A speech by Sue Reid – Daily Mail

John Hemming MP had invited Sue Reid to speak to people in the House of Commons on 3rd March 2009.

09 03 04 Sue Reid House of Commons is a great summary of the situation. She has been familiar with the subject since the eighties. The Cleveland scandal that she exposed caused a law suit for the Mail who won it.

However, after that the Children Act 1989 was introduced which sanctions the secrecy and gagging orders… The revenge of the losers!?…

8 Responses to A speech by Sue Reid – Daily Mail

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  2. Mrs Smith says:

    I have recently accessed data that evidences that a whole team of Senior Social workers sat in a meeting and ploted the destruction of a family. What should I do to expose this? At what stage can such evidence be exposed in a newspaper? There is no doubt that it was unlawful conspiracy to destroy my family; they’ve written their own testimony in the minutes and case notes. I want to tell the world and expose them… Mr Christopher Booker, do you want to hear more? At what stage should I tell – after the complaint procedure or now?

  3. victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

    Mrs Smith they nearly got away with it in our case also. I digitally recorded them and their nefarious ways.

  4. helga says:

    https://www.facebook.com/events/158705407658385/ this is happening on the 19th of july, would be very helpful if this information would be shared, the more of us the better

  5. are hookah pens bad for you A speech by Sue Reid – Daily Mail | Victims Unite!

  6. fred turnbull says:

    I have proof baby p was allowed to be murdered because of who common purpose thought he would become that’s why they will never apologise they murdered my sister Caroline tried to kill me many times me and my other sister and younger brother are down as paedophiles because our father was even though they know its not genetic tried to contact independent and sun blocked followed everywhere 5yrs mob no 07762147018 their living upstairs u don’t help ill mmake them sorry have audio admittance baby p was allowed 2 be murdered and the dunblane kids were also murdered because who they believed they would become

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