13 01 19 Meetup

Victims Unite on Meetup means using another ‘platform’ for linking up online, especially on the occasion of court hearings – but there was not enough support / awareness. Now there is RESPOND.

Another blog is there just for people talking to each other.

Writing comments creates online communities and help towards becoming SURVIVORS or STARFIGHTERS as McKenzie Friends and Public Interest Advocates.

Previously, I put together Advice for Victims here.

More here now.

How to complain about a judge:

We are looking for Direct Access Barristers, should anyone be inclined to help victims of white collar crimes.


26 Responses to Talking

  1. SUSAN PHAIR says:

    I am the victim of mortgage fraud and have to go back to court could lose my home.
    I have searched everywhere for some help all the known organisations SRA , LAW SOCIETY CITIZENS ADVICE etc.I have lost money over this and do not know if I can ever get it back. I am exhausted with the whole situation. I feel that I even have to prove myself to the courts I am the VICTIM not the person that committed the crime. I feel that i have been treated so badly and I am 61 years old. This should not happen to anyone can you help or has this happened to you.


  2. Dear Sue

    You are not alone AT ALL! No, this SHOULD not happen, but it does. And I can only hope that you’ll get help from friendly likeminded souls that gather – thanks to the net.

    I shall email you separately.


  3. fiona says:

    i would like a human rights lawyer to tell me if serving 3 months in new hall prison was right and for breach of bail. im still a prisoner on the outside as im barred not from my ex partners street but the whole of calderdale and lots more bail restrictions. i saw you outside leeds library for norman. i pray one day my story gets out and someone tells me ive a case to sue the police and crown prosecution service. when my solicitor wnt for judge and chambers the judge refused saying i could use my mental hea

  4. fiona says:

    continued .. when i was on remmand judge rose would not allow me bail because he said i could use my mental health to my advantage this is all wrong my support workers said its discrimination my number is 07582571645 if anyone knows amnesty or a good human rights lawyer you should not be held in a prison for something they think you might do its all wrong the police judge and jury you before you even get to court and torture you i pray one day someone helps me when in prison the prison officers asked me the

  5. fiona says:

    background of my case and i told them my ex partner raped me phsically sexually mentally abused me cruelty and emotional blackmail they said its vital i speak to the police so i said no as the police are discriminating against me. so eventually they talked me into it they took weeks to come film me and the d.c. detective whos experience in rape instead of going and arresting him just sent the tape to halifax police station this was in april they still havent arrested him they said no matter what hes done we

  6. fiona says:

    we will ask him to casually walk in or visit him at his home i was appauled i wish i hadnt bothered they kept me 40hrs for lies told by him as hes still trying to control me yet i suffered everything from him and told them and was filmed because the prison officers told me to and made a complaint and theyve never kept me informed phoned or wrote to me this is police discrimination ive reported it to the i.p.c.c. who do nothing unless your case gets on t.v. or in the media thats a tiny bit of what ive suffered

    • What a harrowing account, Fiona!

      I wish I could help. But we certainly haven’t found the right lawyers yet. It seems we all have to learn to become Litigants in Person.

      Keep looking for help around you! You first need to be confident again and feel strong enough to take on such powerful enemies!

  7. Paul doherty says:

    Recently i was taken from home in a police van to police cells & questiond,i told them ihave back & leg problems from the degenerative bone disease in my spine & cannot sit down,i then had to hop on one leg to the van in great pain to wedge myself into a corner on all fors as i cannot sit then endure the painfull journey there & back home. At the station i wasnt allowed to rest i had to stay stood up in pain for what seemed like hours before placing me in a cell whare i had to lay on the floor to aleviate my pain,whare immediately my body goes into painfull spasms & i have to let them stop on there own but after 5mins one officer came to fingerprint me i told him i cant & i need about 30mins to recover he left & came back immediately with more officers saying your solicitors here but he’ll be gone soon,then you’ll have to wait for an ambulance & go to hospital,i got up under duress & hopped back & forth on one leg in socks on a slippy surface from one room to another unable to sit in interviews or relieve my chronic pain. When i was driven in the van home which was even more painfull i got into my home to find the officer was stood in the centre of my rooom without being given permission to enter & holding my mobile phone which he picked up from behind my television asking me to unlock & set the phones date time then said hes seizing it i said you need a warant it has all my important numbers on, but he just walked out with it leaving me vulnerable health wise they still have it & say they are using it in a trial against me as the video on it says a different date i explained this & offered to give them the original phones micro sd card the video was taped on with the correct date on but they declined & refused to return it. Do i have any reproach &have my rights been abused.

    • Soo sorry to read what you’re writing, Paul! At its best, keep fighting with the best help you can get and you may win. At least satisfaction, for you’ve done your best.

      At its worst, you get ignored, fobbed off and god knows what else. It is TRULY abominable what officials can be up to.

      I find that the only solace, really, is a philosophical and spiritual attitude: we are here for a purpose, and so is everybody else. If they think that they are fulfilling their life’s purpose by not even doing their jobs properly, they will suffer severely – latest by the time of their death. Meanwhile, we MUST live such that we can live with our conscience: I’m sure you’ll find the right people for the right action!

      Keep the faith, take heart and THANKS for your comment!

  8. Shammond says:

    My custody case is almost 500 motions and has been ongoing since 1999. My ex is a diagnosed sociopath, felony stalker and has numerous victims that now have PTSD. I now have C-PTSD because of his years of abuse and his actions to keep me in constant court for over a decade. How do I find help when the case is so complicated and stressful?

    • You just have to keep trying! Both on your own and with the aid of others, besides your Facebook publicity!

      What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

      Don’t be / feel like a victim! Pretend you’re a SURVIVOR and STARFIGHTER!!!

      With my very best wishes for more and more power to your fighting elbows,


      PS. Sorry I can’t offer McKenzie style aid at this point. Our network is more than saturated, I’m afraid.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sabine… I have settlement case that has been finished since march 2012. The accident happened in October 2008. The lawyers that handled my case has not released my money to me as of yet. I’ve been calling being on point with everything. I’ve phoned and inquired many of times about the money I was told that there were two separate checks they have been telling me only one check has arrived to them and they are waiting for the other check. Okay like I said the case settled in march I’m still waiting. Every time I spoke to the secretary she has been following up on the check telling me all kinds of excuses. About two weeks ago the secretary put me on a three way conversation she allowed me to hear her conversation with the insurance company and they stated a meeting is going to be held at the end of the week with the owner they have their half the owner has to come up with his half of the money. I didn’t understand it, but this was what I heard. When I called this pass Friday I asked to speak with the secretary whose I’ve been dealing with from the beginning I was told she no longer works there so I asked whom am I speaking with? She stated her name and told me she is in charge of the checks I told her who I was but she seemed to know already. This woman told me that my file is on the desk of the girl that was handling it whose gone now. She said she will follow up cause she dosent know what’s going on but she did know that one check came in already. She then requested for me to hold on shes calling the company to find out about the check. She then had me on hold for a few minutes came back to the phone and stated that I only signed off for one check that all this time the company is awaiting my signature. She then ask me could I come and sign right away so she can overnight the signed form and that they would probably overnight the check. I said I will be right there. My cab came within five minutes. When I was almost there the office is 7 minutes from my home she called me asking how far was I I told her two minutes away. She then went on to say the company is in bankruptcy and the secretary that’s no longer there was giving me the wrong information that because its in bankruptcy it can take maybe ten or twenty years. That’s when I went off. She then began to say how sorry she was and that the lawyer isn’t there and over the weekend she will contact him and maybe she can get him to give me some money. I don’t believe this these people originally told me that the company didn’t want to pay. They only wanted to give me a certain amount I couldn’t believe that amount. I was like are you kidding? I was so upset about that so about an hour later the lawyer called me and said he told them I wasn’t happy about the amount so the original settlement amount was 5000 dollars off. Its too much drama going on and personally I think these firm is trying to rip me off. Can u please give me what you think from your experience.

  10. Mariana Hanustiakova says:

    I’ve been and I’m still are victim of social services and court proceedings, can I talk to someone, please asap

  11. Paul says:

    Sabine. How could I be sure that you are not a person who has identiffied a problem and is using it to promote an illicit pursuit? How can I know that you are not just a member of the sisterhood trying to bring down what you see as a ‘male patriarchy?’ You talk much of paedophil

  12. Paul says:

    Continued from above:

    You talk much of paedophilia, rape and child abuse yet never say anything bad about women. Can you respond to me and show me that my analysis is wrong?

  13. Paul says:

    Submitted online to Victims Unite, ‎13 ‎January ‎2013

    I’m contacting Victims Unite by writing this post without knowing what I’m really getting involved in. I’m doing so in the hope of finding refuge from this pig sty of a world. Much of what I’ve read here has been my own experience in life while some of it, even at the very top, strikes me as possibly the result of ‘catastrophic thinking.’ But I’ve got no option and will continue with this contact in the hope that I may find some kind of way through, maybe colleagues and a chance to campaign perhaps. Here is a summary of my experiences:

    I suffered child abuse in the Fifties and Sixties.
    I suffered bullying at school.
    When I ran away from home in fear my father was told by the police to give me the biggest hiding of my life which he did beating me over the whole body with a five foot garden cane. This wasn’t the only time.
    I suffered psychiatric abuse in a large mental hospital and was diagnosed with an illness I didn’t have. My complaints of abuse were dismissed. I was shouted at a lot and treated like a trouble maker despite my being ‘ill.’
    I couldn’t work. My social skills were ruined and I couldn’t make friends or have girlfriends. I lived in isolation, in awful bedsits, on a pittance of benefits.
    I suffered from anxiety and depression.
    When I was homeless I squatted a property on the advice of the left wing, underground lunatics who ran the alternative society in the place where I lived. The police came along and had me convicted of criminal damage which I hadn’t done. No amount of appeal to the legal system could get me justice.
    As a mature student I went to art college and did well. I came to Leicester to do a BA and everything just collapsed. The other students in my digs were bullying me on account of my Tourettes Syndrome. The tutors were pigs who didn’t understand anything about anything. My exhaustion got the better of me and I did little work. I was expelled with extreme prejudice.
    I resumed my life in bedsits on pittiful benefits. I suffered from noise and bullying from other tenants, one lot after another. The housing association wouldn’t listen and concluded that I was the problem. I didn’t ‘live and let live.’ I felt suicidal. The abuse from neighbours lasted for years.
    I approached Social Services for help. They gave me two feminist social workers who ended up making an abusive false accusation against me and wrote filth in the notes. No amount of appeal to solicitors and ombudsmen could get me any justice.
    I approached the psychiatric services again for help with my anxiety and low self esteem. They now decided that I had never suffered from the mental illness that I was originally diagnosed with. But I didn’t get on with the consultant, a little, authoritarian pig of a man who made off the cuff conclusions about what and why I was thinking and doing. He diagnosed me with another illness which I didn’t have. A short time later and it happened again with another illness which I didn’t have, all designed to take away my credibility. (When you find out that they are doing wrong, they use the power of their job to destroy you.) I approached an organisation, a MIND derivative and acquired an advocate. We complained to the Health Service. The advocate made a pig’s ear of the case and the psychiatrists ran rings round him at the hearing.
    In desperation at the constant round of bad experiences I was suffering I contacted my parents. I didn’t want to. I had to. My mother turned out to be helpful and gave me money for clothes, a computer etc. But I could only see red where my father was concerned. One day I tried to talk to him about my abuse. Then I attacked him giving him a small experience of what it was like to be abused. I was imprisoned. The police lied their heads off in their reports. They are serious liars, dishonest in the extreme.
    I finally found reasonable detached housing thanks to Advance Housing Association and those kind of problems are now thankfully solved.
    I settled down to writing letters of complaint to various institutions. Chief among these is my objection to the constant feminist drivel that comes into our houses from the box. Persistent and sustained talk about women. Constant attacks on men. I’m not doing this on behalf of men. They’re not worth it. I’m doing it to fight the prevailing establishment and have them stop browbeating reasonable and vulnerable people year in year out with their mass psychosis. I tried to bring a case to the European Court. It was thrown out, no reasons given, no advice. I emailed the UN twice and didn’t receive a reply either time. I called them by phone and was told that I wouldn’t get a reply, not that I had done anything wrong. There is no point in campaigning for change in the Mental Health System. People just regard one as mad. No amount of appealing to reason has any effect. The authorities are abusing their powers and they don’t care. They think they are fighting against fascism or something.

    There is, of course, so much more but I’m exhausted and must bring this post to an end. As you can see I’ve suffered nothing but abuse in life. I’ve had enormous experience of white collar crime. Now I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, anxiety attacks and a terrific sense of grievance, which if the authorities knew about it would probably have me labelled mad in some way. For my part I detest the majority of people and see them for the malicious slugs which they are, from the boys who abused me in school to the white collar workers who run this society with lies, deviousness and just plain wrong doing.

    I don’t know if there is a place for me in your group, on your website, and don’t know whether you would entertain a person who has had so much trouble with the psychiatric establishment. (It’s no use directing me to a patients’ website. They’re useless and not particularly nice.) But I would like to campaign against the insouciant, genetic pigs that make this world what it is. I’d like to work on behalf of me and mine, reasonable people including men, women and children who are having to put up with the filthy behaviour of people around them.

    • Dear Paul

      Your writing is excellent and your experiences are horrific.

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your story. I have not come across many emotional and psychiatric ordeals so far, but pain can NOT be compared, and there’s no point in ‘my story is worse than yours’.

      What matters is “we only have each other”. Complaining to people who are ‘only doing their job’ doesn’t work as you describe so well. They seem to be picked to be their job ‘well’, i.e. NOT to deliver what is says on the tin.

      There is a great survivor on Twitter called Janette Scharenborg @schar53. For victims become SURVIVORS of emotional and sexual abuse and STARFIGHTERS and CAMPAIGNERS when they stand their ground in courts after having suffered other white collar crimes.

      Yes, it’s a terrible world. BUT we have one another online where we can find likeminded folk more easily than in the streets. GO FOR IT! And think, maybe, about making your home page visually attractive in addition to providing the links! You DESERVE to show your artwork off and be proud of it!!!


  14. Paul says:

    Thanks Sabine.

  15. Paul says:

    Here’s a couple of short stories I wrote some time ago which I’d like to include for entertainment and interest. I hope people enjoy them. Finally, I’ve finished off with a nice slogan, which I used to put at the bottom of my correspondence one time until I thought better of it:


    The teacher spoke to the class:

    “I’m sending you all to different classrooms, I’ve got to go out.”

    Three of us walked through the school towards 2A. We stopped at the door and looked through the glass. The pupils, arrogant and superior, sat there paying attention to someone we couldn’t see, Mr Manne, whom we could hear giving forth to his favourites.

    We plucked up courage and walked in. We stood to the side, in full view of the horde, waiting for him to finish. Eventually, he turned towards us and said:


    I looked at the other two, two girls, but they looked away. It was up to me.

    “Please sir, Mr Jones has had to go out so he has decided to divide us …”

    I had known what I wanted to say but the abuser at home had ‘intervened.’

    Manne turned to the class and gave forth:

    “Mr Jones has decided to divide you! What?” He said, “Has he decided to split you in half down the middle?”

    The class roared with laughter.

    The years passed and everyone who was there left. A new generation came to the school and then another and another. Then, one day, the school received pupils no more and stood empty. Years passed and the authorities decided it had to go. It was demolished, the area asphalted over. In the fullness of time, weeds grew where 2A had been.

    One day, a dog came up to the plants, urinated on them and left. The sun rose in the sky and it was noon.

    An old man of eighty came down the main road and stopped. The cars rushed by. He looked over and saw the steam rising from the weeds. He remembered 2A and the pain made him wince. He stood there reminiscing for a while and then a smile broke upon his beautiful face.

    All those people were now either fat, old or dead. He had survived. All their efforts had been in vain. Two years, previously, he had received the first genetic implant of the new rejuvenation treatment. He, now, had the body of a twenty year old. He walked on to the corner where a young woman was standing.

    “Hi.” He said.

    “Hi.” Came the response.

    They walked on together. He had never felt very positive, in life, about himself. There had been too many ‘2A’s.’ But, now, they had all the time in the World.

    By and by the technologists would work out the way of mind leading to positivity. Then life would be complete.


    The technoligists produced machines which could do all sorts of things. They could fly through the air and travel through Space. They could bring into existence stars and new species of beings. They created new matter and alternate universes.

    Gradually they minituarized the whole array until they could be fitted into the hand of a person. And then, the day came when It was brought to the level of atoms and nuclear particles. In the end, the technology no longer existed in the physical world but became intangible.

    Satellites were put into orbit, which monitored the world. They looked for certain words and signs made by people which were the triggers for what they wanted to do, what technology they wanted to invoke, and then presented it to them. And then, as is the way of things, the species which brought all this into being came to an end and was destroyed, despite all their efforts.

    Millions of years later, a young woman walked along a sea shore thinking about nothing in particular. A nonsense word came into her mind and she exclaimed it:


    The first witch was born.


    – Debunk ideology, don’t subscribe to it. Debunk the government, debunk the media, expose the right and the left. Shun indoctrination. Dismantle all theories of society, politics and religion. Be a dissident –

  16. Paul says:

    Here is a note I’ve sent to that smug, self satisfied scoundrel Chris Patten, Chairman of the BBC, via my MP:

    FAO Chris Patten

    1 Violence to women is featured constantly on the BBC much more than violence to men. Yet Home Office statistics show that men suffer far more violence, from other men.
    2 Men are blamed constantly for the rape of women despite the fact that 94% of rape allegations don’t end in a conviction i.e. women are falsely accusing.

    The above are self evident facts which show that the BBC is engaged in feminist ideological propaganda. It seems that you are saying that you are happy for this state of affairs to be what it is and refusing to do anything about it. This would therefore be of the order of a social engineering program designed to keep people suppressed, a criminal policy engaged in by the top people in our society for their own purposes. Is this not a fair assessment of what is going on?

    • I just wonder why you seem to identify with men who are being accused, Paul.

      Or do you identify with any statement that refers to ‘men’ rather than ‘women’?

      • Paul says:

        There are two problems Sabine not one. As well as the abuse of people there is the making of false accusations of abuse. As a woman you are likely to experience the first but not the second. Males experience both.

  17. Paul says:

    I don’t identify with anyone as it happens.

    Anyway, today, on BBC Red Button there was a news report to the effect that the hundred richest people earned more in this last year than was required to end the poverty of the poorest people in the world four times over. Isn’t that the most searing indictment of why the rich and powerful should be brought to justice. Instead of which they are destroying us because we threaten their supremacy.

  18. This links are great! A lot of people can use this to share their stories about our criminal justice system.

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