UKIP Uses Forced Adoption To Rally Voters In Commons Debate

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Having no shame whatsoever, UKIP has now decided to weigh in on child welfare matters by moving a debate in the House of Commons on Forced Adoption. What follows is a comical attempt at appealing to the public’s heart strings by echoing already well known sentiments about the state of the child welfare system in the UK.

The debate, which took place yesterday,  was scheduled by UKIP’s Douglas Carswell MP, who begins by showing his support for Forced Adoption. He then launches into a scathing attack of the family courts, calling for more openness and transparency.

None of what Carswell says is new. Other MPs in the debate are good enough to advise him on nuances he misses completely in his tirade, which is clearly given with the general public in mind. From using the term Forced Adoption (a term which is not generally accepted within the family court sector) to referring…

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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9 Responses to UKIP Uses Forced Adoption To Rally Voters In Commons Debate

  1. T Birks says:

    I think Carswell is a Tory plant .. How do you control the opposition ? .. you take it over.

  2. assumeda says:

    At least UKIP raised the issue. I’ve seen nothing from the likes of Labour or the Green Party who as socialists should be making a stand for ordinary people being persecuted by the system.

  3. Roger Gough says:

    I put a similar comment on the original blog Sabine. A Tory plant? He already was a Tory MP – how does that make him a plant? As for Labour and the Greens, where is their support for whistle blowers ?

  4. Roger Gough says:

    Wikipedia have a list (from down the ages). I’ve met a couple of those. Dr. David Drew from the NHS is another. Colleen Rowley ex FBI who I’ve met more than once. I’ve also met one who is universally known as such, but is a plant who hasn’t been outed yet.

  5. Roger Gough says:

    Also see Herve Falciani, jailed by the Swiss I believe, in absentia recently, for exposing very large scale corruption in HSBC and “Mr Ethical” Nicholas Wilson (also HSBC) but a totally different crime.

  6. Walia says:

    posted a comment on the other website but never showed up.

    basically it is all about the opening of the family courts – sunshine is the best disinfectant.

    it is now coming out in Swansea that gagging/banning orders are being placed on parents and MCKzie friends. All it seems you need to do is raise the collusion between the courts and social services and the material sent by them behind the back of parents in court and you are banned even though it happens.

    so all credit to UKIP for raising an important issue. If bombing Syria is a matter of our national security and worth a days debate then surely something happening on our soil deserves the same attention.

    where have labour or tory or libdems been for the last 30 years, if UKIP want to try then let them, at least they do not have a hinterland in the media, legal services, social services and unions etc?

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