Miscarriages of #Justice: will the New All Party Parliamentary Group address Cases and Issues? @MoJGovUK

Edith Piaf sang it many years ago: as long as there’s life, there’s hope! Cicero knew it already in 63BC!

The announcement of a new All Party Parliamentary Group [APPG] focussing on Miscarriages of Justice MUST give all victims hope and I sincerely hope that EVERY MP and Lord will support this new initiative! Or is there any reason why not?

Will you use WriteToThem to tell your MP about your sufferings and to take them to the APPG, so that the group begins to see the full spectrum of white collar crimes?

Here’s an invitation to the first meeting that took place in the House of Commons yesterday – thanks to

BUT: where do you find your sources of hope, once your professional and personal life have been destroyed not only on financial, physical, mental and emotional levels, but when you’ve been imprisoned while you’ve been innocent all along?

That must be the worst of all miscarriages of justice! Yet how do you measure and compare human suffering? Who knows the full spectrum of victimisation and traumatisation?

Who cries over

  • the human suffering of individuals vs
  • the cruelty that comes from public servants hiding behind the anonymity of institutions who never deal with ‘individual cases’?
  • MPs who may not want to take the time to help and whose voice may not make much of a difference anyway;
  • the un-accountability of institutions
  • and their possible immunity from prosecution?

Which judge would go against a ‘brother’ – no matter how right or wrong the arguments?

Parliament is supposed to be the highest court of the land. This APPG will hopefully find answers to these questions:


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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16 Responses to Miscarriages of #Justice: will the New All Party Parliamentary Group address Cases and Issues? @MoJGovUK

  1. mr grumpy says:

    Being wrongly accused and imprisoned has for decades been a problem that has never been seriously addressed. Anything is ok, the attitude is that if someone is wronged you can buy them off with taxpayer money and it will go away. It is time for change, there must be personal accountability for this bad decision making, incompetence and misuse of authority.

    • GFQ says:

      Yes exactly it’s civil service and purported lawyers who work together. It is identified as new terrorism. Read the definition on state terrorism. This is big business in the UK.

  2. GFQ says:

    I have identified that what the state is doing to the citizen is by virtue of State Terrorism. I’ll explain later.

  3. GFQ says:

    I am pleased to have been notified of this possible pending committee on unlawful prosecutions. I refuse to accept the identity of miscarriages of justice. It is not legal to falsly determine a defendent. The CCRC are part of the cover up with HMCTS, again they work together to cover up the administration of other civil servants. It is terrorism based on ideology that the civil service refuse to accept parliament and use their own own unwritten processes to further their aims. I go on for ever about this, juzt look at how the CCRC asses a case. Then look at the Hunan rights commission. If you examine their portfoilo is shows that they carry out their alleged function by deception. I coukd then raise tge SRA and Parliamentary Ombudsmen. The ideolgy is identical.
    They all work together as a protective racket. This is state terrorism.


  4. sil says:

    Good news.

    How could I get invited to the next meeting?

  5. GFQ says:

    I bet there is a queue to see this committee, that goes to the extremeties of the solar system. If anyone agrees to look at all these cases it should bankrupt all the courts. I also feel that a criminal investigation should be carried out against HMCTS and all government or CROWN prosecutors. Most fraudulent convictions are done in bad faith using subornation of defence lawyers on legal aid. The courts make a fortune on fraudulent convictions. Lets just see if this becomes reality as I dont think so, but I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

  6. anonomi says:

    Family Courts [and other courts] =

    1. Take away children
    2. take away property/assets
    3. If the citizen is still going – bankrupt the citizen

    a technique straight out of the annals of the Stasi, Gestapo & any other similar organisation you wish to name.

    • GFQ says:

      Yes but this is the behaviour of civil servants. It’s nothing to with parliament. Parliament is ignored by the civil service. The latter run the country. They come under the Crown 👑 This explains why voting does not change governments.

  7. What matters now is that everybody who has grievances submits them to their MP, with the explicit requests 1. to contribute it to the APPG and 2. to support the actions of the APPG!

    • GFQ says:

      I don’t believe anything will happen. The civil service works for ministry of justice and claim to be independent and protected by the Crown so all the CS need to do is ignore parliament which is what the judiciary and hmcts or most do anyway. There is a similar select committee for human rights headed by H Harmon QC MP. They refuse to talk to the citizen. It’s a scam. This likely to be another piece of government propaganda do nothing but mislead the public.

  8. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    Too many issues too important to ignore.

  9. Meirion Bowen says:

    What happens if your MP refuses to meet with you and acts in the same way as what this Select Committee aims to resolve?

    • GFQ says:

      Yes invariably they will behave like that. I have the same problem with Luke hall MP. It affects their party and they don’t want to rock the Boat. I just wrote to secretary of state for justice Mr Liddington MP. He is controlled by hmcts civil servants. This shows that voting is waste of time. So you can see how Parliament is ignored by the criminal justice system.

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