Sample Letter to MP

This letter comes from the bitter experience of Norma Ferrie. She writes it straight from the heart, requesting her MP Margaret Beckett to sign Early Day Motion 516 on Reporting of Fraud:

Dear Mrs Beckett MP

I am writing to ask if you will sign up to Early Day Motion 516 which describes exactly the problems I have encountered: Reporting of Fraud.

There are many hundreds of people out there who have got together because they have been defrauded by professionals in positions of trust, be they accountant or solicitors. The fact remains that this group of victims are far less likely to access justice because of either obstructions or a corrupt official.

I have set out my own reasons why this Early Day Motion is fundamental in reversing the imbalance and inequality that the public are disadvantaged by. I have been the victim of fraud, having my house taken by some unsavoury individuals, one of which has been sentenced to 29 years in prison for fraud and murder.  With no proper recourse for accessing adequate fair and proper process, the perpetrators who are accountable under the Criminal Justice Act, and the Fraud Act are protected by the very industry that is responsible for regulating and protecting the public against the dishonesty of certain professionals.  Like me there are many thousands of innocent members of the public, who have had everything taken from them not because the law says it can, but because they say they can.

Those individuals have the privileged position of trust and betray that trust out of greed, and because they know the victim has no means of fair and proper recourse to right the wrongs, forced upon them by individuals who act without fear of impunity. They are also protected by the little known “memorandum of understanding” between the Law Society and the ACPO. This in effect puts the Police Authority, a “public body”, to act in the first instance when a victim reports the criminal activity of a solicitor. The police must first inform the Law Society. The Law Society is obligated and duty bound to act first and foremost at all times in the interests of its member “solicitors”. The public are not privy to what the Law Society say to the police, but that one phone call (in my own case) in many hundreds, if not thousands, of cases is enough for the police not only not to take action, but to not even look at the evidence the victim has that shows undeniable proof of evidence of the crimes that have been committed.

I have a letter from the Home Office were the ACPO AND THE LAW SOCIETY tried to deny its exsistence, and assured me that it had not been approved by the Home Office. Yet I sat with that very document in my hand as I read its denial.  I was left to investigate my own case which led me to John David Cort of Leicester, sentenced to 29 years for fraud and murder. This is greed when it gets out of control. Confirmation of this can be found on the Leicester & Rutland CPS website.

Despite having provided the Law Society with evidence that this man who was in no way connected to my own case, acted for a third party by accessing my bank account details for the purpose of redeeming my mortgage in a scam that began with a previous solicitor from 2005/2006/2007, the Law Society sat on that evidence that I provided. In 2008 /2009 the Law Society closed down his practice and took over his cases. Despite a police investigation into this man’s dodgy dealings, this evidence was not disclosed for the purpose of obstructing and preventing a criminal investigation which protected the other individuals who were involved.

I am told that government is independent of the legal industry. This “independent industry” is abusing its power to determine how justice is served, by preventing the public the access at the very point of accessing justice: the police.  This is absolutely unacceptable. This leaves the public dangerously unprotected.

Even now (July/August 2010) whilst the SRA who have now been provided with the evidence of the criminal activities of these individuals, together with violations under several equal and human rights acts, including protected rights, together with numerous offences under the data protection act, the SRA are still opposed to contacting the police, whereby the very instrument that obliges them to the “memorandum of understanding” is not being used for the purpose they want us to believe it is there for.

This memorandum should be outlawed in the public interest, as there is no independence for the public to seek accountability and protection.  This is a violation of the public’s right to seek fair and proper process.

I want you to know I am not an activist. I am an ordinary woman whose talents lie with gardening. But when something like this intrudes in your life, privacy and your rights as a citizen, it causes me great concern for the public and should be of grave concern to us all. Because this perverse and corrupt manipulation of the public’s right to expect integrity in all areas of the law, has infiltrated into our justice system, where enough money can buy you a turning of a blind eye to the victim’s rights and the laws that are set down to govern and protect us all.

The Law Society’s culture of secrecy and protectiveness of dishonest solicitors is in its entirety self perpetuating in the ever increasing numbers of dishonest solicitors, producing increasing numbers of victims.  Even trying to seek help from the CAB and the law centre, victims will not be helped because the CAB/ Law Centres must report to their boss, the Law Society, who also regulate these organisations, for the poor and vulnerable. The Law Society’s tentacles are far reaching.  I hope one day there will be law centres completely independent of the Law Society. I thought that the Police were one such independent office.

I am going to ask, if you will sign up as many other MPs to the Early Day Motion 516 Reporting of Fraud

I have also sent this to all the MEPs, as we are in the EU. Our democracy and the right of its citizens are being eroded by corrupt forces infiltrating the legal industry and the judiciary.

Having witnessed what certain individuals were allowed to get away with was startling, but having witnessed why they were allowed to get away with it, was even more terrifying.


6 Responses to Sample Letter to MP

  1. When representatives from The Royal British Legion (TRBL) and Sailors Soldiers and Air Force Association (SSAFA) visited me in recent years, I was told “anomalies in the District Courts-Martial” Monday 11th February 1985. Still waiting for action to bring resolve. Redress of grievances sought. Can’t even get local M.P. Hugh Bayley to act. But he also has blood on his hands of my son found hanged Tuesday 6th June 1995! The evil perpetrated on my children…? Isn’t it time for others to challenge the authorities in York north Yorkshire? How long do I have to wait before those who have abused my children are dealt with as the Law demands? Daily reminders my son found hanged. I didn’t enlist HM Forces, the British Army to defend the indefensible – child sexual abuse an evil to be eradicated… And what about the military covenant in community? Ask cllr. James Alexander labour, and current chief executive ms kersten England, why no reply to several letters sent? Complicit in cover up. RSVP

  2. Hello:Dia dhuit! Mr Cameron and Mr Ian Duncan-Smith had a police officer visit my humble abode 23.5.2012 after I had written to them via Criminal Compensation Board. “They” wanted to check I was “right in the head”! If you and your colleagues knew of the way my children have been abused over the years you would be horrified. And by the time I learnt much of the abuse, my then wife, a highly placed York council part of plot to have me locked up and key thrown away. I battle on, determined to see justice not only seen to be done, but in actuality done! York, north Yorkshire councils and central government up to their necks in crimes against children and vulnerable adults. Thank you for your reply to my earlier message. I am pleased to know Victims Unite at the forefront in the battle against beasts purporting to be child-friendly. I’m sure you’ll have made connection with Campaign against abuse(USA), an organization close to my heart. I have considerable documentation including ‘official’ correspondence pertaining to the actions and non-action on the part of the authorities. Stitch-up and cover-up since. These issues, matters of public concern will be sorted. Hopefully we can meet sometime soon to discuss grave subject matters. I cannot, I will not give way to the evil in this place. I believe when thorough investigation is made into York council and North Yorkshire councils child abuse will cease. I’m a (K/Celtic) Christian and would put a mill-stone round the necks the child sexual abusers in this place, and cast them into sea of quick-lime. I’m trying to ensure my grand-children and great grandchild will not be subjected to the abuse I’ve been subjected to in the course of many years. Don’t believe everything written or published about me. The local rag in York up to its neck in cover up. Peace to you, success and benediction in your bona-fide efforts and endeavours to put, set the record straight. I have been subjected to several death threats in recent years. I will not give way to the perfidious minded in this place. G.b.y.(God.dess bless you) x

    • Many thanks indeed for your comment, dear Kenneth!

      I especially liked the God.dess bless you!

      No, I haven’t heard of Campaign Against Abuse, but I do get plenty of emails from this country and have enough on my web plate for now…


  3. Trust, worth a look and listen (exquisite audio) G.b.y. Gaeilge: Dia dhuit, Dia agus Mhuire dhuit! = God be with you, God and Mary be with you! Shalom aleichem:Siochain dhuit:Peace to you. Labhair an teanga Gaeilge liom, mo chara = speak the language (of the) Gaelic with me my friend. System rotten to the Core(Korah:O Corrain”spear/gae) keep faith – “Forward”:”Yield not to evil”:”Create in me a pure heart O God”(Clan family motto{e}s) all will be well and all manner of things shall be well xxx

  4. Beckett? Waiting for “godet”? Ugly witch with blood, in truth, on hands Declan Garrett Matthew Curran found hanged in York City 6th June 1995. Hell slap it into an ugly evil anti-Christ e.g. Tony Blair and David Cameron, right *ucking perfidious mindsets allowing such sickening depravity into a child’s innocent sacred being. Put the spotlight on donut in gods county. R.I.P. Reverend.Ian.Paisley.? Waken up sleepers, harvest time, bringing in the sheaves…. onward Christian (?) soldiers? Death? Where is thy victory? Ready, again, for judgment day? I AM. Cen t-am? Sick and **ck*ng pissed off the contemporaneous, as was, as is, bull¥¥¥¥ fed to cattle low in manger…? Death? Declan Garrett Matthew Curran found hanged 6th June 1995 York and the worms and maggots feed on their own evil ignorance…. No more the kid gloves, no more lies, no more deceit, be, be straight, put the record straight, set the record straight. Remove the filth, the abnormal, sexual abuse of the children of the light. Otherwise, “Damnu!” what sort of beings who have taken a vow on oath who couldn’t give a crap ‘cos their blindness, their deafness, their dumbness…. Cameron a “Christian”? CRUCIFY? Bumbling Boris bungy bungling bureaucrat bestowing buggery beggars belief, in my humble British Ulster Irish opinion. Awaken The Light asp or ate? Your choice, children’s voice

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