When individuals fight a system of ‘professionals’ they discover patterns that connect: ethics? morals? Professional standards?

17 08 29 Tom DobbieOnline exposure is the last resort for law abiding citizens who are up against a web of professional deception – such as Tom Dobbie with Moral Propositions. This web is of remarkable ‘perfection’ – in terms of succeeding to brainwash the majority of people and victimising a shocking number of us.

However, once people have been victimised by ‘authorities’, we are being tested:

  • do you Stand your Ground?
  • do we stand up on behalf of others?
  • do we support others Standing Their Ground?

If yes, how?

  1. you believe in the ‘professionalism’ of public servants and public authorities, such as Social Services, police, CPS, courts and lawyers – but you have to discover that it’s a facade hiding criminals and criminal activities – so you learn about Persistence and Perseverance, trusting that Truth will Out – and you may be lucky and find a correct lawyer who’s also willing to take your case – and you have the money to pay for it – which you may not get back – and which does NOT guarantee justice either;
  2. you may end up defending yourself as a Litigant in Person – but this inequality of arms is hardly recognised: you may be doomed if you do and doomed if you don’t defend yourself – but at least you’ve tried and can look yourself in the mirror;
  3. you may find fellow victims who have discovered that by acting as a McKenzie Friend you can help others – but then a consultation about the possible reformation of the courts’ approach to McKenzie Friends is launched – with as yet no response;
  4. and thus we keep wondering what else has to happen for morals, ethics, decency and honesty to re-enter the realm of public service?
    • more individuals such as physicist Tom Dobbie whose children are being abused while he tries to save them from their abusers and publishes Moral Propositions?
    • here is his list of 29 ways of victimising and traumatising him;
    • here is his video where he emphatically insists that we do NOT invite Social Services into our lives;
    • more Cases as Stories as I began to publish in 2012 to group cases with a view to changing the law – as recommended by Lord Sudeley?
    • his family was bankrupted and he was defrauded by Lloyds as administrators of his grandmother’s estate;
    • more and more judges killing themselves like Australian David Yeldham to avoid exposure?
    • more and more police leaving the Force as they don’t want to be part of the corruption?
    • more and more people waking up and educating themselves thanks to the wisdom of the net?

Every little helps, it seems.

Together, we are obviously contributing to a sea-change of transformations that the power elite that planned the deception since 1776 had NOT anticipated…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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11 Responses to When individuals fight a system of ‘professionals’ they discover patterns that connect: ethics? morals? Professional standards?

  1. Katia Leitao says:

    You are a beacon of light in this dark age. May God bless you and your work.

  2. colinberry2 says:

    Sabine, I just don’t know how all these victims could repay you for all your dedication to expose these white-collar criminals, what would there be today out there if it wasn’t for you. I’m sure one day you will be rewarded for what you have done. I do wish that we could do more to help you, I do post this website whenever appropriate but do feel that more should be done to stop innocent people living in hell because of greed, and psychopath that enjoy the harm they are doing and be paid for it.

    • THANK YOU, Colin!!!
      “Exposure, exposure, exposure” said Ian Josephs, when I learned about forced adoptions and what they are about… Hardly did I know that the rabbit hole would be THAT deep…
      Never mind. We all have our ‘job’ to do while on earth… Someone says his boss is a Jewish Carpenter!…

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  4. Ismail Bhamjee says:

    RE:- THE LAW REFORM (Contributory Negligence) Act 1945: The Law Commission Report
    The Former Lord Justice Brooke:

    1. Please kindly check the Law Commission Reports on the Law Reform (Contributory Negligence) Act 1945 and Judgments given in the United Kingdom where the House of Lords Judgment are binding on all the Courts in England and Wales.
    The Lord Justice Brooke who is a Retired Judge has left problems for Individual Citizens after the Judgment given in the Court of Appeal on the 14th May 2003 in Bhamjee Versus David Forsdick and Others.

    2. The Words “McKenzie Friend”: The Legal Services Act 2007 Schedule 9, Schedule 13 and 21 has made some changes which should be taken into consideration

    3. Baroness Scotland QC the Former Attorney General who had made a speech in Lusaka, Republic of Zambia very recently when the Opposition Leader was in Prison on Treason Charges. These charges have been dropped. It is time for the HM Attorney General of the United Kingdom to have the Applications for Section 42 of the SCA 1981 Orders to be discharged as many persons are banned for Life, when they have not abused the Process of the Court, it is the Treasury Solicitors and the Local Authorities Officials who are benefiting from the Proceeds of Unlawful Conduct. Please See Section 241A of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. This Section shall come into force in the Month of September 2017.

    The Time Limit for Claims under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 is a period of 20 Years and not Six Years or Three Months or Six Weeks in Judicial Review Proceedings.

    4. The Former Vice President of the Republic of Zambia, The Late Mr Mainza M. Chona SC. He was also Zambia’s Representative at the United Nations and had many other Posts- May His Soul Rest in Peace, as The Zambian National Anthem and the Zambian Flag can be seen at many Commonwealth Countries. It is not known how the Officers in the Attorney General Chambers and the Cabinet Office don’t have a copy of Section 1 of the Zambia Independence Act 1964 which is more than 50 Years as Information is no Longer Exempt Information.

    5. The Law Society- Does conceal and suppress Evidence of its Members whilst Bevan Brittan PLC, they can’t represent both the Law Society and The Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman Commissioner’s Office. This is conflict of Interests and waste of the Tax Payers money.

    6. The Metropolitan Police fail to record Crime when Criminal Offences of PERJURY AND SUBORNATION OF Perjury under the Perjury Act 1911 has been reported to them.
    There are other Court Officers in the Magistrates Courts who have been sentenced at the Crown Court.

    • Yes, Yes, Yes, THANK YOU, dear Ismail!

      They do because they can, is my observation. It’s too hard to challenge anybody, as ‘brethren’ wouldn’t challenge each other in the end.

      Or, as Maurice Kirk put on the wall of his surgery: The Law is only as good as the integrity of those entrusted to administer it: https://mauricejohnkirk.com/

  5. Ismail Bhamjee says:

    RE:- MALICIOUS PROSECUTION Applies to Civil Proceedings:
    WILLERS (Appellant) V Joyce and Another (In substitution for and in their capacity as Executors of Albert Gubay) Deceased (Respondent) (2)

    Judgment (2) given on 20th July 2016.

    Crawford Adjusters (Cayman) Ltd Versus Sugar General Insurance (Cayman) Ltd [2014] AC 366
    Privy Council

    Please kindly check the Judgment given in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, where the Transcript of the Judgment has been published in the Public Domain which obviously the Government Legal Services Department, the Bar Council, The Bar Standards Board, The Law Society and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal does have reasonable access.

    Persons who are on Low Income are being directly or Indirectly being Discriminated by way of Collective Harassment, whilst there is an Offence under Section 2 and 7 (3A) of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. The Time Limit for an Offence under this Act is a period of Ten Years, The Barkingside Magistrates Court Legal Advisors are suppressing Evidence as there are known to other Officials in the Local Authorities and the Barristers.

    The Magistrates Courts and the Crown Courts needs to be abolished

    The High Court of Justice does have the Jurisdiction Power to deal with any Statute of Law or Custom Civil or Criminal.
    There are no Court fees to be paid in Criminal Proceedings except on the Crown Side.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  6. truth1 says:

    This was an outstanding post. I saved it to disk. I see it this way. No matter what we do, we are screwed if we end up being in the crosshairs of someone in power. For instance, on 4 occasions, all solid with evidence of every form, but not a lawyer anywhere would touch any of them. Everyone would lie and deceive, too. Were one to be falsely accused of something, meaning framed or set up, then no lawyer will help you or will sell you out and if you represent youself, you’ll still lose, even if you have a mountain of evidence. Law has nothing to do with anything good or decent. It merely protects the criminals in power while creating the illusion of law ans justice to those not paying attention.

    Can children helped or parents who lose children. I don’t say this with intent to be mean and demoralizing, but these kinds of problems can not be fixed. They are signs and symptoms of a world gone mad and near to killing itself. They are a lesson for any willing to listen. We need our creator back in our lives and of all lives. We told Him to go to hell when the first human couple ignored His commands. What we have now is the result of that action back then.

    It can only be fixed and repaired by Him and not us. He alone is the solution. It is not in our power to do anything. We are vulnerable to any who might want to prey on us. That is a terrible thing to realize but we need to realize it. Whether we like it or not, I can offer no hope for the present. The world is a nuthouse, a mad house. God will not remain restrained. He has set an appointed time to bring it to an end. The world is being guided to a huge world wide situation that will force every human being to choose 1 of only two sides that will be possible. Choose God or accept death, total unconditional surrender to God’s ways. We have seen Satan’s ways and they suck!

    Surely God is a better choice than Satan.

    It grieves me that anyone could hold up hope for any real justice.More than once, I have heard people fault the McKenzie friends for not winning case. Given what we have both noted, winning is impossible. How is it that some can not see that? Anyone that has even the slightest hope for reform is lost. The lesson we must learn is that without God, there is not help, not fixing things. no escape.

    God can make all things right in the long run. But till then, there is no relief or escape. Reform is like believing in the Easter Bunny. Neither is anything but a fairy tale and delusional thinking, if not psychosis. For what it is worth. Truth1 out!

    • Thank You, truth1!
      Have to defend myself as pro-actively as I can. I CANNOT allow ‘them’ to walk all over me, only because they are younger and sick in mind and spirit!

      • truth1 says:

        I agree. I notice what they are doing to Rupert. I know you can’t speak of it. But much as he might have been foolish in his bravado, in no way was he ever a serious threat to anyone. Most poeple like to shoot their mouths off. I have done it. The cult has done it, but they won’t admit it when they do. They have put words in my mouth more than once. But some will make mountains out of mole hills or even out of anthills and blow everything far out of proportion. You’d never get me to step foot in the UK. Its a nasty bunch ruling that nation and all nations.

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    Here’s an invitation to be part of the greater picture by reading this article and getting acquainted with some uncomfortable facts of life in the Britain of the twenty-first century.

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