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Norman ScarthHe used to whisper to horses, after he ‘served the country’ by killing fellow soldiers in WWII.

He suffered soo much as a victim of ‘The State’ of his country that he fled to Ireland where he recently celebrated his 90th birthday.

He also became more and more eloquent and ‘to the point’, as he puts so FABULOUSLY here:

To Judge Robin Callender Smith.

16 05 28 Norman ScarthIn the matter of Scarth v
Information Commissioner, case EA/2014/0042.


I wish to thank you for your interjection (after I had been speaking for barely 5 minutes) at the Telephone Conference Hearing on 24th May 2016, when you said, “Get to the point Mr Scarth.”

Those six words were most helpful to me.  

(Before going further, I ask you to look at the attachment, which includes a transcript of that hearing.  As stated in the document I would be grateful if you would certify the transcript as an accurate record of the proceedings [as Lord Woolf did in 1999] & return it to me.)

To return to the main point of this message.

You were not INTENDING to be helpful:

On the contrary, your arrogant bullying was intended to unsettle me.  Your pulling the plug to prevent my McKenzie Friend reminding me of a matter I had forgotten was even worse, & was in gross violation of Article 6.

Paradoxically, in those few words you got right to the heart of the matter – you hit the nail on the head!  

BUT –  you hit the wrong nail!

The POINT of this matter was the seriously criminal attack on me by West Yorkshire Police on 8th August 1999 – & I have been TRYING to ‘stick to that point’!  

Trouble is, I am the only one who has been doing so.  When The State is anxious that serious crime committed by agencies of The State should remain covered up (as now), the whole legal process is used to obfuscate, confuse & divert the arguments further & further AWAY  from the ‘Point’, into a maze of legalese bafflegab, a fog of bewilderment & a bog of treacle.   

Stalin could not have had his Gulags, Hitler his concentration camps, without millions of people willing to do the dirty work in return for the perks from being part of the Police State.

And so it is with The Freedom of Information Act, the Information Commissioner, & the army of apparatchiks of the First Tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal, General Regulatory Council, the Office for Judicial Complaints (OJC), which was abolished, replaced by the Judicial Conduct and Investigations Office (JCIO). & Admiral Sir John Brigstocke KCB, who holds the sinecure pretend job of Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman.

All of them specifically created to take all those involved further, & further, & further away from the central & essential ‘Point’!

It is astonishing that a people who had the benefit of George Orwell’s prediction in his book, ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ (& the real life examples of Stalinist Russia & Hitler’s Germany) should ignore it when those predictions come true, as has been increasingly the case since the end of World War 2.

Orwell wrote of Newspeak, & Ingsoc, & reversed language, where government departments  were given names which were the complete opposite of what they actually did, i.e.  The Ministry of Peace, whose purpose was to control the army, & maintain a state of war with ‘The Enemy’:

The Ministry of Plenty oversaw the rationing of foodsupplies, and goods, while the Ministry of Truth was the propaganda Ministry, where history was re-written to meet the needs of the time.

In Britain, we had an example of that – before Orwell had written it!

At one time the British Army was controlled, & sent to  conquer other people by the ‘War Department’.  At the end of WW2, this was changed to the ‘Department of Defence’, which sounds much less bloodthirsty.

I ask that you accept that which is above as ‘Further Submissions – 4’ in my appeal against the (falsely named) Information Commissioner

You will by now be aware that I have made a complaint about you to the JCIO.

For your convenience, I include the text of my email to that body.  The actual complaint is in the attachment.

I await your decision with a faint & foolish hope that you may now realise just what you are part of, that you will feel a twinge of conscience, & that you will take such action as is necessary to bring this Police Crime to light.  Being deliberate & with malice, it was worse than Hillsborough, even if the consequences have not been as dramatic.  

Norman Scarth.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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5 Responses to @MoJGovUK @NormanScarth #Orwell + #Stalin + #Hitler [+ #Kafka]

  1. truth1 says:

    Indeed, there should be a great reward for great men and women of integrity and caring. While there are not enough voices like Mr. Scrath, at least we have some and they are there to confirm our reality, if we have been stung by the system. His referrals to Mr. Orwell were excellent. I have use those myself at times. The sad thing is that we can make no progress at a time when criminal activity has consumed our species. Only a God could right things now, and just lucky for us, there is such a God that will be the rewarder of those that seek Him and recognize by His written words, written for our benefit. Great people deserve no less and should not pass the opportunity up.

    I dare say that there are a number of men like Scarth, all of whom have run into a brick wall their governments’ courts, all of whom are corrupt and owned by one source alone, that of Satan. He has lived since before our species was made and has guided history and progress as he saw fit. He got his chance to prove his point and lost and his fate awaits him. But he still plans to try to deprive as many as he can of a resurrection by God. by us accepting God’s terms while there is no enforcement of those terms by God, we can obtain that promise. That alone is quite a test.

    But Satan will have no such change. He threw his away cause he had no excuse in the 1st place for what he did and he knew the terms before he took his actions.

    As for me, I intend to warn people that there really is a sick twisted miserable sadistic psychopath in the spirit realm or if you prefer, another dimension or a paranormal dimension. but make not mistake that he is behind all going on in the world. but he is not without oversight and his days are certainly numbered. And so are those of the Hampstream cult over at Hoaxstead-ington. Hi guys. I know you’re watching. God is, too. And I know He is not happy with the situation with 2 children you have abused, among the many others. God can’t talk to me directly due to His agreements with Satan about rules of engagement, but I am sure He has not relinquished all interests in this matter yet. I wish I knew more or could say more, but I only know what my assignment is. the rest is left to time to tell.

    Scarth’s story is NOT an uncommon one.,Its far too regular an occurrence. but we can be assured that it does not go un-noticed. It will count in the long run.

  2. Diana Smith says:

    What Norman Scarth has discovered like all of us who have been trodden underfoot, is that it is all in the “detail”, and the “detail” is that names like The Data Protection Act / The Freedom of Information Act / The Information Commissioners Office / The Civil Procedure Rules / The Land Registration Act , all wrongly named as they are nothing to do with providing us with what they imply and all about being engineered to deprive and strip us of rights and assets. Previously there were campaigns about using “English ” and “Common Sense Wording”, even our Judges have been requested to word judgements so that we can understand them. How about an all out campaign to accurately rename everything we deem to not have a proper and correct functioning name?

    • truth1 says:

      An excellent idea, Diana. But then they would take years arguing over the wording. and even if a perfect job was done of the new law.of wording, government has this amazing ability to twist and distort any word they want. Either they take a word and expand it, by changing it, such as: rape, which becomes sexual assault which could be absolutley anything by their definition. Even rape is redefined.

      And in our law, no longer is killing the important thing. It is why you killed. For fun? For revenge? or for supposed hate. governments say it makes a difference, but I say that dead is dead, regardless of why.

      There is no real way to make a government and courts honest. they have all the power and so can do as they please. Part or what makes a truce effective is the ability of both parties or nations to make it too expensive and deadly to violate the truce. That is to say, the citizens must be as powerful as their government and we do not h ave a military with ships, an air force, tanks, etc. So we are at a complete disadvantage as we have no money left to finance a big military of our own .And by allowing our governments to engage in huge wars, we justify the huge military build-up that can be turned around and used on us, which is why we have regular world wars. In fact, its constant war now, though not on the scale of WWII.

      In my opinion, the obstacles to justice are too many. It will have to be God’s to correct this very big problem. It can not be done thru our own efforts. Law and Justice are a waste of time, sadly. but I firmly believe that preaching about the evil of our world is our only last defense and also a good way to please God as well.

      But I have nothing but respect and regard for your words and intentions. They make perfect sense but our world does not run on sense or decency anymore, if it ever did.

  3. T Birks says:

    A quite remarkable man and deserving of great respect, we should all aspire to be as honourable in our intentions as Norman Scarthe, and to continue in the face of adversity to fight on for what is right in the hope that ‘Just Cause’ might succeed. We should all have the strength of Norman but sadly many do not, nor do they have his courage, knowing this we the good but weak do at the very least owe him our support and should demand that our justice system, if it is fit to be called such, demonstrates the justice that it claims to uphold and puts right the wrongs it has for whatever reason been a party to.

    • truth1 says:

      We can demand of our justice system, but who is going to enforce when they have a military that can wipe out multiple nations and has other nations that it is allied with so that if its citizens did get out of hand, they could lend their militaries to our nation to put us down. My solution is to supplicate the one force in the universe far more powerful than any worldly force. That being God almighty. he has a plan and will spare and rescue those who obey Him as boss, even though He has not asserted Himself yet. he is testing us for compliance without compulsion. But one day, he will compel the world or eliminate those that will resist. Fight power with real power. God is real power. We have none, otherwise as I see it.

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