This blog is meant to document the struggles of victims of financial exploitation and / or legal oppression. It picks up from

It illustrates that there are things going on, that are too hard to believe, unless you experience them yourself.

The blog builds on four sample cases of fraudulent bankruptcies that we put before the Lord Chancellor Kenneth Clarke and the Business Minister The Rt Hon Dr. Vince Cable.

The first case has been documented in The Forensics of Legal Fraud: the bankruptcy of a wealthy real estate agent, without jurisdiction and by falsifying documents.

The second one is documented by Raymond Fox, a victim of nuclear contamination and nuclear induced illness who was bankrupted and evicted from his home.

The third one has been turned into Vol 2 of The Forensics of Legal Fraud – How a Millionairess was cheated by liquidating her company fraudulently, stealing her properties “on paper” and making her bankrupt with the aid of banks, lawyers, accountants and insolvency practitioners.

The fourth case is presumably the nastiest bankruptcy, initiated by an accountancy firm, where it becomes evident that the process is only meant to cover up stealing: David Fabb, owner of a group of major steel manufacturing companies.

More cases have been published on Grouping Cases to Change the Law.

The most cruel cases are presumable those where children are snatched and / or given to the abusive rather than the caring party of parents: the Nigerian Musa Family lost their six children – thanks to Haringey Council – and Vicky Haigh lost her daughter to her ex-husband who has been abusing the now nearly 8-year-old girl since she was three.

As we are gathering more details about more cases, we will find more patterns that connect, enabling us to share intelligence and support each other with a view to financial fairness, legal justice and emotional sanity.

A number of ‘victims turned starfighters’ as well as non-victimised sympathisers have come together in an Association of McKenzie Friends

The blogger is Sabine K McNeill. When asked why I’m doing it, I talk about my social life with meaning to complement my professional life with zest. My over 50 websites and petitions are compiled here.

My own experiences of victimisation are with respect to:

  1. doctors who claimed that my pain was psychological and that I would not suffer from them in old age after I had a very serious car accident as passenger in 1973
  2. the lawyers of my then employer CERN who had decided that I must repeal any decision within 10 years but never told me about that
  3. as a result I do not get any compensation for the accident that a physics professor friend caused on duty trip in California
  4. instead, I had to fight for “incapacity benefits” from the respective authorities in the UK
  5. I had the privilege of learning to fight my landlord in London who was incapable of securing the front door after two break-ins in which I lost jewellery worth £20,000.
  6. At some stage he sent the bailiffs after me who forced my car key out of my hands, even though it was my mum’s car…
  7. I still keep having to fight him on every tiny bit, but on the back of having become a “registered tenant”. That meant my rent was reduced and he can only raise it “under supervision”.
  8. Following the online exposure of organised child abuse, I have been arrested six times, experienced three hate crimes and seven court proceedings.

And thus I learned that and how everything seems to have two sides to it… The challenge is to rise above and beyond. Or in the words of supposedly Gandhi:

Thou Shalt not be a Victim. Thou Shalt not be a Perpetrator. Above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.


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  1. I just started reading this blog. I hope more people speak out against legal oppression. When we see an injustice we should try to stop it, if we are too afraid, we should at least speak out against it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Social Engineering On A Grand Scale

    I’ve been involved in a friend’s legal case and it’s a very messed-up situation. Essentially, anyone can make a malicious allegation about child cruelty and it initiates a huge infrastructure of highly-paid… “professionals” who put self-interest first. The legal bill in the UK for the “protection” of 60,000 children is astronomical. Cases take between 49 and 78 weeks to conclude and are rarely cut short. All UK family law cases are held in secrecy and this attracts the least competent of the legal profession. Barristers with decades of experience, earning 200-500 pound per hour don’t know the law. But that doesn’t matter because perjury is commonplace. Cases often cost 0.5 million pound and the results are dismal. From http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new​s/article-405578/60-000-childr​en-care-betrayed-fail-school.h​tml :-

    o A quarter of girls in care have been pregnant by the time they leave and half are single mothers within two years.
    o Half of all prisoners under the age of 25 have been through the care system.
    o A third of the homeless are people who were brought up in state care.
    o Only 60 out of 6,000 young people leaving care each year goes to university.

    But it would be cheaper to cancel the court cases and send these kids to top private schools and also give them personal mentors and intensive psychotherapy. The cost of sending a boy to Eton College over a period of five years is only 168,575 pounds. Instead, before any allegations are substantiated to civil standard (“balance of probability”), children are taken forcefully, often from aspiring families, are given to chavvy foster parents who are given 360-437 pounds per child per week excluding expenses. Publicising your case is Contempt Of Court, a criminal matter which sees 200 parents per year imprisoned.

    I knew that UK laws were draconian, but I didn’t know how bad they were until I investigated for a friend. I discovered that any spurious allegation can be investigated, any evidence can be gathered and in the case of the Police And Criminal Evidence Act 1984 Section 18, the Children Act 1989 Section 37(3)(a) and the Mental Health Act 1983 Section 2, a reason only needs to be provided for ceasing to interfere with a person’s liberty. There are safeguards but there are also emergency provisions which circumvent all safeguards. There are time limits but those are irrelevant if courts are overwhelmed with cases. The Mental Health Act also allows medics (not only qualified doctors) to backdate notes with complete immunity.

    There’s an economic recession but there’s no shortage of government funded adverts for fostering and adoption. High streets in controversial London Borough Of Haringey were recently plastered in adverts for adoption (“It’s never been easier”), till receipts from my local supermarket have adverts for foster care agencies and The London Borough Of Brent has been advertising on buses.

    Why does this happen? Adoption targets and bonuses are assigned to local government but legal costs are assigned to central government. If a local government department doesn’t meet targets then budget cuts are imposed and people lose their jobs. So, local government is very motivated to meet targets – even if it involves heavy advertising or free loft conversions worth 30,000 pounds – so that people can take more kids.

    2% of parents get their kids back and most of the “winners” pay extensive legal fees. The remainder may receive a lifetime injunction and see their children adopted abroad without their permission. The UK is one of the few countries in the world where forced adoption by the state is legal. However, it is a lucrative trade where healthy, well-adjusted children obtain up to 120,000 pound in “fees”. Officially, adoption quotas have been abandoned, but they have only been replaced with adoption targets and I’ve seen evidence that they were running as recently as Tue 11 Jan 2011.

    Essentially, child “protection” is a very big game where you *might* get children returned if you pay enough to the legal profession. The most worrying part is that no-one’s impartial. There’s supposedly checks and balances of Independant Reviews, Children’s Guardians and child charities. However, there’s one dirty little secret. They all work together and they’re all staffed with qualified Social Workers. If you telephone the NSPCC, Barnado’s, ChildLine or Voice then you’ll speak to a qualified Social Worker who forwards details to your legal opposition. Some of the telephone operators will initially deny that they’re qualified Social Workers but you can check their registration (http://www.gscc.org.uk/registe​rSearch.php) during any telephone call. This website happens to be run by the Social Workers’ official organisation where, like doctors, registration is mandatory and there is a strict Code Of Conduct, which is taken seriously.

    So, I was asked to collate a list of Social Workers in London. However, that’s a vague task when poor data quality is involved. The easiest solution was to scrape the entire dataset. From this, I discovered that the UK has 94,211 registered Social Workers and 16,194 registered students. Next, I was asked if I could collate it with any other public dataset, such as the leaked British National Party list of members. Although the veracity of this list cannot be determined, the intersection is not null. For example, Mr Freddy Longmuir, 30 Old Mill Lane, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 2LB, UK, +44 (0)7974 334624, hullfreddy@aol.com, is 50, a company director, has a Bachelors Degree in Politics, a Masters Degree in Social Work, registered as Social Worker E/1021782 in Barnsley on Fri 24 Apr 2008 and was named as a paid member of the British National Party in Nov 2008. You can check all of these details yourself because they’re all in the public domain.See More

    • Your experiences and comments are FABULOUS!

      Many thanks indeed!

      Also, WELL DONE for putting it in differen places!

      Will you add or email the link to See More?

    • Anonymous says:

      1. only just discovered this treasure trove.

      2. thank you for the decent people with intelligence and experience writing on here.

      3. why do so many of us discover how utterly corrupt this system is …..after the event !

      4. if we could educate the masses, surely this vile system would not be tolerated and closed down –
      – none of this perpetual ‘lessons learned’ pathetic keep your bonus and get out of jail excuse.

      • I know. It’s unbelievable, un-explainable, un-imaginable!!!

        BUT: the web has a good memory, and with its various social media tools we can reach more people than we ever could before.

        So let’s look at it philosophically and spiritually: it’s all about “which side are you on???”

  3. Julie de Souza says:

    I have been a litigant in person fighting 3 cases since 2009 two involving mis sale of PPI’s and another against my mortgage company. I am shocked, by the inequality I have so far faced by the Courts that has added salt to my wounds. As I shake in my boots with nerves, and I wade through trying to grapple with complicated court procedure and further understand the law, unravelling the financial maze of deceit laid out in great style by financial giants and their legal teams. Those who have brought this country to its knees with their dishonest greed and blatant disregard to the laws and Court rules and the circumstances of a person caught up in all the hell a hit and run car accident can really do. The Rights of litigants in person all over the country are being breached. The Judges should remember they are human and respect the courage the individual takes to take such a stance and not treat them the LIP’s with distain just because they have the power to make a person feel uncomfortable in the already alien court environment causing panic attacks that I have experienced, giving the defence a field day with my head on the platter, a victim still trying to get my life back again is not what I expected from the Courts. The fear of losing my home and the loss of a promising music recording label, part of the Brit Academy of Judges for a few years, the shock of realising that none of the pre-bought insurance policies honoured what they promised as one loophole after another was pulled out, that drove me to a nervous breakdown and suicide. The unfairness I have continued to face has shaken me so much 20 serious breaches made by the mortgage company and their touts their company solicitors/the brokers and further another large financial institution that was the lender cum broker, who also failed in maintaining proper money transfer logs of loans repaid early to themselves and other companies to the tune of £66,000/-. Lenders and Brokers fold companies that have either fallen foul with the FSA or pre-emptively fold only to re-open under different company names to avoid the long arm of the law, what will be left of this broken society if the reigns of the Courts are not pulled in to show the wrongdoers what breaking the law is worth in consequences as they continue to con the British Public and the FSA continues to allow them to do business? Humiliated by an inexperienced Judge for being accompanied by a member of the PSU, a McKenzie’s friend, I have found that some Judges rely heavily on biased recommendations of the Defence Councils have been prompted to give wrong orders that have breached the human rights of my three kids and self. Bundles going missing in the courts, Courts go against their own orders and have allowed bundles with contempt’s, cases thrown out due to court errors and then re-instated, blatant contempt’s of disobeying court orders with no penal retribution. Yes I agree that all cases should be screened to check out the merits of the case to prevent the Court system from being clogged. But I disagree with those litigants being treated unfairly those who have valid claims are being dismissed and treated with disregard and disrespect just because they are litigants in person. Told not to expect pity by this Judge, what pity can one expect caught up in the aftermath of a hit and run car accident, nearly evicted and pushed to a nervous breakdown, no protection given under the Administration of Justice Act, the courts knowing I was a LIP, perjured Defence witness statements accepted by the courts with no question, to find out years later that the re-mortgage was not legally drawn up and is VOID in law. Terrorists are given more help than a LIP and their human rights are protected by the same Courts. Blacklisted by dud PPI’s sold by the very lenders cum brokers who go on to blacklist a person who has paid for Insurance protection for years, and wrongly libelled a delinquent borrower, when evidence proves otherwise. This is not what I expected from the legal system and the financial system in this country. It is so easy to get financially blacklisted, and wrongful blacklisting on credit rating sites is equal to be libelled. There should be a complete overhaul of the financial blacklisting system and stringent laws to stem the misuse of the credit rating sites and the Courts. I am sure among the great minds the law makers the visionaries of Democracy and democratic rights of an individual and there are a few who strive hard to be fair Judges, and it is you who I make this appeal to. Please protect the integrity of the legal system. My heart goes out to all those who are LIP’s and my prayers. It wasn’t an easy decision to want to represent myself, with the legal aid system in shambles. God help us all, if the Courts cannot protect us from abuse.
    Julie de Souza

  4. I have been fighting the authoritys all my life.
    When I was a very young child I suffered horrific abuse at the hands of those who were supossed to be my parents. When “mother” decided she didnt want to look after me any more she dumped me into care half-starved and totaly emotionally destroyed, I was only 5 years old.
    “Mother” told the social services that I was born 3 months premature, it is documented in my files from the social services, but I now know that was a lie to cover up my physical and emotional state on entering care. I have emails from the hospital where I was supposed to have been born, that say I was born on time and went home 2 days later.
    I have a 7 inch scar on my abdomen which “mother” told the social worker was an appendix scar.
    A Consultant Surgeon has looked at my scar, this is what he said about it “Its not in the right place thats why its so big, the muscle of the diaphragm had been sown together with the surface skin, but the muscle should have been sown together first, then the surface skin, even if this operation did take place in Germany it still wouldnt be an excuse, it looks like it was a very hurried operation performed by someone who didnt have the necessary skills”.
    This scar is the reason why I have suffered at the hands of those who are supposed to be my “family” for 40 odd years and why it is still going on today!!!
    I have every reason to believe that I was operated on when I was 4 years old in a dirty scummy back room somewhere down Brick Lane, Whitechappel, East London, but have no real idea why!
    In care I suffered abuse again, sexual, physical, emotional, when I was about 10 years old I tried so very hard to complain to the superintendant of the home, but was branded a trouble maker, so I tried to complain to my social worker, her reaction was to bundle me into her car and drive me straight back to the perpertraitor, “the house mother”, telling me to be a good little girl and not cause waves. Running away from the childrens home became part of my life. By the time I reached my 14th birthday I just couldnt take any more, so I ran away from the childrens home for the last time.
    After running away I ended up on the streets of london homeless, and pennyless, my so-called family became involved in my life again, I just needed and wanted love and someone to care about me, so that meant I had to learn to trust those who were supposed to be my family, trusting them was the worse mistake I could have ever made. Since then they have embarked on a campaign of hatred towards me, but this was at the same time as pretending to love me and welcoming me into their homes. I told them everything, I told them all about how I was job hunting, which jobs I had managed to secure.
    One family member in particular was having me sacked from every job I managed to secure, but I didnt realize at the time that it was her, the reason why I kept getting sacked.
    They have had me sectioned 7 times.
    7 times I have been sectioned and doped up to my eyeballs with their intoxicating drugs and then thrown out onto the street when the 28 days were up to fend for myself still reeling from the affects of their drugs!
    They “family” made 6 or 7 further attempts which failed. I have lost count the number of times they have called the police to me because I asked them to tell me the truth, she my eldest sister will not stop untill I am in prison or a permanent resident in a secure unit!
    When my children were young, they “family” had my children taken from me 3 times, 3 times I have fought the authoritys in their “family courts” on my own without any support from anyone and 3 times I won!
    But the bullying and harassment still goes on today, she, my eldest sister is still at it today, she employs other people to do her dirty work, 2 of them being my eldest daughter and my ex-partner. They have been coming into my home uninvited with their own set of keys, moving stuff around to make it look like someone has been in, its all just to wind me up, to get me going so I loose my temper and get arrested/sectioned yet again. I have had my locks changed, but I know without doubt that given the right opportunity they will continue.
    There is a lot more to my story, but it would take the rest of my life to document all of it!
    I seriously fear for my life and dont know who to talk to about this because I dont know who to trust!
    Is there anyone out there who can help me with this!!!
    Please see my blog at: http://vera-warzecha.blogspot.com.

  5. I just want to add that I am hanging onto my sanity by the skin of my teeth. I am starting a complaint about a psyciatrist who has labled me a “paranoid, dilusional psychotic” for trying to complain about what these people have been doing to me, but I am very scared of what they will do to me for complaining again!!!

  6. isawyousawme says:


    Mr Brian Gerrish confirms Guest Speaker Mis Justice Sam Edwards

    Mps Nhs Parents Social Workers foster carer children youth and more


    ANDREW PEACHER 01754 874338 Uk +44



    Please Share This Page Please request Interviews and Media coverage to me Andrew 01754 874338

    http://www.onevoiceforthekids.org.uk Press Officer

  7. Derek says:

    Whenever anyone attempts to obtain justice, from what is obviously a very corrupt judiciary and legal system, that person is labelled as a vextacious litigant. The “powers to be” then put your name out as such, and hence that person will never obtain justice. Well, due to failures of the “powers to be”, I am now on benefits which is costing the taxpayer more in the long run. If the corrupt solicitor who stole my savings through fraud, had been prosecuted as he should have been, then I would be claiming no benefits.

    • I think you’re just proving the Australian book title, Derek: “Our Corrupt Legal System – Why Everybody is a Victim – except Rich Criminals”…

      The world is DEFINITELY NOT operating the way it ought to!

  8. After overlooking several of your sites in your website, I truly appreciate your way of blogging. %KW%
    Elizabeth http://mosesoyck.crowdvine.com/posts/39277593

  9. You get some good points there. I checked on the internet for more info about the issue and found most folks will go along with your views on this web site. Jacob http://www.article-marketing-solutions.info/authors/7566/Jack-Wylde

  10. psandor says:

    Many of your cases of SS child snatching are about small childre or babies being taken.

    My case involves my teenage daughter in which the SS removed her aiding effectively a 14yr old rebellion over being asked to tidy her room and help a disabled mother! No court order, no crime but my family torn to shreds and my child being manipulated as the SS try to create a case to justify their attack.

    They will not reply tp my MP or my lawyer. I have a leading Human Rights barrister who agrees there is a case under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act (but so far no solicitors will help because it would be under legal aid (although they could recoupe the costs from the case by demanding damages as in http://www.familylawweek.co.uk/site.aspx?i=ed1075). In the UK it seems justice and the right for legal representation depends upon your wealth.

    The SS are now planning to get an injunction against my son and I; what for I do not know. Maybe because I won’t back down and let them cover up their crime: http://painofinjustice.wordpress.com/

    Can you help promote my story, while I fight for justice? The damage is done to my daughter and she is not likely to come home but if the SS get away without accountability and are allowed to continue to manipulate her and keep her cut off from everyone who has been in her life for 15yrs, she will loose everything.

  11. e liquid usa About | Victims Unite!

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