Police Bail in the Public Debate after Abuse to Cover-Up #ChildAbuse. Unchecked Malpractice? @MoJ @metpoliceuk

15-03-17-home-affairsAfter six arrests since 04 August 2015 I know from experience:

  • from a highly distasteful ‘booking in’ procedure to being released takes at least 10 if not 43 hours;
  • being released means Police can impose ‘bail conditions’ which the ‘arresting officer’ determines;
  • whilst in a cell, doctors deny you the supplement that prevents you from having painful muscular cramps, because they want to get rid of their Paracetamol and pills to ‘calm you’;
  • meanwhile the Crown Prosecution Service [CPS or ‘Clown Prosecution Services’, as has been suggested] decides whether to formulate ‘charges’ or not – possibly based on the results from investigating computers and phones that they ‘seized’;
  • if yes, you are taken to court, possibly in handcuffs, after your walking sticks were taken away;
  • in Court, you are given ‘Court Bail’ which can rectify the ‘Police Bail’ and thus ‘Law Enforcement’ hands over to ‘The Rule of Law’;
  • if you’re acquitted, as two of us were, we should have had our property back: promptly, without having to request it, unbroken, as Sergeant Ward of Holborn Police Station told me that property is SAFE with them;
  • it is apparently very unusual to be imposed a ‘Restraining Order’ after having been found ‘not guilty’; but we deserved this extreme and unusual treatment;
  • unfortunately, our experiences are very far from what is supposed to happen according to the Law and Rule books…

Police Bail can go forever. I’m still on it. That’s what I alerted all MPs who are members of the Home Affairs Committee and the Petitions Committee, besides the key MEPs who are aware of my ordeal, following our petition to Stop Forced Adoptions.

For not only the Home Affairs Committee, also the Home Office had produced reports, after Paul Gambaccini had been on police bail for nearly a year. He was the first to expose Savile on TV.

The rest is history:

And news:

And memory of the web:

I wonder how many joined the Police to protect child abuse?
How many would leave if they had a comparable job alternative?
Apparently, the Official Secrets Act has something to do with their critical life decisions…
And how they may be ‘seduced’ into perks, promotions and god knows what other ‘favours’…

When will the UK wake up to what Australia has discovered with their Royal Commission into New South Wales Police in 1997: corruption, paedophilia and satanic abuse?

When you join the dots, you spot the pattern! Here it took me five pages to put together the petition to Abolish Police Bail.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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4 Responses to Police Bail in the Public Debate after Abuse to Cover-Up #ChildAbuse. Unchecked Malpractice? @MoJ @metpoliceuk

  1. This makes sad, bad reading.

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