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Unfortunately, it looks as if the site was only maintained for a few years – without any contact. But with 1,264 cases, it paints a remarkably complete picture of all collar Crimes and institutionalised Corruption:

This section, and it is huge, looks at cases, dirty cops and what the Police do not like you to see about themselves.

I will not bore you with their claims of unfairness on my part and the denials they continually issue to cover up their malpractice. They are at the moment enjoying mass coverage on TV programmes showing how wonderful they are, but some time ago we applied to a commercial TV station to present them with a show on ‘corruption in the police force’ it was turned down. Firstly they gave the reason it was bad for business, then on the grounds it would sour relations. It also came about that the police would only take part if they could have a script and cases they were willing to discuss (we would be forbidden to ask anything they did not like or unexpectedly put to them of an embarrassing nature) We said no, as this would not get a proper response on air especially to cases they would prefer not to discuss. So they have declined in favour of the image they prefer to be fed to the public, the propaganda and the lie they perpetuate like the Judiciary and Lawyers. It appears that unaccountability wins.

There is so much material to cover and volumes already compiled that we will first begin with recent news items such as the 742 Police Officers arrested and another item by the Liberal Democrats announcing that 1,063 police officers have criminal records and are serving officers in the police. This might shock, but it is a fact the tip of the iceberg and not a full picture of police corruption — it goes much deeper than those figures and encompasses all ranks — as you will see if you go to The Bent Cops list, which is just a snapshot of what we have in our files.

Here are Stories 1 to 12 with their associated cases:


Story 02 -The 1960s and an EMERGING PATTERN of CORRUPTION in the POLICE.. 3

Story 03 -POLICE RACISM 1982 — the Rejection of Lord Scarman’s Recommendations. 6

Story 04 -POLICE COMPLAINTS of ’82 — 17,514 — Only 46 Disciplinary Charges?. 6



Story 07 – THE SUSSEX POLICE.. 11


Story 09 – CORRUPTION Investigation into the NCIS.. 24




Here are the remaining stories:

  • The Child Abusers: 13 – 24
  • The Cops that Stick Together and Lie Together: 25
  • A Policeman’s Tale and The Payouts: 26 – 27
  • Police Crimes: 28 – 34

This section, and it is huge, looks at cases, dirty cops and what the Police do not like you to see about themselves.

I will not bore you with their claims of unfairness on my part and the denials they continually issue to cover up their malpractice. They are at the moment enjoying mass coverage on TV programmes showing how wonderful they are, but some time ago we applied to a commercial TV station to present them with a show on ‘corruption in the police force’ it was turned down. Firstly they gave the reason it was bad for business, then on the grounds it would sour relations. It also came about that the police would only take part if they could have a script and cases they were willing to discuss (we would be forbidden to ask anything they did not like or unexpectedly put to them of an embarrassing nature) We said no, as this would not get a proper response on air especially to cases they would prefer not to discuss. So they have declined in favour of the image they prefer to be fed to the public, the propaganda and the lie they perpetuate like the Judiciary and Lawyers. It appears that unaccountability wins.

There is so much material to cover and volumes already compiled that we will first begin with recent news items such as the 742 Police Officers arrested and another item by the Liberal Democrats announcing that 1,063 police officers have criminal records and are serving officers in the police. This might shock, but it is a fact the tip of the iceberg and not a full picture of police corruption — it goes much deeper than those figures and encompasses all ranks — as you will see if you go to ‘The Bent Cops’ list, which is just a snapshot of what we have in our files.


Case 001 – The Bribery Scandal of 1877

Although the Police Force was in its formative years and malpractice was a regular event, the conviction of four senior officers for taking bribes caused the public to doubt the integrity of a force that should have been law abiding. Paymaster and tycoon, a man called Benson, paid the officers to inform him of raids and if necessary, make evidence disappear.

Benson was an ingenious swindler. He teamed up with ‘racing swindler ‘William Kurr and together they issued ‘ Le-Sport ‘which included many references to the wealthy Mr. Yonge who lived in a mansion on Shanklin, the Isle-of-Wight. Many bookies suspected Yonge and the unusual large winnings at the race course. Benson knew Yonge personally. Yonge was a trickster and he chose victim Comtesse de Goncourt for a swindle acting as the betting agent using an alias. Madame de Goncourt invested £10,000, and that was the last she saw of it. William Kurr enlisted Chief Inspector John Meiklejohn and paid him not to investigate or derail investigations into previous swindles. Second police officer Chief Inspector Nathaniel Druscovich was in financial difficulties, Meiklejohn introduced him to Kurr, who now had two cops on his payroll, this was soon followed by a third cop – Chief Inspector William Palmer. Meiklejohn warned Benson and Kurr that nosey cop Chief Inspector Clarke was getting ready to pounce. Yonge entered the plan, and got Clarke to visit him on the Isle – of- Wight. He told Clarke he had information. This turned later and Yonge said he’d paid £50 to Clarke. Clarke was trapped, he’d been to Yonge’s several times on invites – they were both brother freemasons. A villain, Walters also said he had bribed Clarke and had a letter proving it. All four cops ended up on trial along with Benson and William Kurr (plus a lawyer). Wealthy businessman and Freemason Yonge escaped, he was too powerful to bring down. DETECTIVE JOHN MEIKLEJOHN, CHIEF INSPECTOR NATHANIEL DRUSCOVICH, CHIEF INSPECTOR WILLIAM PALMER and CHIEF INSPECTOR CLARKE were committed for trial.

From this beginning, the police were never able to shake off corruption, its smell never escaped the corridors of power even though some introduced ‘sweeping’ and ‘special teams’ to eradicate it — they were not successful, and never have been. All such investigations have been ‘cosmetic’ and ‘a publicity stunt’ in order to allay public fears. Its success lies in honesty and accountability, and that cannot be achieved even now.

Case 002 -Profumo and The Police Frame-up of Stephen Ward

THE FOUR COPS WHO CONCOCTED AND FABRICATED EVIDENCE to convict Stephen Ward were only just a small part of the conspiracy that emerged with the downfall of the government and Minister John Profumo. There was a Judicial and Government cover-up with a trail made deliberately confusing that led all the way to the Lord Chief Justice whose intervention made sure that Stephen Ward was found guilty — he had to be sacrificed for the sake of John Profumo the then Secretary of State for War in the Macmillan Government in the 1960’s — when the State decided to lie, cheat and deceive, using its powers to put an innocent citizen in prison for the sake of minimising a scandal and what they considered; the greater good!

Of the four police officers? one died, one retired and went into hiding in Australia and simply vanished? The two Junior ranks, Detective Sergeants, now immune — waited 25 years before admitting that Ward had been set-up by the Law and an adversary that he could not escape — the British Legal system did everything it could to make certain that Ward was convicted; and later information uncovered showed that Lord Justice Parker played a major part in carrying out the miscarriage of justice. One must consider beyond any doubt, that the four man team of cops were not acting alone to frame Stephen Ward, that conclusion or suggestion would be preposterous to say the least, they were acting under orders from their bosses throughout.

At the helm of the conspiracy was Home Secretary Henry Brooke, and he had become anxious and annoyed with Roger Hollis of MI5 who said a prosecution against Ward under the Official Secrets Act would not succeed. Brooke was absolutely determined to get Stephen Ward by whatever means, fair or foul, and the latter was chosen. So he went to The Metropolitan Police, and they were up for it. An investigation began immediately into Stephen Ward — with instructions to ‘find something and everything useful no matter how trivial’ The CID were employed headed by CHIEF INSPECTOR SAMUEL HERBERT and DETECTIVE SERGEANT JOHN BURROWS, who chose DETECTIVE SERGEANT ARTHUR EUSTACE and DETECTIVE SERGEANT MICHAEL GLASSE who were considered as ‘The Hunters’ — this special team of four were assembled and briefed by COMMANDER FRED C. PENNINGTON. DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT JAMES AXON was in charge of the ‘field- work’ and made the prolonged search for any evidence that would tilt the scales towards Ward. Burrows and Eustace said (25yrs later), the case and investigation was not normal police practice as one usually investigated the circumstances after a crime had been committed, but this one was to ‘invent a crime and find things to support it’ Apart from this, everything found had to be logged and the Prime Minister had to be kept informed and receive copies of all the evidence and reports– ‘ A closed copy for his eyes only’ They realised they were being employed to go on ‘a fishing expedition’ to justify an expected catalogue of charges —‘Go and find one that will stick in a court of law’ was the order from the Met Chief.

Things got very difficult when they came up with virtually nothing — the decision was then made to lean on friends and acquaintances’ of Ward, — and have them testify to false statements and fabricated evidence — this order was leading the police into dangerous territory; Ward still had a few powerful friends he could call upon for support, and any questions in The House Of Commons would not be welcome by the Prime Minister.

The police continued to turn his friends by coercion and threats until all the selected witnesses told lies and anyone supporting him was suppressed. The eventual ‘fit-up’ trial was at the Old Bailey in Court No 1. on July the 22nd 1963. Even at the Court of Criminal Appeal, Mr. Justice Marshall failed to conceal his hate for Ward for bringing the scandal down on England. He remained bias and belied anything said favourable of Ward by his defence Lawyer — his brief was to silence Ward and put him in jail. The tragedy here is that the police and judiciary succeeded and were about to impose a sentence of up to 14 years when Ward took an overdose and died in hospital.

This is the story of Christine Keeler, Many Rice-Davies, a spy and sex scandal that involved a prominent Minister.


Story 02 -The 1960s and an EMERGING PATTERN of CORRUPTION in the POLICE

1963 saw the sensational trial of the corrupt and vicious career of Detective Sergeant Harry Challenor. The papers centred on the madness he showed before going on trial and this helped to cloud many truths of certain squads. The convenience of this state helped other bent cops and the public were led to believe that he was just ‘one rotten apple.’

DETECTIVE SGT CHALLENOR was perceived as a paranoid schizophrenic, and termed as ‘a bullying and treacherous policeman’ (as they would have us believe?). But there were undeniable suspicions the top brass used smear campaigns to full use, in order to throw off and deflect suspicion on themselves and other police officers. It was obviously better to do this than allow the public to believe there may be widespread corruption in the force — but this would have been so if the public had been aware of three other officers on trial with him were being sent to jail for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. The Press were actively if not covertly, encouraged to concentrate their stories on Challenor — and unfortunately — they did, and the three other convicted officers quietly left the court for a journey to prison by the back-door so-to-speak. Amid the furore of ‘a crazy cop’ little was said or printed about the police manipulating and twisting evidence to get convictions — using criminal records on other people, who were particularly vulnerable, to beef up a thin case when they were quite aware they lacked real evidence.

1969 saw enquiries into the Lancashire Drugs Squad and six detectives were committed for trial. THREE ENQUIRIES were going at once.

Two Senior Officers were arrested – Commander Wallace Virgo and Commander Kenneth Drury.

1973 saw Deputy Assistant Commissioner Gilbert Kelland whose inquiry led to 20 officers being dismissed.

After appointing Detective Chief Superintendent Bill Moody, Jimmy Humphreys a major pornographer was arrested. 40 officers were arrested after Humphreys Diary was found.

1976 – After police officers from the Obscene Publications Squad were seen to be too friendly with ‘the dirty books brigade‘, 15 police officers of Drugs and Pornography went to trial.

THE 1970’s were a playground for unaccountable cops and cops that turned a blind eye to what other cops did in the ‘misconduct’ arena. One such account leads us to revealing what happened at a Police Station near Earls Court in Kensington — The lair of The Met Police: Cops had nabbed a young motorist, a Mr Richardson who they accused of being a ‘banned driver caught driving’ — it really didn’t happen like that, he was spotted with a vehicle but not actually driving it. What followed won’t shock those who know how the police behave when they are in the confines of a police station. He was detained in a cell at South Kensington, and three police officers; one of Senior rank hit him across the face demanding that he confess to driving while disqualified. He was bullied and threatened by these cops. He was convicted at West London Magistrates, but in those days it was quite easy for the cops to lie their way to a result……it was their word against his, and they had the magistrates on their side!

Case 003 -The Noel Fellowes Miscarriage of Justice Case

LANCASHIRE POLICE — Noel Fellowes had been a Policeman, and it was his colleagues in the Lancashire Police that arrested him for a crime that he did not commit (in 1970). Ludovic Kennedy in 1986 was pioneering cases in the TV domain in ‘Rough Justice’ looking into Miscarriages of Justice involving people wrongly convicted on tainted or fabricated evidence. He opened a new file on this case, ‘the murder of debt collector Harold Parkinson in Overton, near Morecombe’ What amazed Ludovic was the behaviour of the Lancashire Police, especially the CID under the direction of Detective Chief Superintendent Mournsey who relentlessly went after an ex-cop for the murder on the flimsiest of evidence. The CID cops ‘persuaded’ witnesses to testify that Fellowes had a grudge against Parkinson despite failing to get a confession in an ‘all-night’ long interrogation. Noel Fellowes was a taxi driver now, and he’d never met the deceased. Ludovic said that it was evident that the cops had suppressed evidence pointing to other likely suspects. Fellowes served four years of a seven year sentence, and nine years after being convicted, Appeal Court Judge, Lord Chief Justice, was very critical of the Lancashire Police……………….. saying that their conduct left a lot to be desired in a situation of ‘a misbehaviour of errors’ ‘misconclusions’ and ‘misfortunes’ which resulted in the injustice and conviction of an innocent man. Interestingly, Noel remarked that in the interviews the CID treated him like a buddy obviously to gain his confidence (and confession), but when they failed and he was charged, there was hostility towards him, it had all changed, ‘I was treated like a dog, thrown into the cell and my food bowl was on the floor’.

Case 004 -1977 and the sacking of the Masonic Cop

Two books were published concerning the connection of police to Masonic Lodges….but much of this was denied by the Force…..however, one cop, Lancashire Chief Constable STANLEY PARR was dismissed from his position after it was agreed that he had interfered in cases involving Masonic Friends in the Brotherhood.

Case 005 -Operation Countryman — the failed attempt

We now come forward to OPERATION COUNTRYMAN of 1971 to 1977. This was the biggest investigation into police corruption ever mounted. It was flawed from the start, and was headed by different Investigators. They found police uncooperative, and police officers being on leave when they were due to be interviewed. Some were being tipped off and others left. Well over 100 police were in the frame, but the Government pulled the funding and it collapsed before a conclusion could be reached.

We can reveal that the inquiry collapsed due to pressure by the Police Federation who told the government that the investigation was damaging morale in the police force and that recruiting would be damaged if the inquiry continued……several weeks later after that meeting with a Minister, the investigation funding was pulled!

During the four years Sir Robert Mark held the position of Police commissioner, 478 police officers left following, or in anticipation of criminal proceedings.

The level of corruption was unprecedented and police were covering police, fabricating documents and losing files as fast as they could. They thought themselves untouchable and perceived this as a right, telling the government if they went down so would the present government too. Moves were made to appease the Federation and stem the tide of leaving cops…… the dark side of policing was being exposed and the cops that saw themselves as good guys were being compromised and leaned on……only a few were ever prosecuted, and this was less than 20, the others walked away or were transferred…… the police wanted this affair forgotten!

Other forces around the country were watching the ‘Met Thing’ with interest wondering if some of this would lead to them, they sought reassurances from the Home Office that should any Met officer under investigation point to them that it would be suppressed. This was granted and Operation Countryman hit the dust with hardly a notice from the ill-informed public of the time……this was a successful operation by the Government who were determined to see that the police were not harmed by crooks within.

Case 006 -The Rotten Orchard

A book by criminal John Mc Vicar was about to see the light of day. It was written in conjunction with Laurie Cork, an ex-flying Squad member. McVicar wanted to tape record his memoirs involving bent cops and Cork was helping substantiate incidents. Things fell apart between them when Cork found out McVicar had been recording with a second tape recorder strapped to his ankle. Cork would cease the accounts of police misconduct on the main tape recorder when it became too personal, and that’s when McVicar turned on the secret tape recorder. Cork obtained an injunction on the publishing of the book when he saw extracts published in the Daily Express. The book was never published?

One would have thought these events should have changed police actions, and that they had learnt from them. But no,, they got better at it, and it was not just the City of London Police, Manchester Police, the West Midlands Crime Squad would be the next big story in Police Corruption. The disease was spreading throughout the whole police organisation. As one retired officer told me, and he wasn’t clean either, ‘ if two or three officers are nicked in a sting, there are dozens of others who knew about it and turned a blind eye. This idea about one bent officer is ludicrous, the others get away with it because of a lack of evidence, and they know it.’

Case 007 – The Holloway Incident — Van Police beat up boys

August 1983 — Georges Road, Holloway, North London. This blew up into a full corruption incident, thanks to the tireless determination of The Mirror’s Paul Foot to get justice. A Police SPG vehicle drew up alongside several boys — between ten and twelve officers hiding their identification numbers jumped out and attacked the youths with fists, kicks and truncheons. No explanation was given for the assault, but luckily one boy ran and the public noticed he was splattered with blood and shouting for help. The police later said there had been a disturbance in the vicinity of the fairground that had come to Georges Road. But the police were too late to suppress interest in the matter and The Islington Gazette and Hornsey Journal ran stories. The police were forced to identify the officers involved and Scotland Yard had the occupants of three vans patrolling the area in for questioning. Up to thirty police officers refused to give testimony or identify colleagues, even though they were required to do so in the Police Rules and Conduct. Two of the boys, brothers, Baltimore and Eric Ranger received a police payout of £4,000 each for injuries received. The case rolled on for months until finally, five policeman were charged and sentenced at court……what really matters here is the fact that 25 other cops were willing to hide the five cops who committed a crime…….luckily, the Met split these officers up and sent them to other stations.

NB: The five officers convicted are named in The Bent Cops list — 137, 138, 139, 140, and 142.

Months later, Paul was summoned to Scotland Yard where it was revealed that the 30 officers pulled in to the Chief’s Office were going to be charged, — but in stormed the Police Federation who said if any were, they would defend them to the hilt no matter what and that it would be very costly to the Met…so no criminal action was taken! — this is the story and account they didn’t want you to know.

Story 03 -POLICE RACISM 1982 — the Rejection of Lord Scarman’s Recommendations

At this time, it was obvious that racism was rife in the force, and at the Police Training Centre in Hendon, regular racist taunts were frequent. Out on the London Streets and other Cities, racist cops were not being held to account for the way they behaved. The Home Secretary rejected Lord Scarman’s recommendation that racist behaviour should be made an offence under the police discipline code. Evidence of Senior Officers talking to an American journalist, Bruce Porter who covered police issues in America, said the officers came out with vile and awful remark in his presence, two being ‘ The blacks we are told, breed like rabbits ‘ and ‘ It makes me cringe to see a black bloke going out with a white woman, it shouldn’t be allowed ‘ But in spite of this, the Home Secretary and Police Federation saw nothing wrong in it, and stated that it didn’t justify dismissal from the police force?

Story 04 -POLICE COMPLAINTS of ’82 — 17,514 — Only 46 Disciplinary Charges?

A clear case of do you believe it or not, and most people did not despite the claims by the police who arrived at these figures themselves. This was at a time when complaints were going up by 5 percent each year, yet the Police Complaints Board recommended just 46 go to the Disciplinary Tribunal. The complaints covered a wide range of accusations — unnecessary arrest, detention, wrongful imprisonment, harassment and incivility and the interrogation of juveniles plus other failures. Of the 46 cases, 15 officers were found guilty of serious allegations and wrongdoing, 11 were dismissed and four cases remained outstanding….the other 16? no-one knew.

THE MET POLICE HAD 8,617 COMPLAINTS LODGED AGAINST THEM — 253 were substantiated and dispensations not to proceed were granted by The Police Complaints Board in 693 complaints. Of the 253, —- 26 resulted in Disciplinary proceedings, ten officers were dismissed or required to resign after criminal charges had been brought against them, but before such proceedings were finished 8 more resigned while under investigation for criminal matters. Another 9 officers resigned before internal disciplinary cases were heard, 8 were dismissed, and 21 were required to resign on the outcome of their hearings, as with the above paragraph, some were not even explained or talked about.

CIVILACTIONS AGAINST THE MET POLICE — These payouts only refer to actions brought against the Met Cops — from 1973 to 1982 there were 639 cases of suing the police, but only 255 had reached the courts because of the delays in the judicial system. £193,781 was paid out, somewhat of a paltry sum compared to the USA.


The Corruption involved officers taking bribes from undertakers for directing them to bereaved families. One London Officer was suspended and a second retired instead of facing a court. It was said there had been arrangements made at Coroner’s Officers — who are police constables, and they supervised ‘coroner’s removals’ the transporting of bodies to the coroner’s office in cases where a post-mortem examination is thought to be necessary. The motive was said to be not the small removal fee, but a much larger kick-back with the first undertaker with whom the cops had dealings with. The Home Secretary refused to hold a public inquiry into the scope of how deep this practice went, and due to the Countryman Case he was already trying to minimise the ructions caused as allegations against DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT ERNEST BRAMSGROVE who’d been suspended since 1981, and several junior officers remained ongoing. Investigators involved complained to the Home secretary that they were being prevented from doing their job just like those officers on the Operation Countryman case by being obstructed by other officers.

Case 008 – Another trial of two other officers

revealed that one of the accused, DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR PHILIP CUTHBERT alleged, in a secretly taped conversation that corruption in the Met Police ‘used to got to the top of the tree, right up to the A.C’s (Assistant Commissioners). During the trials it was said officers had ‘sold’ bail , an alternative to being remanded in custody, to men accused of armed robbery on eight occasions, and provided ‘watered down evidence’ for four men. The going rate for this bail was £10,000 and £20,000 for weakening evidence. The bribery payments to the police had been made through the chief prosecution witness by the six men accused of armed robbery at the Williams and Glyns Bank. The two officers were jailed, and a list of twenty London cops who had been corrupt or dishonest were not revealed as a result of the jailing of two!

Case 009 -Corrupt Detectives join crook to rob Pensioner

SCOTLAND YARD ANTI-CORRUPTION SQUAD were called in to fond four cops, detectives with the Met Regional Crime Squad no less — who with a known crook robbed an 84 year old man who lived alone. It was said in a report that the four detectives took £5,000 when they were searching the pensioner’s home for stolen property – the pensioner was a collector and bought things from auctions. The crook who posed as a detective investigating thefts in the area picked on the old man and took £12,000. The Corruption Investigation Bureau CIB said four Met Detectives attached to the Regional Crime Squad were being held and questioned. At the same time they arrested the man ‘who was not a police officer’ and he was bailed. The Police in a statement said they were linking the man and police officers to one single enquiry saying the villain was working with bent cops who were given a percentage of the take.

Case 010 -The Stephen Waldorf shooting Whitewash and £150,000 Compensation

POLICE MARKSMEN SHOT A MAN MISTAKEN FOR SOMEONE ELSE — Stephen Waldorf was that victim of a hail of police bullets that entered his vehicle like the scene out of ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ the shooting took place in heavy traffic on the 15th of January 1983 when police swooped on his mini car who they suspected had in it an escaped prisoner? 14 shots were fired into the car badly wounding Stephen Waldorf who was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. The man they were after was David Martin, and it was later said in court, that the officers made a ‘horrifying mistake in assuming Stephen Waldorf was their man’ In fact no-one on the police team were certain it was, but the order to shoot was given and that led to the trial of POLICE DETECTIVE CONSTABLE PETER FINCH and DETECTIVE JOHN JARDINE being charged with wounding and attempted murder, five charges were recorded, but these two men walked free in October.

They used the defence of having to shoot in self- defence, but Waldorf had no gun, they then said if it had been Martin, he would have had a gun and used it, and that’s who they thought they were dealing with? it was said in court Finch drew his weapon before making the identification (that was wrong) and an order to be ready was based on the ‘assumption’ the suspect was armed, which was the responsibility of POLICE SUPERINTENDENT NEE who briefed the men at Paddington Police Station. Sadly, the court accepted all this guff about ‘what if’ and ‘assumptions’ and ‘in the interests of safety’ thrown up by the defence and supported by the Police Federation who were angry that two of their members had been prosecuted and brought to trial. Much of the Police defence was covered by red tape, secrecy and Operational procedures not to  be aired in public. Stephen Waldorf recovered after several months and was finally awarded £150,000, after which he quickly left this country for the safety of Europe.

  1. Stephen Waldorf was brutally handcuffed after being shot, pistol-whipped and dragged out of the car — ..another cop named was POLICE OFFICER JOHN DEAN who was suspended, no charges were brought against him.


Case 011 -The Cherry Groce Shooting that led to the Brixton Riots


The Police were raiding an estate in South London, looking for the son (who they suspected of a crime) of Cherry Groce in 1985, they went in with an armed unit and in the incident they smashed down the door when she failed to open it and Police Officer Lovelock opened fire and shot Cherry Groce who was rushed to hospital. Her son wasn’t found in the flat at the time, and Cherry Groce was paralysed and became wheelchair bound. This incident in which an innocent woman was shot triggered the riots that soon followed as the black people of Brixton became enraged. Inspector Lovelock was charged in 1986 with ‘unlawful shooting’ but got off. The Police later made a compensation payout to Mrs Groce. Now almost thirty years after this, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe the Commander of The Met has apologised for the incident in which an innocent woman was shot during a botched operation. He also apologised for the inexcusable fact that it has taken so long for this apology to be given……Mrs Groce died several years ago so she will never know.

We held onto this case in our files and on seeing the 2014 apology we decided it was time to include it.


Case 012 – 43 Police Forces throughout the UK

HAD OFFICERS FACING DISHONESTY CHARGES AND CORRUPTION – as stated in a ‘TIMES SURVEY ‘ and the Home Secretary at the time – Jack Straw – said this alarming situation of crooked police posed a great risk to justice. Many of the charges concerned drugs, misuse of police information, perverting the course of justice and assaults. The survey revealed that it just didn’t occur at constable level with a few sergeants, it also mentioned superintendents, chief inspectors and high ranking detectives. In the light of this they said a new unit was to be formed called CIB3, and that would be assigned to root out corruption. Ten years on — and there has been no significant cases as a result of these findings — and are we surprised? NO.

Case 013 – The mystery surrounding the killing of Blair Peach by police

IN 1979 TEACHER AND PROTESTOR BLAIR PEACH WAS KILLED BY POLICE UNLAWFULLY. No police officer was charged with his death and the whole affair has been kept a secret for thirty years. The Met Police say that the facts will be revealed soon, but we doubt that very much. Blair Peach was murdered in Southall at the hands of the SPECIAL PATROL GROUP —(they were involved in the beating up of the Holloway boys and thirty officers refused to give information regarding corrupt officers). One man in charge — Inspector Alan Murray was blamed for the circumstances in which several un-named officers clubbed the man to death. He claims to this day it was too confusing at the time and denies involvement. He admits people were assaulted and thrown down flights of stairs by his officers and regrets this. The DPP now CPS said no to prosecuting any officers at the time and covered the incident in a ‘secrecy tag’ and files have been held in secrecy until now – thirty years after the event.

APRIL 2010 – It has now been officially revealed that an unidentified police officer did kill Blair Peach despite the many denials, and that many police officers on that day and those involved lied about their accounts of what happened in order to cover-up the incident.

Case 014 – The Guildford 4 Case

This case was notorious in that it resulted in a huge payout for the four who were jailed for a total of 15 years based upon lies and dishonesty of the police. Three detectives were sent to jail for conspiring to pervert the course of justice: CHIEF INSPECTOR THOMAS STYLE, POLICE SERGEANT JOHN DONALDSON and CONSTABLE VERNON ATTWELL. To say or pretend these officers acted alone is absurd, but that’s what the police want you to believe.

Other Cops in this sordid case of police lies came out and they are DETECTIVE INSPECTOR TIMOTHY BLAKE, CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT WALLY SIMMONS, both mentioned for their brutality and bullying. ASSISTANT CHIEF CONSTABLE CHRISTOPHER ROWE was another notable who restricted access to justice in order to further his career.

One comment that should have prominence is ‘ Any chance of a civilised police was shattered when I walked into Addlestone Police Station in Surrey — abuse by all officers from Sergeant to Constables were all keen to show how nasty and unpleasant they could be ‘

LORD DENNING said of this case – ‘ British Justice is in ruins, this is a very grave matter for all those who care about justice, there has been a serious miscarriage of justice which has resulted in wrongful imprisonment’

LORD CHIEF JUSTICE LORD LANE said ‘ The officers must have lied ‘ in 1989 — it was also stated that it took the police three weeks to fabricate and concoct the lies in 1974, and half an hour in court fifteen years later to show them as lies and a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Only three cops were ever convicted, but there were many many more who acted and conspired in this scandal.

Case 015 – The Cardiff 3 Case — The Bullying Cops

Three men, Stephen Miller, Tony Paris and Yusef Abdullahi spent four years in jail for a murder they did not commit — The prosecution case at the Appeal Court collapsed, revealing the disgusting police tactics committed by The South Wales Police. False confessions were obtained under duress by these un-named and protected police officers — they used oppressive methods that were not acceptable and in direct contrast to what was claimed by the Police Federation who conducted deflective press moves. Lord Justice Taylor remarked, ‘It is not right nor acceptable that relentless questioning should continue when the interview has reached a stage where a person is reduced to crying ‘ He noted that thirteen hours of bullying conducted at Rumney and Central Police Station went on for five days. He was also amazed at the brazen and arrogant way officers did what they did while evidence tapes were recording. It gave rise to one coming to the conclusion that these officers thought they could do as they like and it would be given the nod and wink by any judge –Each member of this court was horrified at hearing the tape.’ he said as he quashed the accused convictions.

Yusef said on being freed – ‘I have a lot of hatred for the people who contributed to my jail sentence, and I have total disgust for The South Wales Police, we were used as scapegoats ‘ Tony Paris said on being freed — ‘ I’ve got no gripes with the prison, all my hatred is reserved for the police, I hate what they did and I haven’t finished with them yet ‘

Stephen Miller said on being freed — ‘The Police lied to me and they put me through hell ‘

Eight Cops went on trial — and the case collapsed because ‘a file went missing?’ a file that was crucial to the Prosecution……yet as the case was declared over and the cops went free….the missing file suddenly appeared? and there were those who knew where it had been — but remained silent. Three of the witnesses were found guilty of perjury — they said the police fabricated the statements and had them sign them and again — testify in court. These three ‘unsuitable’ witnesses received custodial sentences. Yet, the police went free because the prosecution were inept, and many say they bungled the case. Leading Barristers said that this case was one of incredible and unexplainable incidents that always seemed to have the police in the central role? There was an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission…who amazingly let the South Wales Police investigate themselves? whereas it is usual practice to have an outside force involved….it turned out that the Senior Investigator was investigating a close colleague…his former boss? besides others he well knew.

THE IPPC IS NOW TO BE INVESTIGATED ITSELF BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SELECT COMMITTEE (2012)…along with a further inquiry into the handing of the case by The CPS.

What we have here is a corruption scandal involving bent cops, judiciary, and a miscarriage of justice…..that is still hiding the truth…..and no doubt they will do everything they can to avoid it being known?

Case 016 – The Roy Garner File on Crooked Cops

1993 — THE MET COPS — Cockney, Roy Garner, the jailed Gangster with a reputation — vowed he’d expose corrupt police officers who took bribes from him during his 20 years in crime. He said the cops tipped him off about raids or traps so long as they received sizeable ‘backhanders’ in return for the service. He warned The Met at Scotland Yard that he was their ‘ ticking time bomb’ and claimed it would rank as one of the biggest police corruption scandals of all time. Garner had been jailed in 1989 and was serving 16 years for drug smuggling. He went onto say he had ‘tapes’ stashed away that would reveal many cops on the take. Police said they are investigating the claims, but Garner said he will not release the names unless they promise him that bent cops he names, will be prosecuted. ‘I paid them hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years’ said Garner, who claimed his reluctance was because the Scotland Yard cop Detective Superintendent Tony Lundy was allowed to retire on medical grounds when Garner implicated the cop in being involved.

Case 017 – Police and the Climbie Case

Six Police Officers faced disciplinary proceedings for neglect of duty. The six worked in the Child Protection Unit at Brent and Haringey, London. The blame for mishandling the case mainly fell on the junior officers, and resulted in the senior officers able to comfortably sidestep issues.

Case 018 – Police Assault, Collusion — The John Wilson Case 1996 – 2002

It is always difficult to pick out the ‘dirtiest case’ when there is so many to choose from, but the ‘ Wilson Case’ reveals one of their ‘finest hours’ — Teenager John Wilson was in the wrong place at the wrong time — in the vicinity of The Crown public House in Twickenham. He was 16 years old, and was about to be hit so hard by a cowardly police officer that it would change his life forever. John and two friends found themselves with football supporters who were being watched and under surveillance by Met Riot  Cops (25 of them). John unwisely stopped to watch some of them attacking a car belonging to the MoD. His friends had gone, and he was about to until a cop rushed at him and all John saw was something crashing down upon him, His skull was fractured in two places and he had a broken nose. As a result he had epileptic fits and seizures.

CCTV discovered at the National Gallery provided some answers, in that it showed a riot cop standing over his body….it also showed the cowardly cop running off. The Wilson family began inquiries in order to identify this cop, and Scotland Yard made every attempt to undermine their efforts. In 1999, in stepped Solicitor Samantha Bird, who began her defence of the police by attempting to remove the Wilson’s Legal Aid — and achieved it…..just before the case was to be heard! Solicitor Samantha Bird continued her disgraceful attempts to trash the Wilson’s Case and the boy’s reputation, and even came up with what can only be termed as ‘intended perversion’ saying her clients, the Met police, would pursue the boy for all costs; managing to mention ‘thousands of pounds’ just to persuade them not to continue.

The Met made many attempts to derail the case with the help of Solicitor Samantha Bird, who yet again tried to have their legal aid removed in 2001 when it was restored after a successful application by Lawyer James Bell of Liberty, who’d fought the police in other cases. Failing that she asked the Court to strike out the case saying it was an incident of ‘accidental collision’ but Judge Morland did not accept this and refused her application by saying the following — ‘that the video evidence showed the cop attacking the boy, and there was no accidental about it’ The Met lost, but decided on using a vast amount of public funds to appeal (more delay tactics). Twenty five Officers were logged as on duty in special tasks, but strangely! they could not identify the officer, despite interviewing them, 24 of his colleagues hid this individual (who has never been discovered), which is not that unusual for the Met… happened at The Holloway Boys Assault in 1983 when 25 other cops went silent…and we are nearly 20 years on showing that PACE and promises of accountability mean nothing.

The MPA who stood on a banner of ‘better policing and transparency’ showed they had another agenda when they were brought into the case, contrary to all expectations, they immediately secured the reputation of the police and refused to hear of any ‘misconduct’ However, there is a sort of decent end to this, the Met did payout for the case before it came to the court, giving £500,000 plus costs, but they never apologised for how they had acted…..even Solicitor Samantha Bird walked away without a care so long as she got her fee from The Met police….that is a good example of British Justice as interpreted by the Police Organisation and Legal Profession…The Wilsons had to fight for 6 years!


Case 019 – The James Ashley Case and Police – The Sussex Cops

The un-armed Mr. Ashley was killed by Police Constable Sherwood of the East Sussex Constabulary in Hastings. The Police Squad were on a drugs raid, but none were found. Pc. Sherwood got off all charges and three senior officers walked away too. Charges were dropped with the explanation ‘There are wider corporate laws to consider?’

Case 020 – Another piece of Police history in Sussex

The Corruption Case of Chief Constable Charles Ridge — This was named in some Brighton newspapers as ‘The Brighton Police Corruption Case’ and it involved The Chief Constable, Charles Ridge, and two CID Detectives. The year was 1957, and the facts revealed were charges of ‘ conspiracy to solicit and obtain rewards’ They appeared before Brighton Magistrates and were later sent for trial in London at the Old Bailey. The case dragged for a considerable time and there were moves by the police lawyers to restrict certain evidence on the grounds of sensitivity and prejudicial to their client. The end result was chaotic as they were unable to get the Chief Constable, and had to settle for jailing the two Police Detectives Detective Sergeant Ernest Heath and Detective Inspector John Hammersley and a civilian. The Chief Constable was acquitted, but soon after – dismissed from the Force because the judge had said Brighton needed a new leader in the police that could set a good example.

It was also said that the Met Cops had for some time known there was something unsavoury about the police in Brighton, and the arrests of the officers did not come as a surprise. Although Heath and Hammersley had not acted without the nod from Ridge, the prosecution found it difficult to get him as he’d not left a solid trail that would nail him. Subordinate cops were not enough against a Chief Constable, not in the 1950’s.

Case 021 – The ‘Brighton Cops Conspiracy’

The Sussex Plague of Rotten Cops — It was claimed that after the police officers appeared on trial at The Old Bailey on corruption charges — that what followed was a better police force? To simply accept this premise and ideological thought is absurd, it only paved the way for better concealment of police crimes and wrongdoing in the Sussex Police Constabulary. Let us examine the trial and case — They had now seen what was likely to bring them down and witnessed a Chief Constable’s reputation swimming in the gutter with the rats and vermin (they often referred to as scum and villains). All the facts and evidence did not come out at the trial, police lawyers fought hard to prevent the worst bits and connections to other officers by interpreting the law, procedures and rules in their favour. Some evidence was ‘withheld’ and declared ‘not in the public interest’ or ‘too sensitive to have aired — and would be a threat to security and operations within the Sussex Police Force.’

Only two of the Brighton CID team were concentrated on, the others were left in peace and given assurances that there would be no ‘witch-hunt’ to expose fellow officers. The official police line was ‘a conspiracy involving two detectives and the Chief Constable’ — but such a conspiracy would certainly involve many more in order for it to operate over the years that it did. Although testimony pointed frequently at Charles Ridge, the Chief Constable — clever legal fighting techniques got him acquitted in front of a favourable judge. Luckily because of the interest of the public, the force could not afford the ‘disease’ and they dismissed him. All three officers denied the offences when initially charged and arrested — Detectives Heath and Hammersley showed contempt and a confidence that they could beat the charges.

In the trial it was revealed that Former Cop Barnard was compromised by Hammersley who threatened to frame him if he ever spoke of their dealings. Evidence was being bought, sold and disposed of for cash! Trusting anyone in the CID became difficult for those being involved with Heath and Hammersley. Bribery, protection and crime was nothing to these cops — it was all a ‘nice little earner’ Heath under interview said the Chief Constable was in the conspiracy when he was just a Detective Superintendent! — which gives one a good indication on how long the ‘filth — were actually being filthy’ In the trial it was announced that witnesses had been ‘interfered with’ on day 2 of the hearing.

Many collections for ‘protection bribes’ were accompanied by uniformed cops who were not required to give evidence or be called as witnesses because the Prosecution thought them to be ‘insignificant’ to proceed with charges of aiding and abetting — another angle on this was – ‘doing their duty but ignorant of the fact and just following orders ‘ — something often referred to as a ‘get out of prison card’ by those who lay the blame for their actions elsewhere? The trial was cleverly steered onto focusing the central players and any attempt to widen the net or its scope had already been decided by Scotland Yard with the Sussex Police and Brighton. Stolen goods were another source of cash for the detectives, but it could not be done in the Brighton area…

Heath and Hammersley said that a ‘local’ incident would only bring complications — and that would not be allowed. Waite, who was a dealer and fence was receiving a quantity of stolen stuff from London testified that he’d given cash to both officers. Hammersley tried to involve Superintendent Moody of Scotland Yard, but he was already getting nervous and suspicious of where it was all leading. Many officers connected with the two detectives claimed ‘misplaced loyalty’ had obscured their judgement — Pc Frank Knight told the court he turned down an offer of cash from a superior officer in the CID. Another interesting element revealed was that Heath had eleven commendations! (yet another common factor when bent cops are caught).

Case 022 – Sussex Officer is charged with manslaughter

POLICE CONSTABLE CHRISTOPHER SHERWOOD was charged over the fatal shooting of a man in Hastings after a raid on a house — this only happened due to public outrage. The incident sparked fury and led to the suspension of Police Chief Paul Whitehouse.

FOUR OTHER POLICE OFFICERS were charged with misconduct in public office relating to the shooting incident.

Case 023 – The Sussex Police were also involved in an incident

when two Police Constables beat up a Michael Smith and were withdrawn from duty; again in Hastings.

Case 024 – Man to sue Sussex Police after being acquitted of Charges

Ralph Bishop spent a year in jail and fifty-one hours being questioned – which adds up to a lot of compensation due to police evidence launched against him at ‘The Babes in the Wood Trial’ It took a jury just two hours and ten minutes to find him not guilty at his trial. He now plans to sue The Sussex Police for wrongful Arrest and Malicious Prosecution. His lawyer accused the police of complete incompetence in the way they did the investigation.

Case 025 – Another case involving the Sussex Police

came to light when they handcuffed and detained Gregory Nash over a £20 unpaid fine. He was taken by Chichester Police to Dover in a police vehicle and put in a cell until the fine was paid. The cost to taxpayers was huge. ‘Wasting Police Time comes to mind, and they certainly did.

Case 026 – Another Sussex Police Incident

involved a young man who was stopped 39 times in one year. One officer even asked him after they had pulled him over ‘ Are you wanted?’

Case 027 – 162 complaints of assault were lodged against the Sussex police

according to a report in July 2008. SUSSEX – Worthing Police, topped the list of shame in respect of police misconduct in 2008, since the year 2005 they have increased with allegations of oppressive behaviour and failures in duty. The police attempted to justify this with the following comments ‘ we believe that a great deal of the increase is attributable to changes in the way we record complaints in Sussex — this doesn’t mean we received the highest number of complaints out of all the forces.’

2006 – 428 COMPLAINTS, 2007 – 774 COMPLAINTS and another rise in 2008.

Case 028 – Sussex Police came in for more criticism

(which they seem to brush aside lightly these days) over the fact during police chases they killed people for a second time within a week. A pensioner was fatally wounded during a police chase in Copthorne, West Sussex. A man from Brighton died in Lancing whilst being pursued by the cops. Although these incidents have been reported to the IPCC do not expect much of a result or any prosecutions of officers — it rarely happens.

Case 029 – Sussex Cop fined £300 for Harassment

POLICE CONSTABLE ALISTAIR EDGAR appeared before Worthing Magistrates accused of harassing Christopher and Sophie Fox by deliberately leaving his lawn mower running so that the noise would stress them out and cause them as much annoyance as possible at their Brighton home. The report in The Mirror said that the policeman may face a disciplinary hearing!

Case 030 – Sussex Cops Arouse Public Suspicion

They had arrested around thirty protesters – EDO — who were taken to Brighton Police Station. Subsequently to those arrests, four cases were thrown out on appeal, and others dropped without explanation….there were accusations of a ‘fix-up’ too. The District Judge who faced three defendants suddenly asked the police to show evidence regarding police radio logs — at this stage the court went silent, and after a minute or so the CPS dropped all charges against these three remaining defendants who had been waiting almost a year to see what was going to happen to them. Questions posed by the three were what was it that the police didn’t want revealed in that court?

SUSSEX POLICE TO BE SUED – Beauty Queen Linda Watson approached lawyers in a bid to sue the Sussex Police for £1million in damages following the botched investigation into the murder of her wealthy husband – when they accuse her of hiring a hitman in a malicious prosecution. After walking free from the Old Bailey, she vowed to sue police for all the trouble they had caused plus the distress.

Case 031 – The Sussex Constabulary

A recent look at the Sussex Police Authority handout — newspaper goes way too far in promoting the force as being highly successful. Considering we have reported on the complaints issue in that they top the league, one can see that they ignore this completely and pretend that corruption does not exist within the force despite the many cases we have cited so far.

Case 032 – Sussex Cop in Money-laundering case

POLICEMAN DARREN GRAYSMARK is currently on trial concerning a matter of drugs and money laundering it was said on a recent news report. It appears that his money-laundering activities concern his drugs partner and at the moment the SUSSEX POLICE are remaining silent about this matter. It now follows that Graysmark appeared before Maidstone Crown Court, was found guilty and sentenced to 16 months in jail. It also says he had a police unblemished record for 23 years — his boyfriend Darren Simpson was a manager on the council in Hove.

Case 033 – Sussex Cops In Assault Cover-Up

Five cops including a Sergeant were moved to other duties after an assault on a man went wrong. The Police were not named and they refused to discuss the case to reporters,only that it appears to have been over a motoring incident. Since the incident there has been a ‘close down of all information’ and the CPS were unwilling to provide any further information.

Case 034 – West Sussex Cops in assault attack

TWO WEST SUSSEX POLICEMEN — Constable Andrew Watson and Constable Iain Pearce were seen beating up a man who was a suspect thief — the witness was a trainee police constable Darren Nagle, who had been with the force for eight months was shocked to see colleagues carrying out the assault. The trainee police officer was giving evidence at Haywards Heath Magistrates against colleagues who had assaulted the 17yr old suspect.

Case 035 – West Sussex Cops in Freebies from Macdonald’s

West Sussex cops have been told they will face disciplinary action over accepting free burgers from a MacDonald’s restaurant. The Deputy Chief Constable Mark Jordan stated that it destroyed an officer’s integrity and could possibly be seen by the public as a sort of bribe for any possible favours that may arise out of this situation. Apart from that he said it broke the force’s disciplinary code that forbids accepting gratuities without the proper consent.

Case 036 – Sussex Officers not present at shooting sue for compensation

THE CASE OF FRENCH AND OTHERS v THE CHIEF CONSTABLE OF WEST SUSSEX 2006 — shows a certain lack of decency in the so called ‘bobby on patrol’ — Claimant Police Officers sued their Chief claiming they had suffered psychiatric injury resulting from criminal and disciplinary proceedings following the fatal shooting of a man by a police officer —- yet none of those who were claiming were present at the actual scene or shooting?

Case 037 – 30 Sussex Cops moonlight with second jobs

Not enough cash for cops? so they go elsewhere to boost their incomes, Sussex cops say officers are expected to abstain from any activity which is likely to interfere, or give the impression of interfering with, the impartial discharge of their duties…….some of the comments from the public on forum groups are not best pleased.

Case 038 – Sussex Cops Fiddle the Crime Figures yet Again

More rubbish was doled out yet again via the Chichester News about falling crime rates in Sussex in their July to August free paper. As we once stated in RELATED TOPICS newspaper reporters are not exactly honest or accurate as said by Nick Davies in his damning investigation into the newspaper industry – in his book ‘Flat Earth News’ which The Chichester News ought to read sometime. Crime figures from a force that came out as the worst and most often complained about Constabulary (which can be seen on this page) have to be viewed as a lie or fiction created by them in the face of rising attacks and crime in East and West Sussex in general.

Case 039 – Three cops in fatal shooting walk free

SUPERINTENDENT CHRIS BURTON, INSPECTOR KEVIN FRENCH and INSPECTOR CHRISTOPHER SIGGS of the Sussex Constabulary were originally suspended and charged with the manslaughter of James Ashley in St. Leonards, near Hastings. A fourth officer had already been suspended — POLICE CONSTABLE CHRIS SHERWOOD. A whitewash was claimed as these officers walked away without any charge. Some sources say the investigation was hampered by senior legal chiefs and the Chief Constable, who remarkably left his post in a resignation.

Case 040 – Sussex Police attack student demonstrators

In 2010 the students of Sussex University made it known they did not approve or condone Police Violence in the Sussex Police — the report revealed that there were sixteen police vans present at the Demo, and the use of batons and police dogs were employed to create fear and suppress a peaceful protest. The Police arrested three students that day using the Public Order Act. (this info supplied by )

Case 041 – Sussex Cops Issue lie to go in and take James Ashley

Just before the shooting police made references and statements to the fact they went to Ashley’s residence on the suspicion he stabbed a person, but it emerged later in the inquiry that ‘ there was no evidence to indicate that Mr.Ashley had carried out the stabbing referred to ‘ and this was said by the investigation officer Tony Williams who claimed he’d been aware of various references which either stated or implied this was so.

Case 042 – Sussex Cops and Speeding Charges

POLICE OFFICER DAVID MUDDLE of the East Brighton Area, and POLICE CONSTABLE ROBERT WATTS of Hove District, were stopped by a Police Motorcyclist in Sept 2010. They were reported to be in separate Patrol vehicles on the A27 and were not responding to any emergency. The results of this remain unanswered?

Case 043 – Man to Sue Sussex Cops

After horrific swoop when Sussex Police in Chichester fully armed with automatic pistols mistook visitor martin Kelly to be an armed robber. Martin, a visitor from the West Midlands attending a christening was thrown to the ground after leaving a pub in Chichester and subsequently handcuffed. When it was eventually discovered they had made a mistake, they didn’t even apologise said Martin who is going to sue for compensation.

Case 044 – Assault Officer to be Sentenced

SUSSEX POLICE OFFICER CARL CHIVERALL was found guilty of Common Assault when he appeared at Haywards Heath Magistrates Court. The Officer was on duty with the Sussex Roads Policing Unit at Polegate. He is due back in court at Crawley Magistrates in September to be sentenced.

Case 045 – Abuse Inspector is Reported

Sussex Cop DETECTIVE INSPECTOR KEVIN MOORE found himself in trouble when he flew into a rage and hurled abuse at a constable after he sent off four members of his team at a soccer match. The Detective Chairman of Eastbourne Town was reported for bringing the game into disrepute and using foul language and abuse.

Case 046 – Sussex Cop in Fraud Scam

Hastings Police Officer Resigns! PETER YEATS, a former Neighbourhood Response Sergeant appeared before magistrates on charges of fraud involving £3,500…the case was sent to the Crown Court.

Case 047 – Police pay damages to Football Manager after raid

CHICHESTER POLICE (SUSSEX CONSTABULARY) paid £1,000 to Harry Redknapp the Portsmouth Football Manager after a dawn raid on his home. The Judge ruled the raid as unlawful and were ordered to pay £10,000 costs along with the settlement.

Case 048 – Sussex Cops Internal Compensation Payout Costs £275,000

Policewoman Barbara Lynford sued the Sussex Police Force for damages after sexist colleagues forced her out. A tribunal lasting three years! could make the force pay an additional £300,000 it was stated. She was taunted by male colleagues at the Gatwick Terminal (The Firearms Unit) — it was also said the officers ‘routinely faked anti-terrorist reports’ and took sick leave when they were well.

Case 049 – Sussex Cell Deaths Need Inquiry

Disciplinary action was taken against three employees of The Sussex Police in the ‘Reynolds Incident’ which has triggered the reaction of some MPs who called for an inquiry in 2010 citing two other deaths – Brighton 2005 and the Crawley incident in 2007.

Case 050 – The Underhill Suspension Case 2009

Sussex Cop Martyn Underhill hit the headlines in the Eastbourne Herald ‘ Eastbourne Detective suspended for inappropriate behaviour with colleague ‘ The case didn’t get much coverage because it was suddenly classified as ‘An Internal Matter’ by the Sussex Constabulary. The Police at the time did say action was being taken against a Senior Officer. However, Detective Chief Inspector Underhill was suspended just months before retirement…..and that more or less let them off from revealing more about this incident referred to as ‘sex with a colleague while on duty’……it now appears that Underhill left Eastbourne and moved to Dorset where he is now…..and we are informed that he has taken up a post with the Dorset Cops?

Case 051 – Sussex Woman Cop Tips Off Suspect

Woman Police Constable Grania Hale of Newbury is to appear before Maidstone Crown Court on Misconduct Charges. She was a member of the Sussex Police Haywards Heath Neighbourhood Response Team. She has been suspended and cannot enter East or West Sussex in her bail conditions. It is stated that she tipped off a suspect about a police raid.

Case 052 – Shoplifting charge Detective commits suicide

DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR JIM TORBET of the SUSSEX POLICE was found dead just hours before he was due to answer bail in connection with the theft of wine from a supermarket. Both he and colleague CHIEF INSPECTOR SHARON ROWE were to appear on the theft charges.

THE CPS did not pursue the case against Sharon Rowe on the grounds of ‘it is not in the public interest’ but documents and files from the investigation confirmed they had all the evidence needed to charge her and bring her before the court?

It is interesting to note that this case fizzled out, making the police very happy — as no further disclosures were made and the truth was as usual; concealed and hidden from the public.

Case 053 – Sussex Cop Not to be Charged by CPS Over Assault?

POLICE CONSTABLE NICHOLAS DIMMER was charged initially with one count of Common Assault in 2010 (the assault of a female), but it was later dropped by the CPS — it turns out that he was Deputy Chairman of The Sussex Police Federation!

Case 054 – 22 Cops Investigated Over Computer Misuse

May 2011 — The report tells us that one officer was sacked and five others resigned after being found to have used the computer database unlawfully. Further news said there had been accusations of officers falsely adjusting timesheets etc.

Case 055 – Off-Duty Sussex Cop gets off causing Death Charge

POLICE CONSTABLE STEWART CHALMERS of the Sussex Constabulary walked away free after an internal investigation threw out charges of causing death by careless driving, The cop killed Luke Bland when he lost control of his car. Strangely, and it is routine procedure, an outside force was not called in to investigate this matter, and the Sussex Police took it upon themselves to decide the outcome of this case?

More research on the above reveals that there was a question of ‘illegal tyres’ not raised in the court appearance, and that the majority of witness statements were those of police officers. This cop was driving a Lotus Exige Sports car, and he claimed to be doing 55mph on a 50 mph road? one couple described the sound as that of a speeding race car……..despite all of this, it’s not uncommon for this kind of case to have this outcome.

Case 056 – ‘Misfuelling’ of Cop Cars In The Sussex Police

It emerged that around £20,000 of taxpayers money had been spent on repairing police cars that had been filled with the wrong fuel. It was stated that there had been 84 separate incidents in the Sussex region in three years rendering vehicles unusable.

Case 057 – Sussex Cop of Six Years is jailed over Child Porn Charges

ACTING POLICE SERGEANT PHILIP SAVIDGE appeared at Lewes Crown Court on 42 charges. It was heard that the Sussex Policeman had 54,323 images of child sex acts etc, that he stored and exchanged with other men on the Internet. It was stated that 1,681 images were prohibited and considered in the extreme catagory. The cop who was stationed at East Grinstead had been a policeman for six years and had achieved rank of Sergeant. In court he said ‘ It all got out of hand ‘ It was also revealed he helped out at a young boys club. He was jailed for a period of 27 months.

Case 058 – The Strange Actions by Sussex Cops

The incident began in 1999 when Mr G.Madden made complaints about how he was harassed by his neighbour called Mabry who made threats and followed it with other mischief. Mr Madden made six calls to the police — The police later claimed there were no calls to be found? Neighbour Mabry knocked Mr Madden to the ground, he dialled 999 and called the police out to attend the ‘crime’ The Police attend the scene — third cop car arrives at the house. After a while a Sergeant and Constable visit Mr Madden, saying they would take a statement on the following Monday. However, before the aforesaid day, a constable arrives on Sunday? who then asks the victim Mr Madden to sign a statement declaring there had been an argument that had sparked off the altercation. Mr Madden declined to sign — later that same day the Sergeant visits, and he becomes irritated at the man’s stand and shows signs of anger at the man’s refusal to go along with their suggestion. Mr Madden after research discovers that Mabry was a former Met Policeman?….more dubious incidents followed….and what can only be described as ‘police misconduct’ began to manifest itself in the guise of Police Constable Francis who seemed to indulge in a war against the victim, Mr Madden. There is more to this story, Mr Madden’s arrest, followed by him being freed and more shenanigans that make the police look bad in every light…unexplainable and petty behaviour.

Case 059 – Chief Inspector Disciplined by Sussex Police

A MISCONDUCT INVESTIGATION on the 30th of Nov 2011 by The Professional Standards Department said the Officer was found guilty of Gross Misconduct — in that he had sent two inappropriate and offensive text messages… and was given a final written warning. He was allowed back on duty — Deputy Chief Constable Giles York said ‘We take our duty to ensure the highest standards of behaviour very seriously ‘…… can read below who the officer was.

Case 060 – Sussex Chief Inspector is Suspended over Text Message

POLICE CHIEF INSPECTOR MARK LING who has Hastings district under his watch, is accused of sending an offensive text message, the contents of which are being suppressed by the Sussex Police. A spokesperson said the officer’s actions are being assessed and viewed seriously by the Professional Standards Dept, and went on to say the force has not officially identified the officer??

Case 061 – Two Sussex Cops Resign Over Drugs Allegations

Using the escape route like ill health and diminished responsibility, two cops leave the Sussex Force Voluntarily — Inspector Mark Andrews and Police Constable Bobby Newton were both arrested on suspicion of possessing an A class drug…because they left the Police — charges were dropped and no real justice occurred.

Case 062 – Sussex Cops In ‘Suppression’ Case

Blogger Cory Doctrow ( revealed that Sussex Police Solicitor, Alexandra Karrouze, demanded the removal of photographs concerning the  Gatso Speed Camera published on the website because they were the property and copyright of the Sussex Police! — which amounts to heavy legal tactics being used to prevent disclosure and a story being told. — the solicitor for the police could not stop herself going for ‘the threat’ (as many of them do) by saying – ‘If they are not removed, further action may be contemplated’ — the police and lawyers make strange bedfellows,,,but are united on the secrecy and cover-ups in the majority of cases concerning cops.

Case 063 – Chichester Cop issues kinky invite of sex on a police motorbike

WEST SUSSEX COP JAMES APPI invited women to have sex with him on his BMW motorcycle through his sleazy website that shows him astride his motorbike. He wrote that he preferred sex on a remote wilderness location, swimming pool or his police motorbike. But this all backfired as he was reported by women who saw the posting on his webpage. Sussex Police are said to be investigating the matter as it could bring the force into disrepute.

Case 064 – West Sussex Cops Come in for Criticism

It has emerged that a police escort was granted to assist the conveyance of a mobile home to an unlawful travellers site — this has annoyed the locals in East Harting.

Case 065 – Can’t Find A Cop In Selsey?

THEY’RE IN BUDGEN’S CAR PARK — We have a confirmed report that on one particular Thursday in May, that in the car park of Budgen’s stood a Police CCTV vehicle, complete with four cops all leisurely chatting for around two hours. So now you know what happens when you can’t find a policeman.

Case 066 – Sussex Detective admits to 13 charges of misconduct

POLICE DETECTIVE CONSTABLE RYAN COLEMAN-FARROW was branded a lazy cop by the prosecution when he appeared at Southwark Crown Court. It was said that ‘Sex Attackers in a case had gone free’ because of his misconduct. They said he’d lied to rape victims by telling them that the CPS had dropped their cases — and in each case he had faked police records to cover up his lies whilst working with the Rape Unit. He dodged having to interview witnesses and failed to follow up forensic evidence. The Police Officer who was based at St Leonards in East Sussex pleaded guilty to thirteen charges of misconduct in public office.

Case 067 – An Inside Job?

In the Constabulary of Sussex a hanging basket and plants were stolen. Computer equipment worth £4,000 was also taken by a member of staff and, in another incident; the force was defrauded out of £4,000 in cash. Boating equipment to the value of £825 was also taken.

Case 068 – Former Sussex Detective Is Arrested

After police discovered the body of a police officer’s wife dumped in woodland, the former Sussex Police Detective was arrested on suspicion of murder. The Cop from Haslemere who lived in a house opposite the police station was taken into custody while further investigations are being carried out. His identity was withheld.

Case 069 – Two Sussex Cops Look Furtive As Bystander Poses Question

An incident in Hastings down a little back street might seem nothing at all if you were to walk on by. An elderly man walking with his dog noticed that the two cops were holding a young man in an exit/loading doorway, he saw one of them slap the victim and slam him into the darkness of the doorway in an attempt to hide this. When he approached them he was told it didn’t have anything to do with him and if he stayed he was liable for arrest…’ just go about your business and do not interfere with our duty’ one officer said. But the man not wanting to be arrested moved forty or so yards away and stood watching. Luckily this did stop further misconduct and the officers walked off…the man saw the victim picking up various things from the floor which had been taken from his pockets…and he ran off. (supplied by e-mail to our PI).

Case 070 – Sussex Chief Constable under misconduct allegations

Said to have been started by a whistleblower – CHIEF CONSTABLE MARTIN RICHARDS is accused of ‘Undue Influence in a criminal case’ — he has not been suspended but remains at his post (6/7/2012) while investigations are being carried out by the IPCC. It has been stated that someone in the Sussex Police have used the anonymity system set up so officers can report something without being found out and targeted by others. Further news on this case has revealed that it concerns the accusation that he meddled in a police inquiry into an alleged sex attack incident’ — interfering in the investigation.


This story came via and if true, any of it, then the Sussex police have a problem………Crime Commissioner Candidate Matt Taylor has asked for an Independent Enquiry into POLICE CORRUPTION IN SUSSEX — He says on a Web Blog that since running for the office of Police and Crime Commissioner, considerable information has come to his attention, which indicates Police Corruption on a massive scale — possibly bigger than the current ‘Hillsborough Police Cover-Up’ He also claims he has evidence which could indict up to 300 Sussex Police Officers involved in a cover-up, concerning the activities of ‘known criminal’ Mark Slade. Taylor openly indicates that he is in contact with David Neilson who has collected hundreds of files and has over three hundred hours of taped conversations which on hearing confirm that they fabricated evidence.

Case 071 – Re-investigation of Complaint against Sussex Police

First investigated by the Sussex police Authority, now no more…..The IPCC has now upheld that complaint having re-looked at. The complainant Glen Wise accused the old authority of failure when his motor home was attacked and made the subject of an Arson Attack. The Sussex Police apologised for the error of categorising the incident not as Arson. The IPCC have ordered a new investigation……despite the Arson being committed three years ago in 2009. The IPCC felt that the original investigation had not been thorough.

Case 072 – Sussex Police To Be Investigated Over Arrests Of Autistic Girl

After several arrests which did not come to the attention of the public either purposefully or otherwise, the IPCC has finally been spurred into action, finding that the 11year old girl has been arrested four times. It was revealed that officers at different stations, Crawley being mentioned, used leg restraints and handcuffs…..before placing her in the cells.

Case 073 – Police Sergeant goes directly to Jail

FORMER POLICE SERGEANT JAMES BOWES was jailed for 10 months by the court. Bowes a Sussex Police Officer who lived in Steyning, West Sussex, pleaded guilty to misconduct in public office. The Judge said he had abused his position of trust and undermined public confidence in the police…. and made available confidential information concerning children to the Press so that they could use it in a story.

Case 074 – Sussex Police Admit To Using ‘Gagging Orders’ on Civilian Staff

This force and others like Hampshire are now saying that it will be withdrawn in the light of recent revelations of these orders being used to stop whistleblowers. It was revealed in a report that 315 police civilian staff left and signed a ‘confidentiality clause’ in severance deals that have cost £4million. Of course, as you would expect, the police denied the clause was used to stop any wrong-doing being revealed….but one has to look at – ‘why have staff to sign such a clause if it isn’t to stop certain actions?’

Case 075 – Sussex Cop in Court for Data Misuse

POLICE CONSTABLE THOMAS GRANT appeared before Worthing Magistrates facing six counts of data misuse — that he ‘knowingly or recklessly obtained personal data via the police computer at Bognor Regis Police Station. The offences are said to have been committed between May the 1st and September the 24th last year (2012)…..he was bailed to appear at another date and has been suspended, and will also face an Internal Disciplinary Investigation.  Update…..PC Grant was convicted of illegally accessing the Sussex Police Computers to get information on members of the public. He was fined £800 and has since resigned from the Sussex Police Force.

Case 076 – The Sussex Cops Misconduct Story

Following a trail to INDYMEDIA on the Internet we see published allegations; not denied, concerning gross misconduct by the Sussex Police. It goes on to say that a complaint against Arun District Council in 2002 concerning a paedophile ring (said to be operating within the council offices) was interfered with by the Chief Constable, who it says appears to be friends with the former Chief Exec of the Council — and that the council used false documents to bankrupt the author of the accusing statement. Sussex Police failed to take or chose not to take any action, and appeared to actively encourage the bankruptcy court by writing letters to discredit and diminish the defendant’s credibility. see

Case 077 – Sussex Cops arrest and subject citizen to cuffs and hood

A woman standing up for decency and against anti-social behaviour was arrested by two female officers of the Sussex Police…we can name these officers — PC Katrina Saunders and PC Gemma Bensusan. The victim Mrs Elaine Perry was humiliated by both of these cops after calling them to give her protection against threatening and rowdy neighbours. She had no idea that they would grab her, cuff her and put a mask over her head (referred to as a hood). Even her legs were taped together as they bundled her into a police van. They actually invented the charge of ‘assaulting a police officer’ (often done in these arrest cases as you can see throughout the page), it’s a typical ploy to add more serious charges.

However, at Chichester Magistrates Court they cleared Elaine of all charges……and luckily she now intends to sue the Police and make a formal complaint about her ordeal. We have heard from an insider that the force are intending the ‘suit’ be moved to a court out of the area so as to avoid publicity.

UPDATE says that PC Saunders was making bizarre taser tweets on the Internet…concerning police work. Calls are being made to the IPCC to consider both the WPC’s futures in the Sussex Police in the light of the case.

Case 078 – Sussex Cop In Suspicious Assault Incident

In fact there were three cops involved, two assisting were not named at all; little or no attention was drawn to this important fact. The Cop Police Constable Sebastian Day who was accused of assault by the injured man, Adam Riley, who suffered injuries to his face. The incident took place in Brighton, near a taxi rank in North St. It was said that PC Day kicked Riley who was on the ground at the time, and that ‘Three’ officers were present. Riley was being charged with being drunk and disorderly — Not surprisingly, Day got off, but the report said he was still suspended, and that it would be reviewed by the Sussex Police.

Case 079 – Sussex Cop Held On Child Sex Offences

POLICE SERGEANT MICK DEFRIES, who was with the Transport Police at Barnham appeared at Brighton Magistrates Court. He was charged on two counts of sexual touching related to past incidents with a 12yr old girl. He was remanded in custody and will appear before Lewes Crown Court.

Cop Michael Defries was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

Case 080 – Sussex Cop in court for assault

POLICE CONSTABLE MICHAEL PERKINS was summonsed to appear before Eastbourne Magistrates Court charged with Common Assault concerning the arrest of a woman (unnamed) in Chichester. Further details revealed that Perkins was with The Roads Policing Unit in Chichester….saying there had been an incident where a female driver had been arrested by PC Perkins.

Case 081 – Sussex Cop Calls Protestors ‘Scum’ On Twitter

The un-named Sussex Police Officer present at the Fracking Protest in Balcome was given ‘Management Advice’ according to the Police. This was the Cop who posted the comment of scum in regard to the protestors, but his twitter account  was recognised…. the police said his comments were ‘unhelpful’

Case 082 – Sussex Cops In Trouble Allowed To Quit Because It Is Cheaper!

A Report says that Police Policy in the Sussex Police have decided that officers facing dismissal for criminal behaviour are being allowed to quit in order to save costs. Since 2008, twenty officers were arrested, but only one faced an Internal Disciplinary Hearing. Other meagre info tells us that a West Sussex Detective Constable was arrested on suspicion of possessing Class A drugs in 2012. A Brighton and Hove Cop was involved in Data Misuse (Computer), he later resigned. A P C at Gatwick who was suspected of money-laundering resigned, and a North Downs Cop accused of Rape retired before a hearing.

Case 083 – Cops Who Don’t Like Cameras — The Sussex Unlawfularrest Incident

It is a fact that the Police only approve of cameras if they benefit from the outcome, but if a camera is turned on them and reveals a more sinister event showing them to act unlawful, they often try to seize the ‘evidence’ — We thank YouTube for this story of one Sussex Cop PC Blauber who arrested a woman who protested her innocence in a ‘Speed Gun Radar’ incident in Eastbourne Road on the 30th of April 2012. The video shows PC Blauber reacting badly to questions put to him by a second person who came out from the property adjacent to the scene….she keeps pointing out that some of the acts he is quoting is not applicable to his reasons, but he stumbles and disagrees pathetically throughout looking very uncomfortable.

His sidekick paces about irritatingly, and is in fact irritated by what is happening in the full gaze of the public (and so he should be). The woman pulled over by Blauber questions his authority, and he then says he’s arresting her. She continues filming Blauber and then the police try to snatch her camera and an assault occurs by the police. ‘Why should this camera be so important that they must seize it?….in fact they tried to get the camera again after the arrested woman leaves it with the woman observer…they apparently called later and harassed the woman. They also seized the arrested woman’s car without any good reason….and this is not normal protocol. The Sussex Police did not make any comment or explain why the officers could manhandle the suspect and grab at the camera.

Case 084 – Sussex Cop Suspended In Taser Incident

An un-named Police Officer in the East Sussex Police has been suspended while an investigation is held regarding a threat he made to a patient that he would taser the hospitalised man. It was said to have happened at St Leonards Hospital, Hastings.

Case 085 – Sussex Cops Lose Their Security In Hacker Attack

Hackers surprised the Sussex Police Force exposing their vulnerability to being got at — hackers were able to get into data revealing officers e-mail accounts and other information normally held private and not for public access. Although they now claim this situation has been remedied, it cannot be certain of avoiding any future attack by hackers. (report 2014)

Case 086 – Sussex Cop on Indecent Assault Charges

A Police Officer for 10 years, CONSTABLE ADAM DUNNETT appeared in the Hastings District Court accused of sexually assaulting five women. The charges relate to incidents that happened at parties he attended. Dunnett is a Community Police Officer in Flaxmere, Sussex. He applied for a ‘block’ on his identity when he appeared, but that didn’t happen as Police Sergeant Toby Morgan opposed it…..and Dunnett was revealed. The case is said to continue. (strangely here, he doesn’t seem to have the support of his fellow officers… even after ten years?)

Case 087 – Cops in Taser Incident Kick Suspect are Filmed — and One Attempts to Stop the Filming

As in the above incident, a Police Officer tries to stop a camera filming them……The Sussex Police yet again…four police officers can be seen on the video filmed by a bystander who got very concerned when he saw the suspect (shoplifter) being forcefully kicked in the leg by a police officer as he lay unable to move on the ground. The incident took place opposite the Kings Hotel on the Brighton Sea front 9th July. The man half-naked is shot by a taser and falls flat on his face on the ground and unable to move. A cop is heard shouting ‘ put your hands up’ which is rather pointless as the man is already on the ground…. one cop approaches the man filming and attempts to stop him filming, and then proceeds to move in front of the camera to prevent it from recording what the police do…..which rather flies in the face of ‘accountable and transparent policing’…one only stops a film when they don’t want something shown or revealed. The Sussex Police said that all allegations of police misconduct are taken seriously, and that they will investigate the incident….they now have the video?

Case 088 – The Strange Case Of Superintendent Lisa Bell

The author ‘Caute’ an online user name says she made a complaint against The Head of Sussex Police’s Professional Standards Department Lisa Bell….the same person that went on to deal with that complaint…and subsequently dismissed the complaint? The complainant appealed and The Appeal Body referred it back to Lisa Bell!……. the author says the Sussex police submitted a fabricated and fraudulent mental health report and sent that onto the Met Cops asking that she/he be placed on the Met’s database (for adults at risk) which she/he was not….the author claims that the level of maliciousness was really intense. One cop who thought differently told the author that he couldn’t go up against his colleagues citing that internal politics were the reason for what was happening. ( for more)

NB: there have been other instances of people filming the police being arrested for doing so? …..none of this is legal…..the police are a public service paid for by the public….and concealing their activities by seizing photos is not something that can be claimed as ‘in their private interest’ when they are on duty.

Now to something we found for your interest:

Case 089 – The West Sussex Police Report FOI Request Response from Sussex Police:

With reference to your request for information received on 6th June 2011 regarding disciplinary matters, I apologise for the delay in responding to you and have provided below details in respect of police officers. Data for PCSOs will follow as soon as it is available to me.

How many police officers have been disciplined in the past 12 months and in each case for what offence?

In the past year (1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011), 30 Officers have received a formal disciplinary outcome for the following offences.

Authority, Respect and Courtesy = 4

Discreditable Conduct – 6

Duties and Responsibilities = 7

Confidentiality = 3

Use of Force = 3

Orders and Instructions = 5

Honesty and Integrity = 2

How many police officers have been suspended in the past 12 months and in each case for what offence?

8 officers have been suspended in the last 12 months, 7 were for discreditable conduct and 1 for Confidentiality.

When suspended what has been their pay in each case?

Suspended on Full Pay

How many police officers have been dismissed in the past 12 months and in each case for what offence?

One officer was dismissed in this period for the breach of Discreditable Conduct however this was overturned on appeal to the Home Office to a final written warning and the officer was re-instated.

We shall be back with more later.

Case 090 – The Enfield Crime Squad Scandal

It’s being heralded as ‘The biggest police scandal in decades’. It started with a report in February saying that NINE POLICE OFFICERS were suspended from the Enfield Crime Squad. TWO MORE OFFICERS were placed on restrictive duties and the others suspected of ‘ mishandling of property.’

However, the situation has been discovered to be far worse and SIX OFFICERS have been accused of ‘ torture to suspects ‘ assault and falsifying evidence. It is said that the Officers were on drugs raids when these offences occurred. This kind of behaviour by police was claimed to be ‘ no more’ and will never happen again. All six officers including a DETECTIVE SERGEANT are now under a corruption investigation, which includes theft by police and fabricating evidence against suspects.

However, we can reveal more about THE ENFIELD POLICE, that would have pointed to something rotten being in place a lot earlier, which was ignored by the Met. This same station were involved in a little known incident involving Police Constable Jackson 214 and Police Constable Dale 220, and Police Inspector Dewale who actively stonewalled inquiries into why these two officers were trying to fit up a motorist on the North Circular. The two officers maintained their authority until they found out that they had been ‘taped ‘ by the motorist, at which point they hurried away. Inspector Dewale would not cooperate and was reported under the complaints procedure at Finchley Police Station. more was heard of this, it was suppressed. Nothing.

Case 091 – Zero Tolerance Middlesbrough Force falls

THE CLEAN-UP CLEVELAND FORCE LED BY RAY MALLON IS HIT BY SUSPENSIONS – Three more officers suspended on accusations of corruption now bring the total up to 7 officers suspended and moved from the CID after two defendants changed their pleas at a trial. Ray Mallon the chief of the CID himself was also suspended following investigations into corruption in the Cleveland Police Force. The force once big on the ‘values in Society kick ‘ heavily promoted by Ray Mallon on TV to boost confidence in the police leading with the slogan — Zero Tolerance on crime, has miserably backfired on the officer who thought spinning a line was enough to make the police look good.

A later report revealed that some 58 police officers were under investigation by the anti-corruption unit. CLEVELAND COP DETECTIVE SERGEANT JOHN McPHERSON was removed from CID duties. CLEVELAND CID COP DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ANDREW SHEPHERD was removed from duty.

OFFICERS DETECTIVE CONSTABLE BRENDAN WHITEHEAD and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE SEAN ALLEN were also suspended from the Cleveland CID after an inquiry into the alleged supply of heroin to a drug addict prisoner by two cops.

CLEVELAND COPS — POLICE CHIEF SEAN PRICE AND HIS DEPUTY DEREK BONNARD WERE ARRESTED and taken with a female member of staff who was based in the Cleveland Force Headquarters. The outside Force – Warwickshire Police said they had arrested the three under suspicion of ‘Misconduct in Public Office, Fraud, and the abuse of position and corrupt practice’

Ray Mallon later quit the police — ‘resigned’ before any charges were brought to court and appears to have done okay with TV appearances, and yes — stands for truth and supports accountability??

Case 092 – The Newham 8 and the racial taunts by cops

FOREST GATE POLICE STATION was a scene that had little mention during the trial of several Asian men when the jury acquitted four of affray and finding the other four of common assault and affray by a narrow margin. At the station other crimes were being committed by cops who would never stand trial for their behaviour as they were on safe ground within their own immune environment. Dalbir Johal before being taken lay face down on the pavement with an iron bar across the back of his neck and Kabir Khelar was being beaten so badly by POLICE CONSTABLE FERZER that two women passing by came over to protest about his actions. His response to the ladies was ‘F**** Off’ In court he stated that he was confused at the time and didn’t want anyone interefering? The eight defendants were taken by van to the station during which the six police officers were making racial remarks and kicking and prodding the handcuffed men with truncheons. Inside the station there were several aleged examples of police incompetence, racism and negligence. Gurjit Hunjan remembers one cop who caled him ‘a filthy paki’ It was noticed in court by the defence that there were remarkable similar ‘additions and corrections’ had been made to police notebooks!

Case 093 – The Esme Baker victory against the police

On the 25th, Walthamstow Magistrates Court cleared Mrs Baker and her son of charges brought by the police after an incident on the Priory Court Estate. Five Police officers gave testimony, but none of it was believed. Instead, the bench found Mrs Baker’s version of events to be more plausible and truthful, mainly because the officers evidence looked rehearsed and didn’t differ in the slightest despite the officers not being together all the time. She told the court that she heard a noise and went to see what the yelling was about, as it was being done just outside her flat. She was arrested almost immediately on her opening the door and seeing her son laid on the ground and being beaten by one of the police officers. She was grabbed and had her arm twisted up behind her back. They were then taken to Chigwell Police Station, where she was racially abused, prodded with a truncheon, and one cop grinned saying ‘ I didn’t know a nigger woman had breasts’ and much more. Mrs Baker and her son were charged with assault, threatening behaviour and obstructing the police? It was said later that in an out of court settlement the police compensated Mrs Baker and her son. No police officer was ever charged with an offence and no apology was given.

Case 094 – The UK’s Jersey CID Squad in Corruption Trial

CID INSPECTOR CHARLES QUINN, POLICE INSPECTOR BARRIE BLENKINSOP and DETECTIVE SERGEANT BRIAN FOLLAIN went on trial for ‘falsifying a confession’ they used in evidence to convict a man of a crime. The three officers are accused of faking a confession to help jail a man for a £1,000 betting shop raid on the island. The trial of the cops is the outcome following an appeal by the man jailed for the raid, Patrick McLaughlin who went to jail….the arrest later of another man who admitted taking part in the raid led to the new inquiry. Claiming innocence throughout, Mc Laughlin was immediately freed on bail until the end of the ‘Conspiracy Trial’……not quite ‘Bergerac’ more like the West Midlands Crime Squad and The Met Untouchables?

Story 09 – CORRUPTION Investigation into the NCIS

THE NATIONAL CRIMINAL INTELLIGENCE SERVICE — Often compared to the FBI at the time, suddenly became the target of a corruption inquiry after it was discovered that leaks of confidential data was finding its way to the criminal fraternity. This also included detailed information on ‘telephone tapping’ and bugging. Because this may have compromised investigations at the agency and other regional police forces, the investigation was led by Northumbria’s Chief Constable John Stevens who had previously looked into allegations of collusion between terrorist groups and members of the Security forces in Northern Ireland. The NCIS said that the matter was ‘confidential’ and not for the attention of the public?….. and since that time nothing was heard of the results or outcome…..just like many others that went the same way.

Case 095 – Police Case against marchers is dismissed

WOOLWICH — Four marchers appeared before Wells Street Magistrates Court charged with threatening behaviour following a peaceful march against youth unemployment. The marchers committee said the arrests made by four SPG officers in plain clothes were unprovoked and carried out in a very violent way by the police. The marchers were detained in cells for up to 15 hours, and despite being unemployed, were refused legal aid and representation. After hearing evidence given by the officers, the magistrates told the police that mere chanting did not add up to threatening behaviour or a breach of the peace, and that the police themselves were likely to be led into creating the fracas because they were wanting something to happen.

Case 096 – Guilty cops in White Case, accused of monstrous, wicked and shameful conduct’

MR JUSTICE MARS-JONES, the High Court Judge in the White Case had no doubts in his summing up when he said to the officers that ‘they subjected David and Lucille White to a catalogue of violence and inhumane treatment by young officers. He went on to say the officers had been guilty of monstrous, wicked and shameful conduct in the raid on the White’s home in Stoke Newington. He also added that the police had instigated a five-year cover-up of that night when 17 officers entered the premises. The judge said several of the police officers were ‘liars’ and very well trained in it. ‘This court has been misled by an orchestrated attempt by the police to deceive in order to justify an illegal use of excessive force when they entered the house on a warrant to look for stolen goods. No stolen goods were ever found and the warrant was not produced to the family at all. He also said it was brazen and appalling that the police had a cheek to charge the family with offences, which were thankfully thrown out in an earlier court. He awarded the couple £51,392 in damages against the Met Cops.

Case 097 – Jury decides against police and awards damages

The police brought a charge of obstructing the police against a freelance photographer, who they claimed jumped on a police officer’s back with intent to obstruct him from his duty. The jury at Westminster County Court found the claim ridiculous and an abuse of process because there was insufficient evidence to support the charge. They awarded him £150 for false imprisonment and £1,850 for malicious prosecution, he was also given costs in the case.

Case 098 – Two Similar Cases

An 18 year-old boy who had been frequently stopped and searched, refused to give his name and address when he was stopped for the umpteenth time. The Police Sergeant arrested him for being drunk and disorderly. The court accepted the boy didn’t drink alcohol after  hearing medical evidence of an allergy that alcohol would make the boy very sick and in need of treatment. The Thames Magistrates dismissed the case and awarded costs against the police.

Case 099 – In the second case

A man accused of threatening behaviour by a police officer who it was claimed harassed him for twelve years, was halted when the policeman gave his evidence. The magistrate at Bow St, Magistrates Court said ‘the police’s story contained ‘not a scintilla of threatening behaviour and could not be relied upon’ They dismissed it and awarded the man costs against the police.

Case 100 – Police Payouts During 1997 To 2002 Were Said To Be £13.6 Million

Commissioner Ian Blair for The Met Police told the Press there were 1,555 cases and claims made against the Met Cops costing over thirteen million pounds….officially that is…….the real cost is much higher, but never revealed.

Case 101 – Cop photographed carrying pickaxe handle – three cops reprimanded

THREE MET POLICE OFFICERS, DETECTIVE INSPECTOR WALLACE, POLICE SERGEANT JONES an POLICE CONSTABLE WOODS who worked in the Brixton Police Station received a ‘ticking off’ by their Chief. The light sentence was challenged by an MP John Tilley who wrote to the Home Secretary. It later emerged that the photographer David Hoffman photographed 10 to 20 officers emerge from the back of the police station carrying a variety of things that could be described as staves. Yet only three were identified by the police themselves? There still remained the question — which officer authorised them to go out carrying these weapons that were deliberately chosen to conceal professional identification? this was never known or answered.

Case 102 – The Karen Brazil Strip-Search Incident

STRIP SEARCHES, PUBLICLY DONE OR IN A POLICE STATION has the deserved label of being a forced invasion of a person’s dignity and clearly affronts human rights, but because it is the police, it is deemed okay by this government and other governments whose contortion of the law permits these incidents — we cite but one case here, THE KAREN BRAZIL CASE: Karen Brazil was indeed a little intoxicated when police arrived at the public house following a disturbance report lodged by the landlord. The cops sought to eject Karen, who refused, and she was arrested.

At the police station she did comply with officers and emptied her bag and pockets of all contents. She was not aware that being arrested for a breach of the peace allowed a strip-search and lashed out at the officer who suddenly began to strip her. She was told the search was going to happen, and they introduced the ‘defence’ of it being necessary to search her for drugs, although the call out had nothing to do with drug-busting or narcotics involvement. She lashed out again, and after it was done (finding nothing) she was charged with assault. The magistrates being police friendly in this case, convicted her….but on appeal, the judge came to a very different decision…he said in principles laid down and quoting case law of ‘Lindley v Rutter’ 1981, that everyone brought to a police station had to be strip-searched could not be upheld or allowed to be common practice….and that the police officer ‘assaulted’ had not acted in her execution of duty when attempting to carry out the search of Karen Brazil, and that it was an affront to her dignity for this to be imposed on her by police or anyone else claiming to have the authority. He also went onto say to the police that she might have a case for sexual assault against the police if she wished to pursue that course. Even the BMA object to the random use of intimate body searches by the police. Lord Justice Robert Goff overturned the conviction and suggested she pursue things by contacting a lawyer for further advice.

Case 103 – The Bethnal Green Strip-Search leads to accusation of abuse

MET COPS AT BETHNAL GREEN have been accused by a man of ‘sexual abuse by police’ after he, Mr.Kelly, was subject to a strip-search after officers arrested him. He said they refused to say why he had been arrested and he was kept in a cell for several hours before being released without charge. Mr Kelly revealed to reporters that the same police had arrested him four times previously and that he had been acquitted of charges brought by those police. But on this occasion he said, they decided to humiliate him and conduct a very intimate and embarrassing inspection of his body, and there was nothing I could do about it having about five cops around you ready to force you to bend over, he said. Mr.Kelly lodged a formal complaint and contacted a solicitor to begin a case against the Met Police.

Case 104 – Sydenham Cops pay damages for Assault

THE HIGH COURT AWARDED DAMAGES OF £8,030 after hearing of the brutal attack by police officers who not only assaulted a mother but ransacked her home. Judge Justice Park in his summing up said he strongly disapproved of the ‘outrageous manner’ in which the police conducted their duties in order to search for imaginary items when they concocted their story to represent the truth! Mrs George was beaten and had to receive medical attention besides suffering the trauma of her door being kicked down by a Detective Sergeant who said he was in charge of the raid. Seven officers broke in on the pretext of arresting her son for a crime they would not tell her. The Judge said it was plain to see that they immediately opted to invent a false story when they realised she might sue the police. During the search they pinned her to a radiator while pulling out drawers, opening cupboards and throwing her property strewn over the floor. When she moved she was kicked and suffered blows to the stomach, chest and arms. The hospital recorded bruising and a black eye when she was admitted. He said the police deliberately lied to him about the incident and awarded exemplary damages.

Case 105 – The attempted suppression of the ‘Junior Service’ Incident

SUPPRESSION OF POLICE CASES IS NOT NEW NOR UNCOMMON — This is one of those that finally found itself in the Press ( The Observer) Reggae Singer Junior Service, who did gigs in the South London area was arrested and accused of handing a stolen cheque in Brixton. On his arrest he was bundled into a van by officers, and a ‘denied’ assault took place by the officers. He was so badly injured that he was hospitalised with severe injuries sustained and inflicted by ‘ghosts’ — officers said he hurt himself in the van? The hospital concluded he had been viciously kicked in the groin area and did not accept that a fall in a van would explain it. Police guarded him in hospital as he was on a ‘drip’ A fight occurred with the patient after they insisted he give names and addresses and dates of birth of his visitors who arrived to see him. Staff intervened when Mr Service’s Catheter was dislodged during the struggle. Amazingly, at Camberwell Magistrates, the charge of dishonestly handling a stolen cheque was withdrawn on a lack of evidence, and they added a new one of ‘ assaulting a policeman and doing criminal damage to a police van’

Case 106 – The Jailing of a Bent Cop that injured a Suspect

POLICE CONSTABLE BRIAN RENTON (mentioned in the Bent Cops List) –Deserves more explanation here than simply indicating the charges brought against him — The assault took place in Upper St Police Station, Islington, north of Kings Cross. The brutal attack happened to Mr.Carlisle at a restaurant, Renton was off-duty and not alone; other officers were at his table. Renton did not like Carlisle who objected to his course and objectionable behaviour in the restaurant. Renton decided to deal with him and in the fracas Mr Carlisle suffered a horrible injury that dislodged his eye in the station charge room after he arrested the man on trumped up charges. Due to the fact the restaurant staff seeing the flare up, a Police Sergeant came forward and told the court that Renton had asked him to to cover-up the incident. The Judge sentenced the cop to two years in jail, with six months suspended. He also suggested that one might be forgiven for thinking that some of the actions by police officers and Renton was to some extent, pre-planned?

Case 107 – Jack Straw says Police must stop policing themselves – 2000

It is indeed a kind of mockery when one considers that Jack Straw, home secretary in 2000 said that the police should not investigate themselves. He claimed that complaints against police should be done by an independent body. Yet, in the same year he claimed that the police were ‘cooking the books’. Crime figures were being manipulated and down-played he said in order to confuse the public and make it seem like crime was being reduced effectively.


DESPITE 800 POLICE OFFICERS FORCED TO LEAVE and a Commander jailed, the clean up of corruption leaves a lot to be desired. Using a dirty cloth to remove the stains only leads to a murky patch that waits to be whitewashed over or ignored as something permanent and part of the design. The Infamous porn squad was disbanded due to the discovery of top senior officers in the unit having links to Soho sleaze bosses who bribed them. Even the setting up of new squads to tackle that problem only led to cracks and more revelations about bent cops emerging in the new ‘clean up’ The former ‘Operation Countryman’ cost £4million and failed as we have already mentioned – its conviction rate on bent cops was abysmal despite the uncovering of hundreds of likely suspects who obstructed the investigation. In the 90’s ‘ Operation Jackpot’ was launched to combat corruption — two officers were jailed and another caught in a £2million cannabis ring. JOHN DONALD a Senior Officer of the Regional Crime Squad was caught selling secrets to underworld crime leaders and was jailed for 11 years. A score of other officers were investigated but never charged despite rumours of around 250 officers taking payments from crime bosses being publicly talked about and boasted about by cops in Scotland Yard.

Case 108 – We don’t have corruption’ says Devon & Cornwall Chief Constable?

It would be fine if this was true, but it isn’t. And what you read next certainly questions that, and it is but a snapshot of the real problem. DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE have the following:-

  • FIVE POLICE OFFICERS were found guilty of falsifying accident reports, when they raced and crashed police POLICE SERGEANT David Baker was given 3 months for deception.
  • SEVEN POLICE OFFICERS were arrested for perverting the course of justice in a corruption
  • POLICE CONSTABLE Colin Doyle was found guilty of a child sex
  • POLICE CONSTABLE Chris Vercoe was fined for
  • DETECTIVE INSPECTOR King was fined for speeding (120 mph).
  • POLICE CONSTABLE Paul Mason committed suicide after an inquiry into an assault on David Coker, he said that Officer Hepburn had done the assault. PC Mason was accused of framing fellow officer Bryan Hepburn according to a report, and was to give witness testimony against him. Five other officers were involved, and a payout of £45,000 was made to the victim. Hepburn remained with the police despite the controversy surrounding the assault.
  • TWO un-named officers faced a ‘failed disciplinary’ hearing over the shooting of Fitzgerald-Hay, a farmer. The incident at Barnstaple revealed THREE DETECTIVES who colluded and conspired to hide the truth.
  • POLICE CONSTABLE WHITE 3834, POLICE CONSTABLE MITCHELL 3536, and POLICE CONSTABLE HOGG 4077 all claimed innocence to a ‘lie’ they perpetrated about a stolen motor vehicle that was not stolen? They denied oppressive conduct and
  • POLICE SERGEANT DAVID MOORE was demoted after being convicted of
  • DEVON POLICE SUED for injury to Sylvester as a result of a police chase.
  • POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW DANIEL killed two sisters in high speed

Case 109 – Former Cop gets six years for Robbery

EX-POLICEMAN DAVID COX of Launceston appeared before Truro Crown Court of robbing £4,090 from Paula Edwards at the Midland Bank in Launceston. The cop from Helstone, Camelford, terrified the cashier as he pointed a imitation semi-automatic pistol at the female cashier in the robbery demanding cash. It was said in court that this all resulted from him being very depressed after leaving the police force?

Case 110 – Special Constable Jane Wakefield appeared before Exmouth Magistrates on fraud charges

It was stated that she fraudulently claimed benefit of £2,804 from the DHSS thus making false representation in order to defraud the state whilst in work and being supported by her husband lorry driver. She was given 18 months probation and 70 hours community service.

Case 111 – Devon Cops In Brawl

Cops from the Devon and Cornwall Police threw punches and brawled with CPS staff at a Christmas bash in Plymouth. It said an internal inquiry was launched after two police officers came to blows during the get together. A policeman was asked to leave, but then a fight broke out among the party goers.

Case 112 – Cops Dismissed Over Sex And Booze Party Antics

Police Constables Darby Allen and Pc Tim Eden based at Heavitree Road Police Station, Exeter, were dismissed from the Devon & Cornwall Police after a late night romp involving 20 special constables in a training course went wrong.

Case 113 – Suspect framed by Devon & Cornwall Police

THE POLICE COMPLAINTS AUTHORITY gave the Appeal Judges a report that papers relating to the murder case from the initial trial were ‘ stolen’ from Exeter Crown Court by officers from the Devon and Cornwall Police. Brian Parsons spent 11 years in prison for the crime, which he did not commit after police on the case constructed a false case. It was suggested that evidence was planted by an over- zealous and dishonest police officer.

Case 114 – Cop steals from Social Club

POLICE CONSTABLE ROY MILLER of the Devon and Cornwall Police appeared before Torbay Magistrates on charges of theft. The cop, a treasurer of the Exeter Police Social Club admitted to taking £1,250 who was based at Tiverton Police Station was remanded in custody so he could be sentenced at Exeter Crown Court.

Case 115 – Cop is finally charged after nine years

COP NICHOLAS STONE who served with the Devon and Cornwall Police managed to evade charges and even get a Chief Constable’s Commendation in 2003, before moving to the Avon and Somerset Police. Whilst with the Devon force he raped a woman, and is now due to face trial in Exeter: see Avon and Somerset Police section.

Case 116 – Cop on sick leave runs and jumps about on TV Game Show

DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICEWOMAN LESLEY HART is off work due to stress, and was allowed sick-leave, but soon appeared in Argentina on the all physical and mentally demanding BBC Total Wipeout game seen by millions. It now transpires she is suing the Devon and Cornwall Police because they did not offer her enough help to return to work. The Police Force declined to comment as they say it is an ongoing legal matter that will be settled in the High Court.

Case 117 – Crime Squad Detective arrested over porn

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE GRAHAM FLYNN of THE DEVON & CORNWALL POLICE was arrested after ordering hard porn videos on the Internet. Computer equipment was seized at his home after customs officers intercepted a package ordered by the Crime Squad Cop. He was suspended pending further investigations.

Case 118 – Police Sergeant fiddles expenses for son

DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE SERGEANT DAVID BAKER defrauded his force out of £1,400 in university grants for his son. Baker received a suspended sentence of three months jail after he admitted to charges of deception.

Case 119 – Arrested Man found dead in Police Cell

DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE are to be investigated over the death of a 66 year old man, Mr Lloyd, who died in a police cell at Torquay Police Station. He was apparently arrested for failing to appear in a London Court. An arrest warrant was issued and cops incarcerated the man overnight. He complained of being unwell and was examined and returned to the cell — he was found dead the following day?

Case 120 – Devon And Cornwall Police Get Annoyed Over Stolen Biscuits

It seems like the thief might be closer than they’d like to admit, as the loss of a biscuit tin from a police station upsets the force. It is already a fact that cops at the station suspect a colleague, but anger has provoked them into recording the event as a crime…… seems like regardless of value, stealing biscuit tins from a police station must qualify as a crime….but this isn’t the only theft, during 2012 it is said that other things have gone missing including a cop car petrol cap and eight DVD’s.

Case 121 – The Devon and Cornwall Taser Incidents

Yet again Devon and Cornwall come under the spotlight, and considering that they are a force who attract controversy, never seem to get the point. This time when using this ‘electronic gun’ Andrew Pimlott was engulfed in fire and burned to death.

  • This police force used the taser 34 times in 2010 compared with 65 times in
  • In 2012 DEVON POLICE PAID OUT £5,000 IN COMPENSATION to an un-named man who was tasered by a cop at close range in a crowded Plymouth Public House!

Case 122 – Devon And Cornwall Cops — Taser Special Needs Boy Of 15

Several cops from the Devon and Cornwall force are back in the spotlight over ‘Taser Guns’ The incident happened at the Special Needs School, The Cheltenham Senior School near Plymouth… two boys were involved. Solicitor Sophie Khan who often represents claimants against the police has called for an inquiry….. saying that the police action may have been excessive,,,, especially on a child. Devon and Cornwall Police refused to comment!

Case 123 – Devon And Cornwall Police Sergeant Is Temporarily Removed? …

Sergeant Gary Watts has been suspended amid accusations that he committed gross misconduct in public office. The Falmouth cop was seen on YouTube in a ‘Gangnam Style’ spoof production. Mention of his Twitter Posts once available to anyone can now only be viewed by request….apart from that the Devon and Cornwall Police will not comment!

Case 124 – Four Officers to be charged over death

FOUR DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE OFFICERS over the death of a caretaker who was restrained by them. The mentally ill man who acted as a Church caretaker was arrested following a disturbance in Paris street, Exeter. He was arrested at 11 am and taken to Heavitree Police Station. At 12-15 just over an hour later he was rushed to the Devon and Exeter Hospital suffering from head injuries. The man Thomas Orchard was found slumped in the cell and died five days later in hospital. It was reported that 7 officers restrained him. All four cops from Exeter are not being named (as per usual) and a file has been prepared for the CPS….this follows an investigation by the IPCC….. the report says 6 police staff (which includes two civilians) have been put on restricted duties. PS Its not the first cell death in police custody in the Devon and Cornwall area… (see arrested man found dead in cell).

Case 125 – Woman Cop covers-up arrest, and weapon, is charged

A DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE CONSTABLE SARAH COHEN faced charges of hiding an offensive weapon and covering-up an arrest when she appeared before North and East Devon Magistrates. She was accused of intention to pervert the course of justice at Meldon on Dartmoor. She was suspended from duty. The case was sent to the Crown Court. The offence was said to have occurred whilst she was on duty as a police officer.

So no corruption there, eh?

Case 126 – Another police corruption scandal that shouldn’t surprise

FIVE POLICE DETECTIVES of the now disgraced South Eastern Regional Crimes Squad have been jailed after selling confiscated drugs seized in raids. DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ROBERT CLARK, DETECTIVE SERGEANT CHRISTOPHER DRURY, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE THOMAS KINGSTON, DETECTIVE THOMAS REYNOLDS and DETECTIVE SERGEANT TERENCE O’CONNELL. Another detective turned queens evidence in exchange for a lenient sentence was co-conspirator DETECTIVE CONSTABLE NEIL PUTMAN. Scotland Yard once again pledged to rid the force of corruption as they have done so many times before?

Commander Hayman vowed that their pals would be scrutinized and backgrounds of the jailed cops. Again we hear that these officers were ‘first class detectives with commendations and bravery honours’ — which really means nothing, — these cops were bent, and so were a number of colleagues who kept silent in return for favours — they will never be exposed once the story fades from public view.

Case 127 – One year earlier Condon removes 20 Detectives in corruption probe

Police Commissioner Paul Condon with his elite anti-corruption squad rooted out twenty detectives after discovering malpractice in the Met. The activities of these officers included fraud, drug allegations, misbehaviour and impropriety.

Case 128 – Man takes Police Chief Commissioner to Court

BANKRUPTING the Metropolitan Police Commissioner was tempting enough as a reason to pursue his claim. Director Michael Alt had been a victim of a £97 penalty by the police for parking, but the meter was found not have been working properly. Michael sued the Commissioner for repayment of the £97 and won when the police ignored the court and failed to appear. The case was not even contested so an order was made against the Police Commissioner, but he ignored the court and the money was not paid. Michael went back to court again and was immediately granted another order against the chief for £297, but that too was ignored by the police. Michael returned to court again and took out a garnishee order demanding the police chief turn up at court. The Judge assured Mr.Alt that if the chief ignored the court again, the court would without fail, deduct the increasing amount from the Commissioner’s bank account.

Case 129 – The Wolfpack Probe — and the Derbyshire Police

SERGEANT LOUIS MARTIN, SERGEANT DAVID SIMMONDS, and POLICE CONSTABLE IAIN PARKER were charged with assault and submitting false statements. It is reported that these three ran a police brutality squad in the city and up to being arrested were completely unchallenged. The called themselves ‘ the wolfpack’ and all three appeared before Chesterfield Magistrates Court.

Case 130 – The Old Bailey – 12 Police Officers – all committed for trial

  • Court 6 was busy with four un-named cops on
  • Court 8 was busy with DETECTIVE CONSTABLE AUSTIN WARNES who admitted conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, his co-defendants were in court Warnes was accused of a plot to plant drugs on a mother so that the husband could get custody of their sons.
  • Court 11 was busy with POLICE CONSTABLE DAVID EVANS, DETECTIVE CONSTABLE CHRISTOPHER CARTER, and DETECTIVE CONSTABLE LEONARD GERRARD all charged with the theft of ecstasy The drugs with a street value of £500,000 (40,000 tablets), were to be sold on the streets to junkies and pushers.
  • Court 17 was busy with POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW WIGLEY and POLICE CONSTABLE SIMON WILSON, both charged with aggravated assault and attempting to pervert the course of Wigley was accused of helping Wilson to cover up the crime by falsifying his notes.
  • Court 18 was busy with POLICE CONSTABLE RICHARD SAMS and WOMAN POLICE CONSTABLE PATRICIA McGOVERN who were charged with false imprisonment and attempting to pervert the course of They are said to have stopped a motorist late at night and said he was in the bus lane. An arrest followed in which Constable Sams assaulted the man occasioning actual bodily harm. This latter charge was added to the other charges the constable faced.
  • This was just one day in court!

Case 122 – Unlawful Arrest led to three police officers being dismissed

THE MANCHESTER POLICE CONSTABLE MATT PERCIVAL, POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN DAVIES and POLICE CONSTABLE PAUL PRESTON were found guilty of an abuse of authority, falsehood, and neglect of duty and were fined £100 each. Had it not been for an independent witness the incident would have not turned out so lucky for the man arrested. The three police officers claimed the man had provoked them.

Case 131 – Policeman on unlawful wounding charge

POLICE CONSTABLE SIMON ATKINS of Middlesborough found himself in Teesside Crown Court on a charge of unlawful wounding after bystanders intervened to insist that he stop hitting a banned driver so ferociously. He damaged Lee Scott’s teeth with his baton and punched him in the face three times.


In this next section we look at the drinking sessions when cops behave badly and go onto committing crimes.

Case 132 – Four Police Constables were suspended

after having attacked and raped a secretary at their police party. The Met Police launched an investigation and the four officers were bailed to appear in court.

Case 133 – A Police Sergeant based in Suffolk was demoted

to constable after drunken behaviour in the bar at his own station. It was revealed that FOUR OTHER POLICE OFFICERS were disciplined for misconduct — One officer is alleged to have exposed himself, a second constable scrapped with a colleague, another was caught urinating in public and the fourth ‘ not behaving in a befitting manner’. Alcohol was banned in the bar for six months.

Case 134 – Detective Constable Michael Parfitt was arrested

at the officers party when he was ‘snorting coke’ along with a woman officer held on supplying the drugs. The Nightclub staff alerted the police after seeing them on security cameras.

Case 135 – Elite Crime Squad Officers are under investigation

after a brawl in the bar of the Regent in Chelmsford, where they were holding a party. It started after a National Crime Squad Detective abused a girl in the cloakroom and began fighting with security at the hotel. The other officers, all much the worse for heavy drinking piled in and a huge fight followed. One senior officer of twenty years experience told the Essex tactical support unit to get lost when they were called to intervene. 40 officers were involved including a Chief Inspector and Two Superintendents. Two Firearms cops had their gun licences revoked because of ‘ aggressive behaviour shown in the fracas.

Case 136 – Police Sergeant David Stevens was arrested

during a police party for sexually assaulting a young male constable at the Christmas bash in Elstree. He was bailed to appear before St. Albans Magistrates. Dozens of Met Officers were at the party.

Case 137 – Three Police Constables

CONSTABLE NICHOLAS JONES, CONSTABLE JOHN WALSH and CONSTABLE JONATHAN LEHRIE attacked a family at their home after a night of drinking at the local cops pub. They assaulted Francis Milburn after they made comments about him and then followed him home. The three officers lied and found themselves at the Old Bailey on charges of ‘ attempting to pervert the course of justice’.

There is much more on this kind of thing so we will come back to it later.


Another report showing that coppers were using their warrant cards to get favours, free drinks. goods and entry in to clubs emerged. It stated that perks included £100 watches, free takeaway meals and deals with off-licence shops. Rudeness by cops and arrogance topped 6000 complaints by the public. The report urged that the police tackle the grave issue spiralling out of control, to be addressed. ‘ A LACK OF INTEGRITY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE’ said the report. Another promise to eradicate bad behaviour was issued yet again.

Case 138- Rank has its privileges says sex pest police sergeant

CUMBRIA POLICE SERGEANT DAVID ROYTHORNE an ex-Met cop, found himself facing charges under the Police Reform Act of 2002 in the Newcastle Upon Tyne Crown Court. He suggested to colleagues his rank held favour in high places and what he did was ‘locker-room behaviour accepted by all at the station’. The sexual assaults and bad language was no more than a game he said.

Case 139 – Sex pest Detective spared jail after on duty assaults

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE JOHN RICHMOND a ‘ two commendation’ cop with the Met Police was given a nine month suspended sentence and ordered to pay £500 costs for misconduct in public office. He admitted to having sex with a vulnerable woman who he was supposed to check on after she took an overdose.

Case 140 – Sex Attacks Sergeant jailed for four months

ACTING POLICE SERGEANT DAVID CARSON of the Norfolk Constabulary appeared before Ipswich Crown Court after being charged with sex attacks on junior female colleagues. He was found guilty of indecent assault and jailed for using his position to dominate other officers into having his way.

Case 141 – Cop gets five years for rape

POLICE CONSTABLE ALAN PAULL a Met Cop, was found guilty of rape after he took advantage of a drunken colleague at a police party. He crept into her flat and got into her bed while she was still under the influence and decided to have sex with her. The Judge said he would be put on the sex offenders register.

Case 142 – Chief Constable quits after inappropriate e-mails to women

CHIEF CONSTABLE TERENCE GRANGE of the Dyfed Powys Police stepped down after investigations revealed that he sent a number of inappropriate message to women via e-mail. A separate investigation was also ordered into his mileage expenses claims — the IPCC said they were looking into financial irregularities.

Case 143 – Cell sex Policeman is dismissed

POLICE CONSTABLE BERNARD EVANS of The Norfolk Police was found guilty of having sex with a woman in the cells suggesting to her he would secure an early release for the detained suspect. The woman was awarded an out-of-court settlement and the police officer was sacked.

Case 144 – Threats by officer in love vendetta lead to court case

WOMAN CONSTABLE MICHELLE BEGLEY made threats to stab and wound rival Karen Noble who was having an affair with her boyfriend. She unlawfully used the police computer to obtain her rival’s home address and said she would fit her up with a drugs charge and plant the evidence. Begley who worked with the Birmingham police was suspended and appeared before a court in Coventry. The West Midlands Police said they would review the position after the trial.

Case 145 – Cop slaps detained youth and says ‘no one saw me do it’

THIS INCIDENT took place in South Kensington and in the police cell in South Kensington Police Station. The youth had been picked up on a motoring offence and thrown into a cell. Shortly after three police officers entered the cell and one began questioning the young man. Things got very  confrontational and because the youth did not cooperate, one of the officers slapped the boy across the face. The suspect said he wanted to report this immediately, and the officer pushed his face up against the boy and said ‘ no one saw me do it, and no one will say I did.’ and there was two other officers who were present, who of course were willing to lie and perjure themselves if it came to it. Sadly, this kind of thing still goes on despite CTTV as the cops have learnt to work around it and make sure a blow cannot be seen easily enough for a court to determine.

Case 146 – Womaniser Police Chief commits suicide as investigation begins

GREATER MANCHESTER CHIEF CONSTABLE MIKE TODD took his own life after affairs with women were exposed and suggestions of ‘ open to blackmail’ surfaced. The married police chief was said to have embarked on an affair with a business woman and that this exposure led to his decision to take his own life.

Case 147 – Retrial for two cops in rape case

POLICE CONSTABLE MARK WITCHER and POLICE CONSTABLE ANDREW LANG were committed for a retrial by the judge after the Winchester Crown Court Jury failed to provide a unanimous decision. The two constables were found guilty of misconduct in public office and will be sentenced after the next trial. The two will face trial for the raping of a drunken woman. The two Surrey Cops from Hampshire were charged with rape, indecent assault and wilful misconduct. It was said by the prosecution that the patrol officers rushed back to Guildford Police Station in order to fix their stories and get them in first before the woman made her complaint. One of them admitted to having sex whilst one denied it, only to admit it later.

Here are the remaining stories:

  • Child Abusers: 13 – 24
  • The Cops that Stick Together and Lie Together: 25
  • A Policeman’s Tale and The Payouts: 26 – 27
  • Police Crimes: 28 – 34









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15 Responses to Bent #Lawyers and #Cops: 1,264 Cases in 34 Stories of #Crimes and #Corruption @MoJGovUK @UKHomeOffice

  1. mr Grumpy says:

    Can you believe it .. .. so all the stories told by the ‘old cops’ seem to be true, the sad thing is that they are told as entertaining stories. I know that times have changed, and there are occasions when ‘common sense’ dictates an element of deviation from the norm, but when the norm turns out to be as shown in the selection of cases on this page then I suggest there is something seriously wrong and it is time for us the people to demand it stops. A culture of crime within law enforcement cannot survive unless those at the top support it.

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  3. Reblogged this on Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy and commented:

    Why McKenzie Friends have become more and more necessary…

  4. Incredulity almost outweighs belief as the catalogue unfolds, but experience teaches that truth will out in the end. Your amazing perseverance gives hope.

  5. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    Incredulity almost outweighs belief as this catalogue unfolds, but experience teaches that truth will out in the end. Such perseverance by the cataloguer gives hope to those who fear they may never live long enough to see justice delivered. The truth can be read here, and the criminality of those charged with upholding the law – as well as their failure to do so – is revealed, and thanks to the internet, at last we can read what those in power have seen fit to suppress.

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  7. colinberry2 says:

    just in case we die before we can get a chance to see justice, I would like to say that Mary Berry has not received a penny for her injuries Everyone have been paid except the victim left to suffer and die, may they all rot in hell with their £400,000 paid to the solicitors and his client still have not received a penny. don’t believe anything anyone have said behind our back it is all probably lies, as a 24/ 7 carer with a stroke still caring for my wife in great hardship not being able to trust anyone now. I just want you all to know that Mary is not received a penny for her brain injury, fractured vertebrae and hardship, the only thing we have received is insults and lies. anyone who wants to know the truth is welcome to come and see us, see the truth for yourself. you certainly won’t get this offer by any of the low lives that we have been dealing with. Just p.m. me for my phone number and address.

    • colinpeters2 says:

      You have my sympathy Colin Berry.We have both found out the hard way just how corrupt the ‘system’ and its members are. The love of money is the root of all evil and these less than humans prove it beyond doubt.

  8. colinpeters2 says:

    Hello there Sabine. This has been knocking about on the internet for years. Linked to this was one called mucky judges/dick head judges. One of those featured therein was a judge called John Walford, complete with his photograph. As featured in the Sun newspaper at that time, he was responsible for allowing a paedophile who had abused a little girl on two separate occasions, walk free from his court, while asking the little girls parents to understand his reasoning.
    Naturally this caused an outcry but he got away with it.
    This was the same man who, years earlier, in his role as a barrister, aided and abetted a fraudsters
    deceptions by standing by and remaining mute whilst his client, my opponent, put a pack of lies to the court which were in direct conflict with the pack of lies which he, John Walford, had authored on his clients behalf as being the ‘pleaded case’ 5 years earlier!!!
    Both as a barrister and as a judge, this mans actions have always been questionable.

  9. You can’t make it up, Colin, can you…
    This ‘process of disillusionment’ can only be called ‘shock therapy’. No wonder people shy away from it, if they have never been touched themselves. I have just watched a couple of US videos on Pizzagate which ‘bring it home’ in a yet more drastic way: David Seaman who criticises both Pizzagate and the monetary system on and Pizzagate Angela on

    Elite begins to look like a hierarchy of criminality to me: the higher up you are on the ladders of power and levels of institutions of power, the more criminal you are likely to be… The Emperor’s Clothes in comparison are a real fairy tale!

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