@MoJGovUK How to Steal your House? Faking official documents! #Judges #Courts #Police conspiring and colluding! http://chn.ge/1RUyPmt

Here’s a new ‘case’ of a fraudulent / unlawful / criminal home repossession that illustrates ‘conspiracy realism’ or ‘criminal collusion’: Anthony Badaloo, here at No. 10, publishes this petition:

  • Bank Abuse Campaign – Stop the Criminals naming the culprits:
    • Barnet County Court including the judge and court manager
    • Police – defending the criminals and arresting the innocent;
    • MPs being supposedly powerless…

Does that sound familiar?

How come Barnet Council is also responsible for

  • putting Melissa Laird into Holloway after having taken her son in Spain from her and then getting her deported, even though an oral hearing had been scheduled?
    • her then 4-year-old son has found not to be adoptable for he doesn’t know when it’s appropriate to touch himself; what does that tell you???
  • taking the whistleblower kids into ‘police protection’ and closing their criminal allegations with ‘crime not confirmed’ eleven days later?
  • getting me arrested three times and the CPS charging me with ‘witness intimidation’ for having published this article nine months earlier?
    • join me in Blackfriars Court on March 7th at 9.30, if you want to know more!

How come none of the Councillors came back to me, when I emailed them about the children having been taken into ‘police protection’?

Very difficult to make sense of, except:

  • we’ve come to earth to make a difference – not just for ourselves;
  • we must shine our light – for there is too much darkness around;
  • as ‘good’ people we cannot imagine the evil that is ‘out there’ and committing the most horrific crimes – that’s what we MUST STOP in whatever way we can.

Signing and sharing the above petition is one tiny way forward.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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11 Responses to @MoJGovUK How to Steal your House? Faking official documents! #Judges #Courts #Police conspiring and colluding! http://chn.ge/1RUyPmt

  1. T Birks says:

    How come none of the Councillors came back to me, when I emailed them about the children having been taken into ‘police protection’?
    We all know the answer to that one .. ask me another.

  2. l8in says:

    Reblogged this on L8in.

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  5. There is a moral decay so corrosive in England, that it is hard to imagine or understand how it has got this bad.
    When one examines the fact that all the government departments who call themselves “authorities” are no real authority at all in terms of qualifying characteristics of honesty, altruism, humanity, principle, vision etc…and without Public trust, they are nothing.

    With so many juries being rigged, and with judges who are not monitored and police who won’t police and are so easily bought off, the Legal Profession are even resorting to issuing their own fake ‘court orders’ and in the case of Eversheds have used electronic means to forge a judge’s signature!
    So many solicitors have become accomplished only in the art of sophistry and cheating, and county councils are relying on false accounting and abuse of position to try to secure their continuance – so its all an incredibly shaky ‘footing’ to be running an entire country on!

  6. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

    ATTORNEY GENERAL REFERENCE (No 1 of 1975) AID, Abet, Counsel or Procure, should be given their Ordinary Meaning.

    The London Borough of Newham Council, The London Borough of Redbridge Council, and the Metropolitan Police and the Independent Police Complaints Commission they do conceal and Suppress Evidence whilst they benefit from the Proceeds of Unlawful Conduct Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Higher Wages in Public Office)

    Case Nos: C1/2014/2539 & C1/2015/0502
    27th January 2016
    Before The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales
    Lord Justice Tomilson
    Lord Justice Vos
    The Queen on the Application of Susan, Rutherford, Paul Rutherford and Warren Todd (A Child by his Litigation Friend Susan Rutherford) Appellant
    Secretary of State for Works and Pension Respondent
    The Queen on the Application of A Appellant
    Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Respondent
    Equality and Human Rights Commission Interverner

    Paragraph 72 of the Judgment: It is clear from the decision in Mathieson V Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [2015] UKSC 47, (2015) 1 WLR 3250 and in Particular paragraphs 39-40 that the Secretary of State should have had specific regard to the Best Interests of Children in the Position of W as a Primary consideration when devising the Regulations……….

    [2012) EWCA CIV 629 (15th May 2012) Judgment.
    The Case Thlimmenos V Greece (2001) 31 EHRR 15, where the Strasbourg Court stated (At Paragraph 44)-
    “The Court has so far considered that the Right under Article 14 not to be discriminated against the enjoyments of rights guaranteed under the Convention is Violated when States treat differently persons in analogous situations without providing an objective and reasonable justifications.

    There are double Standards in England and Wales- As the Two Judgments given in the Court of Appeal, does provide sufficient Evidence that Civil Restraint Order should have been made on the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, whilst Ministers and Civil Servants are not immune From Contempt of Court Proceedings.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  7. peter oakes says:

    In responce to the Onevoicegroup, All this moral decay and corruption started
    when we joined the EEC. European Economic Community. That in truth was a
    device to lure us into the United States of Europe
    The European Commission and All it,s Un-Elected mafioso was founded on deception and lies
    has we have now know for 40 odd years and by stealth we have lost our freedoms and justice
    we are ruled by a nepotism elite same as the BBC John Snow – Dan Snow. Anne Robertson-
    Her father, the Dimblebys, jobs for perverts Savile & co, Rolf, Stuart, Max it goes on and on

    We have lost our borders and Boundaries Counties wiped out for Euro zones,
    People persecuted and tortured to death “the metric Martyr ” selling bannanas by
    imperial measures, throwing dead under-siezed fish -re- Blackfish back into the sea casing pollution, these Euro-Crats ain,t got common sense those fish would make excellent
    poultry -pet food, fertilisers etc could have gone to UK Food Banks but Brussels Tyrants
    just had to destroy fishermen & families to assert their evil intentions. If you want to end
    up impoverished like the Greeks feel free. I am VOTING OUT June 23rd.

    Democracies do not become Nazi countries in one day, Evil progresses cunningly, with a minority operating as it were, to remove the levers of control. One by one
    our freedoms are suppressed, in one sphere after another. Public opinion and the entire
    national conscience are asphyxiated. And then, when everything is in order, The Fuhrer
    ( Merkel ) is installed and the evolution continues even to the oven of the crematorium.

    It is necessary to intervene before it is to late. A conscience must exist somewhere which will Sound the Alarm to the Minds of a Nation menaced by this progressive corruption, to warn them
    of the peril and to show them that they are progressing down a long which leads far, sometimes
    even to Buchenwald or Dachau.

    Teitgen of France returned to the theme of Human Rights abuses in World War 11.
    Sept. 1949:

    VOTE OUT Get your Country back! then we will sort
    the Traitors,

    • I agree. and when you examine who is behind the division of the world into 4 key groups – the African Union, the Asian Union, the North American Union and the European Union – all about control vis a vis the steering towards an attempt at a single global currency – the Amero- (phew! unthinkable) under rothschild’s depraved control – may God help us and instantly release us all from this nightmare manipulation using stolen money. Apparently Rothschild is now worth over $500 Trillion of stolen money??

  8. Renata Ostertag says:



  9. Georgina Halford- Hall says:

    Dear Sabine

    We haven’t spoken for some time but I believe that you are aware of our WhistleblowersUK event on Wednesday in the House of Commons between 1400 and 1600 (committee rm 10). The details are on the website. WBUK.org

    Don’t worry about tickets just come and join us as we look to develop a team to campaign for improved protection of whistleblowers, be them employees or citizens.

    I’m sorry that this may be late in the day but we have been inundated with calls to our helpline and they are my priority.

    Let’s work together, Together We Are Stronger.


    Sent from my iPad


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