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16 02 20 ChiefIt is hard to put into words: feelings of pain and suffering and the understanding of unconsciousness vs the evil intent of sadists and satanists. At the end of the week, this is therefore just a roundup. Links give you more insights, should you be willing to follow our journey of ‘gradual shock therapy’ until we oppose deception:

  1. the clerk of the Admin Court was used to hound Belinda and me – just as I’ve seen the Legal Services of Barnet Council hound the mother of the whistleblower kidsAre professionals ‘just doing their job’ to be nasty?
  2. Belinda McKenzie and I will be in the Royal Courts of Justice before Justice Simler on Thursday February 25th to defend
    • on behalf of ‘victims’: the right to have representation;
    • on behalf of McKenzie Friends: the right to act voluntarily without being charged ‘costs’ that Public Servants incur by hiring…

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