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How do you define #Corruption? Grand, Petty, Political. @anticorruption @MoJ @UKHomeOffice

Transparency International: a fabulous organisation with an excellent definition of corruption and an admirable antidote: We each have to find out how we suffer from corruption, before we learn how to stand up to it, it seems.

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Have Your Say: Consultation on the Protection of Official Data [Official Secrets Acts], Freedom of Expression and Public Interest @MoJGovUK

Thanks to my experiences as McKenzie Friend in my life as a computer scientist, I have become a member of the Committee of the Law Group of the British Computer Society which specialises in IT and The Law. The Committee Members … Continue reading

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1984 in Full Swing: Let’s Imprison #PublicInterest #Whistleblowers @UKHomeOffice @MoJGovUK

The Government’s legal advisers have revealed plans to lock up people who expose things like human rights abuses. They could face prison sentences of up to 14 years. Under these terrifying new laws, even journalists could face charges just because they … Continue reading

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Fathers4 (Access2) Justice: Administrative Court ruling on the public’s right to attend court hearings and the Court Service’s limited powers of control – Chris Adamson

Originally posted on UK Human Rights Blog:
R (O’Connor) v Aldershot Magistrates’ Court [2016] EWHC 2792 (Admin) Summary On 20 February 2015 Matthew O’Connor, the Claimant in this judicial review and the founder of the campaign group Fathers4Justice, was due…

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A day in the life of a South London magistrates’ court #Justice @MoJGovUK

This entry was written by former magistrate Penelope Gibbs who created the charity Transform Justice. She specialises in Litigants in Person who defend themselves in criminal courts where liberty is at stake, rather than civil courts, where the issue is … Continue reading

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Council Hires Lawyers To Tell Court: Social Workers Do Not Know It Is Wrong To Lie.

Originally posted on Researching Reform:
In what must be one of the most bizarre child protection cases to date, government officials in America are defending a law suit against them which accuses Orange County’s social workers of lying, falsifying records and…

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If only… the relevant authorities had listened… @SWEveningPost @SWGuardian #SouthWales

Originally posted on Peter Bellett – Whistleblower and Victim of Criminals:
ted First he was criminally over-drugged and complained, complained, complained – in letters, a book and on videos: Statement to Cameron – part 1 Statement to Cameron – part…

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