Child Snatching

Child snatching aka state kidnapping is a glib way of describing what is too terrible to be true, too hard to imagine and thus too unbelievable. Christopher Booker uses the term in his weekly column of The Telegraph:

Based on my observation of white collar crimes, it’s the tip of the iceberg reflected by these online petitions:

  1. The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW! with remarkable comments – aimed at the Family Division
  2. Abolish the Secrecy in the Family Courts and Remove the Gagging Orders – aimed at the Ministry of Justice
  3. Children Placed in Foster Care – before the House of Commons, for the Justice & Education Select Committee as well as Government and Ministry of Education
  4. Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent – third petition for the EU Petitions Committee
  5. Stop Secret Family Courts Encouraging Forced Adoptions in the UK – second publication for the EU Petitions Committee
  6. Stop Forced Adoptions in the UK!  – first publication for the EU Petitions Committee
  7. Send the Musa Family back home – WITH their children – acknowledged to be the worst of all child snatching cases – where all ‘evidence’ was fabricated AFTER the children were taken without paper work, the parents were criminalised and given SEVEN years of imprisonment in a completely staged trial with a rigged jury.

Here are the events that I have experienced:

And here are those cases that we have assisted: 

1. The child given to the abusive father:

  • Vicky Haigh – the first mother to be named in Parliament – Doncaster Council
  • Audrone I – the mother who won her case in the Supreme Court in Lithuania – Brent Council.

2. Parent deported so that child can be kept for adoption

  • Melissa Laird – US mother dumped in Dulles airport – Barnet Council
  • Many cases get ‘disposed’ of as soon as parents are deported.

3. Parents imprisoned so that children can be kept in permanent care and adopted

4. Children adopted without trace in court

  • Phil Thompson – a greatgrandfather’s 3 children removed by Walsall Council.

More on Social Services stealing children as well as

Please fill in this form to tell the online world – anonymously of course:


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  16. Anonymous says:

    Sir Nicholas Wall strikes again…
    To give a full indication of the calibre of lawyers that are appointed as family law judges, please read the below about the now infamous “Sir” Nicholas Wall (Head of the UK family court):
    Sir Nicholas Wall allows his Family Court judges to oversee cases while on holiday, hundreds of miles away;
    Sir Nicholas Wall ruled that the compensation a man received after he lost a leg in a traffic accident should be shared equally with his ex-wife as part of a divorce settlement. The £500,000 was awarded to compensate the poor man for a future life of disability;
    Sir Nicholas Wall ruled that the ex-husband of a millionaires should only be paid £5,000,000 of her £55,000,000 fortune;
    Sir Nicholas Wall argues “time for no fault divorces”;
    Sir Nicholas Wall suggested that unmarried couples should have equal rights to property as married couples;

    John Hemming MP lodges an official complaint to judicial ombudsman about Sir Nicholas. The reference to a forged document been accepted as evidence;

    August 2011 – “Sir” Nicholas Wall argues family Court proceedings must be held in private;
    November 2011 – Sir Nicholas Wall argues there should be much more transparency for family court proceedings;
    I could give another 20 examples of this same elk…
    If “Sir” Nicholas Wall (the 67-year-old lawyer at the helm of the UK family court) is not prosecuted for his involvement in this case, he must then be remembered in history as the produce that superseded TEFLON. Clearly nothing sticks…

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  52. kevin sole says:

    My daughter has been adopted today and my partner and i was never given anoth time to contest the adoption but social services and the judge still went ahead with the case im gonna expose social services for what they really are so who wants to join me.

    • Dear Kevin

      We all need to ‘up our ante’ by joining together as effectively as possible.

      There are actually quite a few groups on Facebook but I suspect that most victims are still feeling terribly isolated.

      Hence I’ve now set up to facilitate private meetings between group members and public meetings in the House of Commons that I’ve organised every so often.

      To challenge ‘wrongful adoptions’ in UK courts must be on top of our agenda!!!

      But we all need to become much more astute in balancing injustice with the right kind of online publicity, methinks.

      A New Year for new learning!

      May it result in turning your pain into success eventually!!!

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  67. You need to read this case, at last the courts are bringing a stop to this. This case describes how Haringey just make it all up.

    However, this time they picked on two social workers who took them apart.

  68. This is what happened to me with the same Sylvia Chew. I complained through the ombudsmen at the time and she wrote to the Ombudsman saying that initial and core assessments were not required. I instructed in judicial review, just as that case, and was charged £2000 for reading the papers and was quoted £18,000 to proceed. Since then I have done it myself.

    In the case of the Musa’s I have worked out how the criminal evidence was doctored. The Crown Prosecution Service have invented an offence called “excessive chastisement of a child”. There is no such offence. There are various assault charges for which a defence of reasonable chastisement can brought, i.e smacking.

    It is an offence under section 1(1) Children and Young Peoples Act 1933 and the offender is added to the schedule 1 offenders register, under the same act, as convicted of an offence against a child. This gives the police and security services access to all of confidential records, including health, under the pretext of child protection. They can then amend those records.


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  70. From very personal experience I can say wholeheartedly that very little if no good comes from social services or cafcass. That said it’s also very much down to useless courts and in my personal opinion corrupt an DEFFO very biased. In a court case isn’t it court duty to gather the evidence an look at it ALL then deliberate over it THEN MAKE A RULING and not just take one side over another….?… Is that any kind of justice or fairness…NOT AT ALL I SAY….AND NO USELESS GOVERNMENT WILL SILENCE ME WHILE I DRAW BREATH N HAVE INTERNET ACCESS…..CHEW THAT GOVERNMENT..

    • The family courts are there to SANCTION and LEGITIMISE what Social Services and their allies are doing. It couldn’t be more corrupt, heinous, unlawful and unethical.

      We got #paedobritain trending on 28th March. 19th July is the next target date. Meanwhile we just gotta keep kicking!

      Praised be the internet!

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  91. Anonymous says:

    My 14 year old has been significantly harmed, assaulted, bullied, demeaned and her education gravely affected as a result of ignored failures to act and duty of care.
    The same Carmarthenshire County Council now wish to place the child in care to cover up its own failings and blame the parents in order to protect careers, pensions, personal interests, political interests as well as Luciferian affiliations.

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  102. Living hell everyday feels like I’m drowning as they always get what they want!!!

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  161. truth says:

    CAFFCASS notes and how to deal with them (from peoples experiences reported on net blogs)

    TO DO before the interview – write up your own summary and send to to CAFCASS
    • I wouldn’t trust many of them and if you are prepared to take the chance, record every meeting and phone call. No point asking for permission, the answer is almost always “no”. Your intention is to never reveal that you are recording the conversations and you keep the recording to yourself, so you can remind yourself about what was actually said.
    • (To record buy an Olympus TP-8 Telephone Pick Up Microphone and connect it your input audio port into your laptop and press record on Audiocity – which you can download here free: OR you can simply record the conversation on your mobile)
    • If you can’t record – move to taking notes in future meetings.
    • One of the best tips I ever got was without telling them (or they will stop you) record the entire CAFCASS interview, that way you can qoute word for word what you actually said. The second best tip I got was unless its in WRITING disregard it, CAFCASS say one thing and then put somethig differnt in their report
    • Goes without saying really but keep all paperwork and plan before you see them write down little points to remind you of what you want to say. My experience was that they are usually OK with you phoning them afterwards if you need to let them know something important you have forgotten.
    • With the greatest respect to the previous post, I would NOT record them without their permission. If discovered, this could well reflect badly on you and it may be difficult to use any recorded material to prove anything as you will probably have breached all sorts of laws by recording something secretly.
    • the biggest mistake I made in dealing with CAFCASS was believing the stuff they send out beforehand – the DVD and info they sent led me to believe we were both going to have an equal say. That didn’t happen
    • Try to get other professionals involved – a quick look at the other thread on this will tell you that the mother’s voice is being ignored in court in favour of the father getting whatever contact he wants. So if your voice doesn’t count try to see if you can enlist – health visitor, school, educational psychologist.
    • It helps if you have an idea of what the other party is likely to try to use against you, so that you can counter that in your discussions.

    TO DO during the interview – how to conduct yourself
    • Before attending your first hearing, it is now common for CAFCASS to contact you to undertake a short telephone interview. Your focus is to explain your position to them, and try to avoid ranting about your ex-partner, giving your opinions on how terrible a parent they may be, complaining about injustice and unfairness. Be calm, explain yourself clearly, listen, and keep your answers to questions focused on what has been asked.
    • If a W&F or S7 report is to be undertaken, you will usually be called into your local CAFCASS office for a more in depth meeting where your situation will be discussed at length. You will be asked questions about the children, your relationship with your ex-partner, and how you feel things could be resolved for the children’s benefit. It is too easy to have a very biased view with only your view of events and ignore the fact that there may well be valid explanations for things that have happened – think about things from both sides. Be wary of exaggerating claims, and try to avoid making ridiculous allegations. The CAFCASS Officer will be forming an opinion of you, and how you will affect the children. You do not want them to consider you as being unreasonable. However, if you have genuine beliefs, stand by them and explain them clearly.
    • Remember that the CAFCASS officer is a REPORTER not a THERAPIST! Their job is to gather information and analyse this and anything you share with them can be used for this purpose. The other side will have equal rights to view what is written.
    • CAFCASS priority is the welfare of your children, not you. There is a limited amount that CAFCASS will do with the ‘he said, she said’ type stuff. CAFCASS have limited powers to act in the abscence of hard evidence – In my experience, the most useful evidence is that which you can back up – witness statements, reports from police, schools, etc.
    • Try to form a good working relationship with CAFCASS, bearing in mind you both have a job to do. The court will put a great deal of store by what CAFCASS recommend.
    • stay calm within it, otherwise you risk your understandable emotion being noted and used against you
    • I think they are not really interested in the “he said/did she said/did” scenarios as at the end of the day, how would they know which person was telling the truth?
    • They have limited time, so focusing on the MAIN points and biggest areas of concerns is your best bet.
    • Pouring out how much your ex partners behaviour has affected you personally won’t help your case as they are child focused and it could actually go against you as it will make you look as though you have an axe to grind.
    • try not to bad mouth your ex, just outline any concerns you have and also any concerns your ex may have addressed with you and how you have handled those.
    • Be calm, be honest and stay focused
    • just had a meeting with a cafcass officer. I found the experience with her very negative and stressful.
    • i tried to be posative and explained things from my kids point of view what was best for them,

    TO DO after interview – write up your own summary and send to to CAFCASS
    • After each meeting, write to the reporter, thank them for the meeting and give them a summary of what you remember being said in the meeting. List the points that you felt were most important and why, then ask the reporter to correct any misunderstandings you might have in your summary. keep the summary short but clear and correct.
    • If there are parts you want to contest in the report do it in writing to cafcass as soon as you get the report – if you are going to challenge it tell the court immediatly. You have the option to complain about factual stuff which I will do as well. Also remember you have the option to ask to have Cafcass Officer be cross-examined
    • When the report is produced, the main section the court are concerned with is the recommendation at the end of the report – it is this recommendation which is hard to prevent being implemented – Is that conclusion based on inaccuracies or misinformation. If so, you need to decide whether to raise those with the officer now, or in court. If it isn’t, then you will need to fight the conclusion – This is best done BEFORE court but CAFCASS will intentionally deliver the report at the last moment before the hearing so you will have no time to challenge it before court – challenging it in court is expensive
    • Tell Cafcass everything. Every small detail. Every concern. Every big thing. Your main concerns. They need to hear it all. Ask them about what happens next. Keep well informed about how your case is going. The reason is, if you have a good Cafcass officer, then well and good, they are trained and they want to help and in general, they can and do help as best they can. If you have a bad officer or an over worked one, they can try to cut corners or try to make an option that is easier for them or for the courts. So, if you get one of those, you need to make yourself heard loudly enough so that they bump you to the top of their ‘to do’ list. f you later raise an allegation or a concern that you did not in the beginning then questions will be raised about your motivation. My involvement with Cafcass has generally been good but I would recommend keeping
    EVERYTHING about the children, I know that is all you care about but make sure it shows. Explain how his behaviour effects THEM, be as calm and reasonable as you can when you explain your concerns – they will be looking to make sure the non-resident parent has as much contact as possible BUT they do still have to put the interests of the children first.
    • I made an Official Complaint about Cafcass, about how the interviews and the report was written, I sent a copy to the Court, it was read and acknowledged. If there are factual errors make a point of letting Cafcass know. The Cafcass Report in my case was written right at the last moment, with no time to get intouch with them to change anything, so I sent a letter direct to the Court to point out the factual errors that had been made. (IMPORTANT – CAFCASS intentionally present their reports at the LAST MINUTE so people have no time to challenge them). Don’t just accept what they write, if you know it is not what you said in the interview put it right, it could make a difference.

    Make CAFCASS toe-the-line
    • Put your foot down and insist they follow their own procedure and guidelines. Read up as much as you can, find out about their procedures so you know when they are not following their own guidelines, do not accept what they suggest if it is not in line with their guidelines, and do NOT be afraid to question them on everything! (CAFCASS They have there own Law System/Rule Book, They Make It Up As They Go Along, N Why??? Because They Can They’re being Allowed 2 ABUSE us by The Government.. Cafcass seem 2 hold more Powers n Say than Social Services). Monitor everything. Challenge everything. Do not take what they say as read. It is nothing more than opinion, often not based on anything other than personal experience of the officer involved. CAFCASS has a reputation for being inept, slow, inefficient, unfair and downright useless.

    What the court will do:
    • the Court will need to investigate whether there are any welfare issues in a case, and because the Judge is not able to go on home visits and investigate themselves, they use an organisation called the Child and Family Court Advisory Service (CAFCASS) to undertake any investigations on their behalf, and report back to the court. As far as the court is concerned, the CAFCASS report is the best available independent information that they have and therefore it carries a great deal of weight.
    • My one piece of advice with dealing with them is to make sure when you have the meetings in court that you go into all the meetings WITH your ex.. I made a huge mistake because he scared me so much of asking to see them seperately… I NEVER found out what he said to them and felt that it had a huge impact on them disregarding what I was saying.
    • nine times out of ten the courts go with the caf cass report The contact centre:
    • due to me having a non mol agains ex and the police believed he was a real risk to me they advised me not to
    go to contactr center so my mum was taking ds so had to give her petrol money.
    • it has been 5 years of court and CAFCASS
    • My experience of cafcass suggests they really are quite dysfunctional as an organisation. I am now in a position where I have to attend a contact centre in order to see my son, which I refuse to do as I believe they are a real threat to the safety of my son, based on the following past experience. I attended a contact centre in Peterborough for a two hour visit. During the entire two hours, my son and I had to endure a tourettes suffer shouting d**k head. Not really something I want a five year old to endure. After following, I am greeted by a full size german shepherd, unmuzzled and running around the play area freely, from what is purported to be a safe and secure environment to re-establish contact. I refuse to pander to these people. They operate in a
    clandestine blameless culture that would embarrass most communist regimes.
    • I left my husband 15months ago due to domestic violence and have a non molestation order in place.

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  184. Zowie Capewell says:

    Lost my 2 children William & Renezmaii
    Both went for adoption. I do not do drugs. Physically or mentally abuse my children.
    I did so many parental tests ect. They made so much stuff up and didn’t even listen to my evidence.

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  187. The father of my children strangled me bashed me then raped me and got away with the crimes because he now works for victorian police, in australia, accused me of strangling my child because he couldnt handle the fact that he strangled me, took me to dhhs saying my mental health is bad and took my children off me when i applied to family law courts. Dhhs are stealing my children with the chinese fathers help. I am not chinese and I fear for their safety

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