Deja Vu – Police Protection of #Paedophiles: @Tom_Watson MP @CommonsHomeAffs

15 10 18 NSW PoliceAs published here on the Committee page: The Home Affairs Committee will hold an evidence session on Wednesday 21 October at which it will receive an update from the Metropolitan Police on matters currently in the public domain concerning the late Lord Brittan.

The Committee has also invited Tom Watson MP to appear to give evidence during the session, to clarify a number of points concerning his involvement in these matters.

Peter Oakes has informed the Chairman Keith Vaz MP as well as Tom Watson MP about the discoveries made by the Royal Commission in Australia when New South Wales Police was under scrutiny:

You’ll be able to watch the session via Parliament TV.

And you can email the members of the Home Affairs Committee and / or your MP to support Tom Watson MP:

  • 6 Conservative Members
  • 4 Labour Members
  • 1 Scottish National Party.

Or do you have as much confidence in the National Inquiry as the Committee?

And this one asking for compensation and therapy for victims and survivors!!!


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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8 Responses to Deja Vu – Police Protection of #Paedophiles: @Tom_Watson MP @CommonsHomeAffs

  1. peter oakes says:

    19 Oct.2015. To understand what evidence has been provided to
    the Home Affairs Committee for the hearing next Wednesday 21. 2015
    where the committee will try to destroy Tom Watson MP for exposing
    paedophiles in high places ! You need to read:

    Police Protection of Paedophiles 18/11/1993 NSW Parliament.

    We the Public are now up front, our MPs will do the Right thing or
    treat us with contempt as usual, no more of the lies we were unaware,
    or we did not receive the information etc.

    For those who saw the BBC propaganda machines Country File
    18th Oct. 2015. the usual lies and deception were rife ! They
    illustrated Young Farmers in Cheshire discussing suicides
    amongst farmers 4 times greater than the public, it went on about
    depression, counselling etc. and by discussing it, it will help young farmers
    the lying ba—–s at the BBC know full well the cause is thefts & frauds of
    farms by the ” Legal Mafia ” See; Peter Baskerville Westminster Hall
    Nov. 2014. for the Truth.

    Peter Baskerville tried to prevent these thefts by Insolvency by providing
    bridging loans and re-negotiation of loan terms. The mafia have tried
    to ruin his character for assisting farmers, but of course some farmers
    are stubborn and know better ? until the Receiver arrives.

    Young Farmers take note. Country File is propaganda and you like
    sheep know the “grass is greener ” the other-side the pig netting
    dont you ? that is why between Leek & Buxton you will always find
    a dead sheep or two on the main road. Farmers are like sheep !

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  4. JM says:


    wasn’t he the guy that just pubslished all victims personal information on the Internet? have any of those victims/ witnessess foolishness to carry on living there?
    many of them dead yet or otherwise silenced?
    and when will Vaz be starting his prison sentence for that? doubt he’s even been arrested yet….

  5. peter oakes says:

    Well after supplying Tom Watson MP and Keith Vaz. MP the evidence that Dame Elizabeth Butler
    Sloss kidnapped Corey Raymond Bradley from Stoke on Trent. where the police from Burslem had stole his British United States of Europe Passport and therefore his nationality, I have not as yet obtained a reply after 4 weeks

    • JM says:

      shdn’t hold your breath…..ten years i’ve been trying to get a ‘reply’ from them that doesn’t involve yet more violence…

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