Victims Fund

The Victims Fund was set up to welcome donations from people who were supportive and grateful.

It has covered costs for travel, web publishing and expenses to help victims in prison.

Other donations were provided through printing and video’ing.

And thus we are a network of volunteers whose contributions as McKenzie Friends or lay legal advisors we strive to get recognised in courts, prisons and Parliament.


6 Responses to Victims Fund

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  2. Details of the St John ambulance paedophiles and their paedophile protection network which stretches all the way to St John International head office in London, are here:

  3. e health cigarette Victims Fund | Victims Unite!

  4. ana says:

    A single mother up against what appears to be corrupted judges and Lawyes.

    ? How can Payne Hicks Beach corrupted lawyers represent the future Kong of England on o e hand and then rob the grandmother Her Majesty The Queen of England on the other hand by allowing and protecting forwign tax dodging corrupt at the expenae of.her Britosh people …. This is what is happening and it is sickening and the public should get involved and

  5. Leann O'Neill says:

    My name is Leanne O’Neill and myself and my parents have become a victim of fraud by a solicitor, financial adviser and the land registry we have been fighting for our money back for over 12 years now and all our evidence seems to have been ignored the land registrys reasons for not indemnifying us is that they “FEEL” we must have known .
    A brief out line as to what has happened.
    We left England in 2003 to live in France for a building project my father had invested into, while there we had 3 properties left in England , my house and my parents 2 houses one of their properties were being rented out and we were going to be selling the other two properties at a later date if all went to plan living in France.
    But unfortunately while we were there a solicitor (whom i myself nor my mother had ever even met but my father had once met him socially) turned out to be a close friend of my fathers “friend” a financial adviser whilst we were out of the country they managed to forged our signatures on documentation and also presented a false power of attorney in my name and sold our properties keeping all the proceeds of sale.
    We have proven to the land registry we was not in the country at the time, we have proven with forensics hand writing specialists that the signatures are forged and that a power of attorney has never been registered in my name proving this to be a false document as well among much more evidence proving the solicitor and financial adviser to be liers , we are now on the brink of making a complaint as the land registry have ignored all our evidence and also worked with the perpetrators allowing them to keep changing there statements to fit around evidence we provided .
    In police interview the finically adviser said no comment all the way and the solicitor admitted him nor anyone from his office had never witnessed any of us sign any documents and just took the financial advisers word for it.
    This has had a depramantal affect on all of our lives including my children as we had to return to England penniless and homeless while other people were living in our homes and we could do nothing about this resulting in living in a homeless hostel for some time until. Could you please advice where can we go from here as we hold out very little hope through the icr as we “FEEL” that someone from the land registry may be involved as our files some how managed to get “LOST” and the fact they felt the need to give the perpetrators a heads up of any evidence we had providing contradicting there version of events. Sorry for the long message but this really is the short version of the termoil we have been suffering at the hands of the land registry for the past 12 years .

    Kind regards

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