Parents Unite! Against Child Snatching, Secret Family Courts, Forced Adoptions, #CSA Child Sexual Abuse, #SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

These are the five issues we’ve identified on behalf of the children:

  1. Child Snatching by Social Services’ – aided by Police?
  2. The Secrecy of UK Family Courts?
  3. Forced Adoptions – legitimised by Judges against Parents’ Wills?
  4. Child Sexual Abuse – by private foster carers and in care homes?
  5. Satanic Ritual Abuse – the worst imaginable evil by the Global Elite?

We will address and discuss them on Thursday 05 November at the Theatro Technis near King’s Cross in London – from 2.30 onwards:

  • face-to-face
  • on skype where you can join into a ‘group call’
  • and you can watch us by webcasting!

But we will also video the event. So you won’t miss out. It’s a premiere of a ‘cyber event’!!!

I shall post the relevant URLs here! So do click on FOLLOW to be sure to get alerted via email.

For more details, see

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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10 Responses to Parents Unite! Against Child Snatching, Secret Family Courts, Forced Adoptions, #CSA Child Sexual Abuse, #SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse

  1. T Birks says:

    Getting everything out into the open is the best way forward.

  2. forcedadoption says:

    3 cardinal freedoms vital to a democracy are gradually being discarded in the UK;

    1:- “Innocent until proved guilty” has been replaced in the family courts by “guilty if their guilt is more probable (51%) than their innocence”; and as judges always consider the allegations of social workers to be probably more reliable than the denials of parents the result is that parents once accused are usually found to have neglected or abused their own children.

    2:-” Freedom of Speech” has been completely discarded in the family courts and been replaced by gagging orders on parents who have had their children removed and also on those same children who are forbidden to tell their parents at contact of the shocking sexual and physical abuse they receive in fostercare or in “children’s homes”;Parents who see their children at contact are forbidden to show emotion,to discuss their case or to say they miss their children and want them back home.Murderers ,rapists,and even serial killers in jail are allowed to phone out to their families and to discuss their cases and anything else they like with visitors .Children in care aged around 5-12 are routinely denied these same rights so they are treated worse than the most violent criminals even though they have done nothing wrong at all !
    I myself acted as a Mckenzie friend in one case helping a parent forbidden to contact her only child.As a consequence I have been given a lifetime ban from speaking to anyone about that case ever again otherwise I will be immediately jailed !

    3:-“Freedom of movement and communication” has also been partially discarded so that we have seen parents (who have previously never been convicted of any crime) jailed for sending a birthday card or waving to their children as they passed by in the Streets.Breaching a court order that mothers ljke “vicky haigh” (whose name I can mention because her case was raised in parliament) must never comunicate by letter,email,fax,or telepone and certainly never meet face to face with their own children because a court has ordered them not to do so.Why? Because judges found it more likely than not that mothers coached their daughters to make allégations of sexual abuse against their own fathers;Even if true,the cutting of even indirect contact punishes the child even more than the mother..
    Baby P’s mother was of course allowed to see her surviving kids in jail and has now been released and given a new private identity at huge public expense thanks to her excellent relations with social workers…You see she was politicallycorrect………………

  3. forcedadoption says:

    Good luck for the conference ! I URGE READERS TO GO IF THEY CAN. I live in Monaco and business commitments stop me leaving the country at that time but I wish you success..

  4. peter oakes says:

    The Legal Mafia are destroying our culture and access to a fair trial or hearing !

    Have you noticed by stealth the Law of the land is being destroyed !!!!

    Magistrates Courts our basic Right have become Civil Justice Centers ??
    privately run by corrupt corporation G4s, Serco. KBR.

    What is a civil justice centre ??

  5. Lisa says:

    I advise you to take cheryls video down. You stole it from cheryl. She kindly asked you to take it down then you go and block her. Are you even going to keep this on your post and let the world read this and see the truth? I bet not. Take it down or deal with the actions afterwards. Cheryl is 10 times better then yourself and she has had a lot of postive come back for all the effort she has put it. She will get her kids back and it will be soon. She doesnt need scum like yourself stealing her personal stuff and having it posted on your vile website. Take it down now!!

    • I explained that I can’t do it, for my accounts were closed by the paedos of the Hampstead Scandal.

      I asked Tony Gosling to talk to Cheryl, for he had sent me the link for uploading.

      The only person who could take the video down is Belinda who is in hospital.

      I’m really really sorry that Cheryl has taken this as ‘exploitation’ rather than ‘positive PR’ – which is the spirit in which I’m doing what I’ve been doing in Brussels.

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