McKenzie Friends: Laypersons as Supporters

Guidance from the President of Her Majesty’s Courts Services on McKenzie Friends:

  • what a McKenzie Friend may do
  • what a McKenzie Friend may not do
  • Rights of Audience
  • Personal Support Unit & Citizens Advice Bureau.

We have now started the Association of McKenzie Friends to become more effective in courts, prison and, eventually, Parliament.



4 Responses to McKenzie Friends: Laypersons as Supporters

  1. McKenzie friend assistance and help/ support for family courts cases at Southern Family Aid.

  2. Connect to law offers McKenzie support in civil and commercial cases and helps with employment law cases, leasehold disputes and with professional misconduct complaints (e.g. doctors, dentists, etc.).

    • Anonymous says:

      Please may I get some help from mckenzie friends in bringing blatant property fraud law conducted by solicitors and then inflicted fictitious bankruptcy upon me. I am willing to pay reasonable fees for any help and assisstance and will be eternally grateful to get my life back.

      Many a thanks

      • Dear Rucha

        Can you send a summary of your case, some documents?

        Is there a deadline you need to adhere to?

        Keep the faith and stand your ground!

        What doesn’t kill you makes you STRONGER!!!

        Sabine [currently in Germany]

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