Justice for All – a Petition based on Experiences of Serious #Corruption and Misconduct in Public Office @MoJGovUK

17 04 01 Justice 4 AllAnybody believing that ‘justice’ is obtained by going to see solicitors, barristers and judges in courts is believing in ideals that seem to have been eroded gradually and systematically ever since Dickens wrote about it…

It’s certainly my observation and got signed and sealed after I got arrested seven times, which means being treated as a ‘criminal suspect’: traumatised, victimised, dehumanised.

To top it off, financial punishment consists in my state pension being stopped for two years, with a hearing in May, having waited to be listed for six months.

As a systems analyst who used to diagnose software at CERN where the web was born, I am as logical as a computer. I practise software-aided and deep thinking. Is that why my ordeal started with fake ‘Orders’ by a secret family court?

Barnet Council threatened with prosecution and imprisonment using The Royal Courts of Justice [RCJ]. After six months in exile, the first arrest took place there and then: in the Strand. 

The fact that the judge and my barrister supported the false allegations by Police with a Restraining Order remains to be challenged, just as much as Yolande Kenward challenges the Court of Appeal for not listing her case and the judge dismissing it ‘totally without merit’. Judges watch ping pong between barristers who aspire to become judges. The old boys network doesn’t deliver justice.

Yolande is one of the ‘veteran victims’ who have had more experience of corruption and misconduct in public office than anyone wishes upon themselves.

Hence she’s launched this online petition Justice for All. Please sign! Online petitioning is more effective than voting in a party political system. Because it’s transparent.

Yolande was Business Woman of the Year in Kent at some stage. Are we witnessing an unconscious bias in her county? We are all here for a reason and purpose we keep having to discover one day at a time. Some struggles are just more un-believable than others! Thanks to the net, we can connect and support those who dare to fight good fights!

Misconduct in Public Office, including Police Corruption as an office, is the topic of a Public Consultation by the Law Commission. It’s officially closed, but its Chair Prof Ormerod QC told us at the British Computer Society recently that we can still make submissions. Over to you!

Help4Lips have gathered articles to guide Litigants in Person who had given up on ‘professional’ help. They are rebranding into DIYLaw, since they had to realise that not only Litigants in Person are being affected. Why should that be necessary?


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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17 Responses to Justice for All – a Petition based on Experiences of Serious #Corruption and Misconduct in Public Office @MoJGovUK

  1. T Birks says:

    “Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law” .. the people know this to be a farce, the law is there to protect the rich from those who have nothing and to punish those who rise above their station. It reminds me of the now quite famous poem.

    The law locks up the man or woman
    Who steals the goose off the common
    But leaves the greater villain loose
    Who steals the common from the goose.

    The law demands that we atone
    When we take things we do not own
    But leaves the lords and ladies fine
    Who takes things that are yours and mine.

    The poor and wretched don’t escape
    If they conspire the law to break;
    This must be so but they endure
    Those who conspire to make the law.

    The law locks up the man or woman
    Who steals the goose from off the common
    And geese will still a common lack
    Till they go and steal it back.

  2. colinpeters2 says:

    Everything that you say about lawyers and the judiciary is true Sabine. As evidenced in my own case, the ‘system’ is corrupt through and through.
    Just one instance of this is as follows :-
    A surveyor sought to aid and abet his clients deceptions by producing a 7 paged report which was a fabrication from start to finish and easily proven so.
    At the hearing judge Arthur Hutchinson had little choice but to reject his evidence which he did with, “With regret and no small measure of embarrassment.”
    He followed up and excused this up by stating that he felt that the surveyor had been trying to give his clients, “Value for money.”
    Is attempting to pervert the course of justice really and truly the giving of Value for Money????
    That surveyor got paid for his rejected evidence out of public monies!

  3. Alan M Dransfield says:

    Justice for all in the UK is long overdue and please put my name on the list because I fervently believe the Dransfield Vexatious CLAPTRAP via the UT decision GIA/30/37/2011 is preventing justice for thousands of peopleis high on the list

  4. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    This is necessary reading for anyone interested in justice.

  5. JM says:

    just to mention Yolande’s page is down/ non existent…deleted?

  6. truth1 says:

    Well, I still marvel that 2 children complain of the worst of abuse in school, by the entire staff and other students, including being daily raped and prostituted for any who might seek it out and yet somehow, the court decides its a family issue and custody dispute. What? Really? What planet are they on? The complaints were criminal ones.
    And I could address Land law and real property and it would be the same thing. Canadian law, which I know something about, is largely based on English law, does not adhere to any known procedure nor respect its only laws and restraints. In Nova Scotia, they brought a back hoe onto our property, blew out the foundation, and told us our house was unsafe and had be torn down. When I showed the proof of the state of the foundation as being excellent till at least spring or 2009, and pointed out the very felonious nature of the attack and lawful remedies of the felonies committed by many parties, the Mounties did no investigation but all troubles have ceased for me. But I would never be able to get compensation and sue for enormous damages that exceed by miles, any civilized conduct and respect for law. The entire county is one big crime syndicate supported by two bigger syndicates of provincial and national stature.

    It is the same all over. Law is obscene and absurd. It bears no similarity to anything remotely resembling real honest law and virtue. No vote or petition can save us. At best, we can warn the stupid ones who walk and talk while being asleep and try to awaken them, but in many cases, it will not be possible. Evil is approaching a great climax that is hurrying our way. A severe war yet again and absurdities on a level never previously imagined. Complete with UFOs, “Aliens” And God only knows what else. Enough will finally see the absurdity enough to want to reject it and embrace God to some degree.

    These are terrifying times to live in. We have no control of anything and most believe the lies told about Justice and protection. We need protection from the law, not criminals.

    • mr grumpy says:

      ” and most believe the lies ” .. maybe not, .. it seems we may have reached the tipping point, the .. ‘one hundred monkey effect’, suddenly everyone knows and all they are waiting for is a sign that everyone else knows, .. the trigger, and that my friend is why governments all around the world have for many years been pumping millions of debt, your debt, into civil management agencies, in other words ‘police state military’ like for example HS, TSA, and FEMA. Yes they know that you know, but don’t yet know what to do about it, well you don’t have to do anything, The top will blow off the kettle and the situation will take care of itself.

      • truth1 says:

        I think you could be right, Grumpy. I hope you are right. My fear is that even with all the exposure, that it still ends up a minority. What makes me hold out some hope is that in the “last hour” many come into the fold, their number being as the sand of the sea. But my cynical side still doubts the people.

  7. Alan M Dransfield says:

    The poem above about the Goose on the Commmon sums it all up adequately for me .I rest my case you Honour that we are living in a failed state

  8. Alan M Dransfield says:

    One of the first cases they need to inspect is the GIA/3037/2011 /Dransfield V ICO, which is being used on a dailiy basis by rogue PA’s to hide heinous crimes. This UT decision was designed by crooks to protect crooks and a tool to assist the passgae of fraud. I refer to the Dransfield Vexatious decision by the Rogue Judge Wikeley. This UT Vexatious Decision is the finest example of UK Judicial Fraud.

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