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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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  1. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

    RE:- Human Rights Council Branch Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Geneva 48/141 General Resolution
    and Vexatious Litigants under Section 42 of the Senior Courts Act 1981 between the 1st January 1991 and the Last Order made:- and Statutory Appeals.

    I, Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee of Ilford, Essex IG5 0ST, do hereby request that there is the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva.

    The United Kingdom Government should have signed and agreed to the 48/141 General Resolution.

    The Treasury Solicitors who does represent many Government Ministers and Department, they do conceal and suppress evidence, as a result many Local Authorities does refuse to disclose the Information and causes injustice to many other Citizens.

    The Fraud Act 2006 is also a Parliament Act which should be taken into consideration, as Jack Straw was a Cabinet Minister when the Fraud Act 2006 had been enacted, which obviously means that He knows and understand the meaning of the Word “PERSON” “EXCEPT” In English Language.

    You don’t have to have a Law Degree to understand the meaning of the Word “Except” and Person.

    Section 78 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 is self explanatory-

    There is the Companies Act 2006- Disclosure is allowed-

    The Crown Proceedings Act 1947 Section 2 does also apply- and Disclosure should be allowed for any Legal Proceedings- Civil, Criminal and Complaints to the United Nations High Commissioner in Geneva.

    The Republic of Zambia had obtained Independence from the United Kingdom on the 24th October 1964 by an Order in Council-
    There is the Zambian Flag at the United Nations-
    The Zambian Flag can be seen at the Zambian High Commission in London and at the Commonwealth Conferences.

    The United Kingdom Judges- They can see the Zambian Flag, and they have been given a copy of Section 1 of the Zambian Independence Act 1964-
    The London Gazette of 1964.
    How do British Lawyers-Barristers and Bar Council accuse me of being Vexatious, when there is a breach of the Article 14 of the Convention Treaties.

    The Perjury Act 1911 is a Parliament Act- and Perjury can be committed before the Information Commissioner’s Office, the First Tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal.
    The Judgments and decisions obtained by Fraud and Perjury are null and void.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

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