Help on Bankruptcy

This post offers help via the Consumer Action Group.


3 Responses to Help on Bankruptcy

  1. kate says:

    Hi issued with a petiton for bankruptcy re some unpaid solicitors fees evn though not all liquidated sums. Offered a charge on my property rejected as law firm have a lien. They failed to follow my instructions racked up huge costs withour reference to me!

    Their delays and losing vital evidence served to vacate my trial more costs! Solicitor was at the pub alot of the time even my accountant noticed after a meeting that my solicitor was worse for wear!

    Anyway need to defend this petition and they wont release my files this has destroyed my finances and ruined my life!

    Any advice for grounds for defence please as the CAB gave me bad advice hence I lost at the stat demand hearing otherwise I would have offered my property at the hearing. Also the opposing barrister for a days hearing won about £14,000 against me just simply by pointing 2 two folders of disclosure and one just had phone records!!

  2. pamela wallace says:

    I am a victim of a investment fraud scam my husband was the intented victim . Unknown the real scam took place when my husband sued ,at the time he sued it was for making a loan so while the con-men gave testmony to a arbitrador who was friends with one of the con-men and showed the USDA grants and grants from NASA for millions . At the end of the arbitration my husband who is the victim has a puntive damage award against him two half million the amount of the USDA grant , long story short it would take years to uncover the USDA grant is a fake and so was everything else . The reason it took years because the con-man lawyer had the evidence sealed as a trade secret and there it is sealed to this very day . I did get copys of some of the sealed document s and the proof by the USDA states that the documents is fake , there was a fake company set up to steal from investor then got a award that they have been taking property ,now with the uncoverd evidence thinking the bankruicy court would vacate this ,they have not and in fact it has only gotten worse we filed a chapter 11 and my husband without a lawyer we got converted to a 7 and we have lots of asset , that is where we are now trying to get out of a 7 and exspose the fraud scam ….

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