From Victim to McKenzie Friend and #PaedoHunter as Independent #MP for #Maidstone

In 1996, Yolande Kenward was Business Woman of the Year in Kent. In 2015, she organised a demo outside the Royal Courts of Justice for Russia Today to film, as they were making the above documentary. Now she’s standing to become MP!

However, since exposing crimes by freemasons connected to her ex-husband, she has become victimised most seriously. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. Thus Yolande has been assisting parents whose children had been removed by Social Services as a McKenzie Friend: lay legal advisors who also may act as Public Interest Advocates, as she calls herself a Public Interest Whistleblower on her Facebook page.

So Yolande knows from personal experience over many years how ‘the system’ works in her local Council, her local health services and her local paper.

I only know from seven arrests and a falsely imposed Restraining Order how Police use Courts to legitimise their fraudulent actions. I petitioned the EU Parliament with “Secrecy of UK Family Courts used to cover-up crimes” – as a follow-up to Stop Adoptions without Parental Consent and propagated the allegations of two child witnesses who accused their father, but were never heard appropriately.

Women’s motto has long been The Personal is Political. I added the titles and ‘bolding’ of letters, as Yolande writes:

Some of you know that I am standing in the General Election to be the MP for Maidstone & The Weald – it is me v The Sisterhood, who work with paedophiles.  Below is an email to Alison Broom who is both the CEO of Maidstone BC & the Returning Officer.

In Maidstone we have watched the paedophile hunting group – The Hunted One – arrest paedophiles where Maidstone Police refuse to spend their time doing that.  Kent Police have had – for at least 16 years to my knowledge – a Home Office contract to import into Kent co victed paedophiles upon release from prison (including Maidstone Prison);  they live in every town and in every village in Kent.  There are 400 in one small part of Maidstone alone ie Shepway.  Last month Kent Police arrested 2 paedophile hunters – one from Maidstone and one from London who had arrested a paedophile in Maidstone via a citizen’s arrest. After reading this Kent Messenger article I went onto the Hunted One’s website and gave them information about me and Maidstone paedophilia. Maidstone Police brought the Hunted One’s website down, but they still have a facebook page.  The bottom line is that Maidstone Police do not want to arrest paedophiles and they do not want anyone else to arrest them either.

The London paedophile hunting  father who was arrested last month, Andy Bradstock, is a friend of mine on Facebook and is in my Justice for All group along with Maidstone victims of paedophiles.  Maidstone Police have been treating Andy as if he is a paedophile. He has been on bail since his arrest last month;  he was not permitted by Maidstone Police to see his children since last month or to communicate with his wife or children in any way;  he has had to live in Suffolk.  With some lobbying Maidstone Police relented and allowed Andy to see his wife and children for the first time on Friday – it was his youngest daughter’s birthday and he was allowed a 4 hour visit at 4pm.  I have got a copy of Andy’s bail conditions, they are disgusting – he is not permitted to talk to another member of the Hunted One or permitted to engage in any paedophile hunting activities.  Social Services have just finished doing a safeguarding investigation into whether or not Andy should see his children again;  Social Services asked Maidstone Police’s permission for Andy to see his children.  The view of local people is that Andy should be given a medal;  i agree – this father came from London to Maidstone to work with a Maidstone paedophile hunter to keep Maidstone’s children safe. I am currently crowd fund raising for the money needed (£3,000) to hire Mote Park Leisure Centre so that we can have an event next week involving me, Andy, victims, the public & police.

Maidstone Police have been too busy over the last month to interview Andy’s wife;  DC Carter is the investigating officer and Andy’s wife is being interviewed on Wednesday.  Andy’s bail back to Maidstone Police Station is 10am on Tuesday.  I intend to be at Maidstone Police Station at 10am on Tuesday with the first batch of signed petitions.

Support for my Paedo Hunting Activities

On Friday I put a notice on my facebook wall that I was holding a demo in the Maidstone Town Centre from outside HCBC Bank from 11am yesterday.  There were 202 shares of this posting via facebook.  Initially Maidstone Police hung around us listening to what was being said/recording it eg women complaining to me that paedophiles are allowed to commit crimes and to behave anti-socially but the police allow this to happen and are quick to respond when a paedophile rings Maidstone Police for help.  Anyway hundreds of shoppers yesterday signed my Petition, even tourists from France – we all have a collective responsibility re the safety of children.  A victim of Maidstone’s paedophiles was my greatest help yesterday, she was on a mission to help me get the paedophiles out of Maidstone – her daughter was there helping – she will be 30 on General Election day and she has a 2 year-old daughter.

Another volunteer, Toby Leigh and I were walking down together towards the Muggleton Inn in the High Street to meet with another volunteer – a victim of Maidstone’s paedophiles, we saw her talking to a man with a boy aged around 7.  This man was bullying this victim, and then started attacking me about our petition – he turned out to be a Digital Investigator working at the National Crime Agency.  I stood my ground against this bully and let him know that the National Crime Agency’s Professional Standards are investigating my complaint another Maidstone employee of the National Crime Agency ie freemason Mark Costelloe about his behaviour towards me when I was a member of Loose Bowls Club.  When I started to give this National Crime Agency bully some intelligence about paedophile activity run from Maidstone world-wide he shot off.

I spoke to a recently released prisoner who said that paedophiles get preferential treatment when released from prison.  My view is that imported convicted paedophiles should all leave Maidstone unless they agree to be castrated or go to live in Priority House, which is the local mental health secure unit that I spent 11 nights in last year because of my Brexit challenge.  Priority House is full of curable patients which they refuse to cure.

You can be assured that a complaint about this National Crime Agency employee will come from me tomorrow.

I went into the Muggleton Inn to buy a drink yesterday and noticed that Cllr Emily Fermor, 24, and my opponent in the General Election was there at a table with a former Maidstone BC Mayor and someone that I did not know.

When Cllr Fermor exited the Muggleton she was approached by one of my volunteer’s who is a victim of Maidstone paedophiles – Emily refused to sign my petition but took away a copy of my attached letter.  A few hours later when I was siting outside the Muggleton Inn with a group of young supporters eating a meal, a man approached me and introduced himself.  He said “Are you Yolande Kenward”.  I said yes, he told me that someone had recognised me and they had googled me.  He introduced himself as Cllr Gordon Newton the only true mason ie that he is a stonemason and not a freemason;  he said that he is an Independent UKIP Maidstone BC Councillor;  I gave him a copy of my petition and supporting letter.  We shook hands, and Gordon went back into the pub.

There was a homeless woman called Amy Baker who lives on the streets outside the Northumberland Road Surgery/a church.  Amy has a heart of gold according to those who know her – Amy went round Maidstone Town Centre getting signatures for our Petition.  I have a meeting with Golding Homes on Monday and will try to get Amy housed. Another woman was brought to see me by a volunteer – she is a victim of harassment and gang stalking in Borough Green, just like me, we had a good chat and I gave her some advice to contact Brenda G.

Are You active as a Paedo Hunter? Will you Support my Actions?

I believe that we all have a collective responsibility towards children, so please can you all help me:-

1  To crowd fund raise for the money needed to hire Mote Park Leisure Centre for an event asap

2  To get others to sign my Petition aided by my letter in support

Please send any signed petition sheets to me ie Yolande Kenward, 35 Melrose Close, Maidstone ME15 6BD

Next I am going to have to crowd fund raise to get my election flyer delivered to 73,050 voters as I have refused to have anything to do with the Royal Mail who vet the artwork of parliamentary candidates, deliver the polling cards, deliver one election flyer for free and are involved in the postal votes.  In Maidstone I have the evidence, as do the Royal Courts of Justice – that they Royal Mail rigs elections in Maidstone re the Tories & the LibDems.  Ideally I would like to be given the money that the Royal Mail would have been paid to vet and send out flyers.  I intend to tell my 73,050 voters that if they are a postal voter then they should take copies of their postal vote before sending it off, and send one copy of their postal vote to me regardless of who they are voting for.

Informing the Home Office

I wrote 2 weeks ago to the Home Office saying that the paedophile protection and support contract that they have with Kent Police is now untenable, they have 20 working days to reply.  In Maidstone the police get the convicted imported paedophile housing and they help them to get jobs by telling prospective employers that they were in prison for fraud.  Where are they employed?  They work for the Royal Mail, for Reliance Security, as Health & Safety advisers – and some with name changes are members of the Maidstone masons to help them settle in.  We have 2,000 homeless people in Maidstone, 60 of whom are sleeping on the streets.  I can see a solution, can you?

Why is Kent called “UK Capital of Paedophilia”?

I have no idea why Maidstone’s elected politicians and the Kent Messenger want paedophiles living in our community?

Please help me to help protect all children avoidably at risk in Maidstone and to support Andy Bradstock too.

There is a determination currently that the Southampton County Court gets Clare Douglas’s daughter adopted on 12.6.2017, Claire is sacking her solicitor and I am going to take over the case and stop this Forced Adoption.

Thank you.

Kind regards


Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Maidstone & the Weald

My comment: the tragedy is that trust in the Police hunting paedos can only wane, even though their own whistleblowers are hunted and already the Royal Commission in New South Wales evidenced their corruption…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you know how I can have contact details for Yolande Kenward? I wonder if she can help with a serious issue involving Social Services corruption in an area North of England.


  2. JM says:

    glad to hear woman is still going……

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    This lady deserves the support of honest, honourable people everywhere.

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