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Seven arrests as a result of having acted as McKenzie Friend have taken their toll on my chronic pain condition: I am effectively housebound.

But yesterday I bundled three events to minimise walking:

  1. Crown Commercial Services had asked techUK members for user feedback so that they could catch up with the Digital Transformation agenda;
    • as a result, I shall help them with the design of making their bidding process more effective;
  2. a couple whose child had been removed and was supposed to be adopted against their will had come from Bournemouth to lodge their permission to appeal;
    • how likely is it to get their child returned??? “We are professional losers,” said this barrister who fled the UK with her two daughters;
  3. a couple whose house was ruined due to a landslide, after a pipe had burst, had asked a McKenzie Friend to help them fight against Northumbria Water, after they spent good money for bad legal services;
    • would he get the ‘Right of Audience’ despite having a ‘Section 42’ label on his record since 1986?

Exceptionally and reluctantly! And because he would not get a cut, if damages were to be awarded. Another tiny victory on one of our battle lines of victims, McKenzie Friends, Litigants In Person (LiPs) and more lately whistleblowers. I left before the judge made his decision regarding this ‘permission to appeal’. A journalist friend who was with us said this is ‘pitching the story’. The appeal is the actual story.

  • Section 42 means having been black listed as a ‘vexatious litigant‘ which means you can’t BRING litigations to a court; why should that prevent you from defending someone who has been victimised by the legal profession?
  • being ‘sectioned’ means being incarcerated in a mental hospital rather than a prison – according to some section of the Mental Health Act – the ‘Gulag card’, as veteran victim and McKenzie Friend Norman Scarth calls it.

“The English only understand money”, a South African journalist friend once said to me. I put in this Freedom of Information request to find out how the ‘public gravy train’ for the legal profession and the Judiciary is financed and am still waiting for a response.

The couple did not get ‘fee exemption’ and had to scrape pennies to pay for their hope to get their child back. Last September was record month in the number of children removed: 1,216. By calling it ‘care applications’ it doesn’t sound as brutal as it is: parents get punished without having committed a crime and children get traumatised without any reason except the political agenda and policy.

The couple whose house is ruined is fighting another ‘David and Goliath’ battle which may have more underlying issues, as Northumbria Water is apparently owned by a single Chinese individual…

  • Is it not common sense that the company should repair and compensate?
  • Is it not obvious that their refusal is mean and malicious?
  • Why would individual employees would AVOID paying compensation?
  • “We are so punitive”, said Baroness Helena Kennedy QC at this Women in Prison event.
  • Does this ‘culture’ originate in those elite schools whose insurance companies are now facing an explosion of abuse allegations?

It’s very hard to find explanations for things and events that don’t make sense. But then we appear to live in a world where satan seems to have extended his luciferian influence such that criminals rule and get away with not only murder!…

McKenzie Friends seem to become light bearers as whistleblowers and defenders of the innocent in a system of professionals that seems to have the habit of abusing their office, power and position. First you are victimised.

If you have the inner strength to overcome that position, you move on to becoming a starfighter, campaigner, activist and McKenzie Friend to help others. ‘Inside’ and ‘outside’ whistleblowers are another ‘breed’ of warriors required for this ‘battle of light’, it seems.

Morals? Ethics? Values? Forget it. Dishonest money makes our world go round!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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6 Responses to #Victims #Survivors #McKenzieFriends #LitigantsInPerson #Whistleblowers Unite! @MoJGovUK @UKHomeOffice

  1. truth1 says:

    Our world is already fully inverted and perverted. Evil is secure in its operations. New victims become prey every day. I do have an odd theory developing. The Spirit Cooking Video openly unveils what goes on. That much is obvious. But who is filming all that? Surely those being filmed were also aware of that. Why was it being filmed and how did it get “hacked.” I’m not buying the official story. I say the global elite have their purpose and reason for all things. And these are not random moves. I say the elite wanted to give us a glimpse of what does on They ordered a film production and we get the results as the spirit cooking video. Everyone was in on it and doing as they were told. No one disobeys Satan. Are they all that worried about that exposure? No, not all. Why the exposure. That is trickier.

    Is it possible that in the dispute that goes on in another dimension, that God requires a certain amount of revealing of truths But with Satan retaining options for doing so himself before hand, since then he can better control how it is presented, thereby minimizing the damage cause by releases and revelations? I don’t have sure answers. but it seems to me that the whole USA election campaign had been planned for years, and was a written scripted, rehearsed, and even moderators were given lines and scripts Nothing was left to chance. Trump was revealed on the Simpsons cartoon in March 2000 as the president and Lisa Simpson says, upon her election after that Trump left them with quite a budget crunch. Maybe caused by war? But that was 16 years ago. had this all been planed 16 years ago. I would it was. I would say we have arrived at a time all pre-planned and ready to go.

    What I have noticed in this last week or two is that a number of notable blogs and youtube channels supporting Trump have behaved very strange. Normally smart rational people talking shere nonsense and BS. I have been going at them, too. They respond to my stuff while I am still writing it. We are now in a new phase. I do not yet have all the answers, but I suspect more things are going to be revealed. Its not business as usual. But the goal, among others, is war. I was on a site posting my ideas and a shill/troll came right at me and no one else. The rest saw that now they all see it as I do. How bout that, Hell must have frozen over. Maybe that’s why I am chilled. But anyway, the fun has just begun. “Raise your heads erect for your deliverance is near.”

  2. peter oakes says:

    Don,t forget all you Victims. watch “Call Northside 777 ” on U-Tube. made in 1948 !

    Todays technology is outstanding. Polygraph test must be made compulsory,
    and the recording of every court hearing video-ed 3 copies. one for the Victim, one
    for the Record, and one for the lying legal mafia.

    Until common sense prevails you are dupes, secretly enslaved in a decrepid
    monarchy run by freemasons, not the Queen as you assume, she is the biggest
    Victim of all, fed propaganda and deceived daily and they think we are the dupes ?

    Always remember as their Lordships claimed ” Dame Elizabeth misdirected herself !
    after perverting justice by falsifying the Court Records re: King of Saudi Arabia,

    • truth1 says:

      Nicely said! But I think we are at a point in time where too may avenues are blocked off. For instance, Sabine, whether guilty or innocent. is being persecuted and unjustly prosecuted and harassed for, dare I say it, daring to care and speaking out. She has not stolen anything. Not killed anyone! Never uttered a lie, truth be told! but they in power do nothing but harrass a women who can care walk, must less throw a punch.

      The UK, and I am being very objective at this point most any point. The UK is the worst “state” or nation if you prefer, for preventing and criminalizing free speech and defense of the defenseless and vulnerable. No nation on earth steals more children from parents for what is, in absolute reality, no crime and in most cases, not even any likelihood of danger or harm to a child. I know murders carried out that are no where near as outrageous as stealing a child from parents.

      In the US, our Constitution and Bill of rights says that a government can not deprive a citizen of anything without due process of law and if a crime is not involved, then the one have something taken from them, must be justly compensated. But like the UK, the US law codes are full of contradictions, both in the code and in its enforcement or violation of that code.

      But the US and its states exempt themselves should they take a child from its mom and then have the child die in their care. but If a child died in my care, I’d be in prison for life. Justly so, but many vicious murderers get far less.

      Anyway, getting to my point, The UK and US both have vast militaries that can be called upon in minutes to put down nearly anything. This beyond the fact that many police are constantly among us to put us down as well. It might be easy to blame us all, but we have over the years slowly sank into quicksand and the ability to get out of that is not possible anymore.

      Though suggetsing God to many is seen as absurd, I believe He as appointed a time to being an end to this non-sense, having fully proved His points and allowing Satan to prove or fail to prove his own. My advice as always, is to seek out God, the only hope we have. If not, then prepare for imminent doom. there are not many options open to us.

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