@MoJGovUK “The System” of Professionals is catching up with #Victims of White Collar Crimes and Criminals

16 03 07 Law GazetteThe first ‘gagging’ order I received from Swansea Council was a visible fake. But WordPress had taken it seriously and blocked me from updating, until I clarified.

Years later, Change.org had to assume that Britain’s secret family courts are genuinely trying to operate in the ‘best interest’ of children. But they took two petitions down without listening to me.

And now the Law Gazette reports:

‘Warrant errors’ meaning faking official documents. From counterfeiting money to forging documents that are worth ‘money’ – while still too few people know what’s dishonest about our money system

Have I published enough cases and stories for ‘the system’ to take note while oodles of people lost their homes, businesses, livelihood, liberty and health?

How many have killed themselves?

How many bad consciences will go to the grave?

Or is The Force beginning to win???



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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3 Responses to @MoJGovUK “The System” of Professionals is catching up with #Victims of White Collar Crimes and Criminals

  1. T Birks says:

    That’s all just about right, welcome to the real world. ‘The SYSTEM’ .. remains in power to prey upon the poor and disadvantaged because .. it is able prey on the poor and disadvantaged. The only thing you have to decide for yourself is .. was it designed that way or did it just evolve that way.

  2. peter oakes says:

    It was not designed that way, it evolved from a queen who has been on the kazi to-long
    completely out of touch with reality, her country has been hi-jacked in a “creeping coup ”
    by corrupt freemasons in local authorities, schools, courts, churches, police, etc.

    The establishment is s–t scared joe public will ” cotton on ” and so by drop, by drop the
    BBC is letting slip out propaganda along with the Times, Mail Mirror, Express etc their
    masonic controllers realising the internet is exposing them for SRA, Bankruptcy thefts
    and frauds, persecution by masonic police exactly as happened in Australia ni-on 20 years ago

    Me thinks the queen should open -up the Tower of London and fill it with masonic
    traitors for usurping the queens & crown agencies robbing her Loyal Subjects.

    The poor and disadvantaged should Now recognise who their enemy is,

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