Human Rights: in the UK and the EU

The European Convention of Human Rights and its Five Protocols consists of 66 Articles in 5 Sections.

Under PROTOCOLS you will find subsequent amendments.

What is rather shocking to note is that Article 1 and 13 are omitted in the UK version.

Article 1 says: The High Contracting Parties shall secure to everyone within their jurisdiction the rights and freedoms defined in Section I of this Convention.

Article 13 says: Everyone whose rights and freedoms as set forth in this Convention are violated shall have an effective remedy before a national authority notwithstanding that the violation has been committed by persons acting in an official capacity.

Who would have thought this possible?

Who designed it such?

What can UK citizens do?


14 Responses to Human Rights: in the UK and the EU

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  2. Michael Smith says:

    This is the UK regime using its right of SUBSIDIARITY to block any challenge that exposes its illegal activity.

  3. Well, how does that right compare with the SUPREMACY of EU law, Michael?

  4. Jake Maverick says:

    there is only one way to fight a war…..just talking about it never achieves anything accept for making yourself a target…..

  5. albert john jewell says:

    Dear Sabine and John Hemmings MP; I presume that MIKE is refering to the parts of HITLERS fire decree LAW (Circa 1933/1935) which did not get repealed at the end of the WAR . NOW vast sections of this HITLER decree are being EXERCISED into and BY our legal systems apparently VIA the EUROCOURT. Any SANE person would think it is CRAZY for this NAZI law to have been allowed to EXIST after the war TO discover this LAW(or parts of it) are being used in MANY court cases TODAY. WHICH proves(type in search-YURI BEZMENOV)was dead right when he stated” first we must put theINTELLECTUAL IDIOTS into power positions then we can destroy BOTH theG.B. andU.S.A. completly,then commies just walk in and take over control now not needing to waste time or money fighting an unnessary WAR(but using IDIOTS to subvert the above /and other asleep countries today)

  6. Sophie P. says:

    Dear Sabine: It is astonishing the manipulation that has been spread on those issues. Supremacy of EU law? You must be grateful that you have at least some EU law protecting some of your rights. You have none in UK. Even the “Suprem EU Law” is being “implemented” in UK in ways that do not implement the EU laws but prevent the Legal Direct Effect that the EU law has in National Courts until afther the EU law has been implemented into National law!!! That way the EU laws are neutralised and your rights left empty of meaning or respect when they get transformed into the SUPREMACY of UK law. They entertain you with supremacies while they take your rights from you!!! Open your eyes dear!

    • Dear Sophie

      It seems that it’s not a matter of “the law” at all any more. It’s pure power and control by “who knows whom” and using law enforcement for their aims, purposes and, above all, gains.

      Collectively speaking, it’s our dishonest money [see

      Individually speaking, it’s our everyday spiritual battle: what is worth doing / saying / communicating???

  7. CONFUSED says:

    Example a) 40 million people in uk. one £ each a day = £40 million NET PROFITS per day.
    this how banks works.
    There are 3 billion poor people in this earth and few million rich.
    By far the poor contributes more to the banks than the rich.

    A rich person wants returns in his x million pound investment.
    Who asks for his pound back?

    So it is worth for the banks to spend good money for advertising to attract these poor people so to get their £. or sometimes more.

    Interesting theory derived by the one and only Carl Marx. Philosopher economist and scam artist of the 19th century.

    Every bank manager in the old days had to study Carl Marx .

    Today is a different story.
    banks like an octopus and like a cancer have spread their greedy arms to every single pocket, economy, whether is national regional, co-operative.

    This cancer can be stopped by nationalizing banks.
    destroying stock markets who today are a gambling syndicates.
    re nationalize public utilities such as water, public transport, gas and electricity, and bring the trillions of stolen money back to national control.

    Private enterprises works.
    Privatization does not.

  8. earthlinggb says:

    Note “High contracting parties” each one of which is a :EGAL PERSON! Understand this term LEGAL PERSON. These parties (States) then “bestow” not HUMAN RIGHTS (which are unalienable and they are in exhaustive if one is truly born and remains free) but PERSON rights. The UN is a part of this con and the UN itself is a LEGAL PERSON!
    YOU are a LEGAL PERSON. ALL PERSONS ARE EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW. So HOW can one legal person (the State, the Crown, the EU, the UN etc etc) dictate law to another LEGAL PERSON – YOU?
    Work that conundrum out and you’re better than I am. Oh and do not suggest “Supremacy of law” because for ANY legal person – just like the EU v the UK – to have supremacy of law requires the other party(s) to freely GIVE them it. Did you? No you did not. You were conned from birth. When your rights (your birth/human rights under god or your natural rights) were subrogated to the state by way of registration, that gave the state the right to supremacy BUT you were a child. You had no standing in law as such and you were not a legal person UNTIL your parents registered you giving you a birth certificate! This was even the subject of a BBC news item just the other day regarding the girl at 16 with no birth certificate! She did not LEGALLY exist!

    Why do you wish to ignore all of this factual, indisputable evidence of what I am saying to you?

  9. gwen arathoon says:

    Can anyone help as one child is in care the corruptness. Of all. Involed in forced adoptions

  10. says:

    EU human rights court is corrupt, even when you can prove fraud, they are aiding and abetting the fraud.
    By lord IN- justice Gross.

  11. Adam Hiley says:

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