@MoJGovUK #Victims and #Whistleblowers Unite in Maidstone @ Mote Park Leisure Centre Sat 18 June at 7.30pm

16 06 15 MaidstoneThis event is organised by Yolande Kenward who has been helping many victims of the courts as a McKenzie Friend.

With the email below, she invites members of the Judiciary to an event she’s organising next Saturday.

Here’s the programme:

Educational Talks & Videos about what goes on in Maidstone 18.6.2016

This event is to educate the people of Maidstone/Kent as to what your council tax is being used for as well as to raise money for the Patient Support Trust to reduce the risks for patients and children.  To attend the event starting at 7.30pm on 18.6.2016 please make a payment of £6 per person to a Metro Bank account that I set up yesterday solely for the purpose of this event whilst a business account is being set up ie  Mrs Y A Kenward Sort Code 23-08-80  Account number 20258217. I will check online to compile a list of attendees for the event.

Due to the short notice some speakers will only be represented by videos – indicated by *.

1   Introduction by Yolande Kenward re the founding of the Patient Support Trust in 2000

2   My medical accident in the BMI Somerfield Hospital and a £6.6bn profit (YK)

3   “If we want you to lose, you will lose” – the attitude of Maidstone Courts & Police (YK)

4   Ex-Conservative KCC Councillor, Ian Josephs, who coined the termed Forced Adoption, started going down this route 40 years ago after using his legal background to help families going through KCC Social Services and Kent Courts came to help for his help*.

5   The Maureen Spalek Forced Adoption story, as a freemason “favour” (YK)

6    Terry Armstrong’s ‘Uncle Arry’ videos – Avoidable Repossessions in Maidstone*

7   Cheyenne Antonia, 23, from Thanet speaking about her mother’s experiences in care in Kent, about the Kendal House Scandal, about Cheyenne’s experiences in care in Kent and about her son’s experiences in care in Kent – and how she got her son out of care.

8   The freemason Desmond Tutu Grandson Child Protection scandal/LB of Sutton (YK)*

9   Cllr Deborah Gilawi (Labour), Norwich Social Worker and Youth Mental Health Worker,     talking on the BBC Politics Show about Forced Adoptions and outcomes*

10   The use of injunctions & sectioning to rig elections in Maidstone and in LB of Sutton.

FAO Mr Greenberg, Chief Case Manager

Dear Mr Greenberg

Mote Park Leisure Centre Saturday 18 June 2016 at 7.30pm

Via an email sent to the Prime Minister, the Supreme Court received the attached programme of an event which is still being worked on and is subject to changes; as I had thought I had the approval of all parties, but I did not have written confirmation from one person to use their videos which are freely available on the internet.

I have not had a reply to this email or to the follow-up one that I sent yesterday.

What is the situation re the Desmond Tutu Celebrity Reporting Restriction Injunction re the LB of Sutton Child Protection Scandal involving his grandson?

Whilst proceedings were on-going I spoke at the Children Screaming to be Heard Conference about the lack of jurisdiction, and therefore the Order is void.

I now want to speak again on Saturday, is the Order void or not? There are elections in 8 days time – the Supreme Court needs to clarify the situation so that I do not inadvertently get into trouble.

Should a member of the judiciary attend the Maidstone event on Saturday night to speak before I describe justice Maidstone-style?

Until 2008 I used to appeal everything from Maidstone to London because until then, Maidstone only had an influence on circa 50% of the High Court, but from 2008 and the £6.6bn BMI profit case, I found that Maidstone’s influence on the High Court became 100%.  Moreover Maidstone’s influence on the Carlisle Courts is a disgrace;  and their influence on the Birmingham courts.

Please can you advise what you have seen of the bundle that I prepared for the Court of Appeal, decided on by LJ King, is the Media Reporting Order a void Order?

Can I speak about the LB of Sutton Child Protection Scandal & Vote Rigging Order?

Please may I have a response by 4.30pm today.  Thank you.

Kind regards

Yolande Kenward (Mrs)



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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4 Responses to @MoJGovUK #Victims and #Whistleblowers Unite in Maidstone @ Mote Park Leisure Centre Sat 18 June at 7.30pm

  1. T Birks says:

    Please may I have a response by 4.30pm today. Thank you.
    Kind regards
    Yolande Kenward (Mrs)..

    I don’t know if a response was forthcoming but I would suspect the chance of any meaningful reply would be approximately zero.

  2. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    I wish I lived nearer the venue, but this must be a beam of light in dark places.

  3. Paul Webster says:

    Could you please dedicate a space on your website to promote our petition?

    Please help many families and people who are being ripped off and devastated!

    After Panama Papers there is yet one more disturbing evidence: There is undeniable evidence that many do not pay for court’s fees in the UK so that can get away with full abuse of process in small private chambers arranged for them.

    Fraud upon the court is devastating for the victims waiting and hoping to receive relief from the courts. The victims lose their homes, their assets, their jobs, their companies and ultimately their liberty and health in breach of their fundamental human and statutory rights.

    The nature, extent and sophistication of this fraud, is far beyond the comprehension and reach of the average litigant in person and law enforcement officers by the police force.

    This scam is often used by banks, legal professionals, private companies, and dishonest landlords and council officers aided by court’s officers. Meanwhile criminal convictions and assets stripping founded on complex illegalities and irregularities send every day honest hardworking families and people left penniless and homeless in the streets begging for help.

    Please support the petition here:

    The petition includes a brief explanation to understand the basic of this subtle and complex type of fraud and some useful links with a contact details to send opinions and get some help if possible. Any person who believes to be a victim of Fraud on the Court can send their opinions contacting UK PEOPLE at: pinquiry2016@yahoo.com

    Please SEND IT TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!! Friends family peers!

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