Rotherham MP, Sarah Champion launches campaign to prevent child abuse

Rotherham Politics

Rotherham MP, Sarah Champion launches campaign to prevent child abuse

On Tuesday 19 January, Sarah Champion MP, Shadow Minister for Preventing Abuse and Domestic Violence, will be launching Dare2Care, a campaign aimed at preventing child abuse.

A website – the first of its kind – created with industry experts, will go live on the day of the campaign launch to provide a hub for people to share their experiences as well as offer resources to support young people, professionals and parents.

Sarah said:

“The horror and scale of child exploitation has shocked me to the core, and I have become increasingly frustrated that we only seem to act once the crime has been committed.  I believe it is time to lead the cultural fightback, starting with Dare2Care, to make sure that all children are properly supported and informed to prevent abuse happening.”

Dare2Care will be a national campaign, bringing…

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One Response to Rotherham MP, Sarah Champion launches campaign to prevent child abuse

  1. peter oakes says:

    Sarah Champion MP Deserves our support for exposing the NEED of a full inquiry into
    police corruption and involvement in child abuse of the most horrific types imaginable
    satanism is rife and carried out by members of secret societies,

    The theft of 1000 children a month by the Courts Oh Yes ! it,s the Courts without their
    co-operation these kidnappings could not continue, Where do all these children go ?
    are they sent to a foreign country ? conscripted into a child army of emotion bereft
    ruthless killers , the same as the Saladin marmaluke army in the crusades that showed
    no mercy and slaugthered women and children ??

    Pleas google: ( Colin Fisk NSW ) and see just how corrupt the police really are ! the UK
    is far far worse than the cops in Sydney ! they have much more experience in the UK.

    The people of London were better served when the Krays protected their property, they
    were cheaper because less ” brown envelopes ” were required, it cut admin costs,
    a broken leg was much cheaper than a bent solicitor and much more effective !

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