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Happy Easter Eggs from the Goose @OntheCommons and everybody who sees through #lies and #deceptions! @poetry

The Bank of England was founded in 1694, setting up the first National Debt at 8%. Now there is a whole Debt Management Office guaranteeing job and pension to civil servants, while others are looking for jobs, money to keep … Continue reading

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IRELAND will rise and topple these traitors who practise profit and preach austerity

As the source wrote: Please share this – it is pure genius through poetry and applies 100% the same to the UK as to Ireland…. please circulate this, its’ great rise up, people, rise up!  Shake off the apathy and … Continue reading

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Poetic encouragement from a seasoned victim turned starfighter

There are people who don’t like to use the word ‘victim’, for it may imply a ‘victim mentality’. My observations of victim stories since 1998 reminds me of my mum who used to tell me: “what doesn’t kill you makes … Continue reading

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Winning is no more than this: to rise each time you fall.

Thanks to the magic of networking, this lovely poem entered my inbox. It reminds me of what my husband used to say: It all depends how you measure success. The Japanese measure it by the number of risks taken!… The … Continue reading

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Silence is fraud’s best friend. Word of mouth is fraud’s worst enemy. Pass the word. TM

This excellent slogan has been Trademark protected by Fraud Aid, an American non-profit organization. They write: Fraud victims are not helpless – the’re just made to feel that way… And they’ve produced The Fraud Victim’s Manual with the following titles: … Continue reading

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