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The above video is one of the many exhibits that Dafydd Morgan put together as evidence for his experiences with Dyfed Powys Police and other ‘professionals’.

He wrote his 36-page report for Thames Valley Police, as they were involved in the HBOS Reading scandal. Based on his victim experiences as a Welsh farmer’s son and successful entrepreneur, Dafydd wanted to paint the bigger picture so that Thames Valley Police could appreciate their role in reversing current trends.

From my experience as web publisher and McKenzie Friend, this document is a most impressive collection of

  • the horrible experiences law abiding citizens have had to endure;
  • the incredible efforts that soo many activists and challengers of ‘the system’ have made;
  • the shocking extent of cover-ups, stitch-ups, fraud, crime and cruelty that employees of ‘the system’ are willing to go to – as they are ‘just doing their job’…

I am publishing the full text here, while Dafydd is talking to mainstream journalists who may be interested in some of the angles or facets he describes. A one-page summary is on http://bit.ly/PressRelease170628

One ‘official consolation’ may be that Police Corruption is among the issues of the Law Commission’s report on Misconduct in Public Office.

As a result of my own victimisation as McKenzie Friend, I wrote an Application for Serious Case Review and recommended a Royal Commission, following the precedence set by New South Wales Police.

Report to Thames Valley Police concerning the failure of the Public Sector to deal with

White Collar Crimes, Money Laundering and Tax Evasion

23rd June 2017

“Destruction of (his) businesses, public humiliation and damage to reputation.”

Noel Edmonds

“They pillage your properties, then discredit you.” Zina Hawkins


The Problems: White Collar Crimes, Money Laundering & Tax Evasion. 2

The Context in the USA.. 3

Jesse Ventura – The Ozarks. 3

Rothschild’s Master Plan explained in 4 Minutes. 3

The Context in the UK. 3

Tackling the Serious Oppression of HM Subjects. 3

Arrest that Judge – Wirral Magistrates Court 2011. 3

My Exhibits. 3

About Me and the ‘Firm’ 3

Maynard Samuel: Local Accountancy Culprits. 4

NatWest Aberystwyth: a Local Culprit. 5

Patrick Cullinane’s address in the House of Commons 23rd April 2009. 5

Discovering White Collar Crimes. 6

Blank Cheques as Private Currency. 6

2000: Stand Your Ground to Investigate Financial and Judicial Institutions. 8

2003: False Accusation and Bankruptcy. 10

2004: Another of My Many Arrests. 12

2006: Repossessing our Business Premises. 14

2007: Who Benefits from Daylight Robberies?. 16

2010: More Scandalous Victimisations. 22

2011: The Gulag Card: Forced Medication in a Mental Health Hospital 22

Arrest that Judge – Wirral Magistrates Court. 23

Lawful Killing: Mark Duggan. 23

2012: A Solicitor Apologises to a Disciplinary Panel 23

2013: Dyfed Powys Police listens to Victims?. 23

Irish People Shut Down Repossession Auction. 24

2014: Where There’s Muck: laundering drugs through property and other scams. 24

2015: The Plot Thickens and the Panic Rises. 24

Damien McBride – Panic buy bottled water and tinned goods. 24

2016: More Activists get More Active. 25

Kweku Adoboli – Banking fraud can happen again. 25

2017: Civil or Criminal – is that the Question? The Force is Un-Insured!. 26



Forced Adoptions UK – RT Documentary. 35

Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. Bankers own the earth; take it away from them but leave them with the power to create credit; and, with a flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again… If you want to be slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let the bankers control money and control credit. Take this great power away from them and all great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in. But if you want to continue to be slaves of the banks and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit.

Sir Josiah Stamp, Director, Bank of England, 1940

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

US President Thomas Jefferson

The Problems: White Collar Crimes, Money Laundering & Tax Evasion

  • There is a WAR against the people of the World.
  • This is a financial war where the UK and just about every other country has been attacked, not at their borders, but through their own people who have become involved in hundreds of cartel groups to steal land and property and are completely unaware of their ultimate ‘foreign’ masters.
  • The UK is being led by officials who are clearly not fit for office and we need immediate intervention to stop the world’s people from very shortly turning on one another.
  • This report, whilst not complete, gives an overview of the current situation(s) and is liable to further change as we progress ongoing.
  • Our forefathers, who have sacrificed all for our ‘freedom’ deserve today’s society to fight against this monetary disease.

The Context in the USA

Readers are urged to watch the following video prior to reading my report:

Jesse Ventura – The Ozarks

The core of this problem is in the Middle East and surround three countries. The last three countries who as yet don’t have a (private) Central Bank – Iran, Cuba and North Korea. The international media are reporting propaganda whilst our military are being used to attack these countries with the agenda of creating two states, the United States of Europe and the United States of America who, ultimately will become a One World Government.

Our society has been enslaved through debt and are running round, struggling to make interest payments based on ‘debts’ which the Central Banks create from nowhere – computer digits.

Rothschild’s Master Plan explained in 4 Minutes

The Context in the UK

Tackling the Serious Oppression of HM Subjects

Arrest that Judge – Wirral Magistrates Court 2011

My Exhibits

I, Dafydd Emyr Morgan of 15, Clos Pencarreg, Aberaeron,am writing this report based on my personal knowledge and to help with some extra background to the HBoS Reading financial scandal that Thames Valley Police Force have been involved in for a number of years at an overall cost of £7m which, as yet, has been paid for by the local public purse.

About Me and the ‘Firm’

  1. I am a citizen of the United Kingdom. I was born in Aberystwyth and been involved in business since leaving school at the age of 16. I have no legal training and my views are based on personal experience and information gained over a period of thirty odd years having been, initially unknowingly, subjected to widespread abuse by a local cartel gang who have been stealing from the public at large and are subjected to widespread abuse as the gang (the ‘firm’) seek to steal land and property which is later, in often used to launder black market funds.
  2. I left school to work at the family butchery business in the middle of Aberystwyth town which was very successful. After some years and friction within the family as the partnerships behind the ownership of family assets was starting to break down, I left the family business to become northern sales manager for the local newspaper, Cambrian News, responsible for newspaper sales and money collection and sales of basic plain packaging to retail shops.
  3. After a record year of sales, I left the newspaper to set up my own business selling greetings cards which went on to incorporate packaging once my former employer had closed down the packaging division of their business.

Maynard Samuel: Local Accountancy Culprits

  1. At the tail end of the 1980s my firm suffered a catastrophic computer crash which wiped my firm’s financial records. In order to try and retrieve and recover from such loss, I brought in a business recovery specialist who found that my accountant, Maynard Samuel was cooking my firm’s books and having documentary evidence, was very eager that we issued proceedings against the Maynard Samuel EXHIBIT DM01
  2. I was approached and persuaded by what I, at that time considered a mutual friend, Anthony Richards, Managing Director of local car dealership Anthony Motors not to proceed with prosecution against the Maynard Samuel and terminated the employ of the recovery specialist. Maynard Samuel was also the Financial Director at Anthony Motors. I was then subjected to mass attack by the local ‘firm’ to destroy me and my business interests and was dispossessed of my then home.
  3. To try and protect my interests, I started fighting back in the mid 1990s and was arrested by Dyfed Powys Police for blackmail against Anthony Richards. No charges were brought, as the allegations were completely untrue.
  4. Since I left the family business, my brother Aled Daniel Morgan took my position at the butcher shop and started purchasing property which he then put on the letting market. My father became ill with sheep dip poisoning and was unable to lead the business taking semi-retirement. It soon become increasingly apparent that my brother was stealing significant sums of money from the family business to fund his property developments which would cause my parents significant financial loss. Accordingly, my father would not accept that he was being deceived which resulted in many family rows and the beginning of family feuding.
  5. My brother was arrested and ultimately charged with MIRAS fraud and was finally convicted at Swansea Crown Court in December 1999.
  6. In September 1998, my then business partner Peter Davies and I were arrested over wild and unfounded allegations that we were both involved in drug importation and distribution. As part of his statement, the accuser Stewart Phillips, Managing Director of clothing chain Stewart Seconds went into a lot of specific detail. Stewart Phillips is a former tax inspector and a friend of Maynard Samuel and Anthony Richards.
  7. By now, my solicitor Colin Taylor had become involved in the case against Anthony Richards and we were both served by Anthony Richards with a High Court writ for Libel. Colin Taylor realised that there was someone within my bank who had passed information to Anthony Richards (this is called a ‘breach of data’) on my personal and business accounts at the local branch of NatWest bank in Aberystwyth. This is a normal Masonic move so that Anthony Richards and the ‘firm’ could gain an understanding of my financial position and, as there was no legal aid for defending libel proceedings, someone within the bank must have accessed my accounts and passed information to him and the firm on the outside. If the Libel was to proceed, I would land up having to defend myself.

NatWest Aberystwyth: a Local Culprit

  1. I approached NatWest and reported that a breach of data had occurred on my accounts and that it was my brother Aled Morgan’s then girlfriend, mortgage advisor Julie Roberts, (who should not have had access to my accounts in any case) bitter at the charges against him, had passed information outside the bank. Julie Roberts was sacked. Anthony Richards dropped his libel proceedings.
  2. At this period, I was well travelled throughout the southern part of the UK in connection with our business and initially unknown to me, had become associated with a senior auditor the UK Intelligence Services – we will refer to him as George.
  3. George’s background gives him insight to the overall economy both in the UK and abroad and is the type of auditor who would be instructed by the Government to gather understanding of business failures similar to Rover Cars, FW Woolworth and for example in recent times the British Home Stores He could be called into a potential large-scale business collapse anywhere within the UK at a moment’s notice and is well versed in all aspects of Governmental economics.
  4. UK Customs already had Stewart Phillips on the radar having obtained intelligence that Stewart Phillips was importing both cocaine and porn in boxes inside clothing containers into the UK. His wild accusations against my business partner and myself were in such details that this was exactly what he was doing himself. He had a factory in Sri Lanka called Stewarts Lanka as well as property interests in the UK by the name Stewarts Country Properties as well as links throughout the clothing trade and market traders. He had at least one illegal immigrant called ‘Maddass’ who was living in the warehouse in Cardigan.
  5. George was aware of widespread customs interest in the UK economy as the UK Treasury were at a loss of millions of pounds of yearly taxable income since 1972. Customs officers throughout the country had been scouring round looking for clues as to the whereabouts of the missing money to no avail.
  6. UK customs then turned their attention to activists and had found four who, unaware of each other, were vocal about the same issues. It will take me another six years to discover the identity of all the other activists. Their backgrounds were Health (Yolande Lindridge), Legal (Suzon Forscey Moore), Irish Paramilitary (Patrick Cullinane) and Financial, myself.

Patrick Cullinane’s address in the House of Commons 23rd April 2009

  1. Our independent and yet combined input was the discovery of an operation of White Collar Crime, International tax evasion and money laundering which, as the United States police world money, had been ultimately led by the FBI.
  2. My brother Aled Morgan would not disclose to the police as to the number of properties he had nor their locations. It was suspected that Julie Roberts, through her training at NatWest, was the ‘brain’ behind the property empire and that she was kingpin behind the local ‘firm’s’ mass mortgage applications – using self-certification.
  3. At this period of time, the only way to gather information on property ownership was through a Land Registry search on property name and postcode. UK customs set about building a new database where it is now possible to property search based on an individual’s name and date of birth. This new registry took three years to build and has allowed customs officers to compare data against each individual citizen’s own tax return.
  4. Since 2003, customs have a database of land and property which has a criminal’s (or associate’s) name yet are not shown on an individual’s tax return. These properties have been bought using illegal money and, despite being since mortgaged, have been used as vehicles to launder proceeds of crime. As soon as this new database was finished, customs auditors started visiting every bank branch throughout the country to verify their data and found that most of the properties obtained by fraud has been used as security for other purchased properties and or mortgaged further. Banks have not taken due diligence in their lending against these fraudulent properties. Operation Tiberius was then released but is covered up by Government until 2014 when it is leaked to the Independent Newspaper.
  5. I met up with DI Peter McGarrigle and DS Mark James of Dyfed Powys police at National Milk Bar in Llanidloes and reminded them of the background surrounding the Anthony Richards dispute and warned them that if the police didn’t desist from harassing me, I was prepared to dig in against police and have all-out war against them. Without disclosing George’s involvement, I knew that the cards were already stacked in my favour and that Dyfed Powys police, whether they liked it or not, were on a hiding to nothing. This case will cost the local public purse millions of pounds and the police will land up with red faces, as the case ultimately backfires into an international scandal of epic proportions.

Discovering White Collar Crimes

  1. The UK has been attacked, not on our boundary but through our own people who have been enticed into criminal organised cartel gangs. These cartels are in pockets throughout the UK, but in particular in Wales, and are at their worst in the Welsh speaking areas where the Welsh people themselves, unsuspecting to such a point where they knew no different and were oblivious to what is going on in front of them.

Blank Cheques as Private Currency

  1. In my home county, the ‘firm’ mostly originates on characters who had become involved in the London dairy industry, coming home extremely wealthy. These characters had become a cartel, very similar to the traditional Jewish community who in the main, dealt mainly with themselves, in effect, creating a ‘localised’ currency of its very own where, UK currency only circulated within this unique circle of gang associates sloshing round each one of their businesses as it was laundered. For example, up until the 1980s certain business people would write a cheque and leave the payee area blank. This cheque would then travel round the businesses, just like an I.O.U promissory note/bond and used as its own currency before being banked days away from its 6-month deadline with dozens of signatures of recipients on the back.
  2. There is no evidence that local laymen who went to work for the criminal London Dairy businesses are involved, as their mother tongue is no different to when they went up to London as they themselves worked within the Welsh speaking environment and that as a consequence, they used their native language, thus their everyday language is still Welsh, to such a point where their language was never Anglified.
  3. One of the characters who went to London was Trefor Morgans, native of Betws Bledrws near Lampeter, who returned and purchased the Home Café in Pier Street, Aberystwyth in c1965. Trefor returned very wealthy, always with large wads of money in his back pocket.
  4. I was told that this wealth came from involvement in The Great Train Robbery in 1963 although I have no evidence of such. Once the Train Robbery money came to an end, he then, in cahoots with his local associates, moved on to funding and distributing drugs. In the main their core drug area was in Merthyr, the Valleys, Cardiff and Newport. Trefor Morgans and his son Vince have over the years accumulated a vast number of houses and business premises, in particular HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupation) – many of which, as in the then London market, were considered to be as squalor.
  5. Gang-masters such as Trefor Morgans were very difficult to spot in a city environment. Indeed, should Trefor Morgans have kept his scams tight to himself, then chances are he would never have been found. Instead, he introduced the operation into many of his friends and associates, thus becoming the gang-master himself. He went on to infiltrate police and the local authorities as well as the public sector such as the tax office. As a consequence, over the years, now with multiple levels, the cartels pyramid had got out of control with each level unaware of what’s been going on above or beneath them.
  6. Trefor Morgan’s accountant was Maynard Samuel (he was also treasurer for Aberystwyth’s main Freemason lodge 1072). The ‘firm’s’ cartel was made up of most of the local business people who had grown up with one another and being such a small area with just about everybody knowing each other to such a point where the relationships were bordering on incest. This was a perfect area for the Intelligence services to base their operation and formulate a cartel family tree of associates back, right across the UK.
  7. My family’s main assets involve three farms, arguably, three of the most productive farms in their own districts, one of which, where my parents live, had an old disused abattoir to supply our prime positioned high street shop in central Aberystwyth. It soon become apparent that the local firm was attacking our family, especially as Dad had become unwell. Dad had become surrounded by so called ‘friends’ who became eager to rent the land at our home farm and would call to see him very regularly feeding my parents with gossip which was untrue but repeatedly told to them by various ‘friends’ over time making the lies become true, thus influencing their understanding and resulting conduct.
  8. These people befriend you and portray themselves as true friends. They will associated themselves and become very close, discussing all the normal countryside gossip and become involved with all kinds of issues yet feed the intelligence that they have gathered back to a central co-ordinator who will direct external pressures such as and for example, bank financing and tax affairs so that the ‘friend’, as he is aware of both sides can manipulate himself to a position where he ‘can help’ the victim by quietly buying the victim’s property yet remain the closest of friends ongoing. Victims would normally never realise that they had been intentionally duped by their friend(s) who would remain one of their closest friends and associates.
  9. All three parts of my family were one way or another attacked bringing all farms under potential threat and it became apparent that the ‘firm’ was also after the disused abattoir, due to its back-country location, for the production of ‘smokies’ meat. As a farmer, our land and property interests are sacrament as we value the work, dedication and blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers in the original purchase of the assets. There can therefore be no dispute that, as descendents, we will do whatever necessary to protect our family and personal interests in defending our family assets. We will always step up to the plate to protect our own interests – no matter what.
  10. My dispute with Anthony Richards was to run parallel with the attack on our family and therefore it was increasingly important to have me and my own business interests destroyed.

2000: Stand Your Ground to Investigate Financial and Judicial Institutions

  1. Despite NatWest not in any rush to settle with me, I become involved in correspondence and had meetings with a number of leading banks and financial institutions warning them that there is a widescale conspiracy in place where land and property was being stolen by organised criminal gangs – what we nowadays will recognise as RBS, GRG and HBoS Reading.
  2. I had meetings with Halifax area manager Martin Price and Halifax Regional General manager Phil O’Connor and had correspondence with the Halifax Executive office, including Chief Executive James CrosbyEXHIBITS DM02
  3. My business partner Peter Davies and I attended a meeting with Barclays Bank at Newtown, Mid Wales with Head of Customer Service Mike Brophy and executive Robbie Milne.
  4. It took over another year before I met with Les Beale from NatWest who refused to settle and stole my savings plan due out two years later in the sum of £18k – See memorandum of meeting – EXHIBITS DM03
  5. By now, most of the other banks and financial institutions that our firm and I were involved with had also closed ranks and foreclosed against us. Our firm’s business account and my personal account were with Barclays Bank in Newtown, Powys. My personal account was closed by Gary Slater (who is married to a former girlfriend) and it took a number of years before we were provided with bank data confirming that my business partner, Peter Robert Davies had been deliberately confused with Philip Reginald Davies who was deceased. See – EXHIBITS DM04
  6. The banks all continued ongoing telling me to go to the police. The ‘breach of data’ was simple to resolve by confronting NatWest but I needed a hand as they would not listen to me and with staff claiming to feel ‘threatened’, continued to ban me from the Aberystwyth premises.
  7. Whilst I had support within local victims, many of which were scared. As we had discovered a large number of active criminal cartels, George become eager for me to establish a campaign group to give me better personal security both locally and throughout the country as other activists become involved. I therefore set up Stand Your Ground standyourground.co.uk and we commenced local meetings. As the website settled, this started bringing in other victims who had been targeted for their property and it soon become apparent that there was something seriously wrong within the judicial system.
  8. I also started looking for others who were featured in newspapers with similar problems and become involved with a number of victims and groups who had been campaigning for years. Before the arrival of Google and email, these people had been campaigning and trying to expose criminality by post and latterly fax.
  9. They had been fighting against all odds and open to widespread abuse by the public sector as they tried to silence them. Many of these good people had been accused of being Vexatious Litigants and served with Section 42 High Court warrants excluding them from court actions without prior authorisation. The most prominent of these people were:
  • Geoffrey Scriven, President of Litigants in Person – EXHIBIT DM05
  • Beryl Foden
  • Peter OakesEXHIBIT DM06
  • Elaine Corbett – EXHIBIT DM07
  1. I become aware of anti-masonic Barrister Roger Everest who had his application to become a Judge blocked as he was not associated with any Masonic lodge – EXHIBIT DM08
  2. I was approached by a colleague who was involved in shop fitting and was in a dispute with Barclays Bank where the bank was foreclosing on him. This businessman now has a thriving business based in Ceredigion and therefore, publicly, I will refer to him as MR P – see EXHIBITS DM09
  3. Security was then tightened around me. Naturally, I am unable to comment in details other than, I am trained in anti-ambush, high speed pursuit’s – both lead and follow, security markers are put on my vehicles which, let’s say, permit me to do anything, within reason, to protect car occupants and myself and keep us safe.
  4. Tight security is put around Peter Davies’ children, Elin and Sion to protect them from being abducted and used as ransom against us. I was also given Intelligence ‘word keys’ which could be used when approached by intelligence operatives whom I don’t know. ‘Word keys’ are also commonly used throughout the intelligence network to signify one operative to another – so if you recognise a ‘word key’, you will know that I am not any jumped up idiot off the street, but someone you can converse with who is familiar with the overall operation. Security around my home became as tight as it could get.
  5. Our firm’s cashflow had been decimated and I had a couple of meetings with Bronwen Morgan, head of Legal Services at Ceredigion and explain to her the background to these matters. She was courteous but her body language informed me that she was just not interested. From now on, roughly once a month ongoing, all Ceredigion County Councillors were copied into specific email correspondence. To date not one councillor took up the matters that I brought to their attention. There has been a conspiracy of silence – a no comment is indeed a comment.
  6. Customs had always struggled to access agriculture and even through their then links struggled to understand the economics. Farms formed the backbone of our nation and in period of need, such wartime, this is an industry which will always step forward and feed our nation. Without farmers, our nation starves. Farming is the mainstay of the British countryside knitting together our society and communities.
  7. I have been brought up in an era where certain farms had gone from strength to strength with new purchases of land and property, new tractors and vehicles whilst others struggled to make ends meet. It had always been said that these ‘prosperous’ farms were reliant on old family money. Never would anybody imagine that many of these farms were ideal false front enterprises to launder black market money.
  8. Farmers in the early 70s would expect to get between £30-50 per lamb and a new basic Land Rover was £1300. Nowadays (2017) farmers get between £60-100 per lamb and a new basic Land Rover Defender 90 was circa £30k when the vehicle was taken out of production. The industry is entirely dependent on families working together, long manual hours for little return and as an industry is mainly reliant on farm estates handed down to forward generations. Farm income has been decimated by stagnant farm gate prices yet ever increasing costs. The sector has always been prepared to struggle on so that the assets can be passed onto the next generation but sooner or later, decent farmers will have enough of the struggle. Young farmers have been leaving the industry in droves and, looking forward, there is going to be a crisis, where older farmers looking to retire have no one to pass the farm onto. This is an ideal scenario for the ‘firm’s’ own cartels to pick up farms to add to their ever increasing property portfolios.
  9. Farmers in the main are always complaining and when in times of real need, as society are used to them forever complaining, don’t realise that there is a real crisis and take no notice.
  10. My family farming background gives British Intelligence better access and understanding of the fundamental problems within the industry. Special Branch start becoming involved in the industry and farmers start being encouraged into farm diversification so that they can at least have a second income to help support their farming initiatives.
  11. Farm incomes have become pitiful to such an extent where financially, individuals are enticed into the criminal fraternity and/or become so cash strapped that they become desperate for cash to save their businesses and personal business face, they (unknowingly) approach criminal gang-masters for finance. I am told that there are farmers who have sold fields, one by one, to livestock dealers who in-turn, instead of rent, discount the value of animals being sold. I have no evidence of such but am aware of one similar situation involving a farmer from Penrhyncoch, just outside Aberystwyth, who I am given to understand, as a result of financial pressure has obtained additional finance from an illegal money lender. One by one small one man smallholdings have been gobbled up by larger farms.

2003: False Accusation and Bankruptcy

  1. I am aware of Massey Ferguson tractors that were manufactured at the UK factory at the end of month (after manufacturing targets were met) and sold on for cash. These tractors left the factory without any means of identification (vin chassis plates etc) and when looking for parts, dealers can’t verify the tractor and source the correct parts. I am aware of one of these tractors and there has to be an amnesty so that any of these vehicles which haven’t been exported can come forward and be officially registered and properly insured. Whilst nowadays these tractors are insured, because their (false?) number plates are located high on the tractor rear, police ANPR trackers are unable to pick them up.
  2. Government campaigns are launched to encourage new magistrates to enter the profession as well as new legislation to combat money laundering, tax evasion, data protection, anti-cartels as well as a bonfire of public sector quangos.
  3. George is very concerned that I am fitted up and I am encouraged to ongoing check all outbuildings at my home for any suspect packages such as and for example drugs. Within months, my tenant calls me to report an attempted break-in at my home which has been foiled by my German-shepherd dog who is trained to aggressively confront visitors she does not know.
  4. Police attend but there is no evidence of entry other than an internal curtain which has been caught up in the door as the burglar seeks desperately to lock the door to block the dog facilitating his escape.
  5. Dyfed Powys police arrive with a search warrant for paedophilia and turn the house over. These allegations are completely without merit as I have never been involved in anything of this disgusting nature. It just shows, from desperation, how low the ‘firm’ and police will stoop. They then attend the office and take away all office computers and hundreds of floppy discs (which have been supplied by customers as they carry artwork for print). Nothing whatsoever is found and the computers are returned, one computer damaged, but all clean.
  6. I am bankrupted at Aberystwyth County Court and manage to rescind the bankruptcy at Carmarthen County Court. Bankruptcy is an entirely normal vehicle to disgrace anybody who will take on the rotten system. In the meantime, I find that the Insolvency Service has ignored the court ruling and proceeded with newspaper advertising such which is carried in our local newspaper, the Cambrian News and in the Western Mail, the national newspaper of Wales. See – EXHIBIT DM10
  7. Stand Your Ground invite the current Chief Constable Terry Grange to a well-attended meeting in Aberystwyth which, as the Chief Constable is unable to attend (what a surprise?), is fronted by Peter Evans and Paul Jewell from the fraud squad at Ammanford. Over the coming months, visits by Dyfed Powys police fraud squad officers at our office will become commonplace.
  8. Following a number of press releases, copy is printed in the Farmers Guardian and I receive numerous phone calls from the farming community from across the country. One of which is Pembrokeshire farmer Watcyn Richards – see VIDEO EXHIBIT DM11
  9. I now find the first activist who has been involved in this operation – Yolande Lindridge. Yolande is a health campaigner based in Maidstone and is one of the country’s leading voices on MRSA, child abduction by social services to feed paedophiles and Operations Avalanche and Ore – see VIDEO EXHIBIT DM12
  10. Both Operations Avalanche and Ore are significant, as this is the first-time paedophiles have been caught by paying for images by their credit cards.

2004: Another of My Many Arrests

  1. I am arrested for abusive language in an email to Ian Carter, the Official Receiver at Swansea who has deliberately read my email out of context and who has, as the police statement will later show, been directed by Desmond Flynn, Chief Executive of the Insolvency Service to go to the police. I then find from others, in particular Ian Hamilton, that this is normal procedure by Desmond Flynn to try and criminalise complainants instead of, as the Insolvency Service is not insured, directing claims against the UK Crown.
  2. 2005 03 07 Shocking Truth about Police Corruption EXHIBIT DM13
  3. I am then served with a summons signed by Terry Grange Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys Police to attend a separate case, to run concurrently over an email to Barclays Bank – both cases under Section 5 Malicious Communications. We proceed to Court and am represented by Peter Wiggan of Welch and Company, Cardigan.
  4. Peter Wiggan does not understand and I sack him in open court. Geoffrey Scriven takes over and we have a battle with Magistrates. I am told this is the longest pre-trial review ever at Aberystwyth Magistrates Court. See EXHIBIT DM14
  5. Despite the financial predicament that I find myself in, through no fault of my own, my home, Gelli Angharad is repossessed. There is no secret of society’s emotional attachment to their homes. I am not prepared to allow anybody to steal my home. No matter what, come whatever may, that I am going to allow my home to be stolen from me – even if this means bringing the whole world economy to a stop.
  6. The agent’s locksmith from Cardiff tells me that many of the houses that he is involved in the repossession of in, especially in Cardiff, are sold to business people who turn up at repossession with briefcases full of money. As soon as the locks are changed, he hands over the new keys to the purchaser before leaving the property.
  7. Angela Richards from Aberdare joins our team see – VIDEO EXHIBIT DM15. Angela is a long-standing people’s rights campaigner and is a great help, as she has the time to spend trawling for documents that help the group and is extremely vocal in challenging authority over people who have been done down and in particular, their own rights. Angela and I attend the Welsh Assembly debate (summer 2005) and speak to our own Assembly Member Elin Jones and AM Glyn Davies from Montgomeryshire outside.
  8. We also meet Roger Everest, the anti-masonic barrister for coffee in Cardiff.
  9. From now on, each and every Assembly Member will periodically be email copied into correspondence. I have received no response whatsoever from any Assembly Member other than Rosemary Butler, the presiding officer asking me to remove her from my email database – see EXHIBIT DM16
  10. On the day of my trial at Aberystwyth Magistrates court where I am represented by Steve Hamilton, evidence is given against me by Ian Carter, Stephen Baxter and Leighton Davies from the Insolvency Service in Swansea as well as Mike Brophy and Robbie Milne from Barclays. The Magistrates find against me and I find out days later that the presiding Magistrate was Roddy James, Auctioneer and Estate Agent from Cardigan assisted by Gerwyn Morgan, Councillor at Ceredigion County Council and a member of the Dyfed Powys Police Authority. Both were nasty pieces of work. Why did the CPS or Court staff advise me of a conflict of interest? Of course, both had undisclosed personal and financial interests.
  11. Following sentencing, Steve Hamilton and I attend a meeting with Ceredigion’s new Member of Parliament Mark Williams, at the Porth Hotel in Llandysul where we explain to him in detail the background to the case. Mark Williams agrees to meet with me and Bronwen Morgan from Ceredigion County Council to discuss their threat to repossess our business premises of 18 years, Packaging Plus in Aberystwyth. This meeting is to prove to be a waste of my time, as I realise that there is already a predetermined eagerness to repossess.
  12. Within months I am to see Ceredigion Councillors and planners pass the office window on their way back to their cars having been behind the unit.
  13. George asks me whether I am prepared to start a new charity. This will be a charity truly independent of Government and the public sector where individuals who have been locked within the civil system can come and report to us their concerns. This in effect will be a data centre gathering intelligence, funded by Government where each particular division, will be headed by an activist with their own specialist knowledge and who can harvest their own particular data and when there are sufficient people complaining about the same thing, our own investigators can go and investigate. When we have sufficient evidence, one of my team will confront the organisation involved and bring our findings to their attention giving them three months notice, before we report the incident to the relative Parliamentary committee. This charity is to be founded about two years after the forthcoming economic crash so that the current quangos such as the Financial Ombudsman have had a chance to clear the forthcoming claims. I have agreed to head the new charity which will be called Rebecca (the name derives from the old Rebecca Riots where the farmers challenged the authorities over toll gates, in Carmarthenshire in 1839-1843).
  14. Rogue bank manager Graham Price is caught having squandered £10m at Halifax in Gowerton, Swansea leaving an IOU in the branch safe – EXHIBIT DM17
  15. David Dale is imprisoned over £20m fraudulent property portfolio – EXHIBIT DM18
  16. I now find the second activist who is involved in this operation – Suzon Forscey Moore. Suzon Forscey Moore is an American, non-practising lawyer. She is a legal researcher and has discovered that the UK courts are without basis and institutionally corrupt. She runs Campaign for a Fair Hearing – see EXHIBITS DM19:
  • Lloyd’s Insurance US Affidavit
  • Aristocrats Defend Privileges
  • Evidence waiting for Authorisation
  • Privi Council – Office list of Charters
  • Royal Charter Survey
  • Royal Charters
  • Royal Charters Bibliography

“Contemporary hearings in English courts may be best understood as traditional theatrical rituals in which agents dressed in ceremonial 18th century costume unselfconsciously honour their oath of loyalty to the Queen by dismissing and/or punishing unimportant people for their foolish insistence on justice and fair play. Courts in other jurisdictions should distance themselves from the perverse character of English law where unexamined belief in hereditary system of privilege triumphs the fair application of principles of Law.”

“It would be wrong for the Florida Court to turn a blind eye to a system in which the rights of the individual are sacrificed for a perceived but unjustifiable greater good, the protection of a privileged hereditary elite.”

  1. I.e. Our people are judged by a gang of bullies who have undisclosed personal and business interests. The British legal system has no foundation and therefore, not a single court case stands.

2006: Repossessing our Business Premises

  1. Ceredigion County Council commence repossession attempts on our business premises at Glanyrafon Enterprise Park and I fight them in court. The judges keep on saying, as they have always said, that the police have to deal with the issues that I continue to present. They state that they are powerless to insist that the police intervene themselves. Police are not interested.
  2. Following interest from the Carmarthen area, a Stand Your Ground group is established and the main people within the group are:
  • Meirion Bowen
  • Trish Breckman – see EXHIBITS DM20
  • Lady Lesley Cooper – see WEBSITE EXHIBIT DM21
  • Watcyn Richards – see VIDEO EXHIBIT DM22
  • Gwyn Davies.
  1. We have excellent local press coverage in the Carmarthen Journal newspaper and from ITV consumer-affairs Wales This Week who produce a number of programmes on people from within our group.
  2. We decide to hold a question and answer evening where the public can challenge local Authoritarians. The head of planning for Carmarthenshire Eifion Bowen is invited to attend. Eifion Bowen starts the evening with a presentation about planning laws. The hall is packed and by the time the public have finished grilling him, he is shaking all over to such a point where he spills his drink. See EXHIBIT DM23
  3. 2006 05 16 Judge slams Police info see EXHIBIT DM24
  4. We hold weekly meetings in Carmarthen Library and try and entice Terry Grange, Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys police for a grilling but he is not prepared to bite.
  5. Instead the group decides to go for local Plaid Cymru, Member of Parliament Adam Price who is curious and accepts our invitation to attend a public meeting at Carmarthen’s Rugby Club. I issue a national press release inviting all our Stand Your Ground people and get responses from across the UK, including from the last activist that I have been looking for Patrick Cullinane.
  6. Patrick Cullinane has been at war with the Inland Revenue after being falsely accused of tax evasion following the Inland Revenues decision to purge on the film industry. – see EXHIBITS DM25
  7. Patrick’s father is Catholic and his mother Protestant and Patrick Cullinane knows that there is no hatred or indeed, friction between the two communities. Thus the IRA is a hoax. Accordingly, intelligence gained from Patrick Cullinane forms the beginning of the Good Friday Peace Agreement and it is discovered that the master behind the Irish troubles is a rogue Intelligence officer. The Irish troubles have been created to divide the good Irish people and distract them by putting them at war against each other so that a cartel can be established to, in time, take over the Irish Government. This is very similar to (albeit more-subtle) setting fire to the Welsh holiday homes so that the Welsh people can be set on an agenda of distrust and again, become terrified of each other.
  8. The Rugby Club is packed to such an extent that people have to stand, due to the shortage of chairs. Other new people of significance in attendance are:
  • Maurice Kirk – see WEBSITE EXHIBIT DM26
  • Linda Lewis – see EXHIBITS DM27
  • Representatives of Ricki Canti – see EXHIBIT DM28
  1. Adam Price is gobsmacked with what the public tell him, the heartbreak that they have suffered at the hands of cartels and the distance the public sector is prepared to go to cover up criminality. Adam Price is speechless and spends most of the meeting with his head in his hands which are dripping with sweat.
  2. Our group then decides to have a mid-summer extravaganza aimed at the banks and invite our star attraction with Paul Talbot Jenkins’ original London Route Master Bus who will travel from Leicester by road all the way to Carmarthen. The bus is to take centre stage in front of the court in Guildhall Square, Carmarthen. The public are fascinated and have never seen a London Bus in Carmarthen ever before (or likely to see again). Significant new people in attendance are:
  • Margaret Gomm – see VIDEO EXHIBIT DM29
  • Paul Talbot Jenkins – see EXHIBIT DM30
  • Joe Dowling – see – VIDEO EXHIBIT DM31
  • Derek and Joan Bye – see EXHIBIT DM32
  1. We have huge interest and I am encouraged to set up a new group in Gloucestershire. This new group has similar gripes as in Carmarthen but the most appalling case involves:
  • Martin Yarworth – see EXHIBIT DM33
  1. My home is sold to Meirion Evans, son to my father’s best friend and neighbour. I have already warned (via my father) both Meirion Evans and the estate agent Michael Williams that they are not to proceed with the sale and been told that they had decided against.
  2. I find out through my own network that both have renegaded on their word and my home has been sold for the exact amount owing on the mortgage. In commercial terms, for about a third of its value. I never consented to the repossession and don’t accept the sale. I catch Meirion Evans at the property I tell him in no uncertain terms, not to move in as he is not staying.
  3. My court battle with Ceredigion County Council is nearing an end and I attend at Neath County Court where the repossession is granted. I move all the customer files I can to a friend’s house and am away when the premises get repossessed. I know that I have some time to try and clear my stock and have to await confirmation of the date that the unit must be cleared by, but I have no idea as to where £80k of stock can be located to, nor the office equipment or my own personal effects including my extensive disco record collection.
  4. I am on Glanyrafon Enterprise park, Aberystwyth one evening when I see two gigantic shipping containers on our units drive and whilst I cannot see into either the containers or the unit it appears that my unit is being emptied. There is no indication as from where the containers are from and I call police for assistance on 999. They are not interested and nobody from the police turns up. There can be no dispute that there is a conspiracy in place between the council and Ceredigion regarding the disposal of the unit contents.
  5. I speak to Ceredigion and they advise me that they had written to me at my home advising of the disposal date but could not provide me with a proof of delivery as they did not keep the recorded delivery number. I of course had been thrown out of my home last year and had no knowledge of the warning notice. It will take another two years before I am told by my then neighbour, Chris Roberts of Cambrian Power Tools that the Council had been looking at demolishing both my and their own unit to make way for five new units to be built on the back end of the plot. Cambrian Power Tools had been offered an alternative unit but, as it has turned out, it was cheaper to repossess my unit rather than compensate both businesses and relocate us. There can be no dispute whatsoever that Bronwen Morgan, now Chief Executive of Ceredigion County Council, had been in a wide-ranging conspiracy to cause me and my business economic harm.

2007: Who Benefits from Daylight Robberies?

  1. Despite my best endeavours, I am unable to break through local media. This type of scandal has happened before in Porthmadog, a North Wales town covered by the Cambrian News, where in the mid 80s a local builder by the name of Murphy was caught in a conspiracy to steal properties in conjunction with the local manager of Barclays Banks. Despite Patrick Cullinane, George Wescott and me visiting their head office, the Cambrian News are not interested. I believe that this is because this scandal would affect their advertising revenue. We are also at the limits of what the Carmarthen Journal are prepared to publish due to insurance concerns.
  2. A group of us decide to visit Police Headquarters and attend a meeting with Samantha Gainard, head of Dyfed Powys police legal services. We then proceed to the Crown Prosecution Service in Tanerdy, Carmarthen. We are refused entry but, suddenly, someone leaves the building and we finally gain entry and meet Iwan Jenkins, head of Carmarthen CPS.
  3. I am alarmed that the local Ceredigion people are being kept in the dark and therefore have no option but contend the Welsh Assembly election – see EXHIBIT DM34
  4. My main opposition is Elin Jones, the existing AM who has a BSc in Economics and yet remained silent over the issues that I represent throughout the campaign. I obtain 528 votes and it then becomes clear that whilst supportive, our indigenous local people, especially the business community, are powerless to act, as they are far too indebted to their banks. They have given me support but are unable to come forward as to not ruin their own businesses. i.e. they are enslaved through debt.
  5. The UK is on a roll with cheap money. Our society has been incurring horrendous debt, loans and credit card debt and our leaders are partying like never before. I come across a video giving the background to the collapse of the Argentinian economy and how a prosperous nation has been enslaved, its large businesses and utilities sold out to foreign companies who have looted the economy and besieged the companies with horrendous debt and society as a whole, into financial meltdown and devastation – see EXHIBIT DM35
  6. The time has come to confront the stealing of my home. I never consented to the repossession and now is the time to tackle this head on. George informs me that it’s not in the public interest for anybody to take me to court as for the over-riding interest of tens of thousands of others who have also been dispossessed of their properties. I therefore decide to secure my property and change the locks. I find my home desolate with all the plumbing removed and the inside is like a building site. I and two others attend my home and as we are securing the front door lock, Meirion Evans and his girlfriend arrive. Police are called and I am arrested and taken to Aberystwyth police station. My colleagues have left the scene and are safe away from the turmoil.
  7. Our Carmarthen Stand Your Ground group are at our whit’s end with the constant police harassment and lack of action and sympathy. We are still being treated with absolute contempt and to such a point where many envisage that the police believe themselves as being untouchable. All our cases, one way or another, are dependent on police intervention and I arrange a meeting between us and Dyfed Powys Police Authority. This group is to become known as the Llangunnor Six. In attendance are:
  • Trish Breckman
  • Lady Lesley Cooper
  • Meirion Bowen
  • Watcyn Richards
  • Maurice Kirk and
  • Myself.
  1. This meeting is chaired by Alan Fry from South Wales police as Chief Executive Keith Reeves is off sick. The meeting is civil and goes well with notes taken of each person’s brief history and concerns. In my view, the meeting is far too relaxed to such a point where I believe that there is another cover up in place. At the end of the meeting, I ask the police authority for their backing in a vote of no confidence in the current chief constable Terry Grange and am told that they will consider it. A photograph is taken of the group in attendance – see EXHIBIT DM36
  2. Within weeks, Terry Grange announces his retirement owning up to financial irregularities and inappropriate use of his email accounts – see EXHIBIT DM37
  3. 2007 09 16 Letter from Claire Jones, Ceredigion regarding Packaging Plus stock
  4. Lady Lesley Cooper is at her whit’s end and convinced, despite me telling her otherwise, that Terry Grange is a Freemason. She is also convinced that Terry Grange is in a relationship with the head of Legal Services Samantha Gainard. She is viewing properties in the area for a family member and suddenly realises that she’s  in Terry Grange’s own home. She decides, on the spur of the moment, to barricade herself inside the property and hours later police storm the building and she is arrested – see EXHIBIT DM38
  5. 2007 11 16 Letter from Bronwen Morgan see EXHIBIT DM39
  6. Detective Chief Inspector Steve Christopher at South Wales police is victimised for setting up a unit to root out police corruption and malpractice – see EXHIBIT DM40
  7. Haverfordwest is reported as having the largest proportional rise in UK house repossessions. – see EXHIBIT DM41
  8. The District Judge for Haverfordwest and Aberystwyth is Judge Harold Godwin. Harold Godwin, once one of Aberystwyth’s main solicitors, yet has been allowed to become the District Judge – This is a clear conflict of interest – is it not?
  9. 2007 12 17 IPCC Complaint against Samantha Gainard – see EXHIBIT DM42
  10. 2007 12 19 Letter from Ceredigion police commander Alun Harries see EXHIBIT DM43
  11. 2007 12 24 Dyfed Powys police disclosure notice see EXHIBIT DM44
  12. I have been charged with burglary of my own home and the case is proceeding to Swansea Crown Court. I ask my solicitor Alan Lewis to instruct Roger Everest, the anti-masonic barrister – see point 68 above.
  13. Alan Lewis is unable to contact Roger Everest and I am therefore represented by barrister Dyfed Thomas. He is not interested and agrees with the court to send me to Caswell Mental Health Clinic in Bridgend for investigations whether I am fit to plead. I return to Swansea Crown Court and sack him in open court.
  14. I find Roger Everest who agrees to take over the case and from the documents that I provide issues a witness summons calling James Crosby, former Halifax Chief Executive to court. Whilst Roger Everest’s appointment was late into the proceedings, Judge Thomas is determined to keep to the trial date.
  15. Three years later Roger Everest will confirm:

From: roger everest [mailto:rogereverest@hotmail.com]
Sent: 10 November 2011 19:02
To: dafydd.morgan@packaging-plus.co.uk
Subject: Sir James Crosby


I can confirm that a witness summons was issued for Sir James Crosby to attend Swansea Crown Court, on my advice.  From the file of correspondence in Dafydd Morgan’s possession it appeared to me that Crosby had a culpable hand in Mr Morgan’s undeserved loss of home and business.  Unfortunately, at the time of the trial he was abroad on government business and the trial had to proceed without him.

Roger Everest
[Barrister 1968 – 2009]
P.O. Box 32, Pontyclun CF72 9YQ

  1. Roger Everest interrogates Meirion Evans and discovers that he had been in a conspiracy with the estate agent hand that he had purchased my home for the outstanding amount owed to the financier. He also confirmed that he had never slept at the property yet was paying council tax i.e. that there would be no capital gains on the selling of the property. Meirion Evans claimed that he had done no more work on the property, so it has been left as a building site.
  2. Meirion Evans, having just gone through a divorce was in no place to afford the purchase of my home and it’s imperative that we find out the name of the silent partner who contributed to the purchase.
  3. What we did not know was, despite these proceedings in place, Meirion Evans had sold the property to Penstone, a retired corrupt police officer, who shortly after panicked and sold on again – see sales particulars – EXHIBIT DM45
  4. I believe that the sale onto Penstone was prearranged and a further conspiracy as Meirion Evans’ father later told my father that the property had been sold too many times for the sales to be overturned. Rubbish. The financiers are responsible for protecting my account from fraud and it’s down to Halifax to return my account to a financial position prior to the loss.
  5. Police are not interested in perjury by Meirion Evans at Swansea Crown Court.
  6. My statement to Swansea Crown Court see EXHIBIT DM46
  7. 2009 03 23 I am refused an appeal see EXHIBIT DM47
  8. 2008 02 08 Letter from police commander Alun Harries see EXHIBIT DM48
  9. Watcyn Richards is sent a copy of a letter from Common Purpose, in error instructing Glenys Kinnock MEP and Eluned Morgan MEP to deny the matter oxygen see – EXHIBIT DM49
  10. UK Column newspaper publish literature on Common Purpose – see EXHIBITS DM50
  11. I am staying at a colleague’s house in Dinas Terrace, Aberystwyth. Dr John Wray is a retired soil scientist and has been active in a campaign concerning new build homes across the road on the Old Rubbish Tip road which have been built on the old railway line on top of fill from spoil dredged from Aberystwyth harbour.
  12. Dr John Wray is adamant that these properties are going to sink into the railway cutting and as the properties are already cracking, this is evidence that the fill is not sufficiently supportive of the housing built above.
  13. 2008 06 07 Terry Grange is friend of Porn judge – see EXHIBIT DM51
  14. 2008 09 16 Police to reopen Judge sex abuse case – see EXHIBIT DM52
  15. Watcyn Richards and I attend the Open Day at Dyfed Powys police headquarters. Having parked at Carmarthen Showground and shipped by bus to police headquarters, we are met by the police commander for Pembrokeshire Dean Richards whom Watcyn Richards and I have had meetings with in the past. Watcyn Richards is refused entry to the open day as he is carrying British National Party literature. I am allowed access and am followed round by an armed police marksman for the duration of my visit. I am accompanied on the bus back to the carpark by two plain clothes officers who, on arrival just stood there gawping as they awaited the next bus to come and collect them. They stand out like a sore finger – NIL Points.
  16. 2008 09 22 Letter from police commander Robin Mason EXHIBIT DM53
  17. 2008 10 01 – My police perjury statement – see EXHIBIT DM54
  18. Dr Wray has had enough and ‘gone abroad’ refusing to tell me or anybody else his destination, although I believe it to be Spain. His bank NatWest are used to seeing him every-day and have reported him missing. Since he left and with nowhere to go, I have taken over the house and filled it with my client’s files – see EXHIBIT DM54A
  19. Police appear at my door looking for Dr Wray and I tell them all I know. They take away all his post for evaluation and some weeks later return the post which has now been opened. It is not my business to look at his post. I have already advised his solicitor that I am in the property and changed the electric into my name. Dr Wray’s solicitor writes to me and asks whether I have any idea of his whereabouts and I respond as above enclosing his post as returned from the police.
  20. By return of post, Dr Wray’s solicitor sends me documents that the police had returned within the envelope in connection to a convicted paedophile which they were looking at rehousing in Aberystwyth post his prison release. I copied the documents and sent them to some of my safe addresses and issue a press release. Here is the report from the Cambrian News – see EXHIBIT DM55
  21. Following a call from Professional Standards, I agree to return a copy as I no longer have the original documents. (The original is with Patrick Cullinane in London).
  22. Lady Lesley Cooper appears at Carmarthen Magistrates for her trial and in his statement, Chief Constable Terry Grange confirms that has known of Stand Your Ground, myself, Patrick Cullinane, Meirion Bowen and Lady Cooper since 2001 and that he thinks that we “have been defrauded in some way” and that he has passed all the details to head of legal services, Samantha Gainard to resolve. Terry Grange testifies that he has been in a sexual relationship with Samantha Gainard – see EXHIBIT DM56
  23. Lady Lesley Cooper is cleared – see EXHIBIT DM57
  24. 2009 05 15 Letter from the IPCC see EXHIBIT DM58
  25. 2009 05 26 Letter to the IPCC see EXHIBIT DM59
  26. 2009 02 27 Letter from CPS – Jim Brisbane – see EXHIBIT DM60
  27. 2009 03 11 Letter from CPS – Jim Brisbane see EXHIBIT DM61
  28. 2009 03 24 Letter from Dolmans solicitors to both Meirion Bowen and myself threatening legal action regarding comments we have made surrounding Samantha Gainards sexual relationships see EXHIBIT DM62
  29. 2009 11 06 Letter from Dewi Pritchard Jones Solicitors regarding their client Penstone, purchaser of Gelli Angharad see EXHIBIT DM63
  30. As part of his breakup with his partner and mother of his children, Meirion Bowen is in court and I suggest that he requests a ‘Storm’ report so that he can gain an idea of what the police have been saying about him on police data. This data is not available as a simple data search and has to be applied for under court order. His order has been granted and once the data is provided, Meirion Bowen is gobsmacked that Dyfed Powys police have confused him with another person of the same name from the same town. This data is conflicting between him and another Meirion Bowen who works for the Environment Agency. In particular, armed police have been called to an incident involving the other Meirion Bowen and that the other Meirion Bowen has been involved in a car accident near Aberaeron. There are obviously errors, which may be deliberate, within the system where data is collected.
  31. Storm data also details another incident where as our colleague Watkin Richards from Haverfordwest has been set up in Haverfordwest court by Judge Harold Godwin earlier in the year, Meirion Bowen, Watcyn Richards and myself have attended Carmarthen County Court to complain. Our visit, whilst very serious is dealt with courteously and the lady we meet is deeply upset with what we have told her. We received a call from Luigi Strinatti, head of the courts in south Wales later in the day. What we don’t know is this meeting has triggered Operation Bream as the police idiots have treated the complaint as a full-scale threat – see EXHIBIT DM64
  32. As part of my Swansea Crown sentencing I have to work 150 hours community service and attend probation meetings. I come out of a probation meeting and am confronted from behind by DS Mark James who accuses me of harassing local car dealer John Jones, from Capel Dewi Cars. On a recent visit to the garage I have spotted one of our old office filing cabinets and requested it back. John Jones has gone to the police. I explain to DS Mark James that I am missing my business stock, office equipment and personal effects and that there is no evidence whatsoever that my goods, even my own personal disco record collection ever went to landfill in Llanidloes as Ceredigion have suggested.
  33. There is no weigh bridge documents and finding the filing cabinet confirms that my possessions have been passed round by the contractor John Goburne amongst his mates. The discussion is heated and he is threatening to arrest me. I turn on him, the probation officer outside having a cigarette, dives into the office for cover and the passing people in the street scurry away. DS Mark James bolts as I shout at him, reminding him that Senior police headquarters management have been serving the sexual needs of Samantha Gainard which is the reason as to why the police are trying their hardest to silence complainants.

2010: More Scandalous Victimisations

  1. Cumbrian ShootingsDerrick Bird was convinced that the World had turned against him. He wrongly believed, that his brother Davis and the family solicitor were conspiring to send him to prison, see my police statement – EXHIBIT DM65
  2. Raoul Moat Manhunt – Raoul Moat held a grudge against police, whom he blamed for the collapse of his business, claiming that he had “lost everything” after being hounded by Social Services.

Raoul Moat Documentary

  1. 2010 06 17 – Gallagher Bassett – Police clam handlers see EXHIBIT DM66
  2. 2010 06 29 Gwent CPS lawyer accepted £20k share of bribe see EXHIBIT DM67
  3. 2010 08 20 – Correspondence from Adrian Oliver of Dolmans – see EXHIBIT DM68
  4. 2010 10 10 – CPS – Letter from Kevin Challinor see EXHIBIT DM69
  5. 2010 11 15 – CPS – Letter from Iwan Jenkins – see EXHIBIT DM70

2011: The Gulag Card: Forced Medication in a Mental Health Hospital

  1. I have been in another row with my parents regarding my brother’s wife Julie Morgan and that the NatWest issues remain unresolved. It is a Sunday morning and there is a knock on the door where police accuse me of ‘threat to arson’ i.e. threatening to set fire to my brother’s business at the family shop, which has been sold by my parents to my brother Aled Morgan about ten years ago. This is utter nonsense and it will later turn out that my father, in a conversation with my brother has loosely said something along the lines of “you watch that he doesn’t set fire to the shop” which Aled has taken as a threat and reported to the police idiots.
  2. I have been arrested and been seen by two doctors and Sectioned under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act. I land up detained for five weeks against my will and forced to take medication. I am released after the hospital have had enough, having been bombarded with incoming calls from colleague activists at all times from early morning through to late night.
  3. On coming out, my car has been repossessed, my phone lines have been given to a pensioner and I have lost a host of domain names as well as the bank closing my accounts. I also find that I am on MAPPA category 3 and am threatened by Roger Evans from Ceredigion Social Services that if I don’t desist from my campaign, he will have me recalled and sectioned again. There is no doubt that there is a widespread conspiracy by all the public sector agencies through the MAPPA system.
  4. Despite a letter from the hospital doctor, Ceredigion refuse to rehome me insisting that I have to stay at one of two drug rehab houses, whilst a one bedroom flat comes vacant in a few weeks-time. I therefore am forced to stay with a friend in Aberaeron where I try and rebuild my business.
  5. 2011 08 08: Dyfed Powys Police – Persistent Complainant – EXHIBIT DM71
  6. 2011 09 11: Letter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission – IPCC EXHIBIT DM72

Arrest that Judge – Wirral Magistrates Court

Lawful Killing: Mark Duggan

  1. The Mark Duggan scandal raises issues concerning Police and MAPPA data. Maurice Kirk will in five years-time get disclosure that he has been categorised on MAPPA and that due to his campaign against South Wales police, it will show that should Maurice Kirk, unknowingly, enter say, a supermarket where current or past Chief Constable Barbara Wilding is already present, police are to be called and Maurice Kirk is to be SHOT. The killing of Mark Duggan is the trigger mechanism for widescale public rioting in London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol.
  2. Gerald Price QC resigns from Swansea Crown Court following claims of a nine-month relationship with a 26yr old ‘rent boy’ who he allowed to sit with him on the bench – see EXHIBIT DM73

2012: A Solicitor Apologises to a Disciplinary Panel

  1. 2012 05 04 – Mair Williams, Solicitor apology to Disciplinary panel over her professional conduct whilst breaking up her relationship with crooked lawyer David James who, under pressure, lost the plot EXHIBIT DM74

2013: Dyfed Powys Police listens to Victims?

  1. 2013 01 14 – Meirion Bowen, Maurice Kirk and I meet up with the new police commissioner Christopher Salmon at police headquarters where we go through the outstanding complaints. Christopher Salmon does not understand but promises to pass the matters across to Chief Constable Ian Arundale who has been copied into correspondence for some time.
  2. What we are not aware of is that a block had been put on the police server some six or so years ago, blocking incoming emails and that the only person receiving incoming emails is Samantha Gainard.
  3. As we leave the meeting suite, we find a gang of ‘snarling’ police officers hiding in the next side room. Dyfed Powys police are completely out of control.
  4. Meirion Bowen and I are once more banned from visiting police headquarters – not that this bothers me in the least, these idiots are civil servants, our servants, and if I want to visit police headquarters at any time day or night, that is exactly what I will do. Copies of these documents from Christopher Salmon – see EXHIBIT DM75
  5. My interview is broadcast on UK Column. See police or correspondence with UK Column EXHIBIT DM76
  6. 2013 03 15 Reply from Police Crime Commissioner Christopher Salmon EXHIBIT DM77
  7. 2013 03 19 – Police Crime Commissioner – Contact Framework EXHIBITS DM78
  8. Detective Inspector Gareth Jones based at Aberystwyth police station claims constructive dismissal through police bullying by his colleagues and later goes on to settle out of court.

Irish People Shut Down Repossession Auction

  1. Tomlinson report detailing widespread cartels within the Banking industry – in particular with reference to RBS GRG – see EXHIBITS DM79

2014: Where There’s Muck: laundering drugs through property and other scams

  1. 2014 01 10 Scotland Yard’s rotten core EXHIBIT DM80
  2. 2014 01 13 Revealed: Tiberius – How gangs used Freemasons to corrupt police EXHIBIT DM81
  3. 2014 02 12 Police staff lose jobs over data EXHIBIT DM82
  4. National Crime Agency – Money Laundering EXHIBIT DM83
  5. 2014 04 02 – John Carney EXHIBITS DM84
  6. Letter to Watcyn Richards from Stephen Crabb MP EXHIBIT DM85
  7. 2014 02 21Correspondence from DLA Piper EXHIBIT DM86
  8. 2014 04 02 Letter from Official Receiver EXHIBIT DM87
  9. My book Where there’s Muck is published, hopefully bringing to an end police harassment – see EXHIBIT DM88
  10. Parliament – Elfyn Llwyd MP- Acorn Finance – Farm Mortgage Fraud – see EXHIBIT DM89

2015: The Plot Thickens and the Panic Rises

Damien McBride – Panic buy bottled water and tinned goods

  1. The ex-Head of Communications at the Treasury urged British families to put their cash in a safe place, stock up on bottled water and tinned goods, and organise a meeting point with loved ones in case transport and communication networks in the UK go down – see EXHIBIT DM90
  2. Maurice Kirk gets disclosure of documents which includes a copy of MAPPA documentation. This document confirms that should Maurice Kirk get access to Chief Constable Barbara Wilding of South Wales police who he has been in dispute with for the last 20 years, he is to be SHOT. Therefore, should Maurice Kirk happen to walk into a supermarket and not be aware that Barbara Wilding is already in store, he could be SHOT – see EXHIBIT DM91
  3. Serious Fraud Squad – Parliament Debate – Alun Richards & Kashif Shabir – Westminster Hall Debate EXHIBIT DM92
  4. My report to Parliament regarding the Alun Richards & Kashif Shabir debate EXHIBIT DM93

2016: More Activists get More Active

Kweku Adoboli – Banking fraud can happen again

  1. A former UBS trader jailed after losing the bank £1.4billion has said it could happen again because bankers are under too much pressure to make money – see EXHIBIT DM94
  2. Samantha Gainard is suspended over an affair with Deputy Chief Constable Carl Langley and for awarding legal work to her estranged husband’s legal firm in a potential conflict of interest – see EXHIBIT DM95
  3. I am on my way to London for the Farmers March and as the police are still ignoring us, detour to police headquarters in Llangunnor, Carmathen where I am met by Staff Inspector Mark McSweeney who will report to my comments to senior officers – see Video of the London farmers March – EXHIBIT DM96
  4. Correspondence received from DI Richard Yelland, Dyfed Powys police EXHIBIT DM97
  5. Guy Taylor is abducted, kidnapped and sent to prison due to wild accusations by racist court clerk Michael Cray. Aberystwyth police know of local ‘Tafia’ Mafia.
  1. There is no reply and Meirion Bowen and I again attend police headquarters equipped with a Go Pro camera. Inspector McSweeney promises us a meeting with a senior officer and will come back to us – see EXHIBITS DM98
  2. Meeting with Temp Assistant Chief Constable Pam Kelly who will direct a senior team to look at documents that I have provided and collect background intelligence from my book – copies which have already been provided. Also present are Mark McSweeney and Aberaeron based DI Richard Yelland.
  3. Former Police and Crime Commissioner Christopher Salmon – Reflections on (Election) Defeat

“Carmarthenshire County Council. Wales’ answer to a Sicilian cartel. It’s everywhere you look (thankfully only in Carmarthenshire – so far as I can tell). It extracts vast amounts of money from residents which it showers on favourites, hordes property, bullies opponents, co-opts friends and answers to no one, least of all local councillors. The police mob. By far the majority of officers are wonderful. But there’s a strain of police thinking, present in all forces and – at least in part – at all ranks, which, frankly, still does not understand who the police work for.”

  1. Meirion Bowen and I attend another meeting with Assistant Chief Constable Pam Kelly where I divulge a set of my ‘word keys’ (see point 45) one of which she recognises and will now be aware of the significance of my background. She agrees to visit my parents to apologise for the stress and torment that the Police have caused our family through the years and for the ill-feelings and family feuding that they have caused in their failure to deal with the ‘breach of data’.
  2. Police are refusing to answer emails and it is imperative that I have an update of the situation at NatWest. I therefore decide to go and visit the Aberystwyth NatWest branch and ask DI Richard Yelland to accompany me so that the bank cannot make any wild and spurious allegations against me.
  3. DI Richard Yelland replies advising me that he has spoken to the Bank and that nobody within the bank remembers anything. I tell him that I will visit tomorrow and to make sure that there are police to accompany me – see EXHIBITS DM99
  4. I am joined by Sergeant Charles Weller and PC Galland Evans and we enter NatWest and speak to branch manager Emyr Jenkins, who was present when I originally made the ‘breach of data’ complaint. Emyr Jenkins recalls the original complaint and is prepared to make a police statement. Therefore, my correspondence with DI Yelland from the day before proves that DI Richard Yelland is corrupt.

2017: Civil or Criminal – is that the Question? The Force is Un-Insured!

  1. 2017 01 31 HBoS Reading trial ends at Southwark Crown Court
  2. 2017 01 31 My letter to HBoS Reading sentencing judge EXHIBIT DM100
  3. Meirion Bowen and I meet Assistant Chief Constable Pam Kelly who advises us that she considers my case as CIVIL. This is now civil because the Force never dealt with the criminality. I am unable to issue proceedings, as the courts are corrupt. She will take up the matter with others and come back to me.
  4. I take a prearranged phone call from Pam Kelly who has spoken to others and is of the same opinion but will now speak to my solicitor Alan Lewis and come back to me in a couple of days. There is no further correspondence or calls from her.
  5. Police legal chief (Samantha Gainard) quits after fling with married senior officer – see EXHIBITS DM101
  6. 2016 02 17 Police officer jailed for three months for trying to arrest Judge in Court EXHIBIT DM102
  7. Man who torched dream home after row with building society jailed – see EXHIBIT DM103
  8. I speak to Sergeant Charles Weller at Aberystwyth police who tells me that police have been instructed by police Professional Standards not to have contact with me and to report any contact to Professional Standards. It is therefore clear that it is Professional Standards who have been dictating events throughout and it is them who are burying everybody’s complaints.
  9. George informed me years ago that complaints against the Force sky-rocketed as soon as Terry Grange took over as Chief Constable and we are aware of numbers of complaints which have not been resolved (as the Force is un-insured) there must be hundreds of these complaints clogging the system and complainants who are at the end of their tethers, unknowingly, repeatedly challenging Dyfed Powys causing them to retaliate with ongoing widespread abuse and police brutality as global society is dumbed down and further enslaved through debt.
  10. I am interviewed by PC702 Mark Railton who is investigating accusations from my sister in law Julie Morgan who caused the initial breach of data at NatWest that I am harassing her. This is extraordinary, as I have not spoken to her for fifteen odd years. She claims that she has been passed an email that I sent to Pam Kelly, Assistant Chief Constable back in January 2017, where I have referred to her and her criminality. She has then found her name on two of my web sites www.dafyddmorgan.com and www.standyourground.co.uk and accordingly feels harassed. I maintain that it is entirely relevant that she is named so that the senior police team that is allegedly investigating these ongoing matters can understand the appropriate timeline. This interview has been sent to the CPS for evaluation.
  11. This is typical behaviour of masonic wives who at all times, whilst orchestrating criminal conduct, ALWAYS have everything in the husband’s name so that the wives can later claim no knowledge when everything goes wrong. That is, until they divorce when, trying to claim their own half of the estate, they then soon remember everything, as they try and claim their own half of the divorce estate. PC702 Mark Railton is eager to proceed to charge even though, right at the centre of all these matters is police misconduct and accordingly, the police whore, Samantha Gainard.

Additional Videos:

Dr Harry Beckhough – The lecture

Dispatches – Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby

Ex Illuminati Banker Exposes the Elite

Who is spending Britain’s Billions

Cops, Criminals, Corruption

Operation Countryman

Psychiatry – An Industry of Death

“Everybody is looking for a remedy for their problems – there are none. Every avenue you try, the end result is that the complaints are told that their complaints are outside their remit” Patrick Cullinane

Colleagues who have worked with us but are unfortunately are no longer with us or having been pushed over the edge and currently in prison, spent time in prison, or have died are:

  • Claire Edrich – see EXHIBIT DM104
  • Ashok Mahajan – see EXHIBIT DM105
  • Maurice Kellett – see EXHIBIT DM106
  • Peter Bellett – see EXHIBITS DM107
  • Norman Scarth – see EXHIBITS DM108
  • Andy McCardle – Coffin Clue to Murder – see EXHIBIT DM109

Organised Gang-masters are involved in, for example:

  • Financial Fraud
    • False front trading businesses
    • Onshore and offshore tax evasion
    • Funding and distribution of narcotic drugs
  • People trafficking
    • Slavery
    • Prostitution
  • Car and plant theft, rigging, and export
    • Counterfeit products including money, cigarettes, alcohol, perfume
  • Protection rackets
    • Investments and bank accounts in bogus names
  • Property letting
    • Retrospective planning and corrupting of Unitary development plan

Elite gang-masters are protected by politicians, public sector leaders and are able to manipulate and control by means of blackmailing any senior official who is gay, trans or involved with prostitutes and where the upper management of the gangs are gelled and sworn into secrecy by involvement in paedophilia (as in the various Wrexham paedophile scandals)

Treason reported, entry into the EU

House of Lords – Lord Blackheath reports $15Tn fraud

Godfrey Bloom – Why the whole banking system is a scam

Godfrey Bloom – The Central Banks are all at it – Counterfeiting money

Godfrey Bloom – Central Bankers and lackey bureaucrats should be tried for financial crimes

Gordon Bowden’s speech and BBC visit

“The Judicial system is only as good as the integrity of those running it” Maurice Kirk

Since the beginning of this operation, society has already seen enormous change – some of the most significant changes are:

The War on Drugs

It is a misconception that drugs are financed by the dealers. Drug market financing is almost entirely dependent on the business community due to exceptional financial returns. Financiers are normally at arms-length and in the majority of instances, play no part in the distribution of drugs. Once the financers are eliminated from the drug trade, the drugs, in the main will disappear.


The economy and the banking sector is on the verge of dropping into a Depression worse than the 1930s.

Land and property is currently being valued at three times its correct value

As the economy slows and reverts to where it should always have been, we are facing years of discontent such as in the 1970s, where the nation suffered soaring price inflation, boarded up shops, strikes, uncollected refuse, power cuts, huge unemployment, stock market collapse and widespread riots, as society breaks down. Boris Johnson’s acquisition of water cannon to combat the riots would only protect the City of London.

Nations such as, and for example, Canada are prosecuting Lawyers and Accountants who have been behind planning and establishing schemes used by individuals and companies within the Panama papers to evade tax.

Customers and shareholders will challenge former individual senior bank officials as most of the banks, due to insolvency are nationalised.


  • Retail banking to be separated from ‘investment/casino’ banking;
  • Abolish fractional reserve banking;
  • New challenger banks;
  • Eliminate cash money;
  • Digitising currency to electronic currency and banking (I don’t agree because of over reliance on internet and satellites, the only alternative is bartering and Bit Coin);
  • New community banking via Credit Unions;
  • Alleviate ‘insider knowledge’ and ‘posh public-school boy’ scams and insider dealing.


  • Amalgamation of forces to create force ‘super hubs’;
    • New Royal Welsh police amalgamating all Welsh forces allowing un-corrupted officers to cross area boundaries;
  • Centralisation of incoming intelligence, information and public complaints so that corrupt police cannot bury intelligence;
    • Greater reliance on new digitalisation so that corrupt police cannot access and pass on intelligence to the criminal community and to help stop ‘Agent Provocateurs’;
    • Central contact phone numbers;
  • Police Crime Commissioners to take overall responsibility for police forces instead of ‘authorities’ who try and shift blame;
    • Reopen past criminal cases, especially murder based on vast advances in DNA;
    • Police Community Support Officers;
    • Operation ‘Tarian’ – Tackling serious and organised crime through the Welsh Police forces;
  • Roadside cameras to trace movement of vehicles suspected of being involved in criminal activity;
    • Digitalising of police radios to stop criminal scanner voice message intercepts;
    • Body cameras;
  • Bring in new blood and expertise into the CPS;
  • More public involvement via PACT (Programs of Assertive Community Treatment) type meetings and association with the public;
  • Break up organised criminal gangs and alleviate drug turf wars.

Local Authority

  • New open plan office hubs centralising all council departments;
  • New Electoral boundaries to create greater election competition;
  • Stringent new legislation;
  • Broadcasting of council meetings to the internet;
  • Heavier involvement with communities and charities in deprived areas.

Tax offices

  • Small office closure to create ‘super hubs’ where data files move round so as to avoid any special back room deals;
  • New digital computer systems allowing customer own access;
  • New legislation forcing accountants and solicitors to report suspicious tax and money laundering.


  • A new Supreme Court;
  • New super hubs with the aim of concentrating magistrates, county and crown courts at same locations;
  • If possible to also include other emergency services and or prisons at the same locations;
  • High court officials police and are empowered to sack corrupt judges;
  • Reduce the power of bailiffs;
  • All appeals to be filmed and broadcast to the internet.


  • Stricter animal records including animal central data recording;
  • Animal passports including extra ear tagging and bolus identification;
  • Stricter movements of animals;
  • State disposal of fallen stock;
  • Satellite observation of stock, boundaries and data.


  • Pilots to report to Customs/Air traffic Control before taking off in order to log suspect currency being taken abroad.


  • More protection for whistle-blowers including new confidential lines to report criminality.

Freedom of information

  • Freedom of information legislation allowing home based ‘armchair auditors’ can challenge authority.

Drug users

  • Drug users no longer to be criminalised and to be treated as medical patients.


There has been a deliberate and concerted effort by the local public sector, as they are un-insured and in order to avoid concealing their friends and associates who are involved in organised crime, tax evasion and money laundering to damage and criminalise whistle-blowers and criminalise them. There has been an orchestral effort to pervert the course of justice and defraud society: locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

We know from Operation Tiberius that the UK Judicial system has been corrupted by organised criminal gangs for their own gain. The UK economy has been used to launder criminal gains and vastly inflated with black market money. Pockets of corrupt police officers have been party to protecting localised drug distribution in order to protect their criminal colleagues as have local authorities in assisting in passing planning, retrospective planning and allowing planning outside the Unitary Development Plan.

Police have become in effect, soldiers to such a point where they are thugs who pick on individuals to protect gang-master interests.

Dyfed Powys police have been aware of the background of these issues for the best part of 20 years and anybody including decent, law abiding citizens who complain are continually abused, attacked and persecuted into silence.

Individuals who continue to complain will have their lives destroyed, their families driven into widespread arguments and their children removed and forcefully adopted.

I have personally met with Welsh Government First Minister Carwyn Jones, leader of the opposition Andrew RT Davies, then Chief Constable Ian Arundale and Simon Prince as well as many senior police officers, to no avail.

There is a widespread conspiracy in-place involving public sector agencies where, instead of dealing with financial claims against the agency (as they are un-insured) by passing them across to the Crown, these agencies have colluded to cause the complainant harm by criminalising them.

Dyfed Powys police senior management, even despite the warnings of the former Police and Crime Commissioner Christopher Salmon have repeatedly failed to warn the public that they are being attacked by organised criminal gangs desperate to steal their property and warn them of the financial consequences of drug consignments not being laundered through the economy (i.e. the removal of non-taxable cash from the economy).

Consequently, the global economy has been destroyed.

If Dyfed Powys had listened at the very beginning, our people would not have been led into widespread abuse and the economic crash of 2008 and the forthcoming global financial crash would have been much softer. Tens of thousands of businesses would have been protected, the business owners would not have been abused by the likes of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) GRG (Global Restructuring Group) or HBoS (Halifax Bank of Scotland) or indeed any of the other corrupt banks and institutions.

Tens of thousands of small, medium and large businesses have been deliberately ruined with millions of people across the World being thrown out of work and their homes repossessed, families broken up and their children stolen.

As we move forward, the United States police the world’s money and as the operation concludes, hundreds of bankers will be arrested and extradited to the US for trial. Any bankers who refuse to help prosecutors will be sent to Guantanamo so that they can spill their guts there. It is therefore paramount that past and present senior police officers within Dyfed Powys police are arrested and remanded in custody for their own protection, as society wakes up to the fact that senior management have been more interested in serving the Force whore, Director of Legal Services and Compliance, Samantha Gainard than the UK society they serve.

Decent people from across the World have lost everything at the hands of these jumped up, power crazed idiots who desperately chase targets and only had their own status and capacity at heart, as they fight to get up the police ranks.

Police and MAPPA intelligence have become corrupted, especially as police use this data as a vehicle against whistle-blowers. Society at large, in order to remain safe, and not be shot due to flawed intelligence must have immediate access at their local police stations to police and MAPPA data.

I applied for copies of my own police and MAPPA data at the end of March and still await receipt of such. It is my belief that prior to Samantha Gainard being suspended in 2016, she had the data of 5 of the Llangunnor 6 wiped clean from police systems and that senior police are trying to bodge up new copies based on archive material. If this is the case, who exactly wiped the data, under whose precise instructions?


  1. Society has been brain-washed that through the illusion of Democracy, they are free. Our people are not free. They are restricted through being financial constrained and enslaved through debt. We need to inspire our people to confront and deal with the issues raised within this report, for the good of the Global community ongoing.
  2. We need strong, decisive leadership to address these issues so that we can return happiness and contentment into people’s lives, help the distraught families resolve their issues and help them heal.
  3. Higher levels of our society have become corrupted and society has to be rebuilt for the benefit of society from ground upwards, starting with Community Councillors through to local Authority Councillors to Members of Parliament and House of Lords.
  4. Community PACT type meetings so that everybody can discuss and establish which criminals are doing what, to whom, drug dealers, etc. Anybody involved in public sector criminality against our people is to be removed from office – physically, if necessary.
  5. Specialised regional police fraud squads.
  6. Remove ‘Memorandums of Understanding’ currently in place between public agencies and organisations.
  7. Educational TV programmes featuring what drugs look like so that the public can recognise such and what to look for.
  8. Educate the public and police on the economy and how it works.
  9. As the National Crime Agency and its partners take out drug shipments before they arrive on our shores, it is imperative that society learns the consequences of not having drug money being laundered through our economy and the loss of such ‘cash’ through our monetary system. This loss of cash, having a direct effect on low income families.
  10. Society has been repeatedly re-mortgaging their homes to provide income and further increasing their debt until such a point where, at retirement, they are in a financial crisis which can only be dealt with by selling their homes, down-sizing or entering into the rental housing sector. The financial sector has mis-sold these mortgages knowing that the borrowers will be unable to repay their debts at retirement.
  11. Society has been mis-sold and become over reliant on investments to provide income and pensions – the investment industry has become a ‘bubble’ and is un-sustainable and is going to collapse causing society vast losses with dire consequences.
  12. Society has been mis-sold endowment mortgages where the financial policies taken out to pay off the mortgages at the conclusion will not deliver the income needed. This is not isolated and ‘bad luck’ but a system pre-arranged to force properties back onto the market to incur new purchasers, further debt as they themselves get on a new financial treadmill to pay off new interest.
  13. Society has become ‘depressed’ through financial enslavement. Positive moves need to be taken to remove them from being ‘dumbed down’ by anti-depressants and away from being spoon fed ‘mental health’ solutions. Society has been brought to a position where their over-active brains, through lack of work, are cooking, making them suicidal. Psychiatrists in the main, are out of control.
  14. A brand-new strategy to be adopted, even possibly, find charity work such as, for example, cleaning bus shelters so that our people feel part of society.
  15. Set up designated separate xxx type domains instead of www for the sex industry.
  16. Police training on civil court documentation so that they recognise faulty and fraudulent court papers.
  17. Banks will become broke. Governments need to nationalise each bank to protect its transactional mechanisms yet allow its casino banking arms to go bust.
  18. Banks to reduce the number of banking subsidiaries such as Bank company no1, Bank company no2 etc and incorporate them into the main larger bank.
  19. Bank Chairman, Chief Executives and Auditors to be made personally responsible for the legitimacy of the accounts presented.
  20. Each member of staff to swear an oath to protect customers from financial abuse.
  21. All banks and financial institutions to be linked and tied to the Post Office.
  22. Official receivers to become personally responsible for all the bankruptcy estates they administrate including disposal of property value.
  23. Local Authorities to be de-corporatised and de-europised and returned to ‘public’ ownership, each representing and working in the interest of its local communities.
  24. Abolish European organisations such as and for example, the Welsh Assembly, returning power to the UK Government and a renewed Welsh Office.
  25. Society has had enough of being at WAR and having an economy which is increasingly dependent on selling weapons – weapons which land up being used against us.
  26. Global governments to make realistic efforts to find solutions other than ‘bombing democracy’ into foreign counties
  27. Foreign aid to be re-evaluated.
  28. More emphasis to produce and consume our own home-produced food. Should we ever build any excess food type mountains, excess food to be given to starving nations in shipping containers which are returning from the UK empty.
  29. New emphasis on ‘Made in Britain’.
  30. The UK state has been allowed to become ‘institutionally corrupt’ with defendants arrested, charged, prosecuted, becoming judge, jury and executioner in a widespread conspiracy to protect the elite and create business for police, CPS, solicitors, barristers, courts, probation and prisons – all funded by the public purse throughout – one massive conflict of interest.
  31. Children stolen by the state, to create income for local authorities through social services and often to serve paedophile networks, have got to have their cases appealed with a view to returning these kids to their biological parents.

Forced Adoptions UK – RT Documentary

  1. All defendants who pleaded not guilty to be immediately released from custody and their alleged ‘criminal’ records deleted and their DNA and fingerprints removed from computer systems.
  2. Local authorities to stop collecting children’s fingerprints in schools and destroy existing data.

I hope that you have found my report enlightening and that we are only in this position through the corporate involvement of companies such as ‘Common Purpose’ to influence the public sector, many officials, who are not fit or even qualified for office have become out of control and a menace towards society.

Complainants are decent, law abiding citizens who have tried every conceivable avenue to try and find solutions. They have been bullied and abused as the ‘corporate’ public sector has sought, in order to avoid compensatory claims, to criminalise society. Where they have failed to criminalise the people they then, as you have found above, treat them as ‘persistent complainants’ and bury complaints.

When the likes of Patrick Cullinane, who led a widespread campaign and had been fortunate to have the ongoing editorial backing of the Guardian Newspaper failed to get justice against the Inland Revenue, the common man has no chance whatsoever.

The time has come for huge changes within our public sector and as the forthcoming global financial collapse takes place, it is imperative that corporate sector officials are remanded in custody for their own protection.

I believe that in the county of Ceredigion alone, there are upwards of 25 complainants who receive no replies to their correspondence. Dyfed Powys police must have hundreds of complaints being buried ongoing. Accordingly, the sooner all the Welsh police forces are brought into one force, The Royal Welsh police, the better.

Yours sincerely

Dafydd Morgan


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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11 Responses to #Civil #Criminal or #Family – Roads to #Justice or #Courts for #Treason? @UKHomeOffice @MoJGovUK

  1. mr Grumpy says:

    When you have a symbiotic relationship such as that which exists between government and the legal profession then it should be obvious to all that there can be no justice. If you want to know about the law and justice ask the people.

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  3. peter oakes says:

    The police abuse the harassment act and use it to persecute and criminalise innocent victims.
    Note: There is no harassment if you were following a lawful course of conduct .

    discovering crime for instance, you cannot be guilty of harrasmentnt

    • Yes, Peter. Thank You!

      I was told by a former Magistrate that we can hardly reach our age as law abiding citizens and then suddenly become ‘criminals’…

      Being treated as ‘criminal suspect’ by Police and FALSELY being ‘awarded’ a Restraining Order in a kangoroo court is most definitely being treated as a criminal and can only be called farcical.

      But ‘they’ know that the cat is out of the bag and the game is up.

      Let’s just see how this shows up in the ‘public eye’.

  4. towardchange says:

    Reblogged this on Parents Rights Blog and commented:
    Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. Bankers own the earth; take it away from them but leave them with the power to create credit; and, with a flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again… If you want to be slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let the bankers control money and control credit. Take this great power away from them and all great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in. But if you want to continue to be slaves of the banks and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit.

  5. Roger Gough says:

    Hi Sabine, still can’t get on your site. Are you aware of a site set up by a young law student called Fraser Matcham. I saw an article in The Times on 18th May regarding McKenzie Friends Marketplace (MFM). Thought this might be of interest. regards, Roger

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