From The British Attitude to #Children and the Boarding School System to #WoundedLeaders

This is a post about two books by an author who has led a varied and interesting life: Nick Duffell, as his psychohistory explains a lot about the five issues that we’ve been highlighting as McKenzie Friends lately:

  1. institutionalised child snatching – the most heinous of all white collar crimes;
  2. the secrecy of family courts – legitimising criminal actions and violations of human and child rights;
  3. forced adoptions – the stealing of children for sex, money and other abuse;
  4. child sexual abuse – topical thanks to Jimmy Savile;
  5. satanic and ritual abuse – topical thanks to adult abuse survivors and the whistleblower kids.

The missing link is this Newsweek article:

Nick Duffell wrote

Isn’t that the best possible explanation for institutionalised child snatching serving paedophiles and other sinister motives?

Isn’t that proof of the need for all elite school students to be in need of therapy and healing their inner child?

The reviews are a wonderful collection of insights:

“If the Church of England is the Tory Party at prayer, the Public School system may be called the Tory Party in the nursery. Here are set out the traumas, deformations and truncations of character that explain the British Establishment. The British are known to be mad. But in the maiming of their privileged young, they are criminally insane.”

John le Carré, best-selling author, and former MI6 officer.

“A clear-sighted, frightening book about what we might call the institutionalized child abandonment, which in England takes the form of boarding schools – heartbreaking, thoughtful, lively and convincing.”

Robert Bly, poet.

“Well written, personally direct, and based on extensive study of the hundreds of ‘boarding school survivors’; worthy and valuable, not only by analysing its psychological components but also by pointing out ways to manage them. I can highly recommend it.”

The British Medical Journal

“Elegantly reasoned and passionately argued, it will serve humanity by driving a well-placed nail into the coffin of the misguided mythology of British boarding school education. Surely, with all that is now known of child and adult psychology even the upper classes must recognise the unkindness of the doctrine?”

The late Jean Liedloff, Anthropologist, author of The Continuum Concept.

“This book should be read by everyone who was sent to boarding school, above all by those who barely survived the ordeal.

The late Angela Lambert, former ITN reporter, columnist for The Independent, author of 8 books.

Then he wrote

He proposes that a cherished national character ideal, eschewing vulnerability and practising a normalised covert hostility based on bullying in the dorm adversely affects even those who did not have the privilege of such an education. It leaves Britain in the social and emotional dark ages, led by “the boys in the men that run things”.

New scientific evidence shows that this hyper-rational training leaves its devotees trapped within the confines of an inflexible mind, beset with functional defects, presented here as the Entitled Brain.

Through the lens of the British case, the author presents readers with a perspective on the universal defects of untempered rationality and proposes a revised model of leadership more fit for the uncertain future our world faces.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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8 Responses to From The British Attitude to #Children and the Boarding School System to #WoundedLeaders

  1. T. Birks says:

    Just my opinion, but a view which I have always held. .. There is something very wrong with parents who ship their children off to boarding school at the first opportunity, and .. something very wrong with the children who got shipped off to boarding school. How can a loving parent do such a thing to a young child? .. … Little wonder our whole system of government and perverted justice is so dis-functional and psychopathic. These people, our so-called shining examples, have probably never know genuine love and affection.

  2. john says:

    The best example of abuse in the boarding school system was ritualized corporal punishment. When I was in my last year at Rugby in 1959, my parents were living in London and I saw pornographic bookshops for the first time. To my surprise about a third of their contents was devoted to flagellation.
    It led me to realize what was really behind what went on at Rugby, even with great headmasters like Sir Arthur fforde and Walter Hamilton in charge.
    60 years later I still can’t understand why such great educationalists couldn’t see for themselves what harm it was doing; particularly when a humble schoolboy of no great intellectual abilities like me could see thru it all without much difficulty.
    If they were truly ignorant, then they should have done more reading, (what were they being paid for?), or if they knew all along, then they must have belonged to the poisonous group of people being exposed now….

  3. Renata Ostertag says:

    Exactly my words – always tell people over here that the “boarding schools” in the UK are pure evil.


  4. Sometimes it takes many years for victims to acknowledge their blighted lives since it puts the onus of blame or recrimination upon their parents who may have believed, in all honesty, they were giving their children the best start.

    I have only recently heard the truth about two such private schools from men in their forties and fifties. No school is perfect, but the more open the establishment, the better. Where all is above reproach, none have anything to fear from being open to scrutiny at any time; which makes ‘open days’ suspect straight away. However, we have to concede that in these uncertain times, no one can expect to enter any school or campus without being legitimately challenged – quite unlike hospitals – where no one seems to challenge anybody, anywhere.

  5. The rich have historically, always refused to suffer the demands, needs and presence of the little children, most especially their own; “a child should be seen and not heard” was their favourite motto – probably why they are so far removed from Jesus in their hearts.

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