@MoJGovUK CPS? Police? Judges? Lawyers? Who’s afraid of #Truth? Who prefers incompetence and #corruption?

16 07 09 Mail Online top16 07 09 Mail Online bottProsecuting lawyers ‘are lacking brain cells and don’t understand criminal trials’, blasts retiring judge – publishes the Daily Mail – two days before my trial that has been joined to another one:

  • Christopher Ball QC accused prosecution of service of ‘lacking brain cells’
  • Retiring judge claimed some lawyers ‘don’t understand’ criminal trials
  • Controversial comments were made during his recent retirement speech
  • Mr Ball has sat at Chelmsford Crown Court, in Essex, since 2001.

Veteran victim Norman Scarth writes:

The power of The Press is great, but the power of suppression is much greater.

This suppression / oppression / repression is illustrated by my court cases as a ‘public interest whistleblower’. They are the consequence of:

  1. The threat of prosecution by London Borough of Barnet[1] against the mother of two child victims and witnesses whom I helped as a McKenzie Friend;
  2. The threat of imprisoning the mother and me[2] in the secrecy of the Family Division of the High Court.

By publishing first a petition to Return the Whistleblower Kids to their Russian family[3], and subsequently the blog Whistleblower Kids[4], it became clear that two Police Officers and two judges covered up the crimes that the children accused their father of organising and included more and more complicit public service actors.

After I fled UK jurisdiction in February 2015, I returned in August for an Appeal hearing of the mother who had also escaped. Since then these are the significant events that caused me severe physical trauma, mental, emotional and financial distress:

  1. I was arrested in August, December and January, accused of harassment, malicious communication and witness intimidation; at the last incident on a Sunday after midnight, I was handcuffed when I called my solicitor, because the Officer claimed she had intelligence of me having been violent;
  2. after my case was joined to another one, a hearing was vacated and I didn’t attend court; that caused an arrest and de-arrest during a visit by Police at home;
  3. I am in court with the Department for Work and Pension to get my ‘Pension Credit’ re-instated that I have been receiving since 2004;
  4. whilst living off charity, I am waiting for Camden Council to pay rent to my landlord for the period that I was abroad;
  5. I have been taken to court by Camden Council who claim that I owe them Council Tax;
  6. a brick through my landlord’s front door surprised me one Saturday morning;
  7. a verbal assault at a bus stop shocked me one Sunday afternoon;
  8. I’m scheduled to be in Blackfriars Court for five days, starting 11 July.

The summary by the Crown Prosecution Service refers to the publication of “50 parents details”. Hence I counted: the children accuse 175 adults of being abusers in a cult whose leader is their UK father. They include 16-20 Officers from 16 Police Stations, 30 teachers and staff from 8 schools, clergy from Christchurch Hampstead, 20 ‘special’ children adopted for the purpose of abuse, 72 children altogether and 71 parents.

But: Barnet Police closed the case with “crime not confirmed” on 22.09.2015, organised cover-ups at Police, Local Authority and High Court levels, got internet companies to join in the cover-ups and subsequently stitched up three of us supporters of the children to appear in court. Christine Ann Sands who publishes Hampstead Christchurch was the first to be arrested, together with Neelu Berry[5].

On Monday 11 July Neelu and I will be in court, for we are accused of having ‘conspired/agreed’ to ‘intimidate witnesses’ whose statements I published in April 2015, whilst in Germany.

That’s how alleged abusers become witnesses, while Police and CPS are the accusers. One wonders: why???

[1] https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byzy22cCtwpdLXhrZVFLZDc5UTg/view?pref=2&pli=1

[2] https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byzy22cCtwpdQ3dLRWdmenBsaXM/view?pref=2&pli=1

[3] https://vid.me/Lkfe

[4] https://whistleblowerkids.uk/about

[5] http://hampsteadchristchurch.com/neelu/


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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5 Responses to @MoJGovUK CPS? Police? Judges? Lawyers? Who’s afraid of #Truth? Who prefers incompetence and #corruption?

  1. Sabine: If they continue with the charge of Harassment, you MUST make the point that The Harassment Act, is one of the worst of many bad laws recently imposed in Police State Britain. Brought in SUPPOSEDLY for the benefit of women who were in fear of stalkers (mostly ex-husbands or lovers), it is NEVER used for that purpose (the murder of such women continues as before). It was in fact DESIGNED as a weapon with which police are able to harass law-abiding citizens, & is used by them with enthusiasm – no matter how inappropriately!. . .

  2. peter oakes says:

    Please note: The defence to a charge of harassment is that ” you were following
    a lawful course of conduct ” re: ” discovering crime ” it is clearly stated in the Act. itself

  3. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    This is pure farce – only it isn’t funny and no one is laughing. No story-teller could invent the catalogue of events that make up these travesties of justice.

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