Inside Intelligence by Anthony Cavendish. Is he trustworthy?

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Anthony Cavendish wrote his book Inside Intelligence, specifically to defend his friend Maurice Oldfield from what he called slurs  from MI5. He also got his friend GK Young to write the Foreword [7]. Cavendish says President Bush sent a letter to wish him good luck with the book.

Cavendish, Oldfield and Young had been MI6 and Oldfield was the first senior person to transfer services and became Security Coordinator for MI5 in Northern Ireland, after retiring from MI6.

cav2 001

I am not sufficiently informed, certainly without further study, to ascertain the truth about Maurice Oldfield nor GK Young, although a subsequent post will include information about Oldfield from Cavendish.

Jonathan Aitken once said about Cavendish “James Bond was a rather dull weakling by comparison” .

cav1 001

From his book what do we learn about what kind of man Anthony Cavendish was?

As a 23 year old, he seduced a 19 year…

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One Response to Inside Intelligence by Anthony Cavendish. Is he trustworthy?

  1. T. Birks says:

    In my humble opinion you should not trust anyone who has worked in government or the intelligence agencies. If ever they are likely to do anything honest it is probably because they have a vested interest.

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