Services. Ironically, many women suffer Post Natal depression due directly to the horrors of this world that cares so little for the child they have suffered so much pain to deliver, which means to take a woman’s new born baby away from her FOREVER, is to persecute a victim of crime even further.

Teachers, Nursery staff, Housing & Welfare Officers, Police and Hospital staff are often the initiators in alerting Social Services to children they feel are at risk. While we recognise that in many cases their concerns are justified, we also recognise that paedophilia and business interests in profits from both child-care and abuse coupled with coercion, blackmail and bribery among well placed professionals in authority, gives us every reason to lawfully suspect that there are ‘look outs’ within all aforementioned public services who for whatever personal advantage, report any ‘easy-targets’ to corrupted authorities:

How else, are over 1,000 children a month being trafficked through Britain’s Family Courts?

Again, because of the sheer weight of evidence supporting allegations. concerns and suspicions raised here, it is only possible to provide examples of that evidence – suffice to say, these samples represent only a fraction of the full percentage; the example below explains exactly HOW our Child Care Services and even, our Schools are being used to funnel public funds into corporate-profits:

‘by Ray Jones, Professor of social work at Kingston University and St George’s, University of London.

It is just over a year since the coalition Government allowed local councils to contract out their social work services and decision making for children in care, despite doubts and no firm evidence in support of this policy from the research on the short-term pilots.

And it is nine months since there was a hasty and rushed consultation about allowing the outsourcing of child protection and other children’s services.

Following media coverage last May about the government’s intentions to allow the privatisation of all children’s social work services, there was a public outcry and more than 70,000 people signed petitions opposing the government’s intentions.

The response to the government’s consultation was overwhelming, 94% of more than 1300 responses opposed the privatisation of these services.

And then something quite shocking happened. The government said it had heard the concerns and made a statement that private companies would not be able to get the contracts.

It was hailed as a victory by many. But within days the government issued a revised draft regulation. It got little media coverage and even now social workers and the public are largely unaware that private companies will be able to get contracts to provide child protection and other children’s services.

How companies can still make profit

What the private companies will have to do is set up a non-profit subsidiary. But the parent private company will be able to determine the policies and practices of its subsidiary and also charge the subsidiary whatever the parent company determines for the services – like buildings, administration, IT etc – the subsidiary is required to buy from its parent.

This is how the profit will be made for the international venture capitalists and other rich share holders and no doubt over time with highly paid management accountants as the top managers in these companies.

To see how this works, just look at how the owners and sponsors of academy chains can make money out of ‘non-profit’ academy schools.

‘When the regulation which opens up children’s social services to the market place was considered in September by a Parliamentary committee, Labour did not oppose it. Instead there was a statement from a Labour MP that “if people’s worse fears are realised and these measures prove to be the route to fragmentation, unaccountable, unregulated provision, riddled with conflicts of interest and dubious financial incentives, a future Government will have to repeal them. By that time, however, thousands of children might have suffered needlessly”.


We are talking about a multibillion pound industry for private interests; at what point does child welfare take precedence over corporate profits? The fact is, every child in Britain now has a ‘reward’ on their heads when i.e. a Foster Carer of 3 children can claim £100,000 a year in Government funding.

Again, this is not suggest all Foster Carers are ‘in-it-for-the-money’ – Foster Care provides a vital and necessary resource and we feel that £400 per week to care for a child is actually adequate, we also feel however, that if parents themselves were in a healthier financial position, less children would need to be taken into care; there is a direct relationship between poverty, depression, aggression, violence and abuse.

Indeed, if poverty fostered a happy and stress-free circumstance in life, who would want to be ‘rich’? What is wealth anyway if it cannot afford true human happiness, rights and Law?

The intelligent way to deal with child abuse and inadequate parenting is through support and education for both children and adults as well as raising wages and living standards; throwing money at the problem by way of enriching and empowering corporations like G4S, was always going to be recipe for disaster; an incentive for profit around vulnerable children is an OBVIOUS threat which places those children at RISK.

Was that risk ignored out of sheer professional stupidity and negligence or is it more that the ‘risk’ is in fact WELCOMED and DESIRED?

Again, we refer to paedophile infiltration into every Government Office: David Cameron PM himself is implicated in covering up a High Profile paedophile ring during his employment as ‘PR Manager’ at Carlton TV:

Ben Fellows writes – ‘David Cameron disappears Kengate Tapes whilst Head of Corporate Communications for Carlton Television during the “Cash for Questions” scandal back in 1994. Will he be above the law as well?’

In relation to the above allegations, we cannot dismiss the pertinent point that Mr Cameron’s Senior Government adviser of 20 years (described as Cameron’s “fixer”), Mr Patrick Rock, head of Cameron’s Policy-Making Cabinet at no10, was in 2014 arrested and convicted for his involvement in sexual crimes against children.

The British media largely, down-played the scandal and the implications surrounding his arrest e.g. Notice the headline to this newspaper article:

Who is Patrick Rock?

The only mention of his then, recent arrest in relation to images of children suffering sexual abuse, is in tiny print beneath his photo in the article.

Patrick Rock is conclusive evidence that a known paedophile has influenced the making of existing Government policies which include, making millions of British children poor via Austerity and thereby, placing them AT RISK.

Considering most British families earn less that £25,000 a year and with a majority of those surviving on less than £15,000 with two children or more; how can the British government justify ‘Austerity’ when according to their OWN estimations, it costs at LEAST £400 a week to care adequately for ONE child?

For how long then, has the DWP been short changing British parents in their provisions of just £20+ a week per child?

For how long have British authorities conspired to deny adequate provision for our children by determining to maintain a “minimum” weekly wage that does not even provide the State’s recognised provision for just ONE child?

Instead of addressing the issue of rapidly increasing child poverty in Britain, our government has decided to resolve the problem simply by altering the legal definition of ‘poverty’:

Child poverty definition to be changed

Regardless of Iain Duncan Smith’s opinions, if G4S needs £1,000 per week to look after each child in their care, then how much does the average British worker need to ADEQUATELY provide for their children?

Why is the BBC not asking these questions?

Presently, according to British Governments own calculation, the vast majority of British children are not receiving even HALF the daily funding lawfully required to provide adequately for their care.

G4S ‘Trusted’ Child Care Provider?

‘G4S describes itself as “the world’s leading global security and outsourcing group,” specializing “in outsourcing of business processes in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat.” The British multinational security giant was set up in 2004 when London-based company Securicor amalgamated with Danish business Group 4 Falck. Currently, G4S employs more than 620,000 people, which makes it the third biggest employer in the private sector globally. In 2012 G4S turned over well over $12 billion. The company offers a range of services, including the supply of security personnel, monitoring equipment, response units and secure prisoner transportation. G4S also works with governments overseas to deliver security.’

It appears that G4S status as a ‘British’ firm is but a mere formality:

G4S Secure Solutions (USA) is an American security services company, and a wholly owned subsidiary of G4S plc. It was founded as The Wackenhut Corporation in 1954, in Coral Gables, Florida, by George Wackenhut and three partners (all are former FBI agents). In 2002 the company was acquired for $570 million by Danish corporation Group 4 Falck (itself then merged to form British company G4S in 2004).[1] In 2010, G4S Wackenhut changed its name to G4S Secure Solutions (USA) to reflect the new business model.[2][3] The G4S Americas Region headquarters is in Jupiter, Florida.[4][5]

G4S to get control of children’s homes. What ‘securing your world’ actually means:

‘In countless cases, we note how both central and local governments will perpetually remain reluctant to accept accountability, regarding the day to day management of public social services or lack thereof.

It appears we are to expect even “less transparency” from corporations at no time obligated to provide transparency under their own charter, as they continue to gain ownership and control over the eventual management of all essential public services, without our knowledge or consent.

One such company is called G4S a branch of Mossad…’

As with all the global corporations, private interests invariably lead to Zionist-Israeli interests (we do not include Israeli citizen interests here because we do not assume that all Israeli citizens support their Zionist rulers agendas and beliefs), since this force-of-power is in control of the world’s largest financial institutions, it is their influence dictating the technological development of our worlds too in terms of the multitude of products humans are encouraged to consume.

Every corporation is indebted to the World Banks and collectively, their debts make the national debts look like small change – it is in fact THOSE debts, the public are paying for through-the-nose/BLINDLY because who else BUT the public can provide the profits needed to maintain interest payments on the corporate loans?

Where they cannot profit by selling products to an impoverished public, the corporations now seek to profit by claiming public funds directly from our Government by way of providing public services because certainly, they are not operating out of a vocation to serve humanity.

Looking at G4S track record as THE no1 Global Security Firm, we find little evidence to inspire any confidence regarding their ability and commitment to child welfare and in fact quite the opposite when we consider their involvement in the persecution of Palestinians:

‘G4S provides security systems and other services for major Israeli prisons which hold Palestinian political prisoners from occupied Palestinian territory inside Israel. This is in contravention of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention which prohibits the transfer of prisoners from occupied territory into the territory of the occupier. G4S also provides equipment for prisons and detention facilities in the occupied West Bank,  at which human rights organisations have documented systematic torture and ill treatment of Palestinian prisoners, including child prisoners. G4S provides equipment and services to Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank that form part of the route of Israel’s illegal Wall and to the terminals isolating the occupied and besieged territory of Gaza. G4S has also signed contracts for equipment and services for the West Bank Israeli Police headquarters and to private businesses based in illegal Israeli settlements. – See more at:

A corporation engaged in jailing Palestinian children incarcerated against Human Rights, Rights Of The Child and Geneva Convention, is be given power of authority for a PROFIT over Britain’s most vulnerable children?

We have previously, in no uncertain terms, exposed what happens to children in ‘care’ of British Authorities and in light of the above, we are in no way assured that their situation is likely to improve under care of G4S.

Indeed, we feel that for our Government to hand over Child Care Services to ANY private authority is a neglect of duty of care to our nation’s children and a shirking of our collective, legal and moral responsibility. More importantly though, is the undeniable risk privatised Child care Services pose in a social-climate where child abuse has reached endemic proportions and where despicably, the majority of ‘suspects’ being targeted by Social Services, Family Courts and Police, are those who pose merely a possible, ‘future emotional risk’.

Again, all of the above is what a nation should expect when governed by lawless, tyrants = CHILDREN AT RISK.

Forced Adoption: Child Safety

‘Adopted girl wins right to return to biological family after abuse’

‘In a written ruling on the case which has now been made public, Mrs Justice Pauffley said an adoption order was made when the girl was almost four years old. But, she said, no professional involved with the girl at that time could have envisaged that within two years she would be “cast out” of the home of the couple who adopted her and sent to live with extended family in Ghana. Nor could there have been any indication that, while there, she would be “abused by the adults with whom she had been sent to live”.’

Unless immediate steps are taken to address corrupted UK authorities, unlike Justice Pauffley, concerned members of the British public DO ‘envisage’ many more thousands even, millions of children continuing to suffer every kind of abuse at the hands of a psychopathic and sadistic global, criminal cabal who collectively and publicly, refer to themselves as THE “New” World Order.

The above example of a child abused after adoption is just one among a multitude. Regularly, children in care are restricted from reporting crimes they suffer at the hands of carers or adoptive parents; their allegations are often dismissed by Social Services, Courts and Police or else, children never report those crimes and often out of fear of being removed into care of yet another abuser.

‘Children in care are still vulnerable to widespread abuse, when is the law going to protect them?’

Read more:

We have included the aforementioned Hampstead Case in this Report not only in relation to the negligence and suspected authority complicity exposed therein but also, to highlight our sombre concerns regarding the present welfare and safety of ALL children forcibly removed from parents into State Care and/or adoptions to strangers.

The child-witness victims who reported their allegations to Barnet Police in August 2014, state on home and police video-record that Social Service workers and other professionals trafficked babies to be used for purpose of ‘ritual’ murder, blood-drinking, eating and personal adornment. It appears that most of the babies were alleged to come from abroad and it appears that some arrived through British Social workers procuring babies in their professional capacity – as one of the children states concerning two British Social workers specifically, “They get the babies from poor people…”

When we consider the amount of babies being forcibly removed from parents and who are subsequently gagged by Family Courts facing immediate imprisonment if they mention their child’s name or discuss their case in public, the Hampstead allegations pose some very serious implications concerning public assurance that adopted children are safe.

As the example case presented above clearly reveals, there is little done by way of follow-up once a child is forcibly adopted. Parents and extended family have no rights of contact with their child and they have no idea where their child is.

Because of the risk to children and the lawful suspicions concerning every Child Welfare Authority in Britain, it is of paramount importance that all children forcibly removed from their parents are accounted for and are known to be safe.

Damage Limitation

We have here declined to present all the details and facts defining exactly why even so-called “minor” sexual abuse of children causes immense psychological and emotional damage to children (as well as physical) and only because, it would take a book to do justice to the myriad and intricate ways in which children’s delicate and formulating psychology is injured and misdirected when adults abuse their power over them.

A simple explanation compares the injured psychology to say, a broken leg; no one can see the injury but the child’s emotions and psychology are damaged within. A broken leg left untreated in childhood will lead to a crippled adult, the same is no different psychologically and emotionally. In order to repair the damage in adulthood, the victim-survivor must endure a process similar to breaking a leg and then resetting it i.e. to remember and to emotionally relive the abuse.

Not surprisingly, with little help available and a generally negative social attitude toward the issue, only a small percentage of child abuse survivors will ever progress much beyond the limits of their criminally imposed arrested self-development.

When we understand the effects of abuse in this way, we soon realise how quickly the impact of widespread abuse can literally cripple a nation’s adult psychology; some will reabuse, others will suffer addictions and more abuse, others will live in denial, others will support their abusers, others will strive to live better and confront the issue.

The fact is, that the majority of the abused will remain silent on the issue = the scale of the problem spreads unnoticed.

What people notice is the crime, the drug addiction, the depressions, the disassociated youth, the illnesses, the apathy, the ignorance, the denial, the cognitive dissonance i.e. child sexual abuse is a socially, TABOO subject.

The point of Child Protection Directives is not only to arrest suspects and convict guilty offenders, the Directives seek to quickly address child-victims needs; they need therapeutic attention, they need support, they need time to recover and come to terms with what’s happened to them.

ALL of the above are DENEIED to children whose suffering is socially and legally dismissed, this ignorance not only impounds the damage caused by the abuse itself, in terms of shame, isolation, rejection, it guarantees and/or increases the damage and inner-conflict those children will experience in adulthood.

We also feel that much more could be done by way of preventing abuse in terms of providing therapy centres for those who are afflicted with sexual desires for children. Studies show that many paedophiles themselves feel victimised by their unhealthy sexual desires, some just continue patterns of abuse they suffered themselves as children i.e. it’s their adult ‘privilege’ to now ‘enjoy’ abusing as opposed to suffering abuse.

Early detection of future offenders is paramount in successfully addressing the crime and impact of paedophilia.

If paedophile types had resource for early identification before they commit any crimes, more could be done toward helping them to develop a healthier sexual drive and for those who have already offended, this might include, chemical castration and/or incarceration.

We need also, to defeat the MYTH that all abused children, if left untreated, will go on to become abusers themselves and/or, that abuse survivors are a therefore, a ‘threat’. The truth is, the vast majority of abuse-survivors strive to live BETTER and indeed, it is among the survivors that we find the strongest people who are able to share the deepest insights into how best to tackle the issue.

Myth: People who sexually abuse children have been sexually abused themselves:

Fact: The majority of sexually abused children are female, and yet the majority of sexual abusers are male. Some studies have found that sexually abusive men are more likely to report a history of sexual abuse than other men. However, the majority of men who sexually abuse children do not report being sexually abused in childhood.

Again, in light of the extensive medical, psychiatric knowledge regarding child psychology and the problems experienced by untreated survivors of abuse, we feel the psychological damage inflicted by widespread child sexual abuse is obviously, considered ‘favourable’ by the aforementioned accused in this Report.

Certainly, if present levels of child sexual abuse were NOT considered ‘favourable’ then doubtless, our police would be as vigilant toward investigating every child-witness report of abuse as they are in their need to investigate ‘crimes’ related to Cannabis.

When we compare the social damage caused by “illegal” production, sale and consumption of Cannabis with the terrible impact of child abuse, we are left in no doubt that the British Law focuses on straining at a gnat while casually swallowing a camel. Again, this is yet more evidence of inherent corruption and a government-system that is designed to work AGAINST the best interests of its electorate.

The truth is, many British adult survivors of child abuse are dependent on Cannabis to help them cope with the damage and furthermore, it is the only substance that comes with few, if any harmful side-effects. We would like to see Cannabis decriminalized and we feel its free availability will help heal the British consciousness considerably.



Part V

Environmental Crimes

Whereas a lawful government is established to serve, defend and protect its populous, a criminal-government is established to deny all such duty-of-care to the public; the roles are reversed i.e. public exists to support the ruling body as opposed to the ruling body existing to support the people; a nation is not only consisting of people, a nation is a land – a natural environment and that too is equally at risk under rule of tyranny.

For the purposes of this Report we are focusing mainly on Fracking in concern of environmental crimes and in doing so, we expose corrupt corporate and government control within our local councils. At the same time, we acknowledge the terrible and ongoing risks and damages inflicted via nuclear power and here express our deep concerns in regard to David Cameron’s invitations to Chinese businessmen to build 10 nuclear power plants across Britain:

UK government paves way for Chinese nuclear plant

As we are aware of the 3 melt-throughs and blown-up fuel pools at Fukushima and due largely, to corporate negligence, the British public have every reason to feel deep concern. Furthermore, not ONE nuclear power plant is insured, the Corporate Insurance providers claim it is “TOO RISKY“.

The Fukushima catastrophe is many times worse than our global medias are permitted to admit: The Pacific Ocean is DYING. Until we successfully eradicate the power and influence of the aforementioned ‘Criminal Cabal’ from our planet, the melt-throughs at Fukushima will NOT be addressed but left for future generations to suffer and pay for in the Criminal Cabal’s ‘buy-now-pay-later’ philosophy on life.

HORROR ” Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation “

The Ultimate Fukushima Compendium of Horror

Nuclear alert: Future of £50bn new build plan

Hinkley Point new nuclear power plant: the story so far

Presently, the corporate-controlled scientists are too busy trying to develop a mini Black Hole via their Hadron Collider (which itself is a possible threat to life) than to find time for developing technology to deal with their failings in previous ‘science’ projects i.e. Nuclear Power.

Large Hadron Collider to begin smashing atoms next month

All of the issues and concerns raised below in relation to Fracking, equally apply to nuclear-power and we feel it is really not necessary to articulate in detail the inherent dangers of permitting foreign corporations to control Britain’s nuclear power.

The more immediate problem and environmental risk threatening British people right now, is via Fracking. Without going into all the details of Fracking and why it is such a serious risk and threat and even, makes no economic sense, the point is; the risks are real and they are NOT slight; results of any accidents threaten to be widespread and possibly if not probably, deadly especially, because first and foremost Fracking threatens to pollute and deplete national and local water-supplies.


Contaminated well water is used for drinking water for nearby cities and towns.

There have been over 1,000 documented cases of water contamination next to areas of gas drilling as well as cases of sensory, respiratory, and neurological damage due to ingested contaminated water.’

Read more here:

The issues we need assurances on, raise important questions i.e. what could go wrong and what could be the worst results? What provisions the council has made by way of being prepared for any accidents i.e. do they have emergency water reserves?

If the problem is more and/or also, to do with excessive use of water, then that is a risk too i.e. who gets water in times of drought – the public or the Frackers?

If the problem is polluting the land and air as well, that also is a risk.

We need to take into account too that the risk is heightened by this extract from UK Water laws relating to the powers of Local Authority Councils over the various corporations presently controlling our (illegally) privatised water supplies – note the highlighted sections below;

Publication of notice of reasons

(1) Subject to the following provisions of this section, the Council may publish a notice given to it under section 27H(4) above.

(2) Information which relates to the affairs of any particular individual or body of persons (corporate or unincorporated) shall not be published under subsection (1) above unless one or more of paragraphs (a) to (c) of subsection (3) below applies to the information.

(3) Information relating to a particular individual or body may be published if—

(a) that individual or body has consented to the publication;

(b) it is information that is available to the public from some other source; or

(c) it is not information the publication of which would or might, in the opinion of the Council, seriously and prejudicially affect the interests of the individual or body.

(4)Before deciding to publish any information relating to a particular individual or body in pursuance of subsection (3)(c) above, the Council shall—

(a) consult that individual or body; and

(b) have regard to any opinion expressed by the Authority as to the application of subsection (3)(c) above to the information or as to the desirability or otherwise of its publication;

and paragraph (b) applies whether the opinion is given in relation to the information itself or to information of a description which applies to that information.

(5) The Council shall not in the exercise of its function under this section publish any information which it considers relates to any matter which is, or is likely to be, the subject of criminal proceedings.

(6) In considering whether information relates to any matter as mentioned in subsection (5) above, the Council shall have regard to any opinion expressed (whether in relation to the information itself or to information of a description which applies to that information) by the Secretary of State, the Assembly or the Director of Public Prosecutions.

(7) The publication by the Council of information under this section does not contravene section 206 below (restriction on disclosure of information).

Basically, what the extract above is saying, is that Councils must keep the public mystified if individuals or a business has criminally contaminated the water-supply. In event of a serious concern, they must first, consult with the Secretary of State.

Subsection C explains even more clearly that a Council may not publish any information ‘which would or might, in the opinion of the Council, seriously and prejudicially affect the interests of the individual or body‘.

This legislation goes directly against EU Water Directives which in interests of EU citizens safety, DOES override UK Government legislations and EU Law supports ALL the measures suggested here by way of addressing the safety of Fracking:

‘(18) Community water policy requires a transparent, effective and coherent legislative framework. The Community should provide common principles and the overall framework for action. This Directive should provide for such a framework and coordinate and integrate, and, in a longer perspective, further develop the overall principles and structures for protection and sustainable use of water in the Community in accordance with the principles of subsidiarity.

France and other EU nations have successfully banned Fracking because the PEOPLE upheld EU Directives/Law.

The higher the risks, the more accountability we need, however, we are told by Government that if Fracking is indeed, a dangerous/criminal activity and if the Frackers break any laws or are negligent and pollute our water etc., then our local Council is NOT permitted to let us know about it in case any involved might be criminally negligent!

How much more serious is all of the above in relation to foreign controlled nuclear power plants?

Previously, when water was owned by the public and controlled by our Councils, the Council and public had their own Water Board to be accountable for any problems with the water; now private corporations own and control public water supplies – who are they accountable too?

Indeed, it is because of the secrecy legislation that British people now have every reason to lawfully suspect that our water-supplies are being polluted via Fracking and simply, because our Councils have agreed to NOT publish any crime/pollution reported by e.g. water-authorities, committed by them.

The very FACT that Councils are not permitted to publish any criminal activity by an industry putting our water-supply or our homes at risk, means the public are left with NO assurances or provisions whatsoever – we are simply left with the RISK.

Is it REASONABLE to have our water supplies put at serious risk?

Is this risk more serious than someone’s gas boiler not receiving its annual check?

Since permission for Fracking is endorsed by our Government, every Council may legally permit Fracking in their regions, just as Government & Council permits us to have a gas-boiler in our home, except, there are still, health and safety laws, water laws etc., and Fracking must comply with these.

Like the person with the unchecked boiler, the Frackers are lawfully accountable by force if necessary – but to whom?

Regardless of the Councils agreement to not publish any information which it considers relates to any matter which is, or is likely to be, the subject of criminal proceedings, the fact remains that the following legally identified risks are real.

(a) serious pollution of the environment,

(b) serious harm to human health, or

(c) danger to life or health.

All our Councils are now legally able to meet and make decisions in SECRET and they have powers to press criminal charges against anyone who discloses information about what is said in those secret meetings to the public.

How is a secret Council part of a ‘democracy’?

The BBC did not bother to alert Britain to all the legal changes made in 2014 i.e. our secret and gagged Councils.

The public as a lawful authority to whom the police provide a public-service, has a lawful right to insist that local police use the Powers of Entry to suspend ALL Fracking operations in Britain and on exactly the same grounds of justification as Councils give to police for breaking and entering people’s homes to check a gas-boiler.

The PURPOSE of the Powers of Entry, is to ascertain that no criminal damage is being done, that operations are safe, that pollution and risks are minimal and with adequate reassurance for provision in case of an ‘accident’. All operations may be suspended indefinitely until safety is assured.

The Criminal case against British Government and Councils for environmental crimes therefore, rests on their joint decision to permit industries that puts the public at serious risk of prolonged damage and suffering and without providing any adequate information and/or assurances or provisions related to those risks and also, who have agreed to act in secrecy and conceal crimes committed by the bodies they appoint to hold power over vital public services and resources.

We cannot forget either, all of the above associated risks and problems related to foreign ownership of Britain’s local and national parklands:

Land sell offs: the end of national parks as we know them?

Britain’s public parks threatened with privatisation as cuts stretch council budgets

Again, the above reflects more theft of Britain’s resources leaving the British public and our environment at the mercy of mostly foreign corporate powers whose main interests are in financial gain: How much will it cost for our children to go play in the local public park? Will it even BE a ‘public’ park for anyone but those who can AFFORD?

We feel that the decision to permit Fracking is a decision to favour corporate profit over the health and safety of British people and our environment. The ‘jobs’ the industry provides, represents a mere FRACTION of the living-wage and ethical work that would otherwise be available, were Britain not governed by Internal Tyranny.


Part VI


Briefly, we mention TTIP as yet another aspect of Internal & International Tyranny; the global corporations now wish to legalize their powers to SUE Governments who make policies that lower their PROFITS.

TTIP: the biggest threat to democracy you’ve never heard of

Really, the above is ALL British people need to know about TTIP because in reality THAT is what TTIP is truly all about: Not satisfied with stealing our public services & resources under guise of ‘Austerity’, the corporations wish to INSURE their gravy-train profits and ABSOLUTE control over British people by further denying our Democratic powers any chance or legal right to elect a government that will act in our favour above the corporation’s ‘right’ to earn a profit.

How will privatised NHS provision fare under TTIP?

Though only given a short space here, we cannot stress enough, the very serious threat that TTIP poses not just to Britain but to every nation on Earth. TTIP must be stopped in its tracks. TTIP will kill democracy = FACT.

Vote Rigging

In a nation governed by Internal tyranny as we lawfully suspect is presently Britain’s circumstance, election results cannot be trusted and certainly, we have ample evidence to support our suspicions that both the Scottish Referendum and the UK National Elections were rigged.

In both cases, we feel the Postal Vote was most abused and on further research, we discovered that those with multiple homes could very easily give themselves multiple votes in the separate Constituencies and even, vote from abroad.

We have presented below a selection links providing evidence from vote-rigging captured on camera during Scottish Referendum, along with other evidences to support our suspicions of vote-rigging in British General Election i.e. 200,000 ballot-papers stolen, candidates who received NIL votes, even though they had voted for themselves along with other supporters which include friends and family members. Ballot boxes closed with simple black tie-wraps instead of the Official tags. Ballot boxes going missing. Unusually high numbers of postal votes. This list is endless and with far too many discrepancies for comfort.

Scrap postal votes or elections will be fixed, says judge who warns ballot-rigging is now a ‘probability’ in parts of Britain


Concerns over ballot rigging after last-minute flood of postal votes

There has been evidence suggesting that on some ballot papers MPs were missed off and that the Conservatives have more votes in certain regions than is likely considering the national anger with Conservative policy. Therefore we would like to call for an independent inquiry into vote rigging across the UK.



National strike and non compliance against corrupt rigged election

As I’m sure by now most would agree the General Selection was rigged . We have sitting in the driving seat a bunch of paedophiles hell bent on attacking the most vulnerable in society…’

‘I know I voted for me’: Angry socialist who got NO votes at General Election demands recount

General Election 2015: 200,000 ballot papers stolen by van thieves

Thanet Rigged:

Was Scottish Vote Rigging Caught On Tape?

Given the pre-vote polls and 300 years of historical resentment, many were somewhat surprised at the overwhelming “No” vote in last night’s Scottish Independence referendum. While we now know that the vote broke very cleanly between old (“no”) and young (“yes”) Scots, the following clip suggests the possibility that more was afoot than that. As the commentator blasts, “Busted! Absolutely busted!”‘

British elections are ‘seriously open to fraud’, warns thinktank

Police investigate claim of election fraud in Glasgow East

Reports have been coming in throughout the day from Polling Stations in the Thirsk & Malton constituency to the effect that ballot-boxes for the Parliamentary General Election have not been sealed in the approved manner (with uniquely numbered special seals), but have been closed with ordinary tie-wraps.’

Are the British public expected to quietly IGNORE all of the above evidence?

Why SHOULD we ignore the FACTS when this same government decided to literally HOUND Benefit claimants on their mostly flimsy SUSPICIONS which proved 0.05% true?

Why should we ignore ANY of the facts presented in this report when our government has destroyed Iraq on just ONE suspicion that they had WMD’s which itself, is now proven false and was indeed, strongly suggested to be false by an actual Iraqi WEAPON’S INSPECTOR at the time?

The present voting system in Britain is completely undemocratic, there is no proportional representation and essentially, most governments are voted in by the MINORITY which is the opposite of the way Democracy is meant to work. This present government has less than 24% of support from Britain’s voters.

Every vote counts, but some count more than others

Given the evidence presented in this Report concerning the impact of Internal Tyranny, British people could not expect anything BUT a rigged election.



We here conclude our presentation of evidence and reports of crimes which are, as previously stated, merely a sample of the accumulated evidence and related crimes that are available on demand to an Official Investigation.

We have omitted crimes involving the Royal Family as Queen Elizabeth Windsor has already been found guilty of genocide and crimes against children and humanity via the International People’s Tribunal at Brussels which has sentenced Queen Elizabeth to 25 years imprisonment

Queen Elizabeth guilty in missing children case, whistle blowers incarcerated, again

It is our understanding that lawfully, our Queen has broken her signed and written Contract to uphold the laws of God and her peoples above the laws of men, Her Majesty has also, recently given herself the powers of absolute secrecy in regard to any criminal suspicions related to herself and family circles.

This placing of herself as ‘above the law’, reflects a final trashing of the very foundations of the Magna Carta which supports the fundamental ideology and foundation of British Law which is, that no one, not even a king or queen shall be permitted the power to place themselves above God’s Law.

In the case of Queen Elizabeth as an individual, we feel she is herself a victim of the British Establishment and has from birth, suffered complete control and misguidance via all the powers who seek to profit from the associated powers of the ‘Crown’ as a private corporation and registered company. We fully appreciate the reality that from childhood, our ‘Queen’ has been brainwashed into blindly accepting Zionist agendas and judgements against her subject-peoples and subsequently, has had little or no opportunity for aligning with any fair or accurate perceptions of human reality on earth this day.

We are as yet, unsure as to whether or not the Royal Family was used as an unwitting ‘patsy’ to add credibility to Jimmy Savile for purposes of his suspected work for MI5 who are alleged to have employed Mr Savile for purposes of entrapment of MP’s and other public figures whom later, could be coerced via British ‘intelligence’: Was Edward Heath as Prime Minister coerced in this way?


The future of a British Monarchy is for the people of Britain to decide and in bringing these charges, it is not our intention to overthrow the Monarchy, rather, we are protecting the Royal family as much as we are the general public through addressing the crimes of Internal Tyranny which themselves, represent the TRUE threat against Britain’s Royal Family and all the people of Britain, in terms of the ever-present and increasing risk of mass insurrection in response to said tyranny which, every lawful citizen has a legal and moral DUTY to overthrow by whatever means necessary.

It is precisely because of the threat of revolt and social unrest that Internal Tyranny inevitably provokes that ALL aforementioned crimes and allegations, collectively, amount to High Treason.

As explained at the start, we-the-people are not at liberty to bring charges of High Treason because we are not the Queen of England: It is the responsibility of the Royal Family themselves, to recognise the risks and bring their own charges of High Treason against all who are subsequently implicated and/or prosecuted in response to this Report.

The charges of crimes we hereby issue against the British Establishment of Government and related Authorities, as outlined at the start of this Report are nonetheless, very serious and they do threaten to considerably undermine and destabilize every UK Authority.

Since our choice is between protecting our children or corrupt authorities, our choice has to be with the children.

We sincerely hope that the genuinely law-abiding and honest professionals within every British Authority and Private Corporation, will step forward now and support our efforts to calmly, lawfully and peacefully address the issue of said crimes and allegations in terms of prompt and thorough investigations via trusted parties followed by appropriate arrests and convictions.

Social Impact

Here, we address the concerns that naturally arise in relation to this Report; suffice to say, in event of our successfully eradicating the powers and crimes of Internal Tyranny, British society will be utterly altered and there can be no going back to the old corrupted systems; while the buildings may remain, new occupants will serve lawful ambitions and concerns on behalf of the British public, in openness and transparency.

Ubuntu Party UK and the Ubuntu philosophy itself as defined and promoted by Michael Tellinger (founder and leader of Ubuntu South Africa), have at our disposal, a wealth of alternatives and solutions toward making Britain a happier, wealthier, healthier and safer place to live.

There are many such alternative choices in Britain who all share similar ideals for an honest economy, greener, eco-friendly living via new technologies, new approaches to education, building, healthcare:

Green Party

Bring Back The Bradbury


Ubuntu Party UK:

How To Rebuild An Economy:

It is because the alternatives are so positive and promise a richer and more rewarding life for all British people, that we have endeavoured to articulate and attempt to address the many oppressions and crimes afflicting the people of Britain and abroad today: It is clear to those aligned with humanity and Universal Law of Abundance in Compassion (formerly referred to as Common Law/God’s law), that the criminal psychology behind the global money-supply is a threat to all the life on our planet and humanity itself as an independent, autonomous and naturally, intelligent species.

Our prime concern therefore, is not just for the children of Britain but for the YOUTH of humanity for it is they who stand on the very brink of the black-hole debt that is presently the ‘gravity’ behind the devouring of our rights, wealth, culture and resources.

In reality, the black-hole-debt does not exist, it is a fiction and an imposition that sustains its own reality by the influence, powers and technologies its unlawful/fictitious ‘money’ buys; Ubuntu and many other equally trustworthy groups and parties, have viable and instantly applicable solutions to providing a solid and real money supply to British people – a money supply that will invest in improving our homes, communities and environment.

Our ambition is to replace the present economic and political systems with ones more appropriate to and in keeping with, 21st century knowledge and wisdom; Human Rights, Animal Rights, Earth Rights, Universal Law; political choices need to be about who may best serve these because one thing is clear, we can no longer tolerate the incestuous and conspiratorial rule of a Parliament filled with warring and opposing parties.

Certain political ideologies need to be laid to rest and those supporting the present banking system and all its corporations are proven to be unlawful/corrupt and as such, they will always inflict pain and suffering on humanity. We need as a species to recognise the symptoms of psychological imbalance and the dangers posed by those who lack empathy for others i.e. psychopaths.

This lack of empathy is a disability and like all disabilities, the afflicted are thereby prevented from performing certain tasks: When it comes to psychopaths they cannot be placed in positions of power – certainly, we can have no difficulty in identifying the psychopaths because they will always be at the forefront vying for power and control or else, at the centre of social disharmony.

It is due to the nature of the psychopath that Britain today, is top-heavy in their consciousness that shows little or no compassion to any life beyond its own limited circles and it has to be said, many of those engaged in the psychopathic ideology that provides their privileges, are not in themselves true psychopaths, rather they are psychologically conditioned to accept its beliefs and methods as ‘correct’.

Michael Cross: “Psychopathic Traits Are Common Among The Elites In Politics And Industry”

It is fair to say, that in a socially fairer world, those who experience less empathy than most, will pose no threat and indeed, their psychological make-up can prove useful in many positive areas of human work and society.

Criminal psychopaths are less likely to develop in a lawful society.

The link below goes some way toward identifying the 4 psychopath personality types and is founded on academic learning in human psychology along with an objective evaluation of personal life experience which includes recovery from 17 years of childhood abuse. It is included here by way of providing insights which could help to resolve present confusion – this article has also, recently been published in the online Mindscape Magazine:

To Defeat the Divide & Conquer

As we have previously shown, the money itself operates along a psychopathic ideology via a system of usury/slavery. It is for this reason, the richest of humanity are most often known as those who exhibit the least compassion. Indeed, their general consciousness promotes the judgement that compassion for others betrays “weakness”: Passion = wrong.

Humans have an innate need to feel ‘correct’ to be ‘right’ and this need is vital to our survival as an intellectual species; we survive on what we KNOW and knowledge = power and power can be used for both good and bad.

Lack of knowledge of law has left the people of Britain powerless and defenceless; in terms of Law-Enforcement on behalf of the vulnerable, Britain is a widow and therefore, it is to the youth of Britain to whom we must turn to for support and their own agreement to align and unite under the beneficence of Universal Law and to help us fulfil the hopes and dreams of our forebears, who laboured under terrible hardships and who sacrificed everything they had to bring everyone of us into the here and now that is today.

British people have suffered centuries of oppression and crime from our ruling ‘elite’ – crimes which began with theft of British people’s traditional Social security i.e. our Common Lands and Cottage Industries.

We feel that because the corruption is by today ‘normalized’ within every UK Authority, an AMNESTY is required so as to permit those suffering coercion through drug addiction, drugs-offences and other minor crimes and levels of complicity, to come forward and give evidence either openly or anonymously, without fear of public retribution and/or arrest.

Forgiveness is KEY to resolving the issue of Internal Tyranny and we cannot underestimate the oppression people are forced to work and live within for sake of supporting their children. We cannot in all fairness, judge people for being individually powerless against government & corporate organised crime i.e. their personal complicity is directly related to the crime of their oppression.

If those presently entrapped in such circumstances can find strength and courage to speak out and stand up for the Law and our rights, they are to be commended for their bravery and given all the support they need: Forgiveness is for the righteous and the ‘meek’ i.e. those who lack any position or power in Public Authority.

We owe our past the HONOUR our ancestors deserve and we owe the future our diligence and integrity toward addressing the problems of the present because that is what humans do, we solve problems and we find answers to our questions and these deliver solutions that improve and enhance our lives: Every problem presents an opportunity for positive change.

Britain has a problem today, the problem of corruption via internal and international tyranny, we have a choice to either largely ignore that problem and settle for short-term solutions that do little but stave off and/or worsen prospects in the long-term, or else, we get strong, we take hold of our children’s hands and stand up for our Human Rights.

We ask our Police and our Courts and our Parliament to address these crimes lawfully because the alternative, via the lawfully established threat and public ‘duty’ to revolt against lawless authority, not only puts our nation’s children and social-cohesion at even greater risk, that very reaction can be manipulated and is possibly desired by alleged ‘tyrants’ for purpose of establishing their police-state.

We hereby conclude this presentation of our case.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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