@UKHomeOffice Is there enough Unconditional Love and Uncritical Acceptance for #RitualAbuse #SatanicCrimes #CSA #SRA?

This book was published in 1991 and still is a serious eye-opener to Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crimes. Intended to give a public voice to the private pleas of children, it is a remarkable compilation of evidence and analysis of crimes, their cover-ups and even the hounding of people who dare to expose what is clearly ‘too horrible to imagine’, let alone ‘believe’ – until we KNOW. From experience. From Listening to the Children – as Beatrix Campbell did in 1990 in Nottingham.

Re Nottingham, the author Tim Tate writes:

What makes the Nottingham case all the more important is its remarkable similarity to a case that began four years earlier and three thousand miles away: in the McMartin pre-school in Manhattan Beach near Los Angeles.

The Nottingham case, like McMartin before it, is still written off as evidence that no such phenomenon as satanic ritual abuse exists. How did this come to be?

The answer is in a curious and unholy trinity which has dogged the issue from the outset:

  1. the Church
  2. the press
  3. and the occult.

He also concludes:

TO TACKLE THE PROBLEM, we have, temporarily at least,
to suspend our disbelief and LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN.

Tim Tate was part of the research team for the Cook Report who also produced this program on Satanic Abuse:

Having begun to study the book, I keep asking myself the question:

What has changed since 1991 when the publisher was taken to court by Police because ‘by inference’ an officer could be implied to be ‘corrupt’?

We have the internet since then. It tells us that five copies of the book are available – at high price.

Wikipedia gives us satanic ritual abuse, a history of satanism and a list of satanic ritual abuse allegations, some of which are also published by Aangirfan: all those international ‘cases’ of

  • children being molested, mutilated and murdered;
  • adults not only committing crimes but also covering them up and hounding those who act to protect children and their rights;
  • the analysis of culprits:
    • the mindsets of Police officers who are not ‘equipped’ to deal with these organised crimes;
    • the attitudes of therapists and other ‘psycho-experts’ who ‘believe’ rather than ‘know’ about the suffering of children;
  • the general reaction of  dismissal:
    • as FANTASY
    • as a diversion from the ‘real problem’ of INCEST
    • as invention of SENSATION-SEEKING journalists
  • rather than
    • the horrified acceptance of the concept that these children could be telling the TRUTH.

Common allegations were composed by Californian therapist PAMELA HUDSON L.C.S.W. in April 1988 as ‘key indicators’:

  1. Child was molested by other children, child group sex
  2. Child was molested by adult strangers, day care workers
  3. Child reported the following types of physical or psychological abuse:
    • Reports being locked inside a ‘jail’ or cage
    • Reports telling that abusers threatened to kill their parents, siblings or pets, if they told
    • Was buried or put inside caskets, coffins, boxes
    • Was held under water
    • Was threatened with guns or knives
    • Child was injected, drugged or ‘poked’ with needles
    • Children were photographed or filmed during abuse
    • Children were tied by ropes, hung form hooks, placed in closets, spread over inverted pentagrams or inverted cross
    • Child describes abusers wearing robes, masks having candles
    • Children were forced to participate in mock marriages
    • Children were defecated and urinated upon, and forced to ingest both
    • Children observed animals tortured and killed
    • Children described being given fake operations
    • Children describe the torture and sexual assault of others or of themselves
    • Evidential medical examination: findings commensurate with sexual assault
    • Children described small children and babies being killed, carved up and eaten by participants, sometimes including themselves
    • Children report being taken away from the care provider, traveling by car, airplane, helicopter, boats or submarines
    • Children describe being taken to churches, other day care centres and graveyards for more terrorising, torture and sexual assault.

In the UK: 

Believing or knowing – is that the question?

Therapy or law enforcement – is that the alternative?

Good or Evil – which side are you on?

May there be enough Unconditional Love and Uncritical Acceptance
for all Child Victims!

And may there be some for perpetrators and deniers too…
For how can they learn to ‘do better‘? They have to ‘know better‘ first…

SANDI GALLANT, Police Officer in San Francisco who became an expert in the cult is cited to have said:

I think if you look at the historical aspect of Satanism, then you can clearly see that ritual child abuse is almost a prerequisite for the ceremonies.


WHISTLEBLOWER KIDS – the ‘Hampstead Scandal’: from Child Snatching and the Secrecy of Family Courts to Forced Adoptions for Sexual Exploitation, Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crimes

NATIONAL INQUIRY into Organised, Orchestrated and Historic Child Sexual Abuse



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