Oh! What a Tangled Web we Weave when First we Practice to Deceive! @MetPoliceUK @UKHomeOffice

We who Oppose Deception is one of my many blogs and petitions. I group them as follows:

  1. scientific life and zest – which culminates in three unique visualisation styles for three types of data;
  2. social life and meaning – where Victims Unite is the most popular blog;
  3. physical life and pain – since my hip was dislocated and I suffered a whiplash from a car crash in 1973, I have not had a single pain-free day;
  4. politics and passion – where 33 sites advocate Open Justice.

Open Justice is also advocated by the Government with the tagline Making Sense of Justice. The first victim story I heard was from Lord Sudeley with whom I subsequently organised the Forum for Stable Currencies. Now I can only make sense of ‘justice’ by allowing for corruption at all possible levels and discovering an institutionalised culture of ‘targets’ to criminalise rather than protect the public. This is only possible by employing people to ‘just do their job’. But who asks what’s dishonest with our money system?

How can you make sense of hypocrisy and mad making non-sense? My late husband used to say that the Government always achieves the opposite of what it sets out. Is that planned, as George Orwell described in 1984?

It is impossible to make sense of a web of words, institutions, boxes for ticking and operations for fobbing off:

  • besides getting ‘reference numbers’, complaining does not achieve anything – whether Police or CPS, IPCC or HMIC, Home Office or Judiciary, MPs or Parliamentary Committees: fraud and corruption, crimes and cover-ups, framing and stitch-ups carry on as usual – admirably described by Dafydd Morgan in his report about the failure of the Public Sector to deal with financial crimes;
  • only Police Bail has changed: since March 2017 Police can NOT do what they’ve done to me since August 2015: giving me a new date on which to come and see them; 28 days are the limit now.

Just like the amazing spider above, I shall have a new opportunity of tearing down that web in which innocent people are criminalised and named abusers are left free to libel, slander and defame supporters of children’s rights:

  • I have been invited to attend Holborn Police Station on Thursday July 13th at 10.30 for another ‘voluntary’ interview. These interviews are apparently designed to wind us up. Hence my solicitor and others have always advised not to comment, but make a statement instead. I’ve experienced them after six arrests or ‘re-arrests’ at the Police Station.
  • After the last one, a former Officer pointed out that arrests are not the right procedure. Hence a first ‘voluntary’ interview – without that degrading and humiliating ‘booking in’ procedure that ends up in a police cell. Minimum 10 hours. Maximum 43 in my experience.
  • On one morning I was arrested and de-arrested at home by the same officers – without interview. Their unexpected visit gave my system such shocks that I had involuntary muscle movements. After the last arrest I lost my speech and had heart palpitations.
  • Who would have thought Police are paid to be cruel? Are they trained to spot the difference between an innocent citizen and a ‘criminal suspect’?
  • What have I done to warrant so much attention from Police?

I have followed the lawful course of action of “preventing or detecting crime” – just as the mother we assisted as McKenzie Friends. That’s what the Harassment Act 1997 foresees.

I gave voiceless children a ‘web voice’.

Now, someone among the criminals ‘suspects’ I have breached that Restraining Order that should never have been made and that I should never have accepted. It stops me from making allegations that I never made. Two children made them. But they were never heard.

The CPS [Crown Prosecution Service] had lost their case due to the failure of Police of keeping record of my arrests! ‘No Case to Answer’ before ‘half time’, i.e. before CPS had finished presenting their case. Thus neither my nor my co-defendant’s case were ever heard by either judge or jury.

  • But how am I supposed to know that such orders are used to silence people like me?
  • How am I to know that judges and barristers can be so corrupt that they do what Police had hoped for, as Chris Wall from Barnet Police said to a friend, i.e. a Restraining Order?
  • Could Police and CPS ever become open and transparent before they decide whether to charge or not?
  • What are they planning, as they hold on to my three laptops and external disks since November 2016 and want to see me on 14 October on top of this latest interview?
  • For how long will they keep trying to get me behind bars by supposed breaches of this Restraining Order?
  • What do they think they are achieving – besides affecting my health and stealing my time?
  • How am I to know how the CPS gets informed by Police about a case? I only know they got it wrong from their Summary that I never had a chance to respond to.
  • Hence I welcome the opportunity to talk to a tape instead of CPS, with Police listening. And in case the tape does NOT reach the CPS, I shall email everybody again with my reference numbers.

Is there more I can do?

  • An Application for Serious Case Review is before the local Safeguarding Children’s Board.
  • A Letter Before Claim has been with the Met since February. Their law firm has missed their own deadline twice.
  • Do I issue Judicial Review proceedings or do I make a proposal for an out-of-court settlement?

My Arresting Officer Betsy Davey claimed she had ‘intelligence’ that I am violent. That’s why she handcuffed me when I phoned my solicitor the night she came to arrest me at 1am on a Sunday…

No, Betsy, I am not violent and I don’t have any ‘intelligence’ on anybody. I am just intelligent enough to make the internet work for and not against all of us who have been victimised, duped and deceived, robbed, defrauded and criminalised, bankrupted, dispossessed and demoralised – of children, assets and reputation – by a web of public authorities who don’t seem to know much about personal integrity and morals or professional ethics and standards.

Neither do they seem to know much about public law principles. But that’s where the deception begins: public schools are private to teach the ‘elite’ how to administer ‘the public’…

The Law Gazette quotes a judge in a case against Blackpool Council:
a public authority must act ‘reasonably and in good faith and upon lawful and relevant grounds of public interest’.

In another case the Law Society says: ‘We wanted to outline the public importance of the case in supporting an independent legal profession that should not be dissuaded from pursuing legitimate claims against public authorities.’

I’m told I’ll meet a new Officer. What questions will he ask me? Will they be worth answering or should I continue the ‘no comment’ routine to leave yet more room for manipulation, inference and mind games?

In any case I shall be armed with a bundle of documents as if I could demonstrate to a jury the difference between the innocence of children and the deviousness of malicious and deceptive adults who have only one interest at heart: to  keep their job and their career, especially if it includes protecting their brethren, at no matter what cost…

All supposed breaches of that Restraining Order so far have been due to software following its rules beyond my control. But The Law does not know how to ‘think digital’. And the Police? They plant ‘evidence’ not acknowledging that this can be done as ‘fake evidence’!

In March 2015 the Spectator published:

In January 2016 the Telegraph published a judge saying:

In November 2016 the Guardian said:

But who is policing the police? This petition asks Parliament:

Please sign and share your experiences!

For Social Media have changed ‘shaping public opinion‘ into ‘the public expressing their opinions‘!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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5 Responses to Oh! What a Tangled Web we Weave when First we Practice to Deceive! @MetPoliceUK @UKHomeOffice

  1. mr Grumpy says:

    My Arresting Officer Betsy Davey claimed she had ‘intelligence’ that I am violent. That’s why she handcuffed me when I phoned my solicitor the night she came to arrest me at 1am on a Sunday…

    you would be wise to be cautious of anyone claiming to have .. intelligence. The system is as it is because it has been set up to serve a purpose, the question is .. whose purpose? its purpose certainly is not to protect the poor from the wrong-doings of the the rich, the influential, and those given the authority to oppress them during the cause of serving their masters..

    It is time to bring the legal/justice system to account and banish the charlatans to the wilderness.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As those that disclose such crimes know full well – the crime is in reporting the crime.
    The only people that then listen to you sit in goldfish bowls at GCHQ

  3. Hi Sabine
    Have you seen the latest #post by Hoaxtead?
    You’re in a lot of #trouble, I think. But at least you’re #not going to burn in a #fiery lake of sulphur like those baby-eating bastards and that #convicted mass-murdering Jewish bastard Spiny Norman #ugh

  4. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    Tenacity is the name of the game.

  5. Anonymous says:

    When is hate crime not a crime? Is it only when it comes from Hoaxted?
    Malicious communication comes to mind, but anything that comes from those protected by dark forces have immunity from HM Charters.

    As for Police Intelligence: it is only as effective as the level of intelligence of the person that inputs the intelligence. Intelligence is based on a person’s level of intelligent interpretation of true facts.

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