ALERT: #Whistleblower in Danger! Boots on Ground Needed @royalcourts

Victims and Survivors, Whistleblowers and Campaigners, Rescuers and McKenzie Friends, Public Interest Advocates and Social Media Activists, you all know whether:-

  • you or someone you know has suffered individual or institutional abuse;
  • you’ve suffered, because you tried to help;
  • you’ve become not just victimised and traumatised, but even criminalised;
  • you’ve been treated as a ‘criminal suspect’ [by Police] which is very different from being treated as a citizen with human rights who is ‘innocent until proven guilty’ [in Courts];
  • you were falsely accused, arrested and imprisoned;
  • your children were taken from you under false pretences, resulting in cover-ups and stitch-ups;
  • your parents were falsely put into ‘care’ homes, resulting in unbearable damages
  • your business was bankrupted by greedy criminals
  • your house was re-possessed for no good reason other than criminality…

You know which of the multi-levelled institutions have hit and hurt you:

  • physically, mentally, emotionally or financially
  • with white or blue collars
  • wigs and robes or uniforms or not.

We are not paid. We are not organised. We just have an opportunity to unite – in silence and amazement – at the Royal Courts of Justice in London – which seems to excel in delivering injustice – while the accused is kept in prison!

May our presence replace his absence! May we appeal to the conscience of the Court NOT to protect the real criminals! May the Courts remember Sir James Munby’s judgment in which he appeals to courts to take the reality of the internet into account, especially social media!

More background information on this link.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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17 Responses to ALERT: #Whistleblower in Danger! Boots on Ground Needed @royalcourts

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  2. TARIQ says:

    As a Barrister for 17 years who was disbarred for helping victims of injustice by the corrupt courts and judges, I am all too familiar with the Royal Courts of Injustice. I will be there. How is everyone mobolising and where is everyone meeting. This corrupt den of vipers needs to be exposed and brought down.

  3. peter oakes says:

    I believe the RCJ Royal Courts of Just-ice. Is a division of Isis, Islamic State.
    It,s purpose is to destroy the ordinary British Christians, who witness Satanists
    sadistic judges revelling in the torture, destroying any thing decent, and stealing
    the homes and wealth of the ordinary citizen, The cruelty must be a source
    of pleasure to these sick charlatans,

    Do not bring the judiciary into disrepute ? They don’t need, any help from any one.
    Their own perverse judgements are sufficient evidence of corruption.

    Remember Butler-Sloss. who falsified the court record to protect an ISLAMIC king.
    those wonderfull Law Lords claimed ” Dame Elizabeth had mis-directed herself ”

    any one else would have got 5 years for perverting justice, contempt of court.

  4. Victims of crime uniting is very important to bring together both practical and moral support for unrepresented people.

  5. Renata Ostertag says:

    Yep – and who helps then ?!


    • Maybe the point is to UNITE and empower by encouragement more than to help?

      To KNOW that we are not alone?

      And to SHOW that we know?

      Ian Josephs says “encouragement is half the battle.”

      We are born naked and we die naked. In between, we either allow them to dull our spirit or make it shine, shine, shine!

  6. Audley Burton says:

    Hi, Please keep me updated on the time of the meeting.  I want to be there. Audley

  7. colinberry2 says:

    I’m sorry I’m in no position to help, I am a 24 seven carer for my wife plus having a stroke, but please everybody learn to stick together and bring an end to this injustice, you all just have to learn to help each other or will have this sickness in our society forever.

  8. Yes, Colin, there is VALUE in getting older and having longer term perspectives! But more and more people get the feeling that we’re winning.

    The web as our collective memory and the internet as our ‘externalised brain’ with ‘collective communication pathways’ were clearly not part of the plans of the New World Order and all Conspiracy Reality Designers who are evil, out to destroy.

  9. colinberry2 says:

    Hi Sabine, keep up the good work you doing, I could never believe how evil our society is until my wife accident at Costco, we certainly are dealing with the devil when such huge companies are involved, I cannot believe 2017 we are still on this level I hope that someone can bring justice to all of this, I’m sure my wife and I would be well dead and gone.

  10. colinberry2 says:

    I thought they done the same with Lee Rigby’s killing, its amazing the powers they have to control everything, is there anything we can believe in.

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