1st Sunday of Advent: who Cares about #Peace and #Joy and #Spirituality? #JohnLennon

VIP Child abuse and the Missing Religion.

John Lennon was shot on 08 December 1980.



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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13 Responses to 1st Sunday of Advent: who Cares about #Peace and #Joy and #Spirituality? #JohnLennon

  1. Ken Curran says:

    Still waiting for answers to questions posed regarding the depravity and debauchery directed at me and my tribal clan family whilst perfidious mindsets thinking dumbs down the creative nature of human beings made in the liKENess of The Creator. They raped my flesh and blood, my son, DECLAN GARRETT MATTHEW CURRAN, found hanged Tuesday 6th June 1995. And the decken up, cover up, still ongoing in “God’s own county”…. I’m committed to fulfill promises made. If they’re not for me they’re against, deserving of the punishment as suggested by Christ Jesus: Jesus Christ, millstones round their necks, with clear conscience, drop them in the sea, of quick-lime. This “England” wont to conquer others makes a shameful conquest of itself and its children. Happy Christmas? Over my dead son’s body? Whilst Cameron ducking pig snout…. If he wants to go to war tell it to do so, but, NOT IN MY NAME!!! JUSTICE FOR DECLAN. When? Faugh a ballagh! For God’s sake…..?

    Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

  2. leejaycant@yahoo.co.uk says:

    Well done sabine, your advanced because you experienced massive growing pains, matured i police furnaces with SS shock tactics……….Your a Survivor…….Thanks for looking at my FB and promoting an Awakened too early J L , and all 4 knew secrets about top society – but hint at…..SRA and speak metaphorically – ………..they wrote in their songs about perverse judges who are warped and diseased spiritually and mentally – this scum dares to judge victims turn them into triple VICTIMS. All judges are imbalanced and filed with insanity ………..suffocating REAL JUSTICE.

  3. Tad Davison says:

    With reference to the above images and quotes, I strongly suggest people research very deeply, the origins and the ways of Zionism. YouTube is a good place to start. I also suggest visiting my friend’s website, just type ‘Norman Finkelstein’ into Google. And if you fancy a really good life and attitude-changing educational experience, devote a lot of your time listening to the lectures given by Professor Noam Chomsky. If you are completely open-minded, and leave any preconceptions behind, I guarantee you won’t trust authority, or the political classes ever again. And with enough people, we can change the system for the good of everyone, not just the chosen few.

    It is noteworthy that both Professor Finkelstein and Professor Chomsky are both Jewish, but are opposed to Zionism.

    Tad Davison


  4. peter oakes says:

    Joe Public believes if you do not agree with zionists, then you are anti semetic ! there
    is no other race of people as racist as the zionists !, and in turn they miss-use the
    so called haulocaust as a device to to obtain sympathy and to morally blackmail
    the ignorant un-enlightened in the public. I have personallaly experienced what
    a zionist judge Nueberger did to a jewish family He is EVIL ! and Butler-Sloss
    kidnapped Corey Bradley no doubt to be trafficked or induced into the zionist army.

    Why kill your own ! when you can use the Family Division to steal children to
    stock your army ?

    And it is nice to know the more moderate jews know the truth, because it is them alone
    the ones who were handed over to the nazi,s in Poland know it was other jews that
    betrayed them

    If jewish members of Parliament were proud to be jews they would declare it ! but the sneaky ones like Jack Sraw, hide behind Anglised names. Goldberg, Salmon, etc. have diluted their
    names so as to disguise their jewishness, a great tragedy to all the decent jews in the
    world, great men like Einstein, yahoudi menuin, and good old mordaki, jailed for
    revealing zionists atomic intentions

  5. Foxtrot Tango says:

    Dear Sabine, Coudenhove-Kalergi’s mother was Japanese, Since Jewish identity goes through the female line that wd exclude him. From what I read of C-K’s ancestry on his father’s side it seems to be mostly middle ranking East European aristocracy from around the (then) Austro-Hungarian empire. I wd doubt whether there was anything Jewish in him. That said, European ‘Jews’ are, in any event, of mostly Khazar descent. Since the Khazars at various times through the middle ages occupied territory from the Danube to the boundaries of Mongolia what’s the difference? C-K advocated an elitist marriage of Judaism and European aristocracy … Hapsburg and Rothschild. You are right to be fearful of him. His work drips with utter contempt for ordinary people and their cultures, European peoples and cultures especially. More shd be done to publicise him, Good to make contact again, Cheers Frank Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2015 11:14:11 +0000 To: frankinshropshire@hotmail.co.uk

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  7. Ken Curran says:

    Sent from my Windows Phone

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