@HumanRightsLaw UK vs #HumanRights EUROPE: Mind the Gap and Spot the Differences! @UKSupremeCourt

There is more to Europe than the idea of the European Union [EU] of 28 Member States as the grand POLITICAL ‘club’ and the ‘Eurozone‘ as the FINANCIAL club, where the Euro is legal currency.

Seasoned victims of white collar criminals turned starfighters and McKenzie Friends discovered ages ago that two significant Human Rights Articles had been omitted from the UK version (1998) of the European Convention of Human Rights (1953) and Fundamental Freedoms:

We took our petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent to the EU Parliament for the UK Parliament failed to respond or take action to our Petition regarding Children Placed in Foster Care.

Should we now petition for

Should we initiate ‘infringement procedures’ as ‘EU Citizens vs UK Government’ for

  • violating the Treaty of Lisbon?
  • questioning motives when joining a Club without obeying by its rules?
  • thus disenfranchising its citizens and deceiving them?

Should we ask the European Court of Justice to review

By way of example of ‘the State vs its Citizens‘, the petition on the UK Government site of a no-confidence vote in David Cameron PM has reached over 190,000 signatures. Normally, petitions with over 100,000 signatures should be debated in Parliament. But the UK Petitions Committee found it NOT to be admissible for a Parliamentary Debate: “not in its remit.” Hence this new petition to allow no-confidence votes to be debated in Parliament.

There’s Hope from Europe:

  1. in this brand new Handbook on European law relating to the rights of the child;
  2. thanks to the ‘issue being above the radar’ in Brussels due to what we now call Protect the best interest of the child (across borders) in EU Parliament and EU Council! [Please make sure that you signed!]
  3. this lecture by Lord Sumption, UK Supreme Court judge, who is concerned about the boundaries between the political and the legal system: The right to a court – Article 6 of the Human Rights Convention;
  4. when overcoming negative Beliefs about the European Court of Human Rights in the United Kingdom Parliament.

Here’s how the idea of “Europe” acts out – by professionals of course: people paid to ‘just do their jobs’, i.e. fuelled by what’s dishonest about our money system rather than passion as us volunteers:

  1. Brussels with
    1. the EU Parliament [EP] of 751 elected Parliamentarians [MEPs] with their Petitions Committee where our petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent was heard so that 8 MEPs came for a fact-finding visit in November 2015;
    2. the European Council of Heads of State of all EU Member States;
    3. the Council of the European Union (Council of Ministers);
    4. the EU Commission [EC] as the ‘administrative backbone’ or ‘executive body’ to ensure that EU Law is complied with by the Member States;
  2. Strasbourg with
    1. the Council of Europe as the inter-governmental organisation of Parliamentarians from 47 Member States – to promote
      1. human rights
      2. democracy
      3. the Rule of Law;
    2. the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) – a supranational or international court established by the European Convention of Human Rights in 1950;
  3. Luxembourg with
    1. the European Court of Justice – where states can be taken to for Actions failure to fulfill obligations or the failure to act;
  4. Frankfurt with 
    1. the European Central Bank – acting supposedly in unison with Finance Ministers, but I have covered this hot topic of money creation in oodles of meetings relating to the Forum for Stable Currencies.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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5 Responses to @HumanRightsLaw UK vs #HumanRights EUROPE: Mind the Gap and Spot the Differences! @UKSupremeCourt

  1. peter oakes says:

    We should Point Out ! to the European Authorities concerned Europol, European Dept. of Justice.
    European Parliament, etc. That the UK has been Hi-Jacked in a “creeping Coup” by
    a group identified as the “Legal Mafia ” This Mafia uses the Courts and joke police
    farce to steal properties by insolvency process, child trafficking by illegally confusing the court process and the personnel in the court service ! thus allowing Jimmy Savile type sex abuse to thrive
    in their perverted satanic ritual cult ceremonies.

    Every UK Judge is aware! and by omission or practice supports this treason against the British
    European Citizen by the blatant removal of any commitment to ECHR by deliberately
    refusing to sign Article 1 the obligation to Up-hold ECHR along with the Removal of Article 13
    ECHR the Right to a Remedy. The Mafia have defied the European Authorities and are therefore
    guilty of Contempt of the European Court of Justice. The British Judiciary should be
    replaced by European Judges ASAP before European Justice is contaminated and

  2. Yes, Yes, Peter. Lord Sumption QC points out in his five minutes with the BBC that the danger of the British legal system is “drawing the boundary lines between politics and law”…

  3. truthaholics says:

    Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:
    Talk about dragging a court into disrepute – from once ruling the waves to now waiving the rules – by apparently circumventng the ‘sandwich provisions’ of Articles of 1 and 13, Britain renders the family human rights of forcibly removed children ‘theoretical and illusory’ instead of ‘practical and effective.’

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